On Monday, October 5th, 15 agents from the Boise and Twin falls areas competed to win $10,000 in the Core Group Realty Elite Home Commission Bonus Gala.  The event, hosted at Zion's Bank on the 17th floor, had amazing views of the foothills for the games as well as wonderful food catered by a local favorite, Goodwood BBQ, and libations from Piper Pub. 

In a twist at the end of this Q&A and Game competition, the final two competitors were given the option to split the money by each taking $4,500 and donating the final $1000 to a charity which had been selected.  

The Winners, Debra Hodges and Josh Cummings (pictured below), put up a good competition and beat out the others in this heated event. Being the good Samaritans they are, they both unanimously agreed to the split and donation.  


The $1,000 is going to  the Susan G. Komen foundation in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pictured below are Liz Brodie, the Events and Finance Manager and Jodi Weak, the Mission Manager of the Idaho and Montana chapter of Susan G. Komen.  as well as Gabe Cordova, Thom Dallman, Jessica Dalton and Gerald Dalton, owners of Core Group Realty as they presented the check to this worthy cause.  

Susan G Komen pic.jpg

For more info on this foundation or to make your own donation, Click Here!

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