This week on our real estate buzz, we're talking about RD Loans and what they are and where they apply as well as curb appeal on your home listings.  Don't miss out as Naomi Ledo, Our Customer Care Manger, talks about her first home purchase and the process she went through to get it. 

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Dave: This is the Idaho Radio Buzz, I'm Dave Burnet along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website to go to and of course 933-7777, that is the phone number to call if you want to get a hold of the folks at Core Group, like Thom Dallman here. 

Thom: Yeah, please give us a call. 

Dave: As a matter of fact, somebody is standing by right now, they have somebody there, a customer care agent, always ready. 

Thom: We always have someone on the phone, ready to take a phone calls, if customer care is not there, we do have an agent on line, but always someone there. 

Dave: Which is nice so that you are not at the tone, please leave a message....

Thom: Exactly. 

Dave: Then your message is lost, customer care agents are standing by on a Saturday afternoon to help you if you need to navigate that website, or if you are looking for open houses or needing more information, they have it for you right there. 933-7777. 

Thom: Exactly, yeah. And speaking of Open Houses, we have the parade of homes starting this weekend, the Fall Parade of Homes. One of the best open house vehicles out there. 

Dave: The Idaho Statesmen of course has a list of all of the different locations of those houses are at for the parade of homes and you know when it comes to parade of homes I always see several different kinds of things. You have those that are really shopping to buy homes and we talked last time about the fact that some of these homes will sell pretty quickly because of the lack of inventory. 

Thom: Oh yes, exactly. 

Dave: and of course you get the people you get the people who are just looking

Thom: we got the looky-lous and we've got the, we've got those people who are looking for ideas for their own home. And all the builders put all of the newest stuff in there and have some great ideas and ways that you can go with your own home if you are looking to re-model and do a little bit of your own rehab, work on a home. 

Dave: Which really is a great deal as we enter into this time of year, people start turning their attention to the inside, what can I take on as a project on the inside of my home. 

Thom: Exactly. The nesting. the winter nesting. 

Dave: to be honest, who wants to go out in freezing temperatures, not me!

Thom: Exactly, no thank you, sounds like this weekend we are supposed to be pretty cold and going into the next week we are supposed to have some record lows. 

Dave: Fall is on the way, nothing you can do about that.  

Thom: Exactly. 

Dave: Core Group Realty .com, now that is Core with a "C", coregrouprealty.com is the website and on that tab, or on that website, you have tab which is called coming soon. 

Thom: Coming soon, love that site. 

Dave: It has got a sneak peak at homes. 

Thom: Exactly, I encourage all the home buyers out there to take a look at it, because with this low inventory, you encounter those multiple offers when you do find a house that you really like, or homes go very quickly, um, when they are priced correctly. So, you gotta have an edge up on the competition out there in this buyer’s market right now, the way that the buyers are going. So, always good to have the inside scoop. 

Dave: it is truly an advantage and if you are not familiar with the tab on the website for the coming soon. It’s kind of like, you know, when you go to the car dealer and you look at back, and you go, "what are those cars out there?" Where they are cars that have been traded in but they are just not ready to sell yet, and that is kind of the way the coming soon is, they are still doing a few things and but you get a chance to look at it. 

Thom: Yup, we like to have that couple weeks of getting in there and making sure everything is cleaned up and the personal things are removed and get those professional photos taken. We are big advocates on all of our listings to have professional photos of the home taken to best market it and get it shown the best way possible. So, it takes a couple weeks to do that, so we might as well get it out there and let people know that they are coming on. 

Dave: So, what do you got on the coming soon. 

Thom: Well, I am totally going to butcher the street name on this one. But it is 19689 Susquehanna Way in Caldwell, in the Delaware Park Subdivision. Um, we have a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, its a two story house, 2252 square feet, so two thousand, two hundred and fifty-two square feet, priced at $185,000. Its got a nice 2 car garage, built in 2007 and has irrigation to it and a huge upstairs loft area in it, so. 

Dave: Nice. 

Thom: So a really nice, nice family home out there at 19689 Susquehanna Way, try to Susquehanna three times as fast as possible. 

Dave: Lets do this, if someone wants to put it into their GPS and drive by it, how do you spell it? 

Thom: you spell it, S U S Q U E H A N N A. 

Dave: Okay, Susquehanna way, alright very good

Thom: That is our first one and then our second one is also in Caldwell, its at 3522 S. Florida Avenue, this one is a three bedroom, two bath, single level home, at 1100 square feet, a little over that, at .18 of an acre, a two car garage on it with irrigation as well, got a nice covered patio, dual vanities, tile flooring, walk in closets, all of the amenities. With RV Parking available on it as well. So, um, 1100 square feet at $130,000 out in Caldwell. 

