Here are some helpful hints when choosing Bold Paint Colors for your home.

With spring around the cornor, many people are getting the itch to do some freshening up of the homestead.   This includes landscapping, planting flowers, and maybe even painting your house.   We wanted to share some thoughts on picking colors for your home and what to think about when going through the process.  

Let's first think about the enviornment surrounding your house.  Do you have any parts of the house that have finishes that wont be painted such as brick fireplaces, accent walls, etc?  What color or kind of shingles do you have on your home?   Remember that the color paint you pick can pull colors and appear a little different when next to contrasting materials or colors.   It's a good idea to grab a color wheel or sample cards from your local hardware store and hold them up next to your connecting walls to see how they mesh.

What is your neighborhood like?   Some Home Owner's Associations (HOA) may not allow for too bright of colors or patterns on your home.   Make sure to check with your HOA to see if there are restrictions.  Some HOAs have even gone as far as saying that two homes on the same block can not be the same color.  The last thing you want is someone knocking on your door requesting you re-paint your home due to a violation of the HOA rules and regulations. 

Market trends can affect your choices of color as well.  The color's of the season or year may sound good now, but in a year or two when society has moved on, you may not be thinking it was such a good idea to paint your house Tangerine Tango (2012's color of the year). However, 2015's robust wine color, Marsala, may be a color that will last. 

Whatever you do decide to do with your paint choices, remember that it is ultimately designed to bring a smile to your face when you get home from a long day's work.  The color and patern you pick will represent you and your nature.  

To close out this blog, we wanted to share some fun house paints that may inspire you.   


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