Join us today as we talk with the Listing Team here at Core Group Realty about coming soon's, new listings and what it means to be a Listing Agent on our team. Also on the show we have Michelle Guth of Diversified Mortgage talking about the difference between pre-approval and credit approval. And to wrap things up, don't miss Heather Echevarria of Innovative Custom Homes talking with Dave about all thing remodeling! We've got a packed show for you today, don't miss it!


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett. Thom Dallman co-owner and designated Broker for Core Group Realty, taking the weekend off for Thanksgiving. Kristina McDonald joins me in studio to talk about all the things you are going to find on the web, and of course the listings that are out there, coming soon attractions also the listings. Kristina thank you for joining me.

Kristina: Yeah thank you!

Dave: Always like this when we get together with Thom we talk about the coming soon. Which I like for those who don't know what is it is on the website at www.CoreGroupRealty.com. And it is kind of a sneak peek. 

Kristina: Yeah! It's kind of a little behind the scenes preview of some of the listings we have coming on. Often times properties can sell very quickly, and so it an opportunity to check them out before they even hit the market.

Dave: These are homes, if you go to a car lot behind the building they have these cars that have been traded in that haven't been detailed yet. It’s kind of like that, waiting for the final details and everything to get put in place. But you get a change to have a sneak peek on line at CoreGroupRealty.com. Alright what do we have in the coming soon?

Kristina:  I believe Thom has touched on a couple of this already, but I wanted to go over them again because we have sellers wrap up details getting ready to get these on the market. The First one I wanted to talk about a little bit a coming soon on Southdale Ave. in Boise. Its 6970 S Southdale Ave, and that is a wonderful 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1352 sf, on a corner lot. it’s a .41 acre nice single level, with a big yard.

Dave: And the asking price on that?

Kristina:  that one is going to be coming on at $160,000.00

Dave:  So that is really not a bad first time home.

Kristina:  Yeah that would be perfect.

Dave: in that area that is a great price point at $160,000.00 once again it 6970 S Southdale Ave in Boise.

Kristina: Yes, Southdale Ave Boise, and that is in Fox Meadows subdivision.

Dave: So, check for that on the coming soon tab at CoreGrouprealty.com. What else do you have?

Kristina: We have another one on Halverson St in Middleton and that is a great 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, another single level 1162 sf with a two car garage. And that has a .19 acre and a large family room. That is another great property and that is going to be coming on at $138,000.00.\

Dave:  Ok! Again, that could be an investment for a rental or a first-time home. You will find as you move away from the downtown core area the price does go down a little cheaper. In Middleton, you pay a little bit less but for some people that country living you are getting out of the hustle and bustle of town

Kristina:  Yes, a lot of people are looking for.

Dave: and if you work in Canyon County, Middleton is a great jump over to Nampa, Caldwell. Address on that one again?

Kristina: 523 Halverson St, Middleton.

Dave: Up Next!

Kristina:  The last one we have is in Middleton it is a little bit bigger so it is a 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath, 2117 sf, 3 car garage, 2 story little bit bigger lot so .288 acre corner lot it is irrigated and fully fenced.

Dave: Where is this one?

Kristina: That is also in Middleton, 1359 Raptor Dr. in Middleton.

 Dave:  these again are on the coming soon tab. Go to CoreGroupRealty.com and look for the tab that says coming soon. And it is your chance to get a look at these before they hit the multiple listing or any other service.  You get a peek at these. Properties still selling fairly rapidly so any advantage you can get is a good thing. Thom has left you a list of to talk about today?

Kristina: Yeah! So we have a property that is going to be coming on it is a just listed property it's at  28751 Country lane, Caldwell  that is a bigger lot, 20.35 acres so a little over 20 acres. So it you are looking for room it has it! It is a great 3 bedroom 2 baths, under 2200 sf, built in 2001 so it is a fairly newer home. Another signal level has a ton of great amenities; there is a shop and a great view. It is a great property to be looking for.

Dave: Let me ask you this and I don't know if you have the information on 20 acres it that something you are able to buy it, and say my kid wants to live on the acreage can that be done. Do you have any of that information?

Kristina:  I am not sure on that one we could check in to that! 

Dave: If you want to do that, 933-7777 that is the number you want to call. Kristina you over see the customer care service?

