Listen in as Dave, Thom and Michelle talk about the current happenings in the Boise Idaho area in regards to  recreational and secondary homes. Hear Thom talk more about CoreGroupRealty.com and its multitude of helpful tools. Also you don't want to miss Justin Beller of Window Genie discussing curb appeal and what his company can do to help sell you home. And to top it all off, we are talking all things pool related!

Seg #1

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty. Thom of course is the co-owner and also the designated broker of Core Group Realty. Thom, it's a great week, some new homes and some homes sold and it's a good week to buy a home.

Thom: Yeah, it's been a busy week for all of our agents, they've been writing up contracts and getting into homes to help people get them listed. All kinds of great activity out there.

Dave: Which really that's what it's all about this time of year. You do have holiday weekends throughout the summer so things get busy, but the nice thing with Core Group Realty's website, CoreGroupRealty.com, there's a lot you can do even if you're on vacation, you're sitting in McCall at the coffee shop and you can just fire up that smart phone and check it out at CoreGroupRealty.com. See what's for sale and what's happening.

Thom: Yes, check out everything that's on there from the MLS listings all the way up to our Coming Soon section. 

Dave: Yeah, now you've mentioned it's been a busy week, you had a couple homes that got sold right away?

Thom: Yeah! Last week we talked about two homes, one at 11656 Cambria street and the other one at 497 Pioneer avenue, they were just listed last week right before the radio show and actually during the radio show they got sold right away. We had contracts on both of them within 24 hours and ended up selling them both over asking price. 

Dave: Oh nice.

Thom: One $2,000 over asking price and one $4,000 over asking price

Dave: So happy, happy sellers?!

Thom: Yeah, very happy sellers, to have it listed for a weekend and already have it under contract, that's great. 

Dave: Well I guess we can't talk about selling those because that's done.

Thom: Yeah (laughing), that's done, those are gone, but we just wanted to share that this is what the market is like right now, homes are going rather quickly and they are starting to go over asking price. 

Dave: If you're thinking about selling your home, don't wait!

Thom: Don't wait. There's been news this week about the FED raising interest rates so the potential buyer pool is going to decrease a little bit over the next few months potentially.

Dave: So go ahead and give Core Group a call and talk to them, there's no pressure, they're not going to make you sign a contract and make you sell your home. They can tell you the options of what's out there, what's happening, about what potentially your house could sell for, and of course we don't talk about this much, you also have that guarantee that's out there about selling homes that you have with Core Group Realty. 

Thom: Yep, we have a couple guarantees, but the main one that we have is the 59 Day Guarantee, which if we can’t sell your home in 59 days than the listing is free, you don't have to pay us our commission on it. 

Dave: Which is a good deal. And I guess what that does, that secures the fact that you're going to get it priced right, you're going to use all of the tools at your disposal to get the home sold.

Thom: Yes, exactly. 

Dave: Speaking of tools, Coming Soon, that is one of the tabs, one of the links on CoreGroupRealty.com

Thom: It's helpful to stay in tune with what's actually coming before everybody else does. So on our Coming Soon tab you'll see we have a house at 2007 S. Mayflower Way in Boise, that's in the Crawford Place subdivision so Southeast Boise area. A nice 1,300 square foot house, 3 bed 2.5 bath on .19 of an acre with a 2 car garage, built in 2000. Listed at $169,000, it's got RV parking and a storage shed as well. Really nice house, 2 story, 2 car garage like I said.

Dave: And at $169,000, that one may not last for long either. 

Thom: That one's not going to last very long especially for that part of town, homes are selling quickly.

Dave: That's a great price point. 

Thom: So once again that's 2007 S. Mayflower Way in Boise. The next house we have is a really nice house too; it's a townhouse. We had talked previously on town houses and the advantages of living in a town house. This one is actually on the Bench, so it's a really nice location. It's at 6331 Morris Hill Rd. It's in the Almond Wood Townhouses area. It's a 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath with a 1 car garage. 1,068 square feet, built in 1980. Listed at $135,000.

Dave: Nice.

Thom: So really nice price to be able to get into a first time home, and we've talked about the advantages of town homes, less maintenance and what not.

Dave: You mentioned first time home but you know there's a couple other categories as well..

Thom: Oh yeah!

Dave: Couple's downsizing for example, maybe all the kids are gone. Or maybe somebody who's snow birding, you want a residence but you don't want everything that goes with it and maybe you go south for the winter.

Thom: Yeah, perfect home for snow birders for sure. 

Dave: And at $135,000 it's another great deal.

Thom: It's a great investment. 

Dave: That truly is. And those are on the Coming Soon tab at CoreGroupRealty.com, so you can go to the website and look for the tab that says coming soon, and if you haven't heard the show or are not familiar with it, these are homes listed with Core Group Realty that haven't been put out on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) yet..But they will!

