Here we are again with the latest Real Estate Buzz for all kinds of Idaho news on the real estate market.   With great guests such as Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage Group, Shawna Schnabel our listing specialist, and Naomi Ledo the Customer Care Buyers Manager.   Listen to advice on credit repair, getting your home ready to list, and investing in yourself with a property that may be a rental.   

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Dave: This is the Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is of course the co-owner and designated Broker of Core Group Realty. Where we gather at this time each and every weekend. To share with you about real estate and Thom as I have stated before that it is not about selling and buying a home.  You can do that, but it is about gaining knowledge about the industry.

Thom: Exactly. you have to go in to any kind of transaction, but mainly with Real Estate you want to be well versed and educated in what is happening out there in the market place. In order to position yourself the best.

Dave: for an average person like me this is, I will so this four, five, six times in your life. Most people are not well versed in what is happening now. This is t the reason for this program is so that when you are ready to sell when you are ready to buy you will have the knowledge you need to go forward and do it. And speaking of that we have talked about this before to but I think it is getting worst and that is the listings, there are just not a lot of houses for sale out there.

Thom: There is not!! actually I pulled some stats before I got here this morning we are about 2,000 listing currently active in Ada county with 766 in Canyon county, which is all time low. Boise Regional Realtor's just reported we are at 2.1% of inventory right now.  so that if nothing else comes on the market we have 2.1 months left of inventory till we are out of homes to buy

Dave: Ok so what would average market place be?

Thom: An average market place is really an average between 5 & 6 they say 6 is a really good level spot to be at.

Dave: so it is like a 3rd of what it should be. If homes available is at a 3rd what does that mean in the real estate market. 

Thom: that means that prices are going up there are multiple offers. We just had one of our success stories this last week. 4600 W Clark street in Boise nice little bench house. We ended up listing this house on Friday at 5 pm by 8:30 they received their first offer they had 27 total showing s over 3 days and had 7 offer, 6 of them were over asking price. They excepted an offer $18,000.00 over asking price.

Dave: So if anyone is thinking of selling their house start now.

Thom: Now is the time! There are so many I hate to say it desperate buyers. There are buyer out there are getting frustrated because they keep putting in offers and getting out bid.  It is a great time to get the price from your home you need is to be. `

Dave: well let’s say this if somebody has a home they have thought about selling or maybe just toying with the idea, how do they get a hold of you to find out more about what’s going on right now in the real estate market.

Thom: go check out at CoreGroupRealty.com. We have several buttons on there that you can check. You can do the home search. So you can find out what is currently active and what is available out there. we have a coming soon section it is really important because that gets you firsthand knowledge of thing before it evens come on the MLS and give you an advance notice on the house that are available.

Dave: I guess for me as a common man what would be scary for me to sell is what am I going to move into? That is where your team here at core will help you get settled where you need to be.

Thom: we are really good at the multi-transaction. Because we do that often with people who are down grading or up sizing their house. So there has to be a really good communication between both the agents on both sides. Making sure that they are getting in to successful transaction with the buying side before they get their house sold and move forward with that.

Dave: Let me ask you this question. The website Coregrouprealty.com what do you have on it the is for sale if someone is looking to buy right now.

Thom: I have a couple of coming soon that are really important that I wanted to share. You can see that on the coming soon tab. The first one is 3497 E Immigrant pass Dr. nice little house in southeast Boise over by Columbia Village. 3 bed 2 baths, 1627sf, 2 car garage. Built in 1882, on .226 of an acre. The really nice thing about this house is in the subdivision no HOAs fees. 

Dave: I know mime went up again.

Thom: Yes, they can be quite costly! 3497 E Immigrant Pass Drive $200.000.  

Dave: There was a time where Immigrant pass was out there! But that is not the case anymore.

Thom: A lot of people like that southeast Boise area because it is easy to jump on the freeway and get you were ever you need to. Pretty convenient to downtown. nice

Dave: So that is one of the listings.