Dave: So the price point on it is very good. 

Thom: Very nice price point for sure. 

Dave: Gotta like that. Again, those are on the coming soon portion of the coregrouprealty.com so you got a chance to kinda take a sneak peak before they hit multiple listing and everybody's got a shot at it. 

Thom: Yup, yup, something to get you a head start on. 

Dave: Exactly, you have some featured homes?

Thom: Yup, we have a couple of featured homes that were just listed this week, so you will see those on our featured properties page as well. So, we've got one actually in Melba, this is at 1224 Hill Rd. um in Melba, and this one is a really nice mobile home on a foundation so um its got, but it is on a 1.364 acre lot, so it's got a little bit of land there to kinda do different things with. It does have um, it does have a two car garage as well, um it was originally a 4 car garage from my understanding that has been converted, so part of it is a shop as well as the two car detached garage. Fully fenced, its got RV Parking, plenty of space for RVs parking as well, dual vanities, views from every window, its got a park-like backyard because of the acreage and so forth so definitely a lot of opportunity in that one. And that one is out in Melba, like I said, at 1224 Hill Rd. um, in Melba. 

Dave: So if you are like me, and I know I am, moving out to the country is kinda a nice idea.

Thom: Exactly. 

Dave: Just get away from the, the hustle and bustle of being in town living. 

Thom: Definitely, you've got the space around you to kinda do your own thing, and not having to worry about the neighbors peaking over the fence, trying to see what you're doing. (Laughing) So, definitely some advantages to living out there in the acreage

Dave: It is sounding nicer by the minute to me, it sure is. 

Thom: Exactly. 

Dave: So you got that one in Melba, you got the two coming soon in Caldwell. 

Thom: And then we've got a, a house in Meridian as well, um at 3471 E. Beamer Ct. This is in the Sutherland Farms subdivision. 

Dave: Oh wow. 

Thom: Out there at Eagle and Victory, so a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath house, um all single level with a bonus room on the second level. Um, and it is 2522 square feet, 3 car garage, on .26 of an acre. Um, so, really nice big home, priced at $339,900 for that house. 

Dave: And with that location, just south of the freeway, weather you work in Meridian, Nampa or in Boise, you have easy access to the freeway

Thom: Easy access. 

Dave: You are close to all of it. 

Thom: You can jump onto the freeway and get anywhere you need to be. 

Dave: That is , that is truly an advantage. 

Thom: Yes, just shoot down Eagle Rd, and yeah jump on the freeway to where ever you need to go, and you know that Eagle and Overland, they've got so many new restaurants and so many different things going in there, it is so convenient to be able to take the family to dinner or you know just go you and your spouse to dinner, or what not, right there. 

Dave: It is funny, kind of off the topic, I remember when i moved here to the Boise area, about 1988, it seemed like, you know, you kinda knew everything going on, but the city has grown so much that if you go into a new area, it like, "whoa, where did all of that come from?" 

Thom: Exactly

Dave: See, that the part of town, that overland road area, I just don't get out there very often and see what all is going on. 

Thom: Yeah, and there is so much good stuff out there, so many new little restaurants and that they have added in there, there by the movie theaters and what not, so definitely worth kinda getting out there and checking it out. 

Dave: Absolutely. Of course you can always look at the website Coregrouprealty.com, and in there, weather you are worried about schools or where the location is, whatever it is, very user friendly website. 

Thom: Exactly, yeah, all the information that you need for a home is usually on our home search page, so when you are looking through and wanting to know what the schools are rated for, there is a link that will take you to some of the ratings and stuff like that. So, you always have information available for those areas. 

Dave: If you have kids in grade school, you're always concerned about the middle school coming up or the high school. 

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: you can kinda find out what is in store for your kids before you even reach the door. 

Thom: For sure, for sure, yup. 

Dave: You gotta like that. And again, if you are having trouble finding these things on the website, a customer care agent is standing by at 933-7777, and that is kinda there job as well as helping you navigate that. 

Thom: Exactly, yeah that is exactly what they are there for. They're not licensed agents, they are here strictly to help, kind of, navigate you through the system, if you have questions or if you can't find something, they are there to show you how to do it all. IF you need to know how to mark a favorite, so that you can come back to it later and show your spouse or show a friend, they will walk you through that. 

Dave: My dad, taught and said to me all the time, "David, there aren't no dumb questions." 

Thom: Exactly, exactly. 