Thom: They will be! As soon as the sellers are prepped are ready, we do our professional photography on them and so forth and that usually takes a week or two to get everything in order before we get it listed. It's very important for that first push on to the MLS to have everything in order to get the maximum exposure for our listings. 

Dave: So it's a chance to get a sneak peek to consider it, with the Coming Soon's. 

Thom; We do have one more to talk about.

Dave: Oh okay, so we have three, nice. 

Thom: Yeah, this one's in Meridian. It's 5104 W. Charles Street. A nice 3 bed, 2 bath at 1,568 square feet. It's a single level built in 2000, listed at $219,900 so nice price point for Meridian. Fully fenced with irrigation, walk in closets, just a really nice house on .18 of an acre. Once again this is a single level so great for people who don't want stairs and dealing with them. 

Dave: Which is a big deal, especially as you get older. I guess I look at it this way, if you're like in your 40's, maybe late 40's and you're thinking, "ah 2 story, no big deal." Think if you're going to be in that house for 15 years, you may not want stairs.

Thom: (laughing)

Dave: So that single level is a good deal. 

Thom: Exactly, well I'm 46 myself and I'm dealing with that in our 3 story house where we have to go up and down the stairs all the time. (laughing)

Dave: Yeah and you suddenly go, "That's a lot of work, maybe I should sell this."

(Both Laughing)

Dave: Yeah so it does make a difference, and boy it creeps up fast, you get in a home and you turn around twice and you've been in it 10 years. So it's something to just think about. So those single levels are really, really popular homes that way. 

Thom: Yes, yes. Once again, 5104 W. Charles street, so check it out on the CoreGroupRealty.com website on the Coming Soon page. 

Dave: All three of those homes will be there, so that is good. And of course at CoreGroupRealty.com you list all of your listings, your featured homes that you have there as well.

Thom: Yep, we have a featured Listing page where it shows all of us in house listings to look through as well as our search feature with the whole MLS that you can look through as well.

Dave: Yeah and you know I guess we haven't really talked a lot about the website, we talk about it but not about all the different things and how important social media is now, not just CoreGroupRealty.com but your Facebook page, your postings and the different social media's you use. 

Thom: Yep, all of our houses get listed on our Facebook page, we encourage all of our sellers to post them on their personal pages just to maximize that exposure once again. A lot of times family and friends will have other people who want to live in the area and close buy and be looking for those. So yeah, social media has become a huge part of the marketing campaign on these homes. 

Dave: It is and it’s kind of a funny thing, as we came to do this show today I realized I forgot my smartphone and I feel so naked without it, because you know I check Facebook, I look there and see what's going on, and it's just a way of life now. Between texts, tweets, snapchats, Facebook, and then oh yeah there's a phone in there too. It is something that is so powerful and I'm not unique, I think just about everybody's that way. 

Thom: Oh I know I am. Without my phone I get nervous because I can't check my emails, like you said the texts and so forth. As the designated broker of the company I like to be available for all of my agents. I go five minutes without my phone and I'm all the sudden worrying, "does someone need me, does someone have a question?" You know it's gonna be that one moment when someone does...

Dave: You know the nice thing is even if you were to forget your phone, you can call 933-7777 and at Core Group Realty, 24/7 there's somebody that will take your call, you have your customer care group that's in there. Even now, during the weekend somebody's there. They can take that call and you know if it's like, "Oh, Thom forgot his phone..." They can redirect it so that you're never without the questions answered that you need. 

Thom: (laughing) Exactly.

Dave: So that is just a nice thing with Core Group Realty. And of course you can always do it the old fashioned way, you can stop by right here off of Emerald, not too far from the Boise Town Square Mall. 

Thom: Yep, right down the street. 

Dave: So you can stop on by and talk to the folks at Core Group Realty. Coming up we're gonna be talking about window cleaning. One of your vendors... That's another thing that's at CoreGroupRealty.com, you have your list of vendors, explain that. 

Thom: Yes, over on the right hand top corner of the page you'll see "Service Providers" where we have a series of vendors that we've worked really well with and that we know professionally do a great job. We've already screened them, we've already had them work with our clients, and know that they do a really great job. These are people that we've trusted for years now to do that for us and so that list is on there for people to contact them for whatever service they need. 

Dave: So we're gonna be talking to Justin from Window Gene here coming up in a couple of segments, so we'll talk to Justin. So you've got somebody for window cleaning, what other kind of services are on there? 

Thom: We have a handyman on their which is really important. We've got a couple of movers that we've been working with over the last year, so we'll be adding some movers on there. Really it's just a whole assortment of vendors on there for people to reach out to. House cleaners and so forth, locksmith's, etc. 

Dave: Really what it's all about is getting that curb appeal for the home to get it ready to sell. 

Thom: Yes, exactly.