Kristina: Yes. I am our listing manager so I work directly with all of our sellers. everyone what calls in or uses the website I am here to answer questions and get the information they are looking for.

Dave: So let’s talk about this for a minute.  Holiday weekend thanksgiving does that mean everything is shut down and stopped for the weekend?

Kristina: Absolutely not!! Thanksgiving weekend is actually a busy weekend in Real Estate. We have a lot of people that are coming from out of town. Family members that are looking to relocate here or even they have time off of work that they normally don't. So, it is going to be a busy weekend, and a great weekend to look at some new property.

Dave; So if someone wants to look at a property today or tomorrow they can call 933-7777, and you can get them all connected up.

Kristina: I have agents waiting!

Dave: Perfect. Tell me a little bit of the question you get on that customer service line when people call. I want some of the things people want to know.

Kristina: A lot of people   ask about you know the kinds of availability those kinds of property. We get a lot of folks that call from out of state that want to know the area is like. And I think for Naomi that is probably some of our favorite conversations to have, talk about Boise and the different areas. 

Dave: Get to barge about the valley!

Kristina: Yeah. Barge about the Treasure Valley and all it has to offer.

Dave: Do people wonder about the weather?

Kristina: Yes!!!

Dave: Because I have family that live back east and they assume that were buried in snow.

Kristina: Yes!! Everyone thinks that

Dave; and run from fires all summer. 933-7777 that is the phone number to call if you are looking or have family in town and maybe are sick and tired of watching uncle Fred watching football. You can call and get someone to go out and show you properties, or even if you just want to look at areas as well.

Kristina: We have a lot of agent take out especially out of state buyer that aren’t necessary familiar with the areas they can guide you towards the areas of town that are going to be a good fit for want you are looking for.

Dave: Kristina we appreciate so much you spending time with us. Thom is off! He is a well-deserved rest. 

Kristina: We let him go a little bit.

Dave: So the inmates are running the asylum! What is the address if someone wants to come down 8665 W Emerald Street Ste 140. That is a couple of blocks west of the Boise Town Square Mall, easy to find. Of course CoreGroupRealty.com is the website and 933-7777. Kristina thank you so much for spending time. I think we have all the listing today?

Kristina: There is one more! I know Heather is going to talk about it a little bit. I just wanted to highlight Heather from Innovative homes, not a remodel, not new build. They have a property they took a 500 square foot garage with and apartment on it down on Good Street in the North end, and added on a full home to that. So, that is going to be a new listing it is also on the market, that's a tri-level and it is 1700 sf 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom, for $354,897.

Dave: And that's in the North end. What do you find with the North end as far as and the magic of the North end What do you find as people call up and ask about the North end. What are the questions they have about it?

Kristina: I think a lot of people want to know what the North end has to offer. i think it's one of the most coveted neighborhoods if you will. One of those neighborhoods that Boise is well known for so they want to know it has to offer. What kind of amenities, perks and why so many people are interested in it.

Dave: Every time I go I am fascinated by the North end because of the old homes, but I look at them and go this house doesn't even have a garage. How does that work? But there is that fascinated weather it is the North end, you have East Boise which goes beyond Warm springs, that was the end but it goes beyond that.

Kristina: That end has been growing rapidly.

Dave: And South of town. Sometime we can get in to talking about how they put Cole and Overland they redid that intersection because they wanted to discourage they south. That didn't work.  Kristina if someone wants to get a hold of you 933-7777.

Kristina: Yes.

Dave: You can give that number a call. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. We will be taking to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage coming up talking a little bit about credit, little bit about what is happening in the Treasure Valley and the difference between pre-approval and credit approval. Coming up on 580KIVO  



Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett. Thom Dallman is off on Thanksgiving vacation, and Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage Equal Housing opportunity. Someday I will remember that. They change the working on that. Michelle welcome back to the show as we talk all things finance today. I wanted to talk about a couple of " Pre". The Difference between pre-approval and Credit approval. What is pre-approval, and what is credit approval?

Michelle: you ask the best questions! can I tell you that? 

Dave: it is only because you give me the good ideas!

Michelle: I actually get that question quite frequently form many of my clients. Pre-approval is going to mean the borrower has spoken to the lender and they have taken an opportunity to ask some general questions. Usually it is just verbal conversation about what do you make per month and pulling a credit report so they haven't done all the due diligence to verify tax returns, w-2 , pay stubs and such. So it is more of a pre-approval meaning that we have looked at everything and bases on preliminary information it appears you will qualify.

