Here is an explanation explaining what an investment club is and the benefits that you you will acquire when you join a club like this. Also what takes place at the meetings. Investment clubs have been around along time and there is virtually 1000′s of these types of clubs all over the nation. Many of the clubs which are actively buying property today do so with a success rate that is pretty decent to show for their efforts. These clubs exist in Canada or the United States as well as around the world. You have probably heard of this type of club where friends gather on a weekly basis to discuss potential real estate deals. You may have even have thought about joining one of these club yourself, but were unsure of what these clubs do.

These clubs are a group of friendly investors who like to learn about real estate investing.  They can be made up of a few friends or co-workers or on a more grander scale and professionally run investment clubs.  In either casecommonly the group meets on a weekly basis, and sometimes the actual meeting place is at one of the members homes (depneding on the size of the club). The members will rotate which home they will meet at this allows each member the opportunity to host the investment club.

The investment meetings are kept as informal as possible, now don’t think that business is not taken care of during these meetings, it is. Most groups are comprised of 10 to 15 members or even hundreas for the professionally run investment clubs. Members will either meet weekly, biweekly or on a monthly basis. Some clubs have taken the meetings to online chats, after the initial meeting in person. As a member you don’t even have to leave your home, with this kind of set up. This is an ideal situation since many of these investment groups have working mothers who have work-at-home moms as members. With the group meeting on line, it allows for the group members to be home and still carry on the club business.

If you believe that investment clubs are a way to get rich quick, then you do not fully understand the practice of these groups. A typical club will make a real estate purchase and hold on to it for many years before deciding to liquidate the property. All purchases are carefully considered and well researched by the members. Once a club has been established they rarely allow any new members to come into the club, and will only allow a new member should one member leave the group.

You will not only learn a wealth of knowledge about the subject of real estate investing, you get to do it with people that you like and will appreciate the experience. So if you have been thinking about getting into real estate investing, then an investment club might be what you need to get started.


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