Dave: Or if you bought a home and you want it fixed up, there you go. 

Thom: Yes, all kinds of people of there to help you with that. 

Dave: CoreGroupRealty.com, that is the website you can go to and you can find that list of vendors at CoreGroupRealty.com. We'll be talking to Michelle Guth coming up here in just a few minutes.

Thom: Another service provider that's on there. 

Dave: About mortgages, if you need a mortgage, Diversified Mortgage is her company, she's on there. We'll be talking to the Window Gene this show as well. So gonna be talking to some of those providers, so that's a good deal. We'll continue on the other side, this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, again the number to call is 933-7777 and CoreGroupRealty.com is the website. We'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO. 

 Seg #2

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman with CORE Group Realty, and joined again by Michelle Guth.....Guth... G-U-T-H by the way so it's Guth.

Michelle: I answer to it all!

Dave: I try not to call you Guth, Michelle Guth is with Diversified Mortgage, an equal opportunity lender for you. And Michelle, again, your phone number in case somebody wants to get a hold of you there at Diversified?

Michelle: Give us a call at 853-7878.

Dave: You know, we talked a couple of weeks ago to one of the gals here at CORE Group Thom, who, a young gal, who purchased a rental property and when I say rental it's a duplex which she lives in. And talked to Michelle a little bit about some of the loans that might be out there when it comes to investment properties or second homes and..what's available out there?

Michelle: It's a great topic, we do have several clients that are currently looking at purchasing duplex properties so that they can reside in one side and rent out the other which is off-setting a good portion of their payment. Quite frequently people think that they need a full 20% down for that type of transaction but even under our FHA program they can get in with as little as 3.5% down, so. It’s a great opportunity if you can find that right property where you can occupy one side and have that off-setting income, it's great.

Dave: So that would be even if the duplex is still considered your main occupancy/owner-occupied I assume on your loan?

Michelle: It would have to be yes. So it is an owner-occupied but we do allow them to use off-setting income stream to help them qualify. So for example, if they bought a duplex and their payment was just for argument's sake, $2,000 but they're getting $1,000 in rent in the other unit, we are going to let them use 75% of those off-setting rents to help them off-set their payment. So of that $2,000 payment we are going to off-set that by $750 in income to help them qualify.

Dave: Wow...that's a great opportunity to get into a house where maybe if you don't quite have the funds that you would need to get into a place but a way of getting in and buying something.

Michelle: Absolutely. Well and doing that something to consider that if you purchase that and get in with a little amount of down payment you live in that property for a couple years, that is the goal for several of our clients where they live there for 2 years for various reasons whether it be the taxes, the requirements of the program, and then they end up buying a single family residence and now they vacate that property and they can turn it into an actual rental property after a few years and then purchase another home.

Thom: Correct, it's a great way to build the investment opportunities for your family and for yourselves, as you kind of build your investment through life.

Dave: Your empire!

Thom: Upgrade and keep those other rental properties

Dave: Let me ask you this Michelle, I buy a duplex, I'm living in it, you've got me in there as an owner-occupied loan but now I'm in a position to go buy a home, do I have to change my loan into an investment property loan? Or how does that work?

Michelle: Great question. I mean, when you purchase the home and I want to be very clear, your intent has to be to use it as a primary residence. By no means do we want you doing that and then thinking you're going to vacate in 6 months. So again, if you live in that property for a period of time, typically the deeds of trust state 12 months but again, in some cases for tax purposes although I am not an accountant, you would want to consult your accountant, a lot of times they want to stay in there for a few years to avoid potential tax implications. But you can by all means vacate that property down the road, turn it into a rental property and decide you want to buy a single family move-up type property they have that as an option.

Thom: I think that what you're referring to as part of the capital gains that they have to think about where you have to live in the property for 2 out of 5 years to avoid capital gains on those properties.  Is that correct?

Michelle: Consult your accountant!

Thom: Consult your accountant on those for sure!

Dave: It all gets tricky there when the IRS is involved, that's not good. But OK, so I don't necessarily have to go out and get a new loan again?

Michelle: You do not have to refinance, correct.

Dave: Alright, so let me ask you about this...investment properties. If I am just looking to just jump in and buy a duplex or a fourplex or a home, what kind of loans are available for that?

Michelle: They are going to have a higher down payment requirement, so if you're purchasing it solely for the purpose of an investment property, a single family residence you can purchase with as little as 15% down, but we always state 20% just because you're going to get much better lending terms when you hit that 20% threshold. If you're going to purchase a multi-family property you need 25% down, whether it be a duplex or as much as a fourplex. And then the rent at residential you have to stay in 4 units or less, otherwise over that is considered commercial.

Dave: OK so if you're buying an apartment complex...

Michelle: Whole different program, correct.