Dave: If you just can't figure it out, and you are on a website, going, "they said it's there" give a call 933-7777. And they can get you hooked up right there as well. As a matter of fact, one of the things that is on there, and I just this past week had the opportunity, someone cornered me and said "you guys talk to somebody who is involved in restoration, who was that" So i just directed them to CoreGroupRealty.com where some of your preferred vendors are listed as well. 

Thom: Correct, our preferred service providers, people that we have built good relationships with, and have had good experienced with are all listed on there. You know, kind of everybody that we've done business with that we really recommend and you know, there's various services there for different things, all the way from handymen to disaster relief people, to our lenders and so forth. So, lots of good opportunities there. 

Dave: Speaking of which, we are going to Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage, she will be joining us here in just a few minutes to find out what’s happening in the financial world of home lending, which is where all the money, where the money goes, how the whole business goes. 

Thom: And that is always changing so rapidly and she is always up on the newest changes. 

Dave: We will talk to Michelle coming up here on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz here on 580 KIDO. 



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Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman and Michelle Guth joins us from Diversified Mortgage. Diversified Mortgage Michelle if somebody wants to get a hold of you, how do they do that? 

Michelle: Give us a call! 853-7878. We'd love to hear from you!

Dave: Alright, we are going to talk about something that we've talked about in the past but I guess some changes coming. If you're looking to buy ... and I guess when I say "in the country" I say that with quotation marks around it because the USDA loans, rural development loan is that what it's considered?

Michelle: Correct. Everybody typically knows it as an RD loan.

Dave: An RD loan. Things are changing.

Michelle: They are! For the better. I still get so many calls and misconceptions with the consumers that they need a large down payment and the biggest benefit to the RD program is that it is a zero down program. With the new changes, they're going to be decreasing some of the expenses associated with that which in turn is going to give a client more buying more.

Dave: Explain how that works?

Michelle: So for example, rural development. Like you mentioned a lot of people think it's a farm loan, it used to be known as the farm loans. But again, a misconception. Rural development is intended for areas outside of the major metropolitan areas that have a lower population base. So for example outside of Boise some popular areas are Kuna, parts of Star, Middleton, and then the other areas. Emmett, Fruitland, Payette, and so forth are all in the RD eligible areas. The primary benefit is again the zero down but there is what's called mortgage insurance which as many of you know if you don't have at least 20% down you have to pay that mortgage insurance to insure the loan for the lender. What's happening is they're decreasing that fee as long as what they call an up front fee. An up front fee is applicable on all government loans whether it be VA, FHA, or rural development. They now have the lowest funding fee up front and that is a fee that you pay to the government but it's financed over 30 years so they just tack it right on top of your mortgage. That fee used to be 2.75% it's dropping all the way down to 1%. What that means to the consumer so on top of a $100,000 loan amount you would normally have been tacking on $2,750 on top of your loan to cover that fee and paying it back over 30 years, now it's only $1,000.

Dave: That's significant.

Thom: That's a significant decrease.

Michelle: Very significant, big savings. And when you consider on top of that they're also decreasing the mortgage insurance premium. So previously it was a half a point which again was one of the lowest available mortgage insurance premiums of any government program out there with the exception of VA which does not have one. In comparison to the FHA program it was lower and that is now going from .5% all the way down to .35%. Now that maybe doesn't mean anything to the consumer but let me put it into perspective. So on $100,000 purchase price for example previously your payment would allow you with previous funding fee and MI premium you now would go from $100,000 purchase price to $104,000 purchase price because of the reduction in those two fees. So you're getting $4,000 more in purchase price power approximately for every $100,000 you borrow.

Dave: Wow!

Thom: Yeah that's awesome.

Dave: That truly is good. Now if somebody wants information as far as where a home would qualify in that area do they contact you Michelle or do they go through Thom and CORE Group?

Michelle: They can contact either one of us, it's a great question. All of Thom's agents are well versed in this program in the areas. There is a website we can direct them to if they want to look properties up themselves where it will come back and just state whether it is in an eligible or if it's an ineligible area. Myself, Thom, or one of his team members any one of us can look up a property if it's of interest.

Thom: Yep, we're very fluent on it! We are used to looking up those properties.

Dave: We were just talking about the fact if at least for me the thought of moving out to the country to move out of the urban area, there's something very attractive to that at this point in my life to think "You know what? I'd like to get out of the traffic and get out of the mess" so it's a great opportunity for a change. Where something costs less, that doesn't happen very often.

