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Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is the co-owner and the designated broker for Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website and that is Core with a “C", Core. Thom, welcome back.

Thom: Thank you, I'm glad to be here. 

Dave: Well one of the things I always like pushing and talking about is the website, CoreGroupRealty.com because it's a very interactive site and it is absolutely full of information. As you've told me time and time again when it comes to real estate these days, much like anything else for sale like automobiles or appliances, people go online before they get in the car to go look. 

Thom: Everybody's searching online first, I'm actually in the market for a new thermostat for our furnace at home, so what did I do this week? I've been researching online the different thermostats and their various forms. The Nest vs. the Honeywell system and all that.

Dave: Are you looking at one of those that you can adjust the temperature from your phone?

Thom: Yep, exactly and the reason for this is unfortunately our air conditioner went out over the 4th of July and so we came home from boating all day and found the nice warm house. 

(Both laughing)

Thom: And so we were thinking man if we had the system it would have notified us so we could have been prepared for it when we got home.

Dave: Yeah instead of a surprise. It is amazing when it comes to homes, whether it's new or an existing home, how intricate online is now. Whether you're turning lights on and off or whether you're making sure doors or locked or turning the air up or down or whatever you are doing.

Thom: Well now they have those doorbells, the video doorbell where you can actually see people and talk to them if you're not at home. If someone drops off a package you can talk to them.

Dave: You can be anywhere in the world and the person on your doorstep thinks you're home. 

Thom: Yeah, exactly. 

Dave: Absolutely incredible when it comes to security and security systems. In fact maybe sometime we would have one of your vendors that you work with when it comes to security systems, to talk to them about that. But I digress, go to CoreGroupRealty.com, got carried away there. You've got a number of things, some new listings, some coming soon’s as well, and some price drops. 

Thom: Yep, very important for people especially in this market place where we are once again with multiple offers on properties if they are priced right. It's important to be able to see these homes that are on the Coming Soon site to be in the know and be the first ones in them before it hits the market. I've got a couple coming soon's that we are really excited about. One is at 888 E. Shadow Creek lane in Eagle. It's in that Winding Creek subdivision. A nice 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home at 2,097 square feet, that's listed at $283,000. It's got irrigation for the lawn, fully fenced, master on the main level as well as dual vanities and granite counter tops in the house. So great little property in Eagle Idaho at a great price at $283,000 and once again that's at 888 E. Shadow Creek lane in Eagle. 

Dave: And again I can attest for the lifestyle in Eagle, ID, it's still has that small town feel, you know you go downtown whether it's one of the restaurants and it still has that small town feel, it also has a great skate park off old Horseshoe Bend road for kids activities, and great school in the Eagle area. 

Thom: Yeah, really pretty much everything that you could want with that small town feel. 

Dave: Yep, it does. Even though it's getting surrounded by the city it still has that great small town feel. Great property to look at. And that' s in the "Coming Soon" tab. So it has not been released to the Multiple Listing Service so your chance to get a jump look at that. You have another one listed?

Thom: Yep, one more. Actually this one's out in Nampa and it's a 3 bedroom 2 bath home at 1,200 square feet, and it is listed at $149,000. It's at 3222 S. Harbor Springs street in Nampa, that's the Islands Subdivision in there. It's a 2 car garage on .18 of an acre, irrigation, RV parking, a split bedroom design where one master is on one side and the guest bedrooms are on the other side. It is also on a corner lot, once again that's 3222 S. Harbor Springs street in Nampa at $149,000, great price. 

Dave: Alright, and again those are Coming Soon's so when you got to CoreGroupRealty.com look for the tab that says "Coming Soon", that's where you will find those two properties. Now they won't be there forever because they will be listed soon. 

Thom: Yep, as soon as they get listed they move over to our "Featured Listings" sections. Which yeah, one of our agents just listed his personal home so it's at 132 N. 25th street in Nampa. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, built in 1977, 1,1000 square feet and is listed at $124,000, so really good price in Nampa for a 1,1000 square foot house. Single level once again....

Dave:....$124,00 you said?

Thom: Uh, $124,000 yep.

Dave: So it's a great price point. 

Thom: Yeah, great price point for everybody, and it's on a cul-de-sac, we love those cul-de-sac's, no traffic rushing through your street. Once again that's at 132 N. 25th street in Nampa. 

Dave: Now, I'm not Michelle Guth as you know...

Thom: Yeah.

Dave: ...just by looking at me, I'm no Michelle Guth, but I would venture to say that $124,000 you'll probably be paying less for your house payment than you would for rent. 

Thom: Oh for sure!

Dave: There's a very good chance of that. By the way if you have questions about that you can always talk to Diversified Mortgage, we'll talk to Michelle coming up in the next segment to talk a little more about financing. Boy in this day and age if you're not going to be moving soon it would be a great idea to invest and reduce your monthly payment. 