Thom: We have a house coming on in Emmett. Really beautiful community out there for those who don't know Emmett is just right over the foot hills, and come down in to this beautiful green valley. We have a house listed on`3620 Bishop Rd, 2790 sq., 4 bed 2 bath signal level home. oversized 2 car garage, on 3.81-acre irrigation, built in 1993 garden space land can be used for farm/ranch you have 3 acres to do that, a shop with electoral RV parking. Really nice home 3620 Bishop Rd in Emmett for $275,000.00. 

Dave: I know there are people who will work in west Boise or meridian and live in Emmett just to get away from the busyness of the city. So they drive in to work and they go home and enjoy the country life.

Thom: I have some in-laws that do that. They raised their family out there and work in town and just love it. It is only about a 25 min commute to downtown, from Emmett. So people just really like the tranquil of the area. 

Dave: So just up hyw16 if you have thought about moving to Emmett this would be a great one to look at on the Coming Soon Tab at Core Group Realty.com

Thom: One final one out in south Boise 12090 W Kings canyon street 2808sqf, .167acre, built in 2005, 3 car garage,5bed 2.5 bath coming on at $255,000.00. That is the Amity, Cloverdale area. Really nice big house for the money perfect for a large family. Great house!

Dave: Again all of those are on the coming soon tab. So go to Coregrouprealty.com and as we mentioned it has not been released to the general public so you have a head start.

Thom: And it is really important is you are thinking of listing your home going with a company that does do Coming soon, because that is what helped out property on Clark street sell so quickly. There were people who saw it on the coming soon that were already in line to go and look at it.

Dave: Open Houses what do you have this weekend?

Thom: We have 2 open houses. Today one on Beach Cherry we have talked about it before. It is a new construction house 14809 Beach Cherry Dr in Nampa. they will be doing an open house till 4:00pm today. If you are in the area come, check it out. Great 4bed 4.5 bath 4342sqf Listed at $587,900.  We have a second one that is on Sunday cute little townhouse not little 2196sfq, 4 bed 3.5 bath Town house. at 11732 W Annalee that will be Sunday form 12-2. listed at $229,000.00 built in 2006 in the Pepperwood Estate

Dave: Give me the addresses again.

Thom: 14809 Beach Cherry Dr. in Nampa and the one that is happening Sunday form 12-2 11732 W Annalee

Dave: If you have missed those just call 933-7777 customer care is there to take care of you. Core Group Realty.com a website you may want to become filmier with if you are looking to sell or buy a home just because questions are answered there and if you want to come in and talk to Thom or any one on his staff you can call that number 933-7777 and make an appointment to get together and just talk what is there to buy out there. I know that would be a huge question for me if i was selling right now. 

Thom: There is stuff out there to buy like I said there are 2000 listings in Ada county. You got to know where they are at and have a great Real Estate agent that can help you negotiate and to get that offer just right so you are beating out other offers.

Dave: So you need an expert right now! And we have talked about this before using a trained Real Estate agent someone who is good somebody who has a good website, they have the good social media whether it is Core Group or not. Get somebody who is a professional to do it. If you are looking check out Core Group and see what they can do for you and you are a good fit for them. Coregrouprealty.com that is the website to go to going to be talking to Michelle Guth. Coming up of course Diversified mortgage one of sponsor making this possible and Michelle will be in and we `will be talking about financing and what is happening in her world. As we know that is the engine that makes the whole thing go. We will continue on the other side this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz I am Dave Burnett he is Thom Dallman with Core Group Realty here on 580KIDO

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Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz! I am Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman the co-owner and designated Broker of Core Group Realty. We always get a chance to talk to Michelle Guth, who is with Diversified Mortgage one of the co-sponsors of this program Equal Housing opportunity lender. Did I say that right?

Michelle: You got it right on the nail!

Dave: In other words, they are going to make sure you get a fair shake. Michelle one of the things we talk about and have talked about in the past, but it is so important and that is Credit. Financing is what makes the world go round when it comes to buying a home, but credit is what makes that financing go round.

Michelle: You got that right! Credit is probably the key with respect to getting a mortgage. We talked about in previous weeks about the importance of credit. We had the big mortgage debacle, and a lot of that was because of the lack of credit guidelines. So as a result we do have specific credit stander we need to meet for all programs, and I thought today we could touch on some key areas with in your credit report that we all could do a better job on to get the maximum impact to our credit score.