Michelle: Can you beat that! Heck no! You're bringing up a good point, I mean rural development you can go out to the really rural country areas but it is not necessarily rural so we look at how the valley is growing and the Boise Meridian area's slowly working it's way out to the Kuna area just like Meridian Eagle is moving out towards Star. You don't have to be way out in the country it can be in Kuna city proper for example. You don't have to be way out there if you just want to go a little way out of town where you can maybe get a little more house for the money it's a great option.

Thom: It's a great option and a lot of people love that small town feel that you get going into these smaller communities and stuff like that because everybody is a neighbor, everybody is looking about the small community when they're in these areas and just love that ability to talk to your neighbor and feel safe with the people that you're talking to in your neighborhoods and stuff. So there's definitely an attraction for those rural areas.

Dave: And those communities like the Emmett Cherry Festival, those community celebrations that they have that still have that charm of the way life used to be.

Michelle: Oh very family centric absolutely.

Dave: One of the other things we've talked about here recently, we talked about appraisals and home inspections and the fact that, still some confusion out there as far as what the difference is between the two. Can we kind of sort that out and how it deals with financing?

Michelle: Would love to. Thom had previously touched on it in a previous segment. An inspection is more checking out the bones of the property, making sure there's nothing major with respect to the foundation, the roof and so forth. The appraisal is intended to one look for some major deficiencies in the property but primarily to determine if the value is there based on the purchase price. So there are different approaches as to how the appraiser is going to look at that. One of again the misconceptions with consumers is they think that because there's a lot of new construction in their area that they can use a brand new home that's selling in their subdivision as a comparable property which is not the case. Typically, they are going to look at similar properties where they're similar square footage, similar lot size, similar upgrades, similar areas within the community. They try to find comps specifically within the last 90 days and try not to go out any further than 6 months. That's going to give them a better indication of what the value trends are within that market based on what properties have sold of like type properties in the last quarter.

Thom: Exactly. And I think the key point there is that the inspection is for the buyers to get their satisfaction and know what's happening. There's a little trickle over as far as the inspection will let us know if there's anything an appraiser might call because there are certain things the appraisers don't necessarily like to see in a house. Like broken windows, exposed wiring, stuff like that. The inspection kind of helps with that but the appraisal is really for the lender's purpose, making sure that value is there.

Dave: So let me ask you this question. Who is it that orders up the appraisal, is that your office and the lender?

Michelle: That is a great question and I am so glad you asked!

Dave: Good good, I did good!

Michelle: I've had people that were planning on listing their homes and saying "You know what I'm just going to get it appraised and then we'll know what the current value is and we can use that for the buyer" which is not the case. It does have to be ordered by the lender. If they want to do that for their own purposes, that's fine, but it does have to be ordered by the lender and we do it through what is called an appraisal management company. We have to use a third party vendor to basically contract that appraisal request out to a different panel of appraisers so we don't even know who that appraiser is as a lender until that report comes back.

Dave: OK now an inspection. Is that ordered by you as well? Or is that ... who orders the inspection?

Michelle: That is your CORE Group Real Estate agent looking out for their client!

Dave: Alright so, the realtor's the one that's going to get the home inspection.

Thom: We actually encourage the buyers to reach out to ... we obviously have preferred vendors that we like, that we can recommend for the inspections but ultimately it is up to the buyer to make sure that they are reaching out to those inspectors and that they're happy with the inspector that they choose for the home because once again, this is someone who's going to be going through the house and telling you the exact condition of the house. You want to make sure that is someone that you trust and someone that you know is going to do a good job for you. We have some recommendations that we give out but ultimately it's up to the buyer to actually find the inspector and schedule that and let us know when it is so we can let them in the door and be there for those inspections. Ultimately yes, it is the buyer's responsibility.

Dave: But it is the lender that gets the home appraisal.

Michelle: Correct.

Dave: Let me ask you this question too we have just a couple minutes’ left in the segment but, as somebody who's gone through buying a home before 4 or 5 times, typically when it comes to who my financing comes through it's just like "Why don't you go to this person?" "Oh, ok." and you just go. Is it OK for me as a buyer of a home if I have a real estate agent over here at brand Z real estate company and they say "Well we want you to use these people" if I say "No, I would like Diversified Mortgage." Can I request who I go through for my mortgage?

Michelle: Absolutely. It's going to be based on who you have the highest level of comfort with. We always encourage even my clients if you want to get a second opinion, we encourage you to do that but by all means it is up to the borrower to determine who is the best fit for them as a lender.

Dave: And I say that I guess because sometimes I've just kind of been led around like a cow with a ring in my nose of "OK." And I don't think about it and it's interesting, doing this show I run into people that we had somebody talk about Surf Pro that, you know, I heard you talking about a restoration person, who is that. People gain confidence and trust and they feel Michelle that they know you because you're here every week and you talk honestly and openly about how this works. I just wanted to make sure it's OK if I have some other company if they suggest something that I go to Diversified.

