Our beautiful and thriving state is not only rich in physical beauty and culture, but it also has a complex and vivid history. This history can be discovered through some of Idaho’s oldest towns.  If you have not yet had a chance to explore some of these quite haunts, you might want to make it out on a free weekend when it presents itself.

Idaho started out as a mining state, drawing individuals and families from near and far.  As they settled into these little corners of the world, they set the foundation for some of the greatest spots to visit.   Whether you find yourself in Idaho City or at the very edge of our borders farther north in Mullen, you will be blown away by the allure and charm of these small Idaho towns.

 The 10 Oldest Towns in Idaho

Picture by Jimmy Emerson via onlyinourstate.com

Picture by Jimmy Emerson via onlyinourstate.com

1.     Idaho City (1862)

2.     Mullan(1884)

3.     Pierce(1861)

4.     Council (1878)

5.     Boise (1836)

6.     Fairfield (1877)

7.     Firth (1885)

8.     Montpelier (1863)

9.     Weiser (1871)

10.  Franklin (1860)

To learn more about these unique areas, check out this great article at onlyinourstate.com

We would love to hear from you if you have lived or visited any of these unique Idaho towns and have some great stories to share. 

Blog by Hailey Miller


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