Benefits of listing your home in the fall of 2016


We don’t know about you, but we live for the fall. The crunchy leaves falling, the cool crisp air, and pumpkin spice everything just summons the seasons good feelings. The One thing we've learned working in Real Estate over the years is that when the weather starts to cool down, so do home sellers. It’s a fairly common trend across the country, but we are here to share with you that the buyers are still out there.

So, why should you choose to list your home in this lovely, leaf-covered season?

1.       There is less competition!  This our number one reason. There are fewer houses with the same amount of buyers on the market and that gives you, the seller, an advantage. 


With fewer houses for potential buyers to choose from, and fewer homes for them to compare against yours, there is a greater chance that buyers will come to take a peek at your home. This all goes back to supply and demand, and fall is a great time to be supplying that demand.

2.       Serious buyers are out there!  Since moving in the fall and winter months can be a little more tricky and arduous, the buyers that are looking are typically very SERIOUS! It is better to have 3 serious buyers in your house than 10 looky-loos.

3.       Staging can be extra fun in the fall! I know we’ve already expressed our love for fall, but a lot of others love fall too. You can make your home feel extra cozy and welcoming with fall-scented candles, or toss a couple of fuzzy throw blankets out. 

Make your home a warm retreat from the cool, crisp fall air. Giving potential buyers that warm and fuzzy feeling is easy and will leave a lasting impression.

4.       Mortgage rates are low…. for now but slowly creeping up! If you are going to purchase a home when you sell, sooner is better than later for your own personal mortgage rates. The buyers who are out there know this too, and are eager to lock in a purchase before rates increase. 


 On September 21, 2016, the Federal Reserve Board Chair, Janet Yellen, explained that the Fed is leaving interest rates where they have been since last December, but other sources are reporting that rates will slowly increase over the next year.  Even though there is confidence in the growing economy, the Fed wants to see more evidence of progress toward their economic objectives before they hike up the federal funds rate too much. No one has a clear picture as to when rates will go back up, but now is a great time to jump in the game while rates are still low.

5.       Speedy Transactions! In the fall there are fewer transactions than in spring and summer, and this can be a huge benefit to you. This means mortgage lenders have fewer loans to process, escrow officers have fewer closings to get through, and inspectors have fewer inspections to complete. All of these factors should lead to a quicker transaction and closing, which means money in your pocket that much faster.

Consider all of the reasons above and decide for yourself if fall is your time to sell. 

If you decide to heed our advice and list your home now, reach out to us and let our knowledgeable and seasoned agents help you get the job done!  Check us out and get your free home valuation at getmorewithcore.com



Thank you to Cara Fust for this blog!


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