Michelle: I would love to talk to any consumer out there and again, if they're comfortable with the lender they have and they just want my opinion on something we are more than happy to help educate and share any information we can with our clients. And the other thing to consider is when you're talking to some of the larger banks and so forth, they do not necessarily offer a state bond program. I've mentioned that before. So it's worthwhile to make sure that you're getting the bulk of the product offerings that are out there presented to you because there could be a program that you maybe could have had an opportunity to even review that could be a better product for your long term financial needs.

Dave: Michelle again if somebody wants to contact you, how do they do it?

Michelle: Well first let me say, we are an equal housing opportunity lender!

Dave: Well I had a good question, I forgot my job!

Michelle: But please give us a call at 853-7878 or visit our website which is DMGLoans.com! We'd love to hear from you.

Dave: The Idaho Real Estate Buzz will continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.



Seg 3


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website 933-7777 you can call that number any time 24/7 and talk to the folks at CORE Group Realty whether you're just kind of browsing around thinking about it or if you’re just dead set on you’re going to sell or buy a house now's the time to call CORE Group Realty.

Thom: Yeah give us a call! We've got someone standing by pretty much 24/7. Might have a problem getting a hold of someone at 2:00 in the morning, but ... but yes definitely people standing by ready to help you out and actually we have one of those people here in the studio today. Naomi Ledo who is our Customer Care Manager and the one that actually welcomes people to our website and really kind of guides them through their experience on the website and kind of helps to figure out where they're at in the process and stuff. Welcome!

Naomi: Thank you! And I've actually been on both sides of that, I'm the one answering the calls for people and I have called CORE Group Realty to help me for myself.

Dave: Let's talk about that a little bit, I mean and we can talk about the website as well but you purchased a home but when you purchased a home you ran into a couple of road blocks what were those?

Naomi: Um a couple different things, when I was kind of thinking about buying a home I didn't have any credit so I had to kind of just chat with Michelle see what my options were and start a secured credit card which really built my credit up in just about a year so it wasn't too long.

Dave: So was it a case of bad credit or just really no credit?

Naomi: No I just had no credit at all! I had gotten by without a credit card at all in school I just had a debit card. All throughout college and all of that and I hadn't bought a car or anything so yeah.

Dave: So when you went to get a loan, they basically said "Naomi we don't know who you are."

Naomi: Exactly.

Thom: There's a lot of that conception out there that people shouldn't get credit cards as young adults and there's too much liability and too much ability to kind of spend it all and not be able to make those bills but on the reverse side of that if you are a young person who eventually wants to get into a home that is one of the key components to building that credit and getting your credit score up there is to have one line of credit that is revolving like that.

Naomi: And a secured card I think is a really easy safe way to do that as well.

Dave: So a secured card, what do you mean by that?

Naomi: I had to actually give them money and then that was my credit limit. I think it was about $300. If I ever didn't pay that, then they would take the money from the money I had already given them.

Dave: But by ... not giving but by making regular payments that then built up your credit.

Naomi: Right so then they never actually had to actually use my $300.

Dave: Was this something you discovered when you went to buy a house or did you know beforehand or how did you find out that "Naomi, you don't really exist."

Naomi: I had heard different things from working here because I had already been working here for a little while and I knew that I needed to have some kind of credit and I didn't want to be in my rental anymore. So I went to talk to my bank, they had a secured credit card option and I just went with that.

Dave: And how long did that last?

Naomi: The secured card?

Dave: The secured card.

Naomi: I used it for just about a year and then I was able to get something that was a little bit better for me.

Dave: And now all the credit card offers come in the mail!

Naomi: Yes, and they go straight into the recycling!

Dave: And that is something difficult and I think is something I can speak for myself over time, I have learned that lesson that those credit card offers are so easy to take and it's such "free" money for Naomi, for somebody as a young person it's a temptation that lays there that you've been disciplined enough to stay away from.

Naomi: Yeah it definitely has been. I've been taught very well by my parents. If I need to buy something I make sure I actually have the money already in my account and so then I feel OK about spending that money or I use it for bills, power bill, stuff like that that I know I'm going to have to pay for anyway.

Dave: Now you said something I think key, Thom, she said "When I talked to Michelle." Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage and that is something that Michelle offers.