Dave: Whole other ballgame there. Alright let me ask another question here, I'm full of questions. Second residence. Let’s say I want to go up to McCall or I want to go to Donnelly or I want to go to Garden Valley and buy a place. What happens with those kind of loans?

Michelle: Another popular trend right now with the market doing so well, a lot of people are wanting those recreational properties and the second home is intended for someone to use it basically on a recreational basis so it's not intended for an investment so again I get calls where they want to purchase a recreational home and say but we're going to go ahead and put it on VRBO and rent it when we're not up there. That is an investment property. Your intent needs to be to use it as your personal use secondary residence. So again, two very different things. So we need to make sure that the intent is for what we're actually coding it at with respect to investment versus second home. Under that program for second home you can get in for as little as 10% down so there are some great opportunities to buy that dream cabin you want.

Dave: Now does it change if let's say I'm 55 years old and 5 years down the road I retire and I go to make that my primary residence and so the loan all stays the same at that point?

Michelle: It does, and one of the other questions I get all the time is do I have to take a higher interest rate for that second home? It actually has the same interest as that of the primary residence, we cannot differentiate between the two with regards to interest rate. The real primary difference is if you are only going to do the 10% down versus the 20% where you have the mortgage insurance, the premium is slightly higher on mortgage insurance for a second home.

Dave: Now I'd like to talk about another one, we've talked about this in the past before which I was stunned on. If I wanted to rent a condo that's a whole other ball game again, correct?

Michelle: Rent a condo or buy a condo?

Dave: I'm sorry, to buy a condo but for financing that's a whole different thing.

Michelle: There is, there is a whole different criterion for a condominium property, we need to make sure that the complex meets Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines which are the government sponsored entities that do the lending on those type of programs and dwellings so we need to do a lot of due diligence up front if you're considering a condominium.

Dave: So it's not just a residence it's a whole different ballgame.

Michelle: Different lending criteria for sure.

Dave: Wow. Thom, for just a second, talking about second properties for rentals, a lot of them out there available right now?

Thom: Yeah there are a fair amount we definitely had covered this previously. In our market place I think if I remember correctly we are close to I want to say it is close to 50-60 different duplexes and triplexes and four-plexes within the Treasure Valley that are out there so yes definitely have some good options for people if they're looking for it.

Dave: And vacation properties if I want to go up to Donnelly or Garden Valley or something you have listings as well?

Thom: Currently I know of one listing that we do have up there up in McCall, the McCall area. We do have access to a lot of the listings up there, they do kind of come through our MLS. It is kind of a separate ball of wax up there sometimes if you will sometimes with those listings and access to them.

Dave: But you have somebody here at CORE that can help walk you through that?

Thom: Definitely help walk you through that. We also have a referral base up there as well agents in the area that specialize in the market there. So we definitely can get people into those properties.

Dave: Michelle with Diversified Mortgage, is this something again if I'm in an existing home I decide I want to look into an investment or into a vacation property, pre-approval again very important to get it done before we start shopping?

Michelle: Without a doubt. We need to make sure they're going to qualify. There's some added criteria when you're buying investment property with what's called reserves. So when you have an investment property they're going to require that you have so many months of payments set aside in an account whether it be a 401K, a brokerage, a checking account; we need to make sure that they have for example 6 months’ worth of reserves. So if you had a payment that was $2,000 a month we need to see that you have access to $12,000 in reserves for this specific property set aside. Now we're not making them liquidate those but we have to verify that in the event they need those funds they have access to get to them in the event of a hardship.

Dave: Because you mentioned before when you qualify for a loan for like a duplex you can take 75% of what the rental price would be as part of your income, you still have to have that amount set aside?

Michelle: As far as the reserves? Yes. Absolutely. Yes. And even on second homes in some cases when you're doing a 10% down payment you may have a few months’ reserves required for the mortgage insurance criteria so it varies as to how many months reserves we need but again, quite frequently individuals have 401K plans and if they have the ability to do a dispersing against those then we can document that, that can meet the reserve requirements right there.

Dave: Alright, so you have ways to work around this when you say to somebody look there are different options.

Michelle: We have options, 26 years of doing this, we usually can give them a lot of suggestions and advice on sources they can go to try to meet that criteria.

Dave: By the way, if you'd like to talk to Michelle Guth at Diversified Mortgage, you can do it, you can stop by their office they are right there on Marigold easy to find in Garden City right by the City Hall and talk to Michelle and her staff there, they can work that out for you. How do they call and get a hold of you as well?

Michelle: Just give us a call at the office at 853-7878 or visit us on our website which is dmgloans.com.

Dave: Diversified Mortgage, equal opportunity lender wanting to help you out and get you I'm thinking about a vacation property it would be kind of nice to go to the mountains.

Michelle: Wouldn't it?

Dave: You can get that taken care of. Where would you say Michelle for your company that you've seen the most vacation properties being sold right now?