Dave : So it is the everything looks good, but  there could be some devils in the details. 

Michelle: You got it! So big difference when you are out shopping for a home most realtors are going to want to say that they have been fully credit approved not pre proved. They want to make sure that you have for sure varied their income, assets and so forth. to make sure that something is not doing to arise during the loan process in turn possibly causing a decline on the loan.

Dave: Ok! Let me ask you this and we have talked in the past about some of these online loan company's which is kind of scary when you think about it. It is not anyone here in the Valley they don't pre-approve you do they? What is the process with that is you were to do it online, do they have a clue weather you are pre-approved or credit approved if you go that way?

Michelle: Well it depends on the lender, but may cases you are pre-approved where they have not necessarily done all the paperwork verification's. So again, if you are going to get a pre-approval letter it is just that Pre-approved. You definitely want to go thought that process of providing all the necessary paperwork to ensure that you are truly credit qualified. So they have the ability of doing that `it is just weather or not they go that extra step to insure that what you are telling them is in fact accurate. 

Dave: Well See I kind of go around the tree back to this point here and that is with you at Diversified Mortgage or a qualified lender you are going to know right up front if I come in this is a pre-approval letter, it doesn't mean that you are approved for this much, you will make that very clear!

Michelle: Absolutely!  And typically, we don't do pre-approval the only time that it would be considered a pre-approval is if we met with a client and they didn't get the opportunity to gather their paperwork, at which time i am going to request to set up a follow-up meeting or give them a secured link to upload their documents so we can move it from a pre-approval to a credit approval. That way we have done a full underweight and full review of their documentation.

Dave: so typically, in most case you want that person credit approved going into it so they know what they are approved for housing wise. 

Michelle: Absolutely! I discourage them from going out and starting the home shopping process until we have done all of that up front. We would be doing them a disservice to tell them they are pre-approved only to find out that when we got their pay stubs the number they gave us maybe where in accurate because they were giving us a net verses a gross which in turn could of got their purchase price up. So it is very important to verify their information. We have had client in many cases to where if they are in a field of work where it is not typical to have an opportunity to wright off business expenses. many times, they go to an accountant and they are not even aware that their accountant has done all these extra business wright offs on a form called 2106 on the tax return. So we are not all accountants so most people have no idea when you are asking theses question they say just a straight w-2 borrower but when you get the tax returns find out that they have these enormous tax wright offs and suddenly my income has come down, and they don't qualify for the number we previously discussed.

Dave: So, these are questions that when they come in to Diversified you are going to dig down and get in to/

Michelle! Absolutely! Which is why I want all the paperwork. We typically do not do the pre-approval we do a full credit approval on that initial visit. We have them bring in everything in at once so we can do a full review.

Dave: How long does it take to get credit approval on average?

Michelle: Well it depends on the borrower and the situation. So, if you have a borrower that doesn't have a unique situation we can typically get it done in 24 hour or even same day in most cases. if you have some one that has a more complex situation where they have maybe multiple corporations, tax returns, it takes us a lot longer to go thought all those tax returns, because we have to do a detailed alliances on all of them. We are normally getting them done within 24 to 48 hrs.

Dave: And the most difficult is it the self-employed, what tends to be a bit of a problem for you?

Michelle: Self-employed isn't necessarily difficult it is more time consuming. Where it can get a little more challenging is if you have a borrower had a significant laps in employment and is returning to the work force. Or they have been in a position where they have received over time for a year, vs what is typicality a 2 year. in some cases we can get acceptations at 18 months to use borrower that have been receiving commission in over time so there are several verbal as to what could make it a complex file. and again we pride ourselves in not issuing credit approval letters till we do our due diligence. So we don't want to send them out there with a letter that is not worth the paper it is printed on. If we do have something complex we are going to take that file and actually go through a formal underweight. so there are different levels. We have the pre-approval again preliminary review of information verbally. Credit approval we have typically reviewed all of the documentations in depth and done what is called an electronic approval. The system comes back we put all the information in and it will come back with a approval or not. Typically that approval is valid, but again when you have a complex situation that approval you get over the computer still has to be reviewed by a person underwriter. That underwriter then has the capability of income calculations maybe differently. So if we have think there is some subjectivity in there we are then going to go to that third step and do the full underweight prior to sending them out shopping. 