Thom: Oh yeah, she sits down with everybody from first time home buyers to experienced people to really look through their credit, look through their history look through everything they have going on, what's their comfort level for payments, what you've been paying for rents versus what you can get for a home for that equal amount and stuff like that. She really helps people understand their budgets and what they can afford and what their credit looks like and helps them, guides them for a year or two years. I've had people up to three years go through credit repair and stuff like that and stay in contact with Michelle until they get to that point to where they can get a home.

Dave: And Michelle will tell you right up front, she is not a credit counselor.

Thom: Nope, they're not. They have great resources for it.

Dave: They deal with it all the time, so she really knows what needs to be there and what needs to happen. So what would you say your biggest lesson that you'd say you learned Naomi going into this as far as credit is concerned and as a young person. What is the biggest lesson you've learned out of this?

Naomi: Just be careful with credit because like you were saying it's such a big temptation to have this $3,000 limit on your credit card and just kind of blow through all of it but just make those payments, keep it down at about around I think Michelle recommends 30%. Pay it off as soon as you can. So yeah that's what I've been doing!

Dave: Yeah I think it is easy and I fell into this trap my wife and I where #3,000 limit? There's always an emergency! Because that's always what we would say, "Well, we'll get this credit card for an emergency."

Thom: Exactly!

Dave: And that new couch was an emergency!

Thom: And just a little shout out and kudos to Naomi as a single woman, a young single woman buying a house on her own for the first time, that's huge. And we're seeing more and more of that coming up as single women feel empowered to get out there and buy their own house and not feel like they have to have the man in the marriage and everything going on. So kudos to her.

Naomi: Thank you!

Thom: And kudos on your recent engagement that just happened this week!

Naomi: Thank you Thom, thank you very much!

Thom: Had to just throw that in there!

Dave: You know what is fascinating about this and if I'm not politically correct I apologize but it's a nice reversal in that typically it's the "guy" that's got the home and now here's a situation where Naomi has taken good care of her finances and he's the guy going "Wow!"

Naomi: Yeah, he doesn't own anything!

Dave: I'm getting myself a wife and a home! That's a great deal. So if that's not politically correct I apologize but it's a nice reversal and a nice statement for you and the job your parents did to financially counsel you so kudos to your parents for that.

Naomi: Yes!

Dave: We are at CORE Group Realty and this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz and like we've said before, we don't just talk about buying and selling homes. There are so many other facets that come with it and Naomi is a great story and if I remember right it's a duplex that you own correct?

Naomi: Correct, it's my first home and it's also my first investment property.

Dave: So that's great, so this might be a case where at some point she goes "You know what? We're just going to rent out both sides and buy a new place."

Naomi: Yes, that is the plan!

Thom: A glimmer in those eyes!

Dave: I see a smile on your face with that. What a great opportunity to then take that and make that an investment property and move forward from there so congratulations and congratulations on your engagement! That is a great deal.

Naomi: Thank you!

Dave: If somebody wants to talk to Michelle Guth you can contact the folks here at CORE Group Realty 933-7777 or check out coregrouprealty.com and get a link through to Michelle and find out a little bit more about credit and what can happen for you.

Thom: Exactly, yeah all of the information is available and we can get you started on that process.

Dave: Because, and we say it time and time again, in the financing is really where it all begins.

Thom: The key component. You gotta know what you can afford and what you are qualified for.

Dave: And Naomi we have about a minute left here, I do want to pitch the fact that coregrouprealty.com is the website and if somebody has trouble negotiating that website, sometimes you get down there and they go "OK somebody said this but I can't find this" but your customer care agents are here to take care of those needs?

Naomi: Yeah that's actually going to go straight to me so I will be the one chatting with you and helping you find whatever it is that you need!

Dave: Coregrouprealty.com that is the website and 933-7777 that is the phone number to call. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz on 580 KIDO.


Seg 4



Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website, and I really do encourage you, if you're thinking about buying a home or selling a home and just thinking about, wondering, is it the right time for us to sell? Is it the right time to buy? You know Thom that is something here at CORE Group Realty, if somebody wants to just shoot the breeze and talk about real estate, you're happy to do it.

Thom: Oh yeah! Happens all the time. We always have our fair share of walk-ins, people who are just happening to drive by and see that we have an agent on duty sign or just see our sign and recognize the name and they come in and they're like "We're kind of thinking about buying a house, what is the process? What do we need to start thinking about? Where do we go first and what's the first step in that process? Really kind of that's what we're here for. We're here from beginning to end and even past that point of when they actually close on a house and so forth. We're here for future advice, as you're living in your home and things come up. We've talked recently with Surf Pro and disaster relief. Accidents happen, things happen in your home. We're here with those resources and that advice for past that.