Michelle: You're pretty much touched on them we're seeing quite a bit in the Donnelly Cascade area, McCall and Garden Valley. Those seem to be the areas and even up Wilderness Ranch and Idaho City areas, very popular as well.

Dave: I was just up in Idaho City last weekend and it is a hopping place!

Michelle: It is. Great location, so close to the valley so you can get there pretty quick.

Dave: Diversified Mortgage, stop in or give them a call set up an appointment if you were thinking about buying a home make sure you get yourself pre-qualified and they can walk you through all the steps of what you'll need to get pre-qualified for that loan. We'll continue on the other side this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz I'm Dave Burnett, Michelle Guth with the Diversified Mortgage and Thom Dallman with CORE Group Realty, we'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.

Seg #3

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman with CORE Group Realty, Thom of course is the designated broker and the co-owner of CORE Group Realty. And Thom, very excited about this as we have one of the guys who helps out your company and people who are trying to sell and or buy a home with us in studio today.

Thom: Yeah! As we have spoken on previous recordings, we definitely have our list of preferred vendors, people that we've worked with over the years that do amazing jobs and that we know professionally and trust professionally to do a great job.

Dave: Justin with the Window Genie is here and Justin, I have to say, I was trying to think of somebody if I could think of anyone that loves to clean windows, and there's not many people that love to clean windows. I know at our house it's one of those last things on the list to do.

Justin: Right, and that's why they call us!

Dave: Yup exactly with the Window Genie. How does Justin help out with CORE Group Thom?

Thom: So yeah, whenever once again whenever we have one of our clients asking for any particular needs we like to make sure that we have our professionals that can help them with their needs so we often have our listing team go through a house and say you know one of the things that you need to do is clean your windows. Let's get you in contact with Justin over at Window Genie and get them in to wash these windows so that the curb appeal is nice when it gets listed and gets on the market.

Dave: Justin and obviously you're in the business of cleaning windows, but what do you see as far how it really is an asset in selling a home?

Justin: Well it just really brightens up the appearance of the house. Not only the windows but some other surfaces that we do as well too when it comes to boosting the curb appeal of a home, ready for sale. We not only clean the windows but we can also do a pressure washing on the house siding. And do a house wash that will really clean up any dirt, debris that has been gathered up over the last few years. Also, concrete cleaning as well too so driveways and patios. That's really a good idea to do that as well too when you're going to get a house ready for sale. So, windows, pressure washing on the house siding, also the concrete, it's a really good package service offering that we can do for the CORE Group client, and anybody in the Treasure Valley for that matter.

Dave: By the way, Justin is going to give some tips and secrets by the way. So be thinking you know, I'm not selling my house I don't need my windows cleaned but he's going to give some tips which we were talking about during the break which is fascinating. But with CORE Group and we've talked about getting a house ready for sale and for you Thom as a broker and as a real estate agent, it really does kind of that extra plus.

Thom: It's that most important part of getting your home sold as quick as possible, we specialize in that, we specialize in helping our sellers do that. And that is one of the most important parts is making sure the curb appeal that's the first impression you get what is it, 30 seconds to make that first impression so as people pull up to the house you want it looking clean, debris free, immaculate for people to get that first impression.

Dave: By the way, Window Genie one of the vendors that works with CORE Group, so if you'd like to get a hold of Justin call 933-7777, the Customer Care team here at CORE Group will get you Justin's number and website and get you all the information you need there.

Thom: They are on our website if you go onto coregrouprealty.com and look at the service providers they are on that list of service providers with their information as well.

Dave: Alright Justin, what are mistakes that people make when it comes to cleaning windows because I know there are so many different. You go to the cleaning aisle and just go to the window section and there are so many options! What mistakes do people make?

Justin: Well, I really think it comes down to the products and the tools that you use for cleaning windows. So if you're just going to do some regular maintenance around the house and cleaning the windows like a sliding glass door let's take that one for example. Because you've got kids and dogs and pets and they're all. There’s a lot of fingerprints and stuff like that. You know, some of the products that are in the grocery store for window cleaning some of them I don't want to name any specific products but there are some that I kind of they're actually designed to...well they're brand names and some of them they're actually designed to where they're making you use them constantly and so you just want to have to just do some touch up, you don't want to always have to go clean the window and a couple days later oh look there's some streaks on there, I need to goget the product out again and start cleaning in here. The best tip that I can give anybody for cleaning windows is grab yourself a couple microfiber towels. You can get them at the grocery store you can get them I think at Home Depot, Lowe's, Auto Parts stores another great place to get microfiber towels in their auto detailing section. Get yourself two microfiber towels. You're going to do some touch up cleaning around the house on glass and mirrors. You just have one of the microfiber towels and have one of them be damp and the other one be dry. You take the damp and just go over the glass with that then take the dry towel and then just soak up all the excess water there and you'll actually find that will leave a really great result for glass.

