When renevoating a home in Boise's North End, you may have some unique historical home challenges to think about. 

Boise is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Idaho that have been around for 100 years+.  Many of these homes have been purchased and renovated over the years. Some have been done nicely and others not so.   We thought we would take a moment and share some tips as well as contacts that you may want to utilize when dealing with a Historic home renovation.

First and foremost, it’s always a good idea to check with the local historic society.   Checking in on the property to see how it was originally planned and who has lived in the property can give you some guidance on how to renovate it with historical accuracy.   In Boise, the Idaho State Historical Society is the spot to check in.  The Idaho State Archives has records and deeds that can be followed to try and find the historical significance of the house.  It’s always good to find out if someone famous has lived in the house or if something historical might have. 

When you purchase the house, you might want to get a suggestion from the Historical Society as well on a good Historic Inspector.   These people may have some insight on how these homes were built and used as this is their area of expertise.   They can usually give good guidance on how to bring the home back around and what to look for that a typical inspector might miss on these older homes.

When renovating, it is also a wise idea to think about the end use of the house.  What type of individuals or families will be living in the property?  Does the space need to be revitalized to accommodate them?   What kind of financing will a potential buyer need to get to purchase the home and does everything meet the appraisal standards for that loan? 

With these questions and ideas in mind, you will be better prepared to deal with situations as they come up and see where you want to take the renovation project.   Listed in the sources below ore some additional ideas and tips from some of the people out in the trenches dealing with these projects.

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