Dave: Do you have it happen for time to time Thom somebody their credit falls through so the deal falls through?

Thom: Oh yeah! One of the most common "mistakes" I guess you could say is people buy big purchase right before closing. They don 't realize the lender is going to pull credit right before closing, and see where they are at. We have had the happen before where people they fall thorough because their credit, all the sudden the score is way off and the income to debit ratio is way off. then they don't get the loan at the end of the day. That happens unfortunately frequently.

Dave: That is very disappointing. So let’s give the ABC's of credit Michelle. When it comes down to credit and where you sit from your side of the desk, what is important? 

Michelle: If you are considering purchasing a home we usually say to keep your credit stagnant as much as possible for the proceeding 90 days that you plan on having your Credit report pulled. Don't go out shopping for a car. We know a lot of times with car inquires they are going to do multiple inquiries with different financial instantiations. So avoid that! Don't open new credit accounts, Don't increase your limits that could cause an inquire. So keeping as Stagnate as possible is best. The other key thing and I am surprised how few people are aware of the importance of your usage on your credit card. So what that means for example.  If you had a credit card with a $300.00 limit. a lot of people say my credit card shows it is at its limit but that is ok because I pay it off every month. Well unfortunately there is a lag period with credit. So as a result they are not ever seeing the benefit on their credit score even though they are paying as agreed. It shows that they are heavily leveraged against that card. So using a small percentage of the available limit has a significant impact on your credit score.

Dave: Where should my credit card percentage be?

Michelle: We want to see it under 30% of the limit. That is KEY!  10% is always better. If you have a card that you know you don't have a lot of activity on. We do what to see activity even if you have green credit not a lot of history. We say have some activity every single month but keep it under that revolving usage. So that we don't lose the credit score and it is not impacting the credit score due to a high limit.

Dave: I don't think the average person thinks about that, I don’t. 

Thom: I was infamous for doing that. Oh just put it on the credit card and pay it off the card at the end. Thinking that it was working. Like Michelle said you don't want to do that you want to keep something on there.

Dave: So that is what we call revolving credit!

Michelle: Yes! That makes up about 30 % of your credit score. So a lot of times it is credit mix. So we want to see that you not only have loans but lines which is a credit card so that has a big impact on your credit.

Dave: let me ask you this question. This is partly personal for me, there are a number of credit cards that me and my wife it a big push to pay off some credit cards these are ones that had annual fees and we closed them. Is that bad?

Michelle: it can be. Yes, and No! it is good in the fact that you are not incurring that expense, but again it depends on the overall credit picture. How many other trade lines do you have? If you have a card that you have not your credit for say 10 years and you close that account. You just lost 10 years of rated credit history on your history report! So once it goes into a closed status you no longer have that rating. So it also impacts your length of history as part of your credit score.

Dave: So it wipes out the good portion, does it also if I have been delinquent wipe out the bad or does that stay?

Michelle: It somewhat stays, but the further you get away from that delinquent credit history. It is like a wound the further you get away from it that wound tends to heal where you don't feel it anymore. But it is going to stay on them for a period of years.

Thom: And this may be a good point to interject, people should on a regular basis review their credit reports. People tend not to look at their credit until it becomes necessary.  and then find out that those credit card you paid off may not have reported that your payoff to the credit reporting unions, and they could still be showing up there. So it is really important to check you report every so often.

Dave: And Fraud! I will share this personal story. We went to buy a car and they said why did you go upside down on your AT&T account? It was like What?? Well it shows here that you wrote off $200.00 to AT&T. We have never had AT&T!!! It turned out that the same name as my wife in California had written it off and they had stuck it to us! It took a while to get that resolved, and off our credit took it 6 months to get it done! Important to keep track of that!

Michelle: I suggest to my own clients that you should look at your credit report every 6 months. There are some websites out one is put out by the Government where you can access your report at no cost per year. When it is an inquire by you as a consumer thought a consumer site it does not count as an inquire. A lot of people say they don't want to pull their credit because it is going to show as an inquiry. It is if the creditor pulls your credit is counts as an inquiry.  So Check it out every so often. Just to insure everything is correct!

