Boise Idaho’s leading Real Estate Company, Core Group Realty, hosts a BBQ in appreciation!

 On June 20th,Core Group Realty hosted an agent/employee appreciation BBQ. Showing their appreciation for an outstanding second quarter was essential to the owners as they truly enjoy their agents and employees and all they contribute daily. 

Hosted at one of Eagle, Idaho’s finest parks, Guerber Park, the group of roughly 40 agents, employees and their families proceeded to flash back to their childhoods by participating in the classic sport of Kickball.   “I have not played this since I was 13 years old,” said 43 year old Thom Dallman, one of the owners of Core Group Realty. 

“It was a fierce competition,” said administrative partner, Amanda Osborn, “but such an awesome time. LET’S DO IT AGAIN!”

Core Group Realty has just celebrated the third year anniversary and is continuing to be a strong brokerage in the market place due to the dedication and excellence of their agents and employees. 


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