In this episode we hear from great guests like our co-sponsor, Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage, Kristin Barton - Listing Specialist, and Naomi Ledo our Customer Care Manager.  Learn about Traditional Homes Inc. and their new construction homes as well as how Customer Care is here to help you when needing help on our website, CoreGroupRealty.com. There is even great information on Loan Programs available to buy Boise Idaho real estate. 


Segment #1

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman with Core Group Realty. The designated broker and co-owner. Of course Diversified Mortgage, Equal Housing lender, part of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz as well. Welcome back and it's a great weekend to buy a home!

Thom: Yeah, it is, there's a lot of activity out there. Obviously we've been talking about the lack of inventory, or the low inventory right now, so it is important to stay ahead of the market and make sure you're aware of the things that are going on out there. 

Dave: But we are hitting that crucial time of the year, school is ending, and a lot of people think, "now's the time to jump, now's the time to make our move and move to wherever." 

Thom: It's a great time to get your home listed and get it sold quickly for a good amount of money. 

Dave: Which we talked about last week with that shortage out there. Homes are not lasting long on the market place.

Thom: People are now at a position where they have equity in their homes and it's a great time to sell and upgrade or downsize or whatever your situation is to get that house listed. 

Dave: I would like to drive people to the website, CoreGroupRealty.com the website to go to because on that website you have the Coming Soon tab which you look at properties coming up and also existing homes there.

Thom: Exactly, yeah we have our Coming Soon tab, we have the existing homes, all the opportunity is there for you to start that search or start looking for that home that fits what you're looking for and making sure that you're getting in contact with someone to get you out there and look at those homes. I'd like to take a moment to talk about a couple of changes that we have coming up. The first and for most are that we have a couple of homes that have some price drops coming up. Our first one is 3703 Downs Avenue, a great two story house in Meridian that has three bedrooms, two and a half baths. They are dropping the price to $181,500, it's a two car garage on .16 of an acre, fully fenced with RV parking. As we talked about last week, RV parking is very popular right now, it seems like everything that we've talked about has RV parking.

Dave: If you have an RV you're going to pay anywhere from $60-$100 a month to park it off site. That's a lot of money.

Thom: Oh yeah, for sure. So 3703 E. Downs Avenue in Meridian is one of our newest price drops at $181,500.

Dave: And that's on the website, CoreGroupRealty.com?

Thom: Yep, you can find that on our website under our Featured Listings. And then also 13148 W. Scotfield Street, they've done a price drop down to $258,000. It's a great 2,184 square foot house, four bedroom, two and a half bath. It is in the Cameron Park Subdivision.

Dave: Where is that?

Thom: The Cameron Park Subdivision is in Boise, in West Boise. It's a great little house, like I said they just dropped it down to $258,000 and they're actually doing a open house today, if you happen to be out and about. They're doing it up until pm today, so that's 13148 W. Scotfield street in Boise, Idaho.

Dave: Let me ask you a question. I'm going to kind of divert things here just a little bit. When it comes to open houses, are there certain kinds of people that go to open houses? I'm just gonna speak for myself, I don't like going to them.

Thom: (Laughing)

Dave: They make me very uncomfortable, I would rather have a private showing and go with a real estate agent but yet there's other people that love open houses!

Thom: There's a lot of people that like to drive around look at open houses. A lot of those people do tend to be lookers that just want to kind of get a feel for what the market place has, so maybe they are new in town and they don't want to commit to a real estate agent just yet, so they're just kind of out just checking out areas. So for all the way up to that nosy neighbor that want's to just check out what the neighbors doing. (laughing)

Dave: But again with Core Group Realty, that is where it's nice with your agents, its not high pressure. If you go into the open house, nobody's gonna tie you up in the closet and make you sign something. It's very open and a good chance to ask questions. 

Thom: Yes, a very good chance to be able to ask the specific questions because usually the agent that is there has the specifics on that property and can usually answer any questions that you have. Even down to what kind of flooring does it have? (laughing)

Dave: I'll use this time to stall for anyone who wants to write that address down for the open house, so we give them a chance to get a pen or a pencil, where is that open house again?

Thom: It's at 13148 W. Scotfield Street in Boise.

Dave: Alright, put that into the GPS and it'll take you right to the house and go take a look at it until 6 o'clock tonight.

Thom: Exactly. So also on the website we talk about the Coming Soon's, we have actually in the office today, Kristin Barton, who is one of our listing agent specialists. And she has a Coming Soon property at 9724 Horseshoe Bend road that's coming on the market this week. 

Kristin: Yep, we are going to be doing aerial photos of it tomorrow and hopefully we will be on the market first of next week. 

Dave: Okay, this is on Horseshoe Bend road, so help me out here because we have old Horseshoe Bend road that goes off state street..

Kristin: It's right above the Optimist Youth's Sports complex where Horseshoe Bend and Hill Road meet. It's kind of a unique property, it sits up on that little peninsula. There's just four homes along that little ridge there. I know the lot next to it is for sale, I don't have the details on that but it's a pretty neat property.