Dave: Let me ask you this question. We did go through a time when people went upside down. They lost their homes or they lost their jobs and there was some real damage out there! Is that still on peoples reports?

Michelle: It is and it is going to remain on the report, but again it is going to depend on the time line form when the event occurred to when they are going to be eligible again. In my opinion it is pretty reasonable with what the programs require for time laps. For example, for a FHA Mortgage if you had a short sale or foreclosure you are eligible in 3 years after the transfer of that deed. It is not an extensive time frame hope is after that hiccup in time they have gotten through the credit challenges they incurred and over that 3-year period reestablished the credit, and in most cases they are eligible for financing again. so it is not a long possess to be able to buy a home again.

Dave: That is not bad 3 years! A number of people that did go thought that and Lost homes with the short sales. How about bankruptcy?

Michelle: Again it is going to follow the line of the short sale and foreclosure. We are going to want to see the at credit has been reestablished ideally there has not been any future bad credit toward that bankruptcy. But under the FHA program it is only 2 years after the discharge date not a long period of time!

Dave: I figured as a bankruptcy you were out of luck for a long time.

Michelle: Yeah! 2 years.

Thom: I think a lot of people have this perception of 5 to 7 years on a lot of these things but it is just not the case anymore.

Michelle: Well for those individuals who are thinking of buying a home who have recently gone through a bankruptcy, if your goal is home ownership. Talk to a mortgage lender talk to a credit repair company's. There are a lot of things you can do to get that credit reestablished and get on the right track so you are eligible in that short window of time.

Dave: A question we have talked about in the past Credit & finances for the older generations. it was not talked about you didn't talk about it. It was Taboo subject. But now it is something that is. With Identity fraud and thief, it is something that is. Do you find with a lot of older folks they just don't want to talk about it?

Michelle: Very much so, and I can appreciate their perspective on it. there is such a different approach to mortgages than it was years ago. When it was based on a hand shake. they knew you were going to talk care of that bill based on your relationship with your banker. That is not the case any longer. What we do find so many people tend to pay cash for so many things and unfortunately they are penalized for doing that with respect to credit, because we don't have a credit history to obtain that credit history so if they have no debt I applaud them it is fantasist, but when it comes to your credit report you are not getting the impact on your credit score. So it is imperative that even if you are not incurring debit you need to have some credit rating. So use that credit card once every 90 days and put a tank of gas and pay it off. At least you have that hitting your credit report.

Dave: You would think I have no bills I have nothing. It would put you in a great position.

Michelle: And it does in respect to your debt to income. But not with your credit and everything is so heavily credit scored driven with some loan programs they need to have that history, because that is the only way the credit report can rank it is on the history. If there is no history there is nothing to report against.

Dave: Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. Now Michelle we have a couple min left in this segment. if somebody wants to come talk to you about their credit, what is the process and what happens?

Michelle: Just give us a call. We have a few different options. If it isn't convenient to come in you can go to our website which is DMGloans.com or give us a call, we are happy to visit with you over the phone or set an appointment. There is not cost or obligation to sit down with us and go over your Financial situation. We can take evening appointments as well. We will work around their schedule as best we can. 

Dave: If somebody wants to come in and want to buy a home you do the credit interview with them and check there credit you can help them if they have bad credit to get into that position over time?

Michelle: We can give them suggestions. We are not a credit reporting agency. But based on our experience we can point out something that are causing an issue with their scores. So we will give the as much guidance as we can within our scope. But we have some great` partners as well if they have some sever challenges that maybe we need to have that additional help thought a credit repair agency we have some great company's we can refer them to as well.  

Dave: I guess things we have learned today # 1 is that 30% is where you want to keep your credit cards at. # 2 Check your credit score once a year just to make sure there are not odd ball things on there. #3 Get pre-approved that loan if you are looking to buy a home.

Michelle: Correct! And don't take on a ton of debt, don't close any accounts, talk to your mortgage provider first if you are thinking of buy a house in the next 90 days. With respect to your debt if you are closing opening let them give you advice what you are to do and not to do if you are within that 90 day!

