Selling your home is a very nerve wracking time in your life. It is a part of life that can  affect you in so many ways, personally, financially and mentally.  So its important to find an agent you can trust to represent you in the biggest investment you can make.

We have said it before and will say it again, the first advice we can share is to interview a couple of agents.   This is their profession and they should be treating it as one. Any agent you would want to represent you should be willing to be interviewed and should be able to provide you satisfactory answers to the following questions.

1)      How long have you been in the business?   there are a lot of newer agents out there that are looking to jump into the industry as Boise's real estate market heats up.  If you interview one of these agents and find yourself liking them, make sure to ask some follow up questions like what kind of support they have with writing and negotiating contracts and if they are dedicated to the industry full time.  

 2)     What kind of transactions do you normally do and areas do you work in?   We have found that agents that specialize can give you better service for the type of transaction you are looking for.  If your looking to buy in a specific area, (eg: Eagle Idaho) finding an agent that only deals with negotiating contracts for buyers in that area will know the homes for sale as well as have good report with the agents on the listing side to be able to know how to negotiate better.         

 3)      What kind of communication can I expect?   Communication is so key and setting the right expectations up front is so important.  You want to find an agent that doesn't mind communication in your type of way.  For example, many people in this time and day like to chat via text in order to set time to view properties and so forth but want emails for the contracts.   

 4)     Do you have References or Testimonials?  Any agent should be able to give you some clients that they have worked with so you can ask how the process was or provide testimonials from people they have worked with.  Make sure the references are current and that you can call them and get a true picture of the experience over the phone.    

With these helpful tips, you should be able to find that agent that will best represent you in your transactions.   Remember, they are the professional and should make you feel confident in all aspects of your transaction.  At Core Group Realty, our agents are dedicate and ready to help with the full support of the brokerage if they need.   

To read more information, feel free to check out the idea article at http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2014/05/28/5-questions-to-ask-before-choosing-a-real-estate-agent  


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