Dave: And this is Coming Soon so go to the website CoreGroupRealty.com, click on that tab "Coming Soon" because it's not listed anywhere so you have the chance to get the jump on it. 

Kristin: Right.

Thom: Yeah, for sure and it's a 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath house, 2,000 square foot, it was built in 1965 if I remember correctly?

Kristin: Yeah, actually the square footage is a little bit more than that, it is more than 2,000, he has started some updates on it, so yeah it's just a lot of great potential there. There's plenty of room to build a great shop on the property. So come check it out when we get it on the market. 

Dave: And you said the property next to it you think is for sale as well?

Kristin: I know there's a lot next to it, yeah, that's for sale and I don't have the specifics on that but we will.

Dave: Okay, so somebody might want to take a look at both and kind of wrap it in and get a little extra land.

Thom: Exactly, and this one is on a pretty big lot as it is. 

Kristin: It's .77 acres.

Dave: And I happen to know because I live not far from there, I know the house you're talking about as a matter of fact. It's a great area to live in, you have quick access to highway 55, to go up to McCall, easy access into Eagle road down State street, so a great area to live in. And your kind of out of the way that way.

Thom: So let's talk a little bit about new construction, last week we talked a little bit about the builders that you're representing Kristin, the Traditional Homes Inc. They have a couple of properties in Nampa that are available right now. Do you want to talk a little bit about them?

Kristin: Yeah, I'm very excited to be involved with Traditional Homes Inc. John and Cindy have built custom homes here in the Treasure Valley since about 1999 and it's really been a pleasure getting to know them. John is a real hands on builder, he's got his own cabinet shop and does some really amazing custom cabinetry work and trim work. He's just one of those builders who really will be involved throughout the entire construction of your new home. So yeah, if you're thinking of building a new custom home, quality, integrity, communication, all those factors are very important to you? Give me a call at Core Group Realty, Kristin Barton and let's start your plans for your dream home with Traditional Home Inc. And I've actually got Cindy and John's personal residence listed, it's 14809 Beach Cherry Drive, that's in Nampa, West on 55 and then South on Midway. 4,300+ square feet, custom built home on 2.5 acres, endless possibilities there. There could be a horse property, you could put a small vineyard in there, just an amazing property. Huge pull through RV heated shop, so yeah, great great property.

Dave: Wow, everything somebody might want. I guess it would be a dream home for somebody to get into.

Kristin: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Dave: That is nice. And again, tell me about these builders, they've been around since 1999 so they're not new comers and obviously a full list of homes that they've built that people can take a look at to see the quality work they do!

Kristin: Yeah, yeah I mean he's built homes all over the Treasure Valley, so just a real you know, like I said hands on custom builder, he's great to work with. 

Thom: And they actually have a second home too, that they have on the market?

Kristin: Yeah, brand new construction, never been lived in, it 4708 Castleton in Nampa, south Nampa. Over 2,700 square feet, main level master suite that's beautiful, gorgeous. Great kitchen with all stainless steel Bosch appliances. Three bedrooms upstairs that surround a great bonus room, and also RV parking as well.

Dave: That RV parking, it's just...

Thom: It's prevalent right now. (Laughing)

Dave: I guess it's something I think about because I have an RV and I don't have RV parking, I just happen to have a good friend who's got like 3 acres, so that works out nicely, but it makes a big difference!

Thom: Just going through the parade of homes the last couple of weeks that that's been going on, a lot of those homes had RV parking in them too as well, so it's very popular for this area and so forth because we have such recreational type families that live here and love to go do recreation stuff.

Kristin: Bring your toys!

Thom: (Laughing) For sure!

Dave: Whether you have a boat or you have an RV or whatever you might have, parking in that is something to consider if you're building a home or buying a home because like I mentioned, $60-$100 to park it so you're looking at $1,000 a year. That could go to something else instead of rent. And my apologies to the rental place, I'm not talking bad about you, but that is a chunk of change. CoreGroupRealty.com that is the website for the "Coming Soon" tab or for the existing properties, and a place to find out more about the agents and about the company.

Thom: About us, yeah and all of our information is there, we're always expanding on it and adding new content and new things. We have a blog site on there, so you can find out all about community things that are going on, things that Core Group is doing and all kind of...these radio shows are actually posted on there as well, on the blog site under Idaho Real Estate Buzz.

Dave: Something I want to go back to, you mentioned the aerial photos getting ready to be taken tomorrow on this property, so somebody will put a drone up so you can see all around the area? 

Kristin: Yeah, we've got great photographers that we work with here at Core Group and that's one of the great things about our listing team is we take pride in our photos. We take professional photos, they are professionally edited, so they look really fantastic online. And certain properties we will do aerial shots, and send that drone up there and get some great shots of your property!