Dave: And I think if you're a person, if you're not planning on plopping yourself into a house and living there the rest of your life, what is the average length of time somebody stays in a home?

Thom: The average, national average is about 7 years is what they say. People usually say within that 5-7 years are looking at a new home, whether it's upsizing because the family's growing or downsizing because the kids are leaving or whatnot. Usually about 5-7 years is the average years in a house.

Dave: Let me ask you this then, I'm assuming, it's an assumption on my part, but at CORE Group Realty, you're looking at the long term picture. If somebody buys a house today, coming up in the year 2023. Wow, the year 2023...

Thom: That's right around the corner it seems like!

Dave: And they decide "Let's sell and move up" that they will call CORE Group again. If you're happy with what you got, you're going to go back again and that's why I think the folks at CORE are dedicated to make sure you're happy.

Thom: Well yeah like I kind of said, it's not just being there through the process of buying a home or selling a home, it's being there after the fact and being one of those trusted advisers. "Hey, I'm thinking about remodeling my kitchen, what materials are really popular right now. What are the other houses in the area looking like? What are the builders doing in their homes?" That's advice that we can give and advice we are here and able to ... and you should have a real estate agent that stays in contact with you and is able to share that information and share with you everything down to "Hey, I'm thinking about painting my door. What color do you think I should paint my door?"

Dave: Well it's funny you mention that, we've talked about in the past different cosmetics you can do to increase the value or the "curb appeal" as it were, and front doors is a big thing there's a lot of conversation about. I've seen some articles online about it, I've even seen some advertising for if you change the front door on your house, you can change the total appearance.

Thom: The total appearance and feel of the house, just from the front door and what the front door looks like. It can set it off. Set the tone for the house.

Dave: And be honest, some builders when they build a home, they just throw a door.

Thom: Yep! They just throw whatever's handy and whatever is the cheapest door that they can get in there, not really the cheapest. I shouldn't say that, builders don't get the cheapest, but they're not really 100% ...

Dave: The most cost effective.

Thom: Yes, that's a better way to put it!

Dave: But the most cost effective door, that is true. The home I have, it's a good metal door and I think there are certain codes that have to be in there for building but it's not a top of the line door. It's not that door that people walk up and go "Wow!"

Thom: Probably just a basic solid panel door that has the basic little inlays in it and what not.

Dave: Yes, and that's what I have, but what's funny is you were talking about before we started this segment, that the fact that there are studies that show the color of your door can make a big statement.

Thom: And the color of the door can portray certain feelings and certain things about your personality and about you, and kind of set that sense of tone when you're coming in. For example ...

Dave: Let's cover some doors!

Thom: Let's do some examples here. They say that any of those front doors that are in kind of those purple hues, the eggplants and what not, those really give a sense of privilege, royalty, and wealth to people as they're coming up to the door, it kind of gives that sense of royalty. Which is common with purple, kind of purples in general.

Dave: I'm trying to think if I've seen any purple ...

Thom: I haven't in a long time. I'm thinking about painting my door purple, personally, but I've had an infatuation the past couple of years with purple but.

Dave: OK King Thom!

Thom: Oh no, I don't want to be king please! But just think about like yellows, yellows are energy and vibrant and think about positivity. Make people think positive when you see a yellow door whereas kind of the reverse side of that is the red and the classic red door which is kind of your boldness and really welcoming.

Dave: Red doors, you do kind of see fairly commonly.

Thom: Oh fairly common yeah. Because it is such a welcoming color and it is traditionally just that bold color that just really stands out and says "Hey, come and knock on my door!"  So red is a really popular color for that. Interesting color would be going with kind of an orange door which is warmth and wisdom. It's supposed to represent knowledge and wisdom and warmth and inviting people in to the ...

Dave: Or it could mean you're a huge Boise State fan!

Thom: Or yes! If you have blue on the rest of your house and an orange door, yes you might!

Dave: You're a huge BSU fan! Or if you have a horse's head logo on your door, you could be a BSU fan. I don't know that I've ever seen ... I guess I've seen kind of the burnt rust color, but I don't know that I've seen flat out orange.

Thom: I think most of the time I've seen it most of the time as that burnt umber?

Dave: Go to Home Depot, maybe they have an orange door!

Thom: Exactly! And I think that these are in various degrees and various areas and just general realizations on the colors. Those green hues can be associated with money, ambition and growth.

Dave: And you do see green doors.

Thom: Yes, you do!

Dave: That is a door color you do see.

