So much of our working force is sitting behind a desk answering and making phone calls.  If you are one of the 86% of American workers that sit for 8 or so hours a day at the very least, not including time spent at home on the couch or at events, this article may help you stay fit!

We here at CORE love to practice our Core excercises but doing 10 mintues in the morning and afternoon of planks, squats, and pushups.  So in an effort to help find some ways to combat "sitting disease," which can increase risks of high blood sugar, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol, we found some easy (and not so easy!) ways to fight back.  By doing these simple tips, you can feel more energized and productive with your day!


1) Take a break for 5-10 minutes every hour to walk around the office or do some squats at your desk.   Getting up stimulates your mind and the exercise helps keep the blood flowing. 


2) Stand while you eat lunch.  This helps your stomach and body better digest food and process it quicker getting that much needed fuel through your system. 


3) Walk during your lunch break.   A 30 minute walk not only increases your blood flow and mental awareness but also helps burn 200 to 300 calories. 


4) Don't dial that extension! Walk over to your co-worker's desk to ask your question.


5) Do some lunges as you wait at the printer.  It may look silly, but jus think of the benefits to making our legs something to look at. 


6) Getting harder now...try standing for an hour or two at your desk as you work.  If you're feeling adventurous...try all day! (make sure you bring good shoes!)


7) Get yourself a treadmill desk. Watch this video for some inspiration from right here in the Treasure Valley!


Our Client Care Manager Naomi has been standing at her desk (all day!) for 3 months now and feels energized all day with pep in her voice as she talks on the phone.  Our Listing Manager Kristina walks on her lunch and comes back feeling refreshed and recharged!


We would love to hear from you and find out what are some of your ideas to keep moving at work?


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