Dave: That's what I love about the website, I go there sometimes and just kind of poke around. There's some properties with 3D tours, virtual tours you can take through the home. That's a Sunday morning game I like to play. 

Thom: (Laughing) Exactly, a lot of people like to play that.

Dave: Snooping through people's homes, so appreciated. This is the Idaho Real Estate buzz, we do this every Saturday, we'll continue on the other side but I do want to remind you again the website is CoreGroupRealty.com. If you have information, 933-7777, or if you have questions I should say, they will get you information. In fact, we'll talk a little bit about customer care, about what Core Group does and what happens when you call 933-7777 as we continue on the other side. Here on 580 KIDO. 

Segment #2

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman with CORE Group Realty and Michelle Guth joins us with Diversified Mortgage today, equal housing lender.  We're going to be talking about loans and what kind of loans are out there

Thom: Yeah, definitely, we talked last week a little bit about kind of the myths and the misconceptions on you know, needing 20% down and so forth to get a loan so I thought maybe this week we could talk a little bit about what loans are available out there. There are some great loans available that don't need a down payment or you know, a very small down payment so we're going to talk a little bit about that today, right Michelle?

Michelle: Absolutely, good afternoon gentlemen.

Dave: She is the lady that has it all figured out as far as the financial end of it, and really, that's the engine that makes home sales go. I mean, it's nice to find a home, it’s nice to look at a home, but if you can't get the bank to loan you most of us don't have the cash to scratch a check for it so financing is so important when it comes to the home loan process and we've talked about before that really getting Michelle financing involved early on is very important.

Thom: Very early, should be one of your very first steps is to get with Michelle and the group and make sure that you get your finances in order, make sure you know what price range you want and what price range you're comfortable with, not just that you can afford but also that you can feel comfortable with on your payments and so forth.

Michelle: I agree, there is definitely an ideal order and you can attest to it Thom that when they submit an offer on a property they want to see that they're fully pre-qualified

Thom: Correct

Michelle: So we want to give them the tools to make sure they one are pre-qualified and know the parameters of their approval for purchase price, payment range and so forth, so. Definitely something we want to do first and foremost

Dave: Well to kind of re-cap we talked last week about that 20% down loan which is I guess it would be considered as kind of a traditional loan. I know growing up years ago that's how if you didn't have 20% down, forget about it, you weren't going to get a loan from anybody. What is out there now and today for people in this day and age as far as loans go?

Michelle: Oh there is a wide array of options for example like I talked on many occasions about our Idaho Housing and Finance bond program, which is our state non-profit agency that has incredible down payment assistance programs, so several programs out there do have down payment requirements however, we have these other programs they offer down payment assistants in the form of gifts or grants, or a second mortgage. So you can get 100% financing in many cases. A lot of people think Idaho Housing is a special program per say it's an agency it's not a program, and that agency offers all those fabulous benefits to add assistance for FHA for example which would normally require 3.5% down, and they offer a 3.5% second mortgage as an option, so that's where you're getting in with your 100% financing.

Dave: And again this week, I saw a TV ad for them, they are aggressively out looking for people who are trying to get a loan so they are aggressively seeking to give out loans.

Michelle: They are, their mission is to bring home ownership to Idahoans, so there are some caveats to qualify for that program with respect to maximum income limits, but it's pretty generous, most people fall within the income limits for the counties they reside so I would encourage them to call in and see if that's a program available to them. Outside of that, we have other options, even for our military, our veterans, we love to take care of our veterans. That is 100% down, or excuse me, 100% financing program with a zero down option so it undoubtedly is one of the best programs on the market, so if you're a veteran definitely research your financing options as a VA borrower.

Thom: Exactly.

Michelle: Um, one another program I'd love to talk about, rural development. So we have a lot of people because of the lack of inventory within the city limits they're looking at more the rural areas, Kuna, Star, Middleton, Emmett, Payette. They have a program under USDA called Rural Development and it is one loan to 100% financing and we touched previously about why it's such a great program. When you don't have that 20% down payment, you have to have that private mortgage insurance unless it's a VA program.  Rural development has one of the lowest mortgage insurance premium costs of any program out there so you tend to get more house for the money when doing an RD program in comparison to some of the other programs so if you're interested in moving to one of the more rural areas, fantastic program.

Dave: But that doesn't necessarily mean a farm, right?

Michelle: You bring up a good point!  Because a lot of people think, well I don't necessarily want to be way out in the country, it's like no, I mean in the city of Kuna for example is in the boundaries of the rural development.

Dave: Can you give me, I'll put you on the spot here, can you give me some examples of the kind of home you could possibly get into more or less and I realize I mean, it's kind of a rough estimate but what kind of a home price wise you can get into compared to a traditional loan in town?

Michelle: Well, as far as the there's limitations on purchase price limits but both FHA and rural development is in the high 200's to stay within the limitations for the loan limits for the program.

Dave: So if I found a house for $115,000 it would fall in the guidelines for that?