Dave: Wait a minute...wait a minute...water?

Thom: Just water.

Justin: Water and microfiber towels is actually some of the best things. And microfiber towels too you can use a cleaning product if you do prefer. So I just, I try to find the ones that do not have alcohol or ammonia base for the window cleaners. So if it's not the first ingredient then you should be fine. Those are usually really good.

Thom: That's interesting. Because I've heard that for wooden floors you're not supposed to use a lot of cleaning products and you're supposed to just use water and stuff so that's interesting.

Dave: Well computer screens and smart phones, you're not supposed to use those products those brand new products, I almost named them…but you're not supposed to use those. That's amazing. Let's talk a little bit about microfiber towels. Is this a kind of when I say "new" in the past 10 years because I was always that you got brand X cleaner and then you got newspapers and then you got this and you got that and you want to put 18 different things to clean a window. But microfiber towels are that something relatively new or have they been around?

Justin: No, not really I mean I have a set of microfiber towels that I've had for I think almost 20 years. I mean really.

Dave: Where have I been!

Justin: I know and I picked them up in an auto parts store in the detailing section because I was doing some auto detailing for my own car and I've had these things for 20 years and I think, I throw them in the wash to clean them and there are some that are designed to be where you use them for a long time and some that are kind of just more disposable but yeah microfiber towels a good one. And another really good quick tip to give you to and we're just talking about touch up cleaning around the home and on the inside and just cleaning glass and mirrors. The other thing too as far as with the cleaning product and I learned this from one of the maid services one of the more national based cleaning services that they use a just a spray bottle just filled with water and then you put about six drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid in that. And then they spray that on the window, use the microfiber towels and that's actually probably the best window cleaning product that you can actually do it's probably the most inexpensive one you can do. Because if you think about it, so like the fingerprints, dog nose prints, and things like that, so those are oils that are on the glass. And so what you then want to do is you want to try to do some kind of a de-greaser or something that is going to lift those oils. What is dawn? Dawn is a de-greaser. And so that's probably one of the best window cleaning products you can get out there. So yeah, that's just some touch up stuff we're doing there.

Dave: Well, let me ask the hard question. At my house I have a window where the sprinklers do get on there and I've got hard water mineral build up on the window. How do I get rid of that?

Justin: First and foremost, make sure that those sprinklers are not hitting those windows. That is the first thing you want to do is get those re-adjusted. Now as far as hard water stain removal, we can definitely do that. We do have a cleaning product from a window cleaning supplier that we use to take your hard water stains so there's a couple things when it comes to hard water stains. So we do have the cleaning solution, there's a manual process you know using our scrubbing pads and our cleaning solution.

Dave: Good ‘ol elbow grease.

Justin: Good old fashioned elbow grease. And if that doesn't work then you move into a more of a mechanical process so we are using the hard water stain cleaning solution the scrub pads and a mechanical process, it's kind of like a hand sander to be able to get on there. That's for really tough jobs. Then you can move in to a more chemical. But the thing is that once you get past that chemical process of trying to clean off hard water stains we're looking at a situation here where we may have etched glass. So that's always a good thing, if you have hard water stains on your windows, give us a call, we'll come out, we'll check it out, we need to see if it's...are we dealing with just mineral deposits and build up on glass or are we dealing with etched glass. If we're dealing with etched glass, there's really not a lot that can be done about that then we would recommend some companies in town you know for glass replacement that we would recommend. But we try to do as best we can to see if we can get that hard water stain taken care of.

Thom: This is a good point we talk about where it's always good to have a professional when you're listing a home or buying a home to have that professional help you with that. It's really important to have a professional come and help you with those window issues that you may not be skilled to do like take the time to invest the money in a professional to come out and do this because it's going to give you more longevity on your windows they're going to help with those windows don't get etched like Justin was talking about not to mention they have all of the tools, they have those chemicals, they know how to use them, they've been educated on that stuff and so that's why it's really important to really make sure you are reaching out to a professional for this type of endeavor and this type of cleaning to make sure that you're not damaging anything else further and so forth.

Dave: Well let me ask this question and this is probably the most important question of the show. Right now. Are you ready? My dad was always a fanatic about screens off on a window in the Summer...excuse me screens off in the Winter, screens on in the Summer. Do we still do that or do we leave them up year round?

Justin: People here in the Treasure Valley they just leave them up year round. You know one tip that I did hear as far as if you are selling your home and you have a professional come and clean the windows, leave the screens off.

Dave: Oh yeah, show off.

Justin: Yes, show off! And of course after the house is sold, put the screens back on up.

Dave: Screens are in the garage?

