Make sure you are asking the right questions to get the right Real Estate Adviser!

Selling your home is a crucial time in your life. It is usually not a matter that is taken on lightly as it affects you in so many areas. So why trust just any agent to represent you in the sale and/or purchase of one of your biggest investments?

The first advice we can share is to interview a couple of agents.   This is their profession and they should be treating it as one. Any agent you would want to represent you should be willing to be interviewed and should be able to provide you satisfactory answers to the following questions.

1)      What is the current market trend in my subdivision/area?   Any knowledgeable agent should be able to at least provide you some insight to the area your home resides in such as average days on the market and sales price. An agent that can give you an estimate shows that they are in touch with current market trends and can help get the right price for your home.

 2)      How many homes did you sell last year or year to date and specifically how many did you list? Make sure you have an agent that is productive in the market and is familiar with the process. A well rounded agent is going to be able to work better at negotiating as they are familiar with the needs of buyers and sellers.

 3)      Do you have another job or business?   An agent with another commitment is more than likely not going to be available for you on your schedule. In today’s market, well priced homes get swept up quickly and you want an agent that is going to be able to get you into that house and get a contract written quickly.

 4)      What is some advice you can give about furniture and décor of my home? This is an interesting question as you want to find out if the agent is going to be honest and up front.   You have to be able to trust that the agent is giving you true and sound advice and not just sugar coating things because they are afraid of hurting your feelings. You want an agent who is willing to be truthful in pricing your home at the get go to eliminate unnecessary long time frames of sitting on the market.  

With these helpful tips, you should be able to find that agent that will best represent you in your transactions.   Remember, they are the professional and should make you feel confident in all aspects of your transaction.   

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