Michelle: It would, for both programs, yes. Great option.

Dave: So, once again, it doesn't have to be a farm, it doesn't have to be cows and chickens, it can be I guess the term "rural" sometimes gets people as far as being..

Thom: Gets people confused very easily.

Dave: How far out in the country am I anyway?? I guess its just not just in a Boise metro area or Meridian. What is the guideline then? Is it population or?

Michelle: There is a population base and was initially set up to bring home ownership out to more of the rural areas to encourage, you know, population growth. Um, pretty much everything outside of the Boise, you know, Boise/Nampa market, I mean even up into Wilderness Ranch, a lot of that area is in the rural development, and if they're not certain, there's a website they can go on right on the USDA site and put in an address and it will pop right up and say yes it's in an eligible boundary so it's very user-friendly to search those areas to see if in fact it is in an eligible area for them. For the place that you desire to purchase.

Dave: She is Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage, Michelle if somebody wants to get a hold of you, what is that phone number?

Michelle: Please give us a call at 853-7878 or you can even visit our website at DMGLoans.com!

Thom: Yeah and it is very important to make sure that you are reaching out to her first and foremost really to get yourself set up once again on knowing what you can qualify for, what loans programs there are available that way you can then come back to one of our agents and talk to them about saying Hey, I'm qualified for rural development, let's look at properties that qualify in that rural development area so that our agents can go and pin point those homes that are perfect for that opportunity.

Dave: And your agents are very clear as far as rural loans, you know, what homes can qualify and what would not as well.

Thom: Yes they are very fluent and very familiar with the website on how to check addresses and look into what areas they can get and look into to make sure that they can are finding the homes that qualify to get people set up with those.

Dave: I think one of the things for me doing this show and not being in the real estate business when I see is how it really is like a clock, and all the pieces that work together and go together and how it's not just a, you know, the person showing you property and let's figure it out, it should be, let's put it that way, should be a well-oiled machine so that Michelle you know what CORE Group's up to and the other people you work with and Title Companies involved and it should be a well-oiled machine

Thom: For sure, and just for an example on that, it is very important for an agent to once someone finds and identifies a house to make sure that they reach out to Michelle and the lender and say you know, here's the property we're looking at, here's the property taxes, here's the homeowner's association fees and stuff, just to make sure that we're staying within the buyer's guidelines of what they need to actually get their loan approved and stuff, because the county taxes and stuff that go along with those properties can affect how much they can afford and decrease the loan amount that they can afford if you know if the property taxes are real high on the property.

Michelle: That is a great point and that is one o the things we do during the pre-qualification process, when they walk out the door we give them the parameters of you may be approved up to a 170 purchase price, but your HOA dues and your property taxes on the specific property can't exceed X dollars. That way if they do find a home where's there's no homeowner's exemption in place, they know that that may not be a property they can even put an offer in on even if it's within their purchase price limit.

Dave: And those homeowner's association fees, they can be kind of steep in some neighborhoods

Michelle: Yes in some neighborhoods there's a big variance from one subdivision to the next, and with that homeowner's exemption, just to touch on that, we're lucky in Idaho if you are a primary residence owner then they give you a significant tax reduction of approximately $90,000 per year right off your accessed value up to a limit of 50%. So for example if you bought a house for $150,000 they're only going to tax you on $75,000 of that home's value.

Dave: And that's a big chunk of change

Michelle: And in that case it's double on your taxes so you can look at property where the taxes would normally be $1,000 with no exemption you're now paying $2,000 which is why it could throw them out of their ability to qualify for that property if we're tight on their debt to income ration so again, getting pre-qualified knowing your parameters up front before you go shopping is going to save a lot of heartache

Thom: And having that communication piece between, you know, between the lender and the agent as well is what we specialize in with our communication with Michelle and the team over at Diversified.

Dave: Well Michelle walk me through this. I walk in to your office, how do you begin the qualification as far as, I mean, obviously you say "are you a veteran?" to find out if you know you qualify for that, but how do you begin the process of finding out what would be a good loan fit for me?

Michelle: Well, we'll start with some general questions, we're going to, you know, first and foremost I'm going to say, you know, what is your budget? What are you paying for rent? What are you comfortable with for a total monthly budget? And we'll work the numbers backwards from there and we're going to follow up with questions such as whether or not they do have available down payment so we know do we need to look for one of these available financing programs or do they have the down payment available to them. So there is a whole slew of questions that we're going to have to ask to determine what makes the best sense for their financial picture to get them into the right program. The other thing we're going to do is go over their full financial picture with review of their tax returns, their assets, their credit, so it is a pretty in depth process up front to make sure we are doing all our due diligence so again when they go out shopping they have the peace of mind of knowing we've done all the up-front work so once they find that home we can hit the ground running and get them into that property!

Dave: And conversely, for your folks at CORE Group Realty, they then know that if you say, you know, I'm looking for something under $200,000 they know don't be bringing something for $250,000.