Dave: Let’s get back to this because one of the things that is involved in this approval is your credit score, and right now I don't know there are a lot of TV ads for get your free credit score. What is the difference of what you might get from one of those offer as opposed to what you use.

Michelle: Well and I applauded anyone that is taking the time to monitor their credit score and their credit report. I think that is a great thing to do every 6 months we have talked about that. I will say that when they come to me they are disheartened when they think they have say a 660-credit score and when I go to pull it maybe a 620-credit score. And the reason for that the consumer credit reports that the borrower is obtaining online is weighted differently than what we weight on Mortgage reports. So we us different algorithms, things of importance the we determine what drives that mortgage credit report. So our score is typically going to lower than what you are going to see on a consumer credit report. 

Dave: Is that going to be a huge problem? Say you have a 700-credit score, we have credit cards my wife and I and they always pop up here is what your credit score s this month. If that genuine is that real or not real?

Michelle: its real in that is your consumer credit score. but again, is going to be different than the mortgage credit report. SO it is not necessarily if you are` coming in lower on the mortgage report going to prohibit you’re getting a mortgage it is just going to be different than what your expecting. it’s a good indicator so we can at least see based on consumer credit report you’re at X and that will get me an indication what you will potentially be on a mortgage report without pulling.

Dave: And full disclosure here I don’t know what mine is my wife takes care of that. 

Michelle: time to get your free credit report!

Dave: At least someone in the family is keeping track of this.it is important to do that. So, things that cause problems we have talked about credit quite a bit. Itis what gets you into that home. By the way we are talking to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. Things that are glaring problems for people when it comes to credit, 30 day, 60 day delinquent. Once the consumer is at least 30 days past due on the due date it is going to hit the credit bureau. So we can still potentially do a mortgage. if you have some consumer delinquent in the last 12 month, but needs to be limited if it is over 12 months it is certainly going to help our cause or 2 years.so keeping track of those payments getting them set up on auto pay and make sure you do not get a 30 day delinquent.

Dave: We are talking to Michelle Guth with diversified mortgage. In fact, as we are coming into the holiday season now I want to continue this conversation next week more about credit. I want to talk about other issues as well, but this is the time of year that people begin to rack up some bills. I want to talk a little bit about cre3dit and how to protect that credit score as we go into the holiday season. We will cover more on this topic coming up again next week with the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. Michelle if someone wants to get a hold of you at Diversified mortgage how do they do that?

Michelle: Just give us a call at 853-7878 or visit our website at dmgloans.com.

Dave: and of course, you can always stop by and see Michelle and the staff there. easy to find right there off Glenwood and marigold. 

Michelle: Glenwood and Marigold. 

Dave: Thank you Michelle. We’ll chat again with you next week. here on the Idaho Real Estate buzz. I am Dave Burnett Thom Dallman is off on the thanksgiving weekend. we will continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.



Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett. Thom Dallman is taking a little bit of time away as he is on vacation, and in studio with me is Shawna and John. Why is your official title is Listing agents.  Explain to me what does  it meant to be an listing agent? I try to not use terms I don't know what is a listing agent?

Shawna: What that means is that John and I specialize in listing the homes and helping the sellers. We don't work with Buyers so our hole focus is on getting the listed and getting them sold for the people. 

Dave: very Good! John we are entering a time of year where a question I would like to ask is. Is this a good time of year to sell your home?

John: there is really to schools of thought entering into listing in the summer vs listing in the winter or fall. Generally you are going to have less buyers on the market through fall and winter. but out of that buyer pool they are going to be a little more serious.

Dave: So if somebody is looking at your house they are probably mean business. 

John: Yeah more so than people coming out of the wood work in the summer trying to kind of kick tires. 

Dave: I was told that once by a car dealer once we were looking for a car in January and he said I knew you were going to buy. Because nobody looks for a car in this weather unless you are serious about it. Well Shawna we are coming in to the holiday season of course Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year’s. How does that create problems for listing a home?