Justin: [Crosstalk] But that's one tip that I actually learned is it really does show off the house and boost the curb appeal. So but yeah I don't notice that a lot in the Treasure Valley. Yeah, it's most of the time you know, a lot of the time people they're not...we've got a lot of houses that have a lot of AC units in them so they're going from their heat to their AC as the season changes and most people don't really open or close their windows a whole lot as I've noticed. A lot of my customers and so the screens are on the whole time. When we do our cleaning, we take the screens off for them we clean the screens, we clean the glass, we replace the screens after we're done.

Dave: If my dad asks, "Are you taking the screens off?" It's like sure dad, sure I am! Exactly.  Justin who is with the Window Genie one of the vendors with CORE Group Realty and again if you want to get a hold of Justin and have them come out and service them whether you're buying or selling a home or just don't want to do the windows yourself and there's always those high windows that are just a pain. You can give CORE Group Realty a call. 933-7777 is the phone number and of course they're on the website at coregrouprealty.com. We'll continue on the other side coming up here on 580 KIDO.

Seg #4

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com, 933-7777 that is the phone number to call. In fact, if you wanted to call right now you can, somebody from the customer care team will take care of any questions you might have about the website, about things you hear on this program as well. Somebody's always available. 

Thom: Someone's always answering that phone. Regardless of the time. 

Dave: That is a good thing. You know there's several things you get when you buy a home, maybe you get some extra land with it, maybe you get a tool shed on it, or maybe even a detached garage or shop I guess you'd call it, RV parking... There's a lot of extras you can get with just a home...

Thom: Exactly, a lot of things that can help with the quality of life.

Dave: And on a weekend where it's warm weather during the summer, one of those nice things, a great thing for your family or for yourself is a swimming pool.

Thom: Swimming pool. Perfect topic for this week as we've reached these 90 degree days. 

Dave: Yeah and hotter weather yet to come, we haven't seen the hot weather yet.

Thom: Oh yes, we're just gettin' into it. So yeah there's some great advantages to having a swimming pool, whether it's above ground or in ground or so forth. 

Dave: How often...You know we live in Idaho it's not like ya know you fly into Las Vegas and every backyard has a pool ya know.

Thom: Everybody has a pool.

Dave: You look down from the airplane and it's like, "everybody's got a pool." But you know, you're talking about warm weather all year around. Here we have those months where it is cold. How common is it, we don't necessarily have to have statistics, but swimming pools...? Do they come up very often?

Thom: They do actually. Most of the time they come up in the form of a community pool. A lot of communities have swimming pools that everybody comes together and the community gathers around, but we do have quite a few homes, one actually that we have listed that actually has an in-ground pool that we can talk about in a little bit. But yeah there are quite a few homes out there and people are looking for swimming pools. We have a lot of people that come into the area that know that it's hot here and are looking for homes specifically with pools. 

Dave: And I can't think of a better way to spend a summer evening on the weekend, bbq have some friends over, have them swim if they got kids or just couples to get together and swim and just enjoy a great weekend.

Thom: Talking about quality of life, that is the essence of that, having a swimming pool that the family can get around, your family and friends can sit around, swim, entertain. The kids get all worn out, that's a great thing right? They spend all day swimming in the pool and then when it comes time for bedtime there's no shouting and screaming because they usually are tired, ready to go to sleep. So quality of life is the biggest aspect of a swimming pool, and the biggest advantage I think is just being able to after a long day at work coming home to de-stress and just jump in the pool and cool off and relax. 

Dave: Yeah I know somebody that I work with that has a pool and he often takes a very early morning swim...

Thom: Oh yeah!

Dave: ...before he goes to work, just ya know a little bit of exercise, cools off, showers, comes on into work, and is just ready to go!

Thom: Yeah another one of the advantages, the swimming for cardio is great exercise for people, but not only that for those people with knee and joint pain it's a great low impact way of exercising. You have that ability to jump in your pool do your aerobics and really get some good exercise in using the pool.

Dave: Well when it comes to a swimming pool and a customer coming through the door, I mean typically is that at the top of the list? Somebody comes and says, "Thom we want a house with a swimming pool, that's a priority." 

Thom: It does happen on occasion; we've had people say specifically that they want swimming pools. It's not an often occasion, it doesn't happen every day, but yes on occasion there are certain people that are very specific that they want a swimming pool. 

Dave: Is it more common though that your agent at Core Group says, "Oh and by the way, this house has a pool too." And then all of the sudden the light goes off and they go, "That would be awesome!"

Thom: (Laughing) Yes! That happens, people don't sometimes think about it until they actually go and look at one and think like, "oh yeah, that would be nice." To not have to do the lawn, think about that, that pool will take up lawn space...

Dave: The time you would invest in mowing and such...

Thom: And planting flowers and trees and stuff. 

Dave: Actually my wife would probably say the ideal thing about a pool would be the pool boy...