Thom: Exactly! We're not going to be looking at properties in that $250 range. We may extend a little bit to the $205-$210 and maybe offer less depending on if the property has been on the market for a while or not, but yeah we will keep everybody within their parameters and to make sure they're looking at homes they can afford and that fall within their means and so they're not getting frustrated and looking at things that they can't afford.

Dave: OK so Michelle, if somebody has a question for you, and even if they're just kinda kicking tires and looking seeing what's available out there, you have no problem sitting down and talking to folks?

Michelle: Oh, we'd love to, we want to be a resource for the Idaho future home owners, so please don't hesitate to give us a call and even if you have a scenario you want to run past us, we're more than happy to be a resource!

Dave: And re-financing?

Michelle: Oh absolutely! We do it all, so please give us a call to help with any of your financing needs!

Dave: And what's your phone number again?

Michelle: 853-7878

Dave: Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage, we will continue. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz here on 580 KIDO

Segment #3

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnet, along Thom Dallman with Core Group Realty and also like to mention the folks at Diversified Mortgage, that help make this program possible, which I like to state the fact this isn't about selling homes. 

Thom: Nope, it’s not. 

Dave: This is about giving you knowledge and power and information because with knowledge and power you're able to make those, those right decisions as far as when it’s time to sell, when it’s time to buy.  

Thom: For sure, yeah, it’s really important to be well educated, because it’s a huge investment. It’s a huge investment that people get in to and it’s important to have that knowledge and know where you’re going and what you can afford and what you want and the investment involved in it. And, have those trusted advisers with you. 

Dave: For the average person, this is big, I know for me, it’s the biggest investment i will ever make in my life. 

Thom: Oh yeah, for sure. 

Dave: I'm not going to buy a multi-million dollar company, it’s not gonna happen, you know. Donald Trump and I are not going to go into business together, so this is the biggest investment I will ever make in my life, so it’s important that its done properly. 

Thom: For the majority of American’s it is their number 1 investment.

Dave: You know, I noticed the local Home Depot, shameless plug there I guess, in Eagle when i was there the other day how busy people are in their buying plants and getting stuff done.

Thom: It's summer time! So it’s that time of the year to get your house all spruced up and ready for the season.

Dave: Yeah, and we've talked about what we call curb appeal. You know when that person first... i guess you have..;..how long do you have to make that first impression? It’s just seconds isn't it? 

Thom: Seconds, yeah I think someone quoted something like it takes 10 seconds to make their first impression on a ya know looking at house or looking .... even with a person, meeting someone for the first time, it takes about 10 seconds to make that first impression. 

Dave: So you pull up in front of the house, you got about 10  - 15 seconds for somebody to see it and go; I want to see more.

Thom: I want to see more of this. I've had people actually drive, we've driven up to houses and they said; yeah, let’s just go ahead and move on to the next one, I don't like the looks of this house from the outside. 

Dave: I've done that myself, in shopping for homes, we pulled up and went; ohh man! look how much work there is.

Thom: Exactly

Dave: No Thank you. But the truth is, it's not that much work if it’s done properly.

Thom: Correct, yeah. There's so many little things that you can do on just, even from, just doing a quick spray down with a hose on the outside of the house and on the windows and the screens, just to get some of that fall clutter off of it, some of the leaves and stuff that stick to the house through the winter time. Little things that can just spruce up the outside. You know, maybe if it's been a couple of years since you painted the house, maybe it's time to think about investing that little bit of money and you know doing a little paint job on the outside of the house just to spruce up the look of it and so forth. So, little things like that, little things like... now is the perfect time of the year to get your gutters cleaned out, get up there and make sure that there's no leaves hanging out your gutters, cuz that's part of you know, pulling up to the house you see the little leaves, you know the gutters are full of leave and twigs and things hanging out. And, that kinda discourages people, it feels like the house is unkempt.

Dave: Well, yeah, well it screams disrepair, that it has not been cared for. Let me ask you this; how important, i mean, right now I guess too, you know, that weed and feed down the lawn, get rid of those dandelions and clovers.

Thom: Oh yeah, very important, this is the time of year that you want to get that weed and feed done, you want to get your sprinklers obviously turned on, get your grass looking green, you know get your flower... miracle grow into the flower beds and start getting your annual flowers planted and hopefully your perennials are gonna start blooming here pretty soon and so forth. Yeah, getting that weed and feed and getting that miracle grow on your flower beds and stuff will help get that curb appeal up quicker, the sooner that you can get that going. 

Dave: And of course bark mulch is not real expensive to get some bark mulch and put that down and freshen up those flower beds. 

Thom: Yeah, back in the day when I was flipping properties that was always the best way to spruce up the outside of a house. Just lay some new bark down

Dave: it covers a multitude of sins.

Thom: (Laughs) It just makes it look, make it have that curb appeal look just that much better from the street and makes that much more inviting for people to come in and look at it.

