Here at Core Group Realty we pride ourselves in giving the most up to date and current information and keeping our community informed about the ins and outs of Idaho real estate. We recently came across an article written by Amanda Dixon of SmartAsset.com where she shares a complete analysis of the 50 states considering nine different factors: foreclosure rates, burglary rates, property tax, price per square foot, annual changes in home prices, home affordability, annual cost of property taxes and home owner’s insurance.

Now I know what you’re thinking, where does Idaho rank?! Well folks, it should come as no surprise that our beautiful state is ranked number three out of all fifty states, beaten out only by South Dakota at number two and Wyoming in the number one spot. Some of the highlighted features that earned our great state the number three spot are the fact that our foreclosure and burglary rates have declined since 2015, as well as Idaho-in’s pay less in property tax than all but three states.



We hope that you enjoy this article and that you are as proud as we are to reside in our great state. If home ownership is a dream of yours than you are in the right place and we would be thrilled to make your dream a reality. Please click the link below for the full article. 




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