Thom: Oh for sure, for sure, you can definitely way the values and there's all kinds of calculators out there depending on sizes and stuff like that to see whether rent or mortgages are cheaper. Our team is experienced at helping people negotiate that and look at those numbers. 

Dave: That'd be perfect, a great opportunity to get into a home. And you do have a couple of homes that you've reduced the prices just a bit?

Thom: Yeah, yeah, as always there's some properties that for various reasons they just need some adjustments on the prices. We've got a few of those that have happened this week. The first one is actually in Twin Falls. We actually have one of our agents listing a family home out in Twin Falls, so...

Dave: Okay, but if somebody's moving down there, with the Chobani just recently adding on and doing things there... There could be some people moving there. 

Thom: Yeah for sure. This is at 2965 Falls Avenue in Twin Falls. It's a 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath at 4,000 square feet. It's listed now at $400,000, it's on 3.19 acres so a nice big property in Twin Falls. 

Dave: And what's the price on that?

Thom: $400,000 and the address is 2965 Falls Avenue in Twin Falls.

Dave: So you get over 3 acres, 5 bedrooms, what a great family home that is!

Thom: Right?!

Dave: That is perfect.

Thom: The next one, the next two actually are here in Boise. The first ones at 9548 W. Blue Meadows, a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath at 2683 square feet in that Blue Meadows subdivision. And that one is now listed at $275,000. $275,000 for 2600 square feet. 

Dave: And again you can see this at CoreGroupRealty.com.

Thom: Yep, just in the Featured Listings. The next one in Boise is at 11732 W. Annalee Lane, and this is a town house, it's a four bedroom 3 bath with granite amenities. 2196 square feet in the Pepperwood Estates, so really nice town home over in west Boise in the 709 area code. So once again that's 1173 W. Annalee Lane and it is now listing at $210,000.

Dave: Let me ask you a question, talking about Twin Falls got me thinking. If somebody is looking to move, maybe they've been transferred to say Lincoln Nebraska, can Core Group Realty help you get in touch with somebody in another city to look for properties? Or if you know of somebody coming in from out of town, do you work with people from other states?

Thom: All the time, yeah. We are part of a network of about 180 agents throughout the US, so we normally always have some kind of a connection in any area, or can get you in touch with an agent. If you're looking to move here and need to list your home there, or are moving out of the area and need to sell your home here and buy one there we can definitely get you in contact with great agents.

Dave: If somebody's never gone through that before it's kind of a frightening process. If you were never in Boise before you wouldn't know, where do I want to buy, where do I not want to buy, it's kind of overwhelming.

Thom: It can be. 

Dave: So having somebody to walk you through that process is a nice thing to have. 

Thom: Exactly. And we usually interview agents before we recommend them, so we are making sure that our clients are being covered by the best.

Dave: Excellent.

Thom: Yeah, yeah. We have one more price drop if you don't mind me mentioning.

Dave: Absolutely, we've got time.

Thom: This one's a really nice 2.4 acre property over in Nampa. The property is 14809 Beach Cherry Drive in Nampa. It's a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, nice huge shop on it so it's a great property, with a pull through R.V. shop. And once again that's 14809 Beach Cherry Drive and that is now listed at $560,000 which is a really great price for the Stevens Orchard subdivision out there. Having that big acreage and that huge shop and a big house, so it's definitely a good property to check out and see at that $560,000.

Dave: You know, we are reaching that point, that half way point of summer where some people wanted to get settled in before school starts again so now's the time to do it, and if you're looking it's the time to call Core Group Realty. Really that's something I think you agents here at Core Group are really good at as well, and that is helping people if they have school kids to find out more about the schools. You have all that information...

Thom: Oh yeah, yeah we have access to all that information and can really help guide people to where they need to go. We're really good about making sure that we send listings that are just within school districts if people have a specific school district that they want to keep their kids in. 

Dave: Can you do that online? Can you narrow it down on you search online, or is that something that you really need to come in for?

Thom: Yeah on our website when you go to the "Home Search" function, you can actually search by school districts on there. 

Dave: Oh nice.

Thom: Yep, you can pull up a certain school district if you want. 

Dave: Again another reason to go to CoreGroupRealty.com. As we mentioned it is where all things begin is online in this day and age and Core Group Realty has made the extra effort and investment, because it is an investment to really have a website that's easy for you to use. CoreGroupRealty.com or if you want to talk to somebody right now you can call 933-7777, there are customer service agents there to take care of you and get you channeled in the right direction if you have any questions. Gonna be talking to Michelle Guth, and I'd like to mention once again that this is a pre-recorded segment with Michelle from previously. She's gone through some personal tragedy, losing her husband and our thoughts and prayers out to Michelle and to all of her family during this difficult time, she'll be back with us again soon with some updated shows. Now we will be talking about what's happening with Diversified Mortgage when we return. Here on 580 KIDO. 

