We wanted to share the top projects that people add to their remodels that may not necessarily add the value that goes into them.

In a recent article by Time Magazine on line, we discovered some of the items that we have always warned clients against adding to their project list as it may not bring the value they invest into it.  Listed below are the things you should think seriously about before pursuing the project.

1) Swimming Pools - Always nice to take a dip during the hot Idaho summer days but due to the high maintenance costs and efforts, not a lot of buyers think of them as fondly.

2) High End Upgrades - depending on the neighborhood and the surrounding houses, you may be in a market where the average buyer can't afford to pay for the upgrades you install.  Nice new top of the line appliances may end up pricing you out of the neighborhood.

3) Carpet Everywhere - A current trend for home buyers is homes that have hard surfaces for the ease of keeping them clean and not dealing with hidden allergens.  You may want to invest the money in hardwood, laminates or tile flooring to really add to the appeal of the interior of the home.

4) Dedicated Rooms - A craft room can be fun for you but the next buyers may not be so appreciative of a room full of shelving and cabinets that hinder it's use as a bedroom or other type of living space.

5) Landscaping that takes Work - boosting curb appeal is one thing but adding a lot of plants and foliage that require hours of maintenance can deter some home buyers that don't have the time. 

On the reverse side, here are some things that may increase the value proportionally to the home from a Huffington Post article.

1) Refinishing Cabinets - You may not have the money in the budget to get new cabinets, but a nice refinish might do the trick. There are a lot of great products out to refinish cabinetry and give kitchens a new updated look.

2) New Front Door - A new front door can not only upgrade the curb appeal but add a sense of security depending on to door you choose.  

3) An Updated Garage Door - Just like the front door, a new garage door can add to the curb appeal as well as add to the experience of the new home owner.  Many people use their garage as the point of entry to the house so the garage door is the first thing they see when they get home.

4) New Paint - Interior and exterior painting will always enhance the home with very little cost.  Remember to stick to neutral colors that allow the new homeowner to accentuate with the colors they like and stay away from specific colors.

5) Outdoor Living Spaces - Most everyone loves having some outdoor space to retreat to after a long day so adding a deck or patio of sorts will usually bring some good return. 

These are just a few of the great ideas in these articles and ones that we have advised most of our clients on at one time or another.  Remember not to out price yourself and spend more money than is needed in your home improvement.  Feel free to contact a Core Group Realty agent today to discuss your specific projects and help determine if the addition is right for the neighborhood you are in. 


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