One, Two, Freddy is coming for you!!!! Now you can go after Freddy!!!

Freddy house.jpg

If you are a fan of the horror movie genre, then you are probably familiar with a certain home on Elm Streett, and it could be yours! That’s right, for $2.1 million you could be the proud new owner of the original home from Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.

 The infamous home is located 1428 Elm Street in Spaulding Square, a Hollywood suburb. Though the home has been completely renovated on the inside, the outside is still very recognizable.  The current owner, purchased the home for $1.15 million in 2006 and has since replaced every piece of wood and changed up the entire floor plan. The home now has 3 bedrooms, 3¼ bathrooms,  an updated pool and an incredible guest house. Built in 1919, this home has definitely come a long way to be the modern, updated home it is today. Well, I guess it’s come a long way since 1984, when most of us first saw it.

 To see photos of the renovated home, go to Curbed.com

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