In this post from October 10th, we hear Gabe talk about our Coming Soon section of the website where your can find the inside scoop of homes that are about to come on the market from the agents at Core Group Realty.  Want to get the jump on some of the homes out there and be the first ones to view them?  Check them out at our Coming Soon Section. 

Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage joined the show to discuss the changes in the financial aspects of buying a home.   With the implementation of TRID "TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure" there has been some changes that help home buyers to know what their obligations are on getting a loan.   With these changes, there are also new processes that affect time frames for the home buying process as well. 

The next guest, Stan Audette from AAD Inspection Corp., talks about things that home owners don't always think about that may want to be checked out.   Listen in to find out about paper and cardboard that may be on your insulation that is food for mold.  They also discussed the importance of getting your home inspected, not just at purchase, but as much as every 2 years to make sure things don't take a turn for the worse.  

The final guest is Lori Apodaca with Home Warranty of America who talks about the structure and coverage of a home warranty and how it helps home buyers or sellers, what it covers and how to use one you have implemented. 

Check out our radio show, "The Idaho Real Estate Buzz", if you happen to be listening.  You can find us from  noon to 1 every Saturday on station KDIO 580 am.   Listen to all the updates With Dave Burnett and Gabe Cordova as they talk about interesting news in real estate.  You can listen to them on the radio or check back here on our blog site each week to hear the latest pod cast.  


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