Dave: Do you sometimes recommend to people when they come and they want to sell a home, maybe if somebody recommended it, you know, why don't you hire brand "X" company to come in here and give a quick go over it. 

Thom: Oh yeah, we have a list of vendors ourselves that we've worked with over past few years, since we've been doing this for a while. We have a whole list of people that we recommend as well as, you know, can you point you in the right directions if we don't have someone on our list, because at some point or another one of our agents has worked with these people to try to get homes fixed up, windows cleaned, get the roof done if you will, have shingles replaced and so forth. So we always have that connection and it’s important to have that connection too.

Dave: I hadn't even thought of that window cleaning portion of the house but that really is important that you don't have water stains and build up that comes with living in a house.

Thom: Oh yeah, for sure. Just the other day I was sitting on my living room couch and I happened to look over and just that perfect point in the night where the sun was kinda coming through my windows and I could just see all of the winter dirt from all the storms we've had and stuff like that.... yeah, it’s time to clean windows. 

Dave: You know what, maybe I'm doing something wrong too, are we supposed to take our screens off in the winter time and put them back up in the spring? I leave mine on year-round.

Thom: I leave mine up year-round too, I know that there are people who do take them down just to protect them. I think it does help them to last a little bit longer so you don't have to replace them.

Dave: I remember my dad, it was something they did every year, in the spring the screens went back on and in the fall they came down.

Thom: They came down yeah. It just protects them from the damage that can be done from the high winds and the few little bits of snow falls that we get and so forth and that fluctuations of the colds and freezes and stuff like that. It just protects them and makes them last a little bit longer. Now a days they are made with such durable materials that it's not as important to do it, they used to be made of metals and stuff like that, that would easily warp and stuff like that, but now with the new materials that they have in construction they last a little bit longer. 

Dave: I guess another thing and maybe somebody might not think about this but an important thing to do this time of year and they seem to be really bad this year, and that is getting rid of those wasp's nests, up in the eves and under railings.

Thom: Yes, it feels like recently, in the last couple of years they have just gotten worse and worse. The other day.... I shouldn't say the other day, last spring I was walking through our yard checking out the fence, because that's one of things you should do, you walk along your fence because the posts and stuff like that get loose through some of the winter melting and stuff like that and thaws and so, all through all of the posts through my wrought iron fence, bees or wasps nest in every single one of the posts. So, yeah, I had to get the ... shameless plug... Gem Tech out to come and spray down each one of our little posts to get those wasps nests out, or wasps out from there. 

Dave: Well, you know, and honestly if you have someone looking at property and they are walking by the side of the house you really haven't paid attention to and out from behind the air conditioning unit comes an angry wasp that doesn't leave them in a real good buying mood. 

Thom: No, no. I've been out showing property and been stung, it is not fun. 

Dave: Yeah! it's like; no, really it’s a good house! I don't care if you are in pain, it's still a good home. 

Thom: Yeah, don't mind this welt on my hand. 

Dave: So, curb appeal, very important to people. When it comes to painting, do you recommend that people paint their own home? Or, i guess it would depend on their experience. 

Thom: Just their experience and skill. You know it really depends on how they feel. Make sure that you, if you do paint your own home, that you really talk to, if you go to Home Depot or you know Sherwin Williams, where every you go, make sure that you are finding the paints that are durable and long lasting and so forth. I tried to paint my own deck a couple of years ago and it's all faded. I picked the wrong material, obviously I wasn't, i didn't do my research like I was supposed to, so yeah, it’s really important to make sure that you're getting the right materials if you are going to do it yourself and to have eye for detail. 

Dave: We are that time of year where people are painting their homes right now. Are you finding a trend in colors that people are going to? I know for a while back there, kinda that sea foam green and grays were very popular. Do you see change in trends of colors for homes?

Thom: I, you know what, I haven't really noticed for exterior, as much as interiors, the grays and taupe are really popular for interiors. I think that trickles down a little bit to outsides of homes. Really the outside of the home, as long as you are staying away from the bright, bright colors people can... it says a lot about on the house and staying away from the bright colors is just really good for re-sale. If you’re doing re-sale.

Dave: Purple does not sell well. 

Thom: No, purple does not sell well, no. 

Dave: Well, I guess the other thing to mention, is something that just gets to me, but they exist. Homeowners associations sometimes have strict guidelines on the colors you can paint. 

Thom: Oh yes, make sure you are checking, yeah. Make sure you are checking your home owners’ associations and your CC&Rs, covenants and restrictions to make sure that you're staying with in their guidelines. Especially if it's a new subdivision with newer homes, they are pretty strict about that, colors and so forth to make sure that people are you know, that you don't have a neighbor with a Pepto Bismal pink house.

Dave: Yeah, that's not good. Alright, so a quick checklist of that curb appeal. One making sure the lawn is mowed and taken care of, fertilized, the weed and feed. Bark mulch to go down. 