Dave: Michelle is with Diversified Mortgage. If someone wants to get a hold of you how do they do that?

Michelle: Just give us a call at 208-853-7878

Dave: No pressure not embarrassment no matter what my score?

Michelle: Not in the least. WE are here to help!!

Dave: Thank you so much! We do appreciate it. we will continue on the other side it is CoreGroupRealty.com If you need to get Michelle's number it is easy to remember. Core Groups number 933-7777. You can get Michelle's number or talk to anyone at Core.

Thom: Exactly! and we will get it to Michelle.

Dave: That will be great! Take care of that credit and they will help you to get in to a position to buy that home. we will continue on the other side this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I am Dave Burnett with Thom Dallman here on 580KIDO. 

Seg #3

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman the co-owner and designated Broker of Core Group Realty. Thom we are bringing Naomi back.

Thom: We are! We had such a great conversation with her last time, and you yourself was intrigued by the fact as a single young gal she has invested in her own future by buying a duplex.

Dave: Yeah! Which absolute fascinated me! Can I ask how old are you are Naomi?

Naomi: Yes, I am 23!

Dave: This is an incision you have made to go out and buy a home and make an investment. And it is working out well for you?

Naomi: Oh it sure is! I love it.

Dave: Ok now we will get to that here in a minute. It perked up my curiosity when we started talking about this before. When it comes to renting, because at this point theirs a lot of rental building going up and apartment complexes. I know they are finishing over at State and Glenwood. When you typically think of somebody in their early 20's you think ah they are going to get an apartment and rent. That may not be financially be a wise so to buy might be a great move.

Thom: Yeah! We have talked about it a few segments in the past. About the fact that right now rents are running very equivalent to what you can get mortgage loans for. So sometimes it is better depending on the square footage and the price of rent to actually get in to a house and start investing in your own future.

Naomi: Yeah I am paying less than I was ever paying in rent.

Dave: Did you buy a duplex?

Naomi: Yes. I bought a duplex.

Dave: So that is what is typically considered an investment property? So not only does she have a place to live, but also has an investment to pay for the place to live.

Thom: Exactly! That is the Great thing about duplexes, triplexes and four-plexus. You can live in one unit and rent out the others, and help subsidize the mortgage payment on those properties.

Dave: Let me ask you this again and call me an old sexist man if you want. When I heard here a young woman in her 20’s buying an investment property typically tent to think of old guys doing that. What are the stylistic when it comes to ownership in buying in to rental properties?

Thom: You know what I don't have the stats. But you know more and more young people in bigger metropolitan areas are starting to invest. Out in Raul areas, buying single homes and duplexes, triplexes because they understand the importance of that investment for themselves in the long term. There is that hub bub out there that Social Serenity isn't going to be around when everyone retires. It might be true. So younger people are realizing early on that it is really important to get out there and buy those rentals, investment properties and invest in your own future.

Dave: My father drilled in to me when I was younger no one is going to take care of you but you. So Naomi for you what was it that influenced you or who influenced you into a rental property?

Naomi: Well I would say it was mostly my dad. He owns properties all over Idaho and different states as well. And he was able to retire at 55. So I thought that was something I wanted to do. And so I really wanted to look in to it and its funny because I thought it was such a good idea that I had signed a year lease the month before and I got out of that because I just couldn't say no to this one duplex I had found, that had just come back on the market.

Dave: For you how is it living next to your client?

Naomi: It is I have a different property manager who is actually my dad. He manages a bunch of his properties to. I thought it would be easier to do it that way so I wouldn't have someone knocking on my door or needing something.

Dave: Now that is something! Because it is an investment so upkeep is something you have to take care of, you are getting a lot of council from your dad on that. Is that working out for you?

Naomi: Actually I have had nothing go wrong with my tenant side. It’s been my side but my lender was nice to get me home owners insurance. So I have been using that I have a new dishwasher for $60.

Dave: We have talked about that before that home owner’s warranty how it really works out.

Thom: Oh yeah it works out very well for lots of people. We have a lot of clients that have benefited from that home owner’s warranty. As you buy these older homes and they do tend to go wrong

Dave: So let me ask you this, and we have talked about this the amount of for sale properties is low out there do you have rental properties available?