Shawna: Well it maybe a little more inconvenient  if you are living in the house and you have a big family, and you the Christmas tree and all the presents and everything going on that everybody does in the holidays. So it might be a little more difficult for you as the seller. However we do have a lot of people are coming into town to visit family members. We have really found that over the thanksgiving weekend can be a very active time once they have eaten dinner, and half of them are out doing black Friday shopping. The other half are out looking for homes. Maybe it the family member that has come to visit and they want to go house shopping it can be a great time.

Dave: Let me ask you this 933-7777 the phone number here at Core Group Realty. Someone is standing by. So through the weekend to get you all connected?

Shawna: Somebody in going to be standing by, of course the office is going to be closed, But we have the phones being routed to one of our agents, and they will do their very best to answer. If they don't pick up right away somebody will get back to you and get you to an agent to make the arrangements.

Dave: John any challenges you have seen around the holiday you have seen. tip you have for some one that is listing?

John: it is going to depend on the situation when it comes to number we see  a lot of showings in November that least historically, that  translate in to closings in December. So historically November has been a slower month for closing, we have seen that amped up in December. Keeping that in mind when it comes to listing moving into have holiday season the further off you can hold off decorating especially for photos upfront on a listing probably going to work out better, because if by chance your listing hangs on the market past the holiday season you don't want to have buyers looking at your Christmas decorations after the1st. 

Dave: I hadn’t' thought about that really. So, it is not so much showing your home it’s about the photos. It’s kind of acquired in January looking at Christmas photos

John: we are not tell anybody not to decorate or anything like that, but picture purposes it might work out a little bit better.

Dave; Let me ask you guys this. When it comes to listing a home because i know there is always those tricks of baking cookies so it smells good. What are some of the hard do's and don’ts when it comes to listing your home? 

Shawna: I think the absolute most important thing it to have that home as Clean as you can get it. Any Buyer  wants that home to look clean and well maintained. So that is the most important thing. Get those bathrooms sparkling clean, keep the minors clean. We all know the toothpaste spots are going to come right back. I don’t know how people do it when they are living in a home. I would struggle and it is just me and my husband. the Family’s that are able to keep those homes  perfectly clean, beds made, toys picked up, It makes a huge difference to how people perceive the home when they come in to look at it.

Dave: Can you tell when somebody is looking at a home. Let say a home is not being kept well. how long to i have to make an impression?

Shawna:  Oh from the minuet you open the door!  if when we open that door and maybe there is an unpleasant ordo in the home weather it’s from pets or whatever it might be that is a huge thing to overcome right from the beginning. So when you first walk in that door people really form an opinion of that home in just the first couple of minutes.

John: and Buyers agents are doing their due diligence to ask their clients how they are feeling about homes they are looking at. At that point they can gage what that client viewing that property is thinking. Like you said if you come in and there are odd smells and things no amount of baking is going to cover that up.

Dave: It smells like a skunk in a cookie basket! I have heard this tip as well and I don’t know how true it is to get rid of photos of your family?

John: Yes I would agree with that, For photo purposes and to a point for showing. I would remove personal identifying information throughout the house as best you can. 

Dave: is that a security thing or is there anything behind it?

John: I always say going into a listing with a blank slate is always better. You want buyers to come into a situation being able to imagine their family. And at a curtain point, when I was working with buyers I am walk now thought a home and the buyers are looking more at the seller things they are really not seeing the home.

Dave: Other things Shawna that this time of year we may have snow on the ground or it may be raining. other things during the winter months that it  tough for staging a home. 

Shawna: It can be a little tougher. If you are going to have your home on the market you are going to want make sure you keep your sidewalks cleared. We don’t want anyone slipping and falling on the ice. we would always provide booties in  a little basket maybe a chair for someone to sit down and put the on. Have a little sign asking them to remove their shoes so you don't have dirt and mud being tracked through the home.

Dave: Thom and I always have a chance to talk about the new listings. Anything exciting for you guys coming up? 

Shawna: John has one coming on!

John: I have one in North Caldwell 28751 Country Lane. It's on  20 acres, 3bedroom, 2 bathroom. The garage has been very nicely converted in to a bonus room, but very easily converted back if any potential buyer wanted to do that.

Dave: Nice. What is the address on that again?

John: 28751 Country lane.