Thom: Yup, flower beds are spruced up.

Dave: Yup, so put some plants in there, less is more, really when it comes to plants. 

Thom: Yeah, you don't want to make it too overwhelming.

Dave: Check those gutters, make sure that they are cleaned out and ready to go and cleaned off. And just a good spray down of the house if it doesn't need paint. 

Thom: Windows and screens. Make sure that all of that is cleaned off and that there is no residual left overs from our storms and stuff through the winter and spring. 

Dave: Clean out those flower beds and put down new bark mulch and you are good to go. 

Thom: Exactly, exactly.

Dave: Whether you are selling or not, your house is good to go. And I guess if you are keeping up on that, on a regular basis, the day that you do decide to sell your home, you got half the battle one there. 

Thom: Exactly, you are ready to go. Ohh go ahead. 

Dave: I was just going to say, if you want to call Core Group Realty to come out and take a look at your home, or give you ideas or talk about selling 933-7777 that is the phone number to call. 

Thom: Yeah, yeah we're available anytime to just come out and do a consultation if you want. If you’re looking for just some advice on your home and what to do, a lot of times we'll get phone calls from people who are just like; hey, I'm thinking about doing some remodeling, what would you suggest for re-sale purposes and for value and stuff like that. So, we are always available to help with that. 

Dave: Core Group Realty dot com is the website to go to for more information about the company. Core Group Realty and of course we always like to thank the folks at Diversified Mortgage, Michelle Guth for coming by and sharing about finances as well as we continue. So 933-7777, give them a call 24/7 and as you heard earlier in the show at the customer care program they are there to help take care you, to answer your questions that you may have about selling or buying. It’s a great time to sell right now with that shortage out there and they would love your business so come interview the folks, Thom an folks here at Core Group Realty. I'm Dave Burnett, this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz on 580 KIDO. 

Segment #4

Dave: This is the Real Estate Buz. I am Dave Benet along with Thom Dallman Of Core Group Realty. Coregrouperealty.com is the website to go to. 933-7777 is the phone number to call. Thom when they call that number they are going to be put in touch with somebody who is there to take care of their needs when it comes to Real Estate.

Thom: Exactly! Your not necessarily getting a hold of an agent, but you are getting a hold of our Customer Care department! to which we actually have Naomi Ledo here to talk about that. She is our Customer Care buyer’s manager so she takes care of all our buyers that come to our site. She talks to them a little bit about what their need are and what they are looking for. Answer a lot of their questions about the areas and about the website. Guiding them through the website.

Dave: Well Naomi welcome to the program!

Naomi: thank you!

Dave: So you are the voice that people hear when they call on the phone?

Naomi: Yes I am! I am usually the first one that they hear. whenever they are calling in just wanting more information about Core Group or wanting to know directions to the office. I'm there to help no matter what.

Dave: Now I was talking to Thom during the break, and he mentioned the fact when it comes to the Customer Care department you are not a licensed Real Estate Agent. So there are some things you won’t go into, but in some ways that is an advantage. I will tell you why! As a consumer it seems like a big commitment to go sign on that dotted line with that Real Estate agent, but you can call 933-7777 if there are questions on the website or about the company you can answer those and lead then in the right direction.

Naomi: Yes! I think that it is really helpful because I can take a softer approach to things. you can chat with me and you don't have to sign a contract. and i can pretty much help you with anything. And direct you in the right direction also if you are needing to chat with an agent.

Dave: So what kind of questions do you get from people that just call?

Naomi: Oh Gosh I get everything!  We have a lot of people from different states and they want to know how the weather is, what the different activities there are to do here? I let them know that we have everything like beaches, and 30 min away we have snow. We have all kind of activates down town. A big question that I sometimes get is if we are in Wisconsin because there is a Middleton WI.

Dave: I see Middleton so they think Wisconsin. How is the Cheese in Middleton!! It is something Thom that Core Group is dedicated to is serving the whole customer not just you are out there on you own.

Thom: We feel like the client needs are super important to us with Core it stands for Client Oriented Real Estate. So the client, no matter what need they have, even if there is something so easy as.. Hey I am thinking of moving to the area what is the weather like, what is the population like there? We want to be able to provide that information and provide it in a way they don't feel threatened that they have to sign a contract with an agent. So that is why it is really important for our customer care department to be available and to answer questions and to not be threatening with “oh here let’s get you out and look at some properties while you are here in town.” All that information is available and should be available for anybody who wants to know it.

Dave: Naomi the website Coregrouprealty.com obviously you have to be very familiar with the website.

Naomi: Oh yes! I am familiar with both the front end that everyone see and back end that all of our agents see.

Dave: Oh ,Ok!  So there is a secret side of the website. What are the very popular areas on the website that people go to that you know of?

Naomi: They love looking at homes so they will look in different cities. they will put in their price point. People also like to submit inquires on things, it means it goes straight to me. I get to see what property they have requested more information on. They are basically requesting the showing or have some questions they want answered. And its stuff like that, or when people add homes to their favorites. That's a popular feature.