Thom: I looked in to that. We looked at there is not a lot so you want to get out there. We currently have 15 in Ada County as well as 15 in Canyon County. That is active on the MLS. In Ada County they are range from $125,000 - $430,000. So it is a big price range. Depending on size, but that average is a round that $227,000. This is a nice single family as well. We talked a bit in the last few months that is the average for single family homes. And how that rent is equivalent to those types of houses what you get for a mortgage. And 15 duplex in Canyon County, ranging from $80,000-$100,000. So the Price point is lower, average on those are $150,000. Definitely some very viable options out there for duplexes, there are triplexes and four-plex as well. Not only can you live in one but you can rent out 2 or 3 other sides, definitely a way to get some more income. In Ada County there are 18 of those, Canyon County has 17. Ada County range around that $257,000 -$450,000. So an average price of $359,000. Canyon County is $127,000-$499,000 so an average price of $270,000.

Dave: I want to ask Naomi this because it is more of a personal question. Is it at a point where you can almost pay for your mortgage with the rent?

Thom: Oh Yes! I have one gentlemen who purchased about 2 years age, a four-plex and I know for a face that he was able to get from the 3 units enough to pay for his mortgage. So his unit was Free!

Naomi: And I am getting close to that which is nice to. My tenant is paying for the most of my mortgage.

Dave: So let me ask you this Naomi are your plans to buy a home and keep that as a rental or maybe branch out and get another duplex?

Naomi: I would love to buy another duplex or an apartment complex, or something like that. I am definitely going to keep this one, because right now they are building some medical buildings out in front there was an empty lot before, and so I have a feeling it is going to increase the value so I am never going to let that one go. I will be buying more!

Dave: It is a wise move, isn't it Thom?

Thom: Yeah. It really is!

Dave: We will talk as if she isn't here!! I mean it is just a smart move!

Thom: I think it is refreshing to see single women and men out their purchasing homes. Because it was the thought that oh I won’t purchase until I get married and have a family. More and more it is becoming more common for single people to go ahead and invest in themselves. The National Association of Realtors reported in 2015 that 15% of the homes that were purchased were by single women, and 9% were men. So that is almost a quarter of the homes purchased where by single individuals.

Dave: I find that interesting that single women almost double the single men! The women are smart!

Thom: Yeah!

Naomi: We know how to handle our money!

Dave: I guess that is the case. Again it is a wise move and for Naomi if you decide not to do that you have an investment property has is good if you want to move in to a home. That is an investment. I was just listening this morning to a financial show that is saying you want a quarter of your investments and hard assets in property. So Naomi is off to a great start! So again 933-7777 is the phone number to call, and you do have those rental properties available for people. Do you have any on the website at CoreGroupRealty.com?

Thom: We do not currently have any listed, but you can see all the homes available on the website from the MLS. There is a few that you can go do home searches for, multiply unit property's. You can search for it through our website on the MLS, but as for our featured listing we don't have any current ones. 

Dave: Now Naomi I will ask a personal question. Where you afraid when you first dove into this, I mean was it frightening for you?

Naomi: I was because you never know what unexpected thing are going to come up that you have to pay for. Fortunately for me I haven't had too much and I had an emergency fund I could fall back on as well. So Far it has been good.

Dave: Did you get the wise advice from you father and Thom as well?

Naomi: Yes, everyone has my back!

Dave: So it does work! If you are trying to get into this Thom and the crew here can give you some good advice on what to do, and maybe you are a single woman and you are thinking about it I am sure Naomi you would be Happy to talk about it.

Naomi: Absolutely!

Dave: That is just a great thing, and I so appreciate you coming in and talking about it, because it is her personal life.

Thom: And I think it is important once again well informed on what current rent is going for if you purchase a property you have to make sure the rent is equal to the mortgage and stuff like that, and so using the team with Diversified Mortgage and us we can help navigate those water and figure out the numbers to make sure they work. Because you don't want an investment that is upside down and that you are not able to collect enough rent.