Dave: If you would like to look at this house John would be more than  happy to have you com take a look. 933-7777 , of course the website is CoreGroupRealty.com a chance for you to see all the homes listed with Core Group Realty. Weather it’s a  Coming soon home. Thom is not here. He is taking  a little break on the holidays so let me just ask he can’t hear us!!.. For you as the listing agents coming to Core Group Realty, because I know one of the things Thom has is a very active website. What are the strong points for you folks at Core?

Shawna: Well from an agents point of view Core Group Realty provides us with a lot of technology that we would not get at another Brokerage. We would have to pay for everything ourselves. Thom with his marketing and his ability to keep track of people the systems he has in place. We have several assistances here in the office that help filter though that and talk to people until they are really ready to have a listing appointment. and that is when we step in. All the extra assistance is really invaluable. I don't know how agents do it on their own anymore.

Dave: so it  truly is a team effort?

Shawna: A total team effort!

John: Defiantly!  The one thing I will say is I just love the backing. The years of experience that the other agents have here Thom included. Anytime you have a question, because you can come across agents well I know everything! Well I am telling you every day is a learning experience. So if` you have someone who is going to back you up that way and walk you through thing sometimes it really helps out.

Dave; I have often wondered that, because when it comes to Real Estate it may be land, condo, home. There are so many different kind of properties out there to pretend you know it all. i think it would be nice to have a team behind to help.

Shawna: Absolutely! It does get complex because of the different types of properties and if we are listing development land and we have somebody here in the office that has done a lot of that and go to them and clarify a few points and make sure we are not missing anything. Condominiums are a whole different ball game. So it is nice to have that backing and team element here.

Dave: Shawna and John are joining us as Thom is off on vacation this week. They are listing Agents. So if somebody has a home that they want to list now is a great time to sell. How do they get a hold of you?

Shawna: they can give us a call thought the company office number.

Dave: 933-7777

Shawna: and it will get transferred over and it will get to us and we will get back to you!

Dave: Also do it thought the website CoreGroupRealty.com . John and Shawna thank you so much for joining us! listing agents here with Core Group Realty.  By the way Thom Dallman who is the Co-owner and Broker of Core Group Really.  This is the Idaho Real Estate buzz here on 580KIDO



Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett. Thom Dallman is off this week and in studio with me Heather Echevarria. 

Heather: Echevarria! Yep.

Dave: One of us is pronouncing it right! I am going to say it you. Heather and her husband do remodels, new construction. And you do a lot here for Core Group Realty. 

Heather:  Correct!

Dave: Let’s talk about remodels a little bit. We have talked about the North end before. I want to get in to this there is almost this a magic about the North end, that just entices people.

Heather: There is! I really think is the community the age of the homes. There is just so much about the North end that is so desirable to people right now.

Dave: I will say this right up front, homes in the North end more expensive than they are in other areas. Even if you may not have a garage to park in you may be parking on the street. You may have a house it challenged in square footage! I know you recently did a total remake on a home in the North end. Is that still listed or did that sale.

Heather: The client ended up pulling it off the market they loved it too much that they decided that they wanted to live there!

Dave: They are just going to keep it! But that is something that you do specialize in and for the North end trying to keep it in that theme which you have to do, can be a challenge.

Heather: It can be especially what you are talking about with historical and making it a new house but look like it is an older house from the outside.

Dave: That can be a challenge. We came thought the Halloween season. I think most people realize what happens on Harrison Blvd on the North end. It is just madness and insanity. We are now coming in to the Christmas season and the things that happen there as well. Again, whether it is Warm Springs, Harrison Blvd, or any of that area it is just enchanting to see what people do.

Heather: It is a lot of fun down there. We are getting ready to start another project down in the North end, we just picked up. It’s an early 1900's home. Which is one of our favorites. They do pose some challenges, but they are just so much fun to do. It has a make shift upstairs at the moment. So we are going to be pulling off the hole roof any ways so we are going to add Bonus room style trusses and add a full second story on to this house.

Dave: You still have to keep in the historic faction.

Heather: Somewhat yes.  With regards to windows, siding you use. How the overall feel of it. 

Dave: What is the current square footage of it?

Heather: I want to say it is right around 1700 sf, and we are looking at adding about 800sf.

Dave: Oh, it is a really good size home.

Heather: It is and it is actually one of those that have a bigger lot. So it’s like .37, which is a fairly good size lot for the North end. Normally you are getting what I call a postage stamp lot. But this is a pretty good size lot.