Thom: (Laughing)

Dave: I'm just saying. (laughing). But yeah it does take up some of the yard if you don't want to mow the lawn, you could swim instead. 

Thom: Pool maintenance is usually from what we hear about once a week kind of maintaining the chemicals and such. About an hour, hour and a half balancing and kind of cleaning it out depending on your neighborhood. But yeah just think about the cleanliness of a pool, that's another advantage. Community pools cleanliness...

Dave: Yeah, that's scary. 

Thom: I don't know if we want to go down that road but I've read some articles about just common ground of a lot of people who frequent community pools end up with a lot of issues. E.coli and athletes foot and all that stuff in-between. 

Dave: But when it's yours, you know what's in the pool and it's yours to use 24/7.

Thom: Yeah and you can somewhat maintain the cleanliness of it. 

Dave: You were talking and said that Core Group Realty has one listed right now that has a pool?

Thom: We do; we have a really beautiful home in the West Boise area. It's 10397 W. Hinsdale court, so that's just right up on Ustick and Five Mile. 

Dave: I was gonna say, that's not far from where I used to own a home over in that area. 

Thom: Oh really?

Dave: Yeah!

Thom: It's a great area.

Dave: Yeah, Frontier school that's there, they go to Lowell Scott and I believe Centennial.

Thom: Yep, and Centennial, exactly. 

Dave: And they have a pool.

Thom: And it has a pool, it has a really beautiful pool, if you look at the pictures online, it's 10397 W. Hinsdale court. It's a 4,051 square foot home, 2 story with a below ground, 4 bedroom 3 bath. Like we said, beautiful pool in the backyard. It's on .23 of an acre, so a little bit bigger of a lot to accommodate for that pool. Low maintenance on the yard as far as mowing and stuff like that because you do have a pool in the middle of it. That's listed at $355,000 for that 4,051 square foot home.

Dave: Nice.

Thom: Really good price for a home of that size. 

Dave: Yeah so and that's in West Boise, so you have the easy access to get to the freeway going either direction so you're in pretty good shape there. Plus, they just re-did Ustick road all through there, and now I think its 4 lanes with a turn lane. 

Thom: It is, yes. 

Dave: Back when I owned over there it was just two lanes and it was a pain, but now they've got that all opened up. 

Thom: Same here, I used to live right off of Ustick and Mitchell and gosh I guess that's been about 8 years ago...

Dave: Yeah so now to get up Ustick to Eagle is very easy and that access is so important. But again, owning a pool, have you ever owned a home with a pool?

Thom: I have not had the advantage of having a home with a pool.

Dave: We've had an above ground pool, you know it wasn't in ground that we put in but it really was nice; summer evenings you just go out and cool off and enjoy that or just kind of lounge around. 

Thom: We did have the advantage of having friends that had a pool that we got to frequent quite often so it's very nice.

Dave: I guess if I was making my wish list, here's what I would do; I would have a pool, might not be really big but I'd have a pool and then I would have one of those outdoor kitchens installed.

Thom: Oh yeah.

Dave: You know the kind that are getting very popular now, they're covered, you've got a beautiful grill and table and refrigerator.

Thom: Usually you have kind of like a little bar set up so that people can sit. Not bar like for drinking but just a bar, like a breakfast bar. 

Dave: Or bar drinking if you want. 

Thom: (Laughing) If you want. 

Dave: Either way, but you think about it, I mean I can't think of a more ideal situation than to have a pool, an outdoor kitchen, all set up, you wouldn't even need the inside of the house.

Thom: Have family come over and just hang out, yeah exactly.


Dave: You'd be set to go. By the way if you would like to check that house out it's listed as well with the homes at CoreGroupRealty.com. Something to think about, a pool, would you want a pool for the family, for the kids, for yourself? And you can get that at Core Group Realty.

Thom: Exactly, we've got all the listings that show those pools, whether it's a house with a pool or a house with a community pool that you can go to as well. 

Dave: Yeah, so it would just be a nice addition to your life. Well it's a busy week ahead as you have a lot of homes to be shown and of course your agents right here at Core Group, ready to go. 

Thom: Ready to go. They're busy but they are always ready for taking on new clients and getting them out there and looking at these homes. 

Dave: Yep, 933-7777 that is phone number to call or visit CoreGroupRealty.com,, whether you're  looking for a pool or not looking for a pool. I guess that is a personal choice in what you'd like to invest your time in. 

Thom: It is, it really is. 

Dave: Some people would rather go hunting and some people a lounge chair by the pool isn't a bad idea. 

Thom: Sounds marvelous to me. 

Dave: It would be a great idea.  We will continue again, we do this every Saturday at 2 o'clock, we call it the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. The Idaho Real Estate Buzz, Thom Dallman who is with Core Group Realty, the co-owner and designated broker. We'll do it again next Saturday at 2 here on 580 KIDO. 


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