A lot of our clients ask the age ole question of "why should we hire you or any Real Estate Agent?" It is probably one of the most asked questions next to "what is the price of this/my home?"  It's a question that is easy to answer, along the same lines of "why would you hire a framer to build the foundation of your home?"   

Just like a framer that specializes in the building bones of a home, Agents specialize in the real estate transaction.  They ensure that the copious amounts of paperwork are filled out correctly to protect you during the home buying/selling process.  They go through hours of education to learn everything about real estate so that you don't have to.  Not to mention the hours of scouring listings for clients that gives agents the intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and areas.  

Real Estate agents look at the transaction with an unemotional eye and can make sure to negotiate for the buyer or seller on a business level.  The home buying/selling process can be a very nerve wracking time for a person.  Having the cool headed voice of a reasonable real estate adviser and their team helps alleviate some of that stress and walks you through the market conditions so you are well equipped with facts. 

As a buyer or potential seller of a home, you can get caught up in a deluge of "Spam" like information from all kinds of sources.  The internet is the top starting place for most people and once you start searching you can get caught in in a multitude of out dated or wrong information for  your specific market place.   Your trusted real estate agent will help block out this fodder with the most up to date market conditions affecting your area. 

A true real estate agent is there to develop their relationship with you and utilize their network of professionals not only during the process but after.   Your real estate agent will always be available after you move in to answer questions that arise.  An example of this is that it is now the time of year to have your sprinklers blown out.   Our real estate agents have the contact information for a local landscaping business that handles this and can get you connected with them.   

Henry ford once said something along the line of "hiring people smarter than you makes you smarter than them."  A well educated and experienced real estate agent with a team to support them can help you navigate the trails and obstacles of the rather overwhelming realm of real estate.  

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