Dave: Now for you and your husband as you go into these projects, do you consider yourself more the designer and you husband the demo - re builder or do you take equal stabs at it?

Heather: We kind of take equal stabs at it. So we will walk thought before we purchase the home and start thought out ideas, and we don't lock in what we are going to do until we get the home cleaned out. We open a few walls and take a look at some stuff and see what we really can do. I will sit down with a floor plan and the computer and start moving stuff around and see what we can do.

Dave: Where did you develop your love and your ability to do this?

Heather: I don't know. It started with when we were first married we were shopping for a house and we were limited on our budget. I had a Real Estate agent that said if you’re handy and you can do some of this thing on your own, you might want to look at one of these Hud repos. I am all about saving money and so is my husband. So we started looking at them and bought a house. It was a Hud repo. Painted it new carpet, finished the garage added a yard and made some good money on it when we sold it 2 years later. We thought if we could do this by accident what could we do if we do it on purpose. We really enjoy working together, and that is how the whole thing started.

Dave: That's a good thing.

Heather: IT is!

Dave: I just know remodeling a kitchen is a married couple’s nightmare.

Heather: It's not always all fun, but really, we do enjoy working together, and the creative ideas what if we do this or what if we do that. It’s really fun to knock down a wall and open something up.

Dave: But again, talking about the North end, there is a difference between going in a remodeling a home and catch the attitude of a home that was built in the 1900's. Where did that come from in you?

Heather: I think it was just opportunity. So, we look for houses all over the valley and we really have found a niche down in the North end with these houses. We can add a garage or we can do something to bring them more current. So, we have found that niche and we have tried to capitalize on it and have enjoyed doing that.

Dave: A lot of these homes you are going to go in and find clothe wiring, which they use to have. You are going to find electoral that doesn't even come close to meeting code, that comes down to outlets being 6 feet from the doorway. So then you are taking walls out that may be plaster and lath, and that doesn't even count products with asbestos.

Heather: Yeah, asbestos, lead. We are certified lead paint renovators. 

Dave: you would have to be! You are going to run in to that all the time.

Heather: You are! We run in to it any house pre-1978 you run into it. there has been a lot of regulations and all that stuff here recently with the EPA with regards to remodeling those older homes. So you have to be licensed in order to do that. you have to have the correct certification and all of that, and we go out and get those certifications me and my husband and our superintendent and anybody that works on those jobs.

Dave: Heather is with Core Group Realty. If you are interested, you have another project you are working on besides the one you are working on in the North end?

Heather: Yes. I have 2 new construction houses going right now. One out in Star and on that is also in the North end, but it is a new house so it is not the historical. It is on Good Street and 34th. 

Dave: And how far along in the process is it?

Heather: You know we should finish that one mid-January. It’s on the market now as a under construction. Then the one out in Star that is under construction now just finished the foundation and will start the framing.

Dave: So if someone goes to CoreGroupRealty.com they can look up the one on the North end, is that the one on Good street?

Heather: Yep!

Dave: So you can go take a look at that if you have always wanted to live in the North end, but perhaps want a new home. Perfect opportunity for that one.  Well Heather as we come into this holiday season, again I want to thank you for spending time with us here. If somebody want to get out and kick around the North end streets, you recommend people take a look at?

Heather: You know some of my favorite streets are down there around 15th and 17th. We have done a lot of projects form 8th street all the way to 36th street. So I think you just go and drive around in the North end and see what you are really drawn to. There is so much diversity in the North end is the best way to put it. The little houses no garages. The closer you get to 36th street you get bigger lots. Where you can add a garage and you can have those other things.

Dave: Is there an official ending point to the North end? I know it is kind of an awkward question to ask.

Heather: I know there is on the MLS, but I don't know. It seems to be moving more west is what it seems to be. Because everything the remodels are starting to move further west. So, I think that it used to stop around 36th, but its moved further.

Dave: If you are interested in looking at one of these homes or perhaps having Heather and her husband do some renovation for you they can contact you here at Core Group Realty. easy to do 933-7777 that is the number to call or go to CoreGroupRealty.com that is the website. Thank you so much Heather.

Heather: Thank you!

Dave: Be sure to check that out online and that house on the North end is on Good street. Looking forward to some good things coming up in the near future. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett here on 580KIDO.



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