Thom: They often say that gray is a good color for just kind of more of a neutral color to really offset your patio. If you have a beautiful patio with lots of decorations that you want more attention on, paint your door gray so that kind of disappears a little bit and really accentuates the rest of the front area.

Dave: Now, the truth is when it comes to doors and we'll talk actual wood which I don't think your survey talked about natural wood it just talked about colors but I mean, this is an investment that it can be expensive. Front doors, those solid core, solid wood doors, if you start getting into leaded windows which I don't think they're lead anymore but if you start getting into those windows, you can start getting into the thousands of dollars or more!

Thom: Oh yeah, front doors can definitely get pricey depending on what material you use, like you were talking about those windows, those window paneled doors they've got to make them sturdy enough to resist the slamming’s and winds and so forth and it takes a lot of strength building in those materials. That ends up kind of being more expensive and so forth. With that being said, there's a huge trend right now for those glass panel front doors. Especially on those new construction homes that are the more modern look, which is very up-and-coming right now especially in the Boise area, the kind of contemporary modern homes. What better way to make it look that way than with the front door with glass panels on it?

Dave: So it just is kind of interesting to go through the years. For a while, I don't know maybe it still is, very popular to have the over sized doors very tall doors. More like going into a castle sort of thing where you open the doors and it's like "Wow!" and of course obviously you have to have vaulted ceilings.

Thom: You want vaulted ceilings when you walk in those doors definitely because that would look kind of odd walking into a standard 10-foot ceiling with big vaulted 10-foot door.

Dave: But changing the door in the house really can make a big difference.

Thom: Yeah and changing a door from a standard door to you know, a 10-foot door, that takes a lot of money because then you get into framing and so forth so you kind of have to think about things like that when you're changing out your door. You probably want to make sure you get a specialist in there to measure the door and make sure you get something that fits the framing that you have currently.

Dave: And I've always wondered about security of glass around your front door. It seems to me; I mean maybe they make an unbreakable glass but it seems to me that might be something you might want to talk to about. Security for your home, which again, that's another topic we can talk about one day is home security systems. Because as the city grows, that becomes more and more an item that people are concerned with. Those front doors!

Thom: The most inviting part of your house! The first impression.

Dave: And you didn't mention, my front door is black.

Thom: Black! Yeah there's nothing that says what a black door means!

Dave: It's funny, when we did that and it's a glossy shiny black door, when we did that one of the old Rolling Stones songs came to mind, the one thing I didn't think of? Is the fact that it is a West facing home, and in the Summer that sunshine makes that black door and ... oh my goodness. It does get very hot! Something I didn't really think about. You might want to consider that. There's a lot you can do to your home to increase the value of it, to change the look of it, a front door is just one of those things. And whether you just paint the door you have or you go all the way out and put a brand new door in, there's a lot that can be done there.

Thom: Exactly, and this material will be I like to do blogs on our website if you go to coregrouprealty.com and go to the blog section, we've got great information that we share on there and different things like this and so forth. If you're looking for ideas, check out our blog site and check out kind of our history of blogs and see some of the things that we've talked about. Little things you can do, materials you can use, and stuff like that. It's a great venue and a great resource for people who are thinking about doing things, so definitely a great area to check out.

Dave: I do know this and having been through this in another house, it's not really difficult to change out a door even the door jam and all that, it's really not all that difficult. It's something you might explore doing yourself or hire a professional to get that done, make sure it's done right. You just really don't want your door falling out.

Thom: Exactly! And for security purposes you want it to be safe and make sure your deadbolts are on there, and so forth.

Dave: Well Thom Dallman, CORE Group Realty, thank you for joining us again for this edition of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, if somebody wants more information whether it's about the website or buying or selling, how do they get a hold of you?

Thom: Just give a call at 933-7777, I like to tell people to just keep hitting 7s until you get through, or just come and visit us, stop by anytime. Our offices are opening 8-5 Monday-Friday there's usually always an agent here on duty.

Dave: And you're right here on Emerald right up from the Mall.

Thom: Yep 8665 W. Emerald Street, suite 140 and we're right just West of the Mall about a block and a half.

Dave: So come on in and talk to the folks here, Naomi who is here, Customer Service agent head of, heads up that gang and find out really what's happening in the world of real estate as it does change as we talk to Michelle Guth and some of the loan situations are changing even as we speak. It is a changing world.

Thom: Yes, it definitely is!

Dave: And of course you can always go to coregrouprealty.com, you can sit there in your slippers and bath robe and peruse what's happening in the world of real estate which really is where it kind of all starts in this day and age is online first. We appreciate you joining us here for the Idaho Real Estate Buzz and we'll do it again next Saturday here on 580 KIDO.


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