People come to Idaho for many reasons, and one of the many draws is the natural beauty the State is flooded with.  When you move here, if you weren't already in love with the great outdoors, you soon will be!

We here at CORE put our heads together about our favorite places to enjoy nature and go camping so just in case you find yourself with a free weekend and an itch to explore, you can pack up the camping chairs and marshmallows and find an adventure!

1) Bruneau Sand Dunes

An hour's drive South East of Boise will find you and your tent at a dessert oasis surrounded by mountains of ever-changing mountains of sand.  Away from all of the big city lights of Boise is also where you'll be able to enjoy the stars at the Observatory where every Friday you are invited to look into one of the many telescopes and experience the night sky like you never have before!

You can also rent a "sandboard" from the visitor's center, which is something you have to experience at least once!  Climb to the top of the 470 foot peak (if you dare!) and feel like a king or queen before coasting down on your board to have a picnic down below. 

miracle hot springs.jpg

2) Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs is the place to relax and recharge....and to see an alligator in Idaho!  Yes, there is an alligator on the premises but don't worry, he's happy in his own little pool and won't be joining your swim!  You can park your camper here, put up your tent, or stay in one of the "igloos" with a geothermally heated floor and fireplace for the chilly months.  There is yoga in the mornings and in addition to the two large pools, are plenty of private rooms where you can enjoy the hot springs all on your own or with a friend or two.  Miracle Hot Springs is located near Buhl ID which is about 1.5 hours South East of Boise.

3) Craters of the Moon

If you've ever wanted to go to the moon, here's your chance!  Craters of the Moon park, 2.5 hours East of Boise in Arco, ID is the martian landscape of our dreams and redefines what we call "beauty!"  You can climb up onto the remnants of an old volcano and through the lava tube caves that it once created.  Definitely a must-see lunar spot down here on Earth.

These are just a few we have ventured too.  There are other great spots like, Mosquito Flats, Cascade Lake, and more.  Where is your favorite spot to camp?  What spots are we missing on our list that you've discovered on visits to Idaho or exploring our amazing State?  We would love to here from you. 

By Naomi Ledo - Client Care Manager


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