Thom: Because you can save favorites on the website, and be able to go back and look at them. It is really hard when you are going though those properties to remember like there was that one I really liked. So that is the best feature to be able to save you favorites and she can help you.

Dave: would it be fair to say if a real estate company goes not have a really great website you may not want to be going there. 

Thom: Yah, it is very important to find a person that has a website that is user friendly. Like I just mentioned you can save favorites, while we do have a low innovatory there are time you may encounter 6 to 12 homes you like and rather try to remember those and wright them down is not always convenience. If you are checking it out at work or what not.

Dave: Not that you would be checking for homes at work!

Thom: NAH!! Not that we encourage that at all.

Dave : I guess the reason I make that statement that if they don't have a good website you may not want to go there. I would guess this day in age that the average person goes to the web long before they come to the company?

Thom: OH YA!  It's statistically shown that the first thing that people do when they even think about Real Estate is to the world wide web, and start looking at homes online. And they will explore anywhere from 5 to 10 websites. To see who has the best website and which one fits their needs and easy to use for them.

Dave: You know I just think about it looking at Naomi. You are fairly young. You have a lot more future than you do past. As for me I have more past that future. But there use to be a time where the web `didn't exist and looking at homes was a very different proposition

Naomi: So I have heard.

Dave: She made me feel old! but you understand the importance of it then for people to get that first look at Core Group Realty.

Naomi: Yes. I think that it's really important for anything really to be able to have a really good way to contact somebody that is behind the site that can help you with things. To have a really beautiful site. Which, I may be biased, but I think it’s really pretty! And it is really moderns as well. You can definitely have a website that looks like it is stuck in the 90's.  But I believe that a really modern website with lot of organization is nice and it helps. When you are looking for something as important as a home.

Dave: Naomi who is one of the customer care rep here at Core Group Realty. How many people do you have on staff?

Thom: We have 6 staff members here with the company and we just got 3 new Buyers agent. so we are at 19 agents with the company. 2 in our Customer Care, 2 Transaction Coordinators that help the agents that their paper work is going the right way.

Dave: Which is good for the agents in that paper work can bog you down from doing what you love to do.

Thom: And just talking a little more about Naomi. I wanted to point out she is not only an employee but a Client she just last year bought..

Naomi: Yah, it was last August I bought my very first home. Which happened to be a duplex. I was trying to take after my dad who has a lot of investment properties.

Dave; so has that worked out for you?

Naomi: Oh Yes! I have had no complaints at all. I was really lucky to find this home with Core Group because my agent was looking all over this one had barely come back on the market it wasn't even registered at all, and I was able to take a look and put in an offer.

Dave: We might need to have you back sometime Naomi. Because sometimes people think when it comes to buying Real Estate you need to be older. You need to be 30 because it is an investment. its forever. But you as a young woman have made the decision to invest in property which is the best investment you could possibly make in your life. Might be an interesting topic to explore with you what made you make that discussion and what has happened.

Thom: we have talked about it before about that concept younger people are realizing the need to invest in their future rather than later.

Dave: And go in to an investment property like a duplex I find that fascinating.

Naomi: I definitely wanted to pay myself.

Dave: Well nice! We will have Naomi back to talk specifically about that, a decision of getting in to a rental property.

Thom; For sure! 

Dave:  So if you want to talk to any one of the staff here at Core Group Realty call 933-7777 and if you have questions about the web or about an open house coming up. Questions about the coming soon tab whatever it might be they can lead you in the right direction and if you want to make that investment and come to meet with an agent. I assume at that point Naomi you get some qualifying questions.  What are you looking for? that kind of thing.

Naomi: What they are looking for? What area? .. that kind of thing.

Thom: And if they are pre-qualified! If they have talked to a lender.

Naomi: Yes

Dave: Well that of course where Michelle Guth Comes in with Diversified Mortgage. Naomi, Thank you for joining us today one of the Customer Care to chat with you or you can stop by. What is the address?

Thom: 8665 W Emerald St. Ste. 140. Down the street from the mall. 

Dave: I will advise you if you are travailing west bound don't go past the drive way there are a lot of beautiful trees that hide the building I have driven past a couple of times, and I have to go back around. swing on buy and you are always welcome to come in. I guess one things we have talked about in the past but I do want to point out that I think it is important for someone to come in and interview you!

Thom: Oh yes it is very important.

Dave: To know you are the right fit for them. Want to make sure you are right for them and they are right for you!

Thom: Making sure there is that communication price, and set the expectation with your agent and they can in turn set their expectations. when you are available to look at house. All way up to are you pre-qualified what kind of house are we going to look at setting that expectation of not if we pull up to a house and you don't like the curb appeal DRIVE ON! 

Dave: This is Core Group Realty and this is the Idaho Real Estate buzZ. We'll continue on the other side on 580KIDL


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