Dave: If you have questions about rental properties you can give them a call 933-7777. When I say them I am talking about the folks at Core Group Realty. We will continue on the other side here on 580KIDO

Seg #4

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I am Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman the designated broker and co-owner of Core Group Realty. Coregroupreatly.com is the website to go to 933-7777 is the phone number you can call that number 24, 7 somebody will answer that and get you to where you need.

Thom: Exactly and one of the best places to go would be to talk to one of our listing specialist. Which we have here with us here today Shawna Schnabel our listing specialist.

Dave: So Shawna is listing expert. So right now you want more listings to come into work with.

Shawna: Absolutely! We would love to get a few more listings. We are very very busy here at the office, and there is a lot of demand out there.

Dave: so if you are thinking about it selling come in to Core Group Realty and talk to them and see if now is the right time for you to sell your home.

Thom: Exactly we can show them all of our marketing materials but more importantly we can let them know what the value is on their home currently. And see where they are at financially to make sure they are in a financial spot to be able to get it sold.
Dave: Now I find it fascinating when you talk about the value of their home. I just got my tax statement this week my home went down by about $2,000.00. I am sure my taxes wont but my home went down. 2 years ago it went up by$70,000.00. Again that taxes statement does it really reflect what the true value is?

Shawna: It really doesn't. The tax statements are usually a year or two behind the actual market value. they cannot go around and reassess the taxes as quickly as the market is changing. So you are always better off to give us a call let us look up the properties that are near you near in size and age, and give you a honest value on what we think your home would sell for in today's market.

Dave: there is a lot that goes in to that value of a home. What all goes in to that?

Shawna: Well of course square footage, condition of the home, age of the home, the neighborhood, the garage. There is a lot of things that we have to take in to consideration to real value the home. And then there is that touch of general appeal of the home. There are looking for a certain floor plans and things people like better than other things and that is where you need an agent to come visit your home and take a look around and give you an idea of how it would be perceived in the open market.

Thom: not only that but Shawna and Kristin are the listing specialist. They are experts at walking through a house and guide the sellers through the process of clearing out the house and making the house ready to show and what they need to do.

Dave: You said clearing out the house?

Thom: Sometimes you have to do that.

Dave: What is the reason for clearing it out? What are the practical reasons for clearing all your stuff out?

Shawna: Well the practical reason is usually to make the rooms look bigger more open. So the new buyer that is walking though can in-vision their things in the home and their family living there. So you really want to pare down all your stuff. We all have so many personal things in our home that we love, but we don't want to have those on display so much when we are trying to sell out home. We want the new buyer to in vision their things there.

Dave: so the is photographs?

Shawna: We like to get most of the family Photos down. There exceptions where you have maybe a set of black & white the fit the space perfectly then leave those up. But I have walked though showings house and the buyers stop and look at the picture and say I think i know that guy. Instead of looking at the home.so it can be quite a distraction.

Dave: other personal item that need to be removed?

Shawna: may be some art work that is maybe very specific to your taste. Anything that is of high value we always recommend that those things are removed locked up for security.

Dave: when it comes to preparing a house, what are some of the things people so think of doing to get their house ready to show?

Shawna: Probability the most important thing is a urethral deep clean. People are coming into someone else home and they want it to be super clean.

Dave: no one wants to live in my mess.

Shawna: NO and no one wants to live in mine mess. It is my dirt and I can deal with it, but I don't want to look at someone else dirt and that is how most people feel.SO CLEAN CLEAN. Windows, doors, mirrors, anything that is reflective. You can have your whole house clean but if your windows are dirty the hole house feels dirty.

Dave do you recommend that you hire somebody to clean it?

Shawna: That is a personal option. there are some people that have a lot of energy and are really good at that. I have walked into some homes that are so spic and span clean and neat. I don't know how they live there and kudos to those folks for being able to live that way. If you are busy with work and different things and you just don't have the time to put into that. Then by all means we recommend you hire a professional company to come in and give it a good clean.

Dave: let me get to a personal question here. For you Shawna working at Core Group Realty is there an art, because this is their home, this is not good. Is there an art to approaching somebody? Yeah you might want to go ahead and get rid of the engine block off the porch.

