Most people think that spring and summer are the best times of year to be in the real estate market. However, fall is actually a great time for buyers and sellers.

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Should you list or buy a home this fall? Most people think that fall is a time to slow down and get ready for the winter, so they wait until spring to enter the real estate market.

Here’s the thing — since so many people think that, demand for homes is actually very strong in the fall. The people that are out there are dedicated to buying or selling their house, so they are going to be ready and willing to negotiate. These buyers and sellers work hard to make the transaction happen.

This time of year, there aren’t any tire kickers or looky-loos out there wandering through open houses. There aren’t people putting their homes on the market just to test things out and see if their home will sell. The people who buy and sell in the fall are truly dedicated to the process. They want to get into a home as soon as possible or sell their home as soon as possible.

Since there are fewer people on the market, things do slow down this time of year. If you are buying or selling a home, that is good news for you. Not only will you face less competition as a buyer or seller, your transaction will also go smoother. Due to the decrease in sales, lenders, underwriters, and title companies have more time and energy to dedicate to your file. They’re not juggling a whole bunch of different transactions at the same time, which allows your transaction to go smoother and quicker in the fall.

Finally, we are still in a great seller’s market right now. Inventory is incredibly low but so are interest rates, which makes now a great time to buy as well. There really is no bad time to get on the market, so get out there!

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