Shawna: there really is, and we try to be as sensitive as we can towards people. But we also want to be honest and explain to them that we are helping them to market their home and that we need to do that thing. It is a business deal.

Thom: the thing is to remember that we are hired to be the non-emotional advisers though this process. Because people do become so emotionally attached to things in their homes. Pictures that while they think they are beautiful may not be beautiful to other people. And can sometimes be offensive. Shawna is awesome at very casually mentioning I think a really good thing to do for your listing is to get rid of this item or that item, and still make people feel like oh I get it.

Dave: Fluffy the stuffed dog really doesn't need to be by the fire place. 

Shawna: Really doesn't!!

Dave: For me on this side as a consumer it is sometimes very emotional to sell a house. Something you have been in for years.

Shawna: It truly is especially if you have lived in that home for a long time or you haven't moved very frequently. You are very attached to that home, and it’s hard to hear any criticism of that home. We also have to be realistic and our job is to get the most for that seller there for we have to advise them to the best of our ability.

Dave: CoreGroupRealty.com is the website to go to if you are thinking about selling your home, and set up a time to just have a nice casual meeting. As i understand it and from some of the folks around here. You would rather meet in the office to present what you do as opposed to what traditional when I have sold a house its, Let’s look at your house. You would like them to come in and give an interview.

 Shawna: We like to get to know them and let them get to know us. If you can’t work together in a relationship, then it’s not going to be a good fit. We also like to have them here in the office so we can show them on the big screen the technology and extra marketing we do. So we do like to have our first initial meeting in the office.

Dave: So you can call 933-7777 set up a meeting with Shawna or one of the folks here to go over what your needs are, what you are expecting and hopping.

Thom: Yeah just leaning a little bit more on that. Is the safety of meeting agents at their office first to make sure you are not having complete strangers coming through your house?

Dave: We do hear tales! you hate to think about that happening here in the Treasure Valley. But you hear tales about people getting ripped off with rent or on this or that. And we record this Show at Core Group Realty office on Emerald just up from the mall. Beautiful office and I will rat it out. I like you staff Thom. 

Thom: Ah thanks!

Dave: When you come in very warm greeting making sure you are comfortable and no pressure at all. When it comes to staging a home again. Shawna I would like to go back to several things that I think are important. Paint making sure that is part of the deal. Is that important as well?

Shawna: It can be very important. Of course neutral colors are always good. Several years back all the deep reds and browns rust. Were very popular. It is not what people are looking for right now. So if you can freshen up your paint and go to a little lighter neutral tone that is a more appealing look for a home and makes it photograph better.

Dave: So clean out the clutter.

Thom: And don't forget the storage spaces, that is one of the places people forget about the clutter they through very thing in to the storage space not thinking the buyer well actually open up doors. And look in closets. You can go through some of the most immaculate homes and open up a closet and have so much clutter and people be turned off and feel like it is not the right house for them.

Dave: Just that small of a thing will break a deal.

Thom: Yeah for sure.

Dave: And carpets cleaned?

Shawna: Carpets cleaned, you want the home not only to look clean but you want it to smell clean. We all love our pets, me included. If you have cats make sure you keep you litter boxes clean, if you have dogs try and keep that doggie odor down to because they have they have their own little smell to and not everybody is going to like that.

Dave: CoreGroupRealty.com is the website,933-7777 is the phone number. Shawna thank you so much for sharing with us again.

Shawna: My pleasure!

Dave: Shawna who is a listing agent and looking to list your home. If you are even thinking about it. It is not going to be high pressure nobody is going to put the pin to paper and say sign on, but to go over the benefits of maybe selling now.

Thom: And seeing what is available as far as is you are looking to upgrade or downgrade or wanting out of your house. There are so many options for people so it is important to make sure that you are getting all that information in. 

Dave: 933-7777 is the number to call CoreGroupRealty.com we gather here every Saturday and we will do it again next Saturday. We thank you for spending some time with us open houses going on, the coming soon tab check that out. Lots to do as we go through the summer with Core Group Realty. I am Dave Burnett he is Thom Dallman the co-owner and Broker here on 580KIDO


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