Seg #3

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is the co-owner and the designated broker for CORE Group Realty. As we get together and talk about real estate all things real estate really that will affect you whether you're buying, whether you're selling or even whether you're building which is one of the things Thom we're going to talk about now.

Thom: Yeah, I'm really super excited to introduce the newest edition to the CORE Group Family, Heather Echevarria with Innovative Custom Homes. They are a custom home builder in the area that specialize in designing homes specifically for their clients, really super excited to have you on board Heather.

Heather: Thank you!

Dave: You know there's so many things right now, I mean we've talked about ad nauseum about the fact that the shortage of existing housing so a lot of people are looking into building a home and I guess one of my first questions for you Heather would be when it comes to building, if you're going to build you may as well have it custom built, do it the way you want it shouldn't you?

Heather: Very true, very true.

Dave: So tell me a little bit about how you got involved in custom home building new homes.

Heather: Well my husband and I started off oh about 15 years ago remodeling homes and then after we did quite a few of those I wanted a bigger budget and so I thought it would be a lot more fun to design it from the ground up, and that's kind of where we got started.

Dave: Wow, very nice. So what does this mean for CORE Group Realty? The addition of a custom home builder?

Thom: Well it's great because now when our clients are working with our buyer's team and trying to find that perfect house and just not finding it with the inventory so low we have the ability and the option to schedule a meeting with Heather and sit down and say let's talk about a custom home, let's talk about what you're looking for in a house and see if we can build something for them and get them into it.

Dave: Let's jump into this talking about it and not only what it means for CORE Group but what it means for your potential customers.

Thom: For sure. Once again, I just think it's great to be able to have that option and to be able to build and Heather, tell us how long of a time frame are we looking at for build jobs?

Heather: For a build job from the time we break ground; so that means we've got plans, we've got permits, we've got everything laid out how they want their home, from the time we break ground to completion we're typically around 120 days.

Dave: OK now if I'm looking at a home build though I don't just walk in and go "uhhhh here's how we're gonna do it," do you have plans to alter? Look at?  How does that work?

Heather: Well we do have some plans that we've built, we've built quite a few different plans but we also a lot of my clients come to me with floor plans and ideas drawn on napkins or they're like "well I like this part of this plan that you built and this part of this one" so that's the beauty of a custom home, we can take what you like from this plan and that plan and what you're seeing maybe even in your existing home for what's going to work with your existing furniture and we design a plan specifically for you.

Dave: So when it comes to, and I say this from experience, we had a home built in 1998, we thought it was our dream home when we looked at the floor plans, altered it, did the things we needed to do now all these years later it's like "why didn't we do this?" is this where you step in with your experience and say "You may not be happy with that" is that what you do?

Heather: It is. I mean I've gone from measuring my client's furniture to make sure that everything's going to fit to shopping for furniture with them, picking colors, I mean, I've spent 2 years on plans with clients to make sure it is exactly how they want it, so that really is what my job is. If you're thinking hey I want to do this but - I kind of go through and let you know the pros and cons to doing that. If something you pick really doesn't go, then I will let you know.

Dave: And see I wish I would have had a little more of that going when we built the home because pretty much we said "We'd like to do this" and the builder really didn't say "You might not want to do that" but we figured out after oh about 4 months in the house that wasn't really that great of an idea so we have a couple things that we want to re-build.

Thom: Yeah and once again it is very important especially with CORE Group Realty to make sure that the people we're recommending are focused on our client's needs and client's wants, and that's why I think it's such a great partnership with Innovative Custom Homes because we all are focused on the same thing, the client's needs and what they want in their home and what they need. I think a perfect example is the model home that we have that we're actually starting this weekend doing open houses at from 1-4 over in the Lionsgate subdivision. They built this house, well basically it's a garage with a house attached.

Heather: It is!

Thom: Do you want to explain that a little bit?

Heather: Well the house is a little under 3,100 square feet, single level, and the garage is just under 4,200 square feet with an additional 900 square feet bonus storage room.

Dave: Time out here! I assume whoever wanted this home wanted a lot of garage.

Heather: Yes, they're retired and it's his space and her space.

Dave: He lives in the garage, she lives in the house.

Heather: Yes.

Dave: Does this have an RV garage is that why it's so big?

It does, it has a class A RV garage. And basically what they were looking at doing is looking at the cost to do the home with the garage with a detached and it just worked for their budget better to attach the shop than it was to do it as a detached so we spent a lot of time in planning to make sure that it didn't look like all garage so it really turned out really really nice.

Thom: Yeah it does not look like all garage.

Dave: And this is an open house we can go look at?

Heather: It is.

Dave: This would be where?

Thom: This is at 967 Lionbridge place in Eagle so it's just right there kind of off the corner of Valentine and Floating Feather in Eagle so we are hosting the open house there every Friday, Saturday, andSunday from 1-4.

Dave: So starting today 1-4 and tomorrow 1-4. What's the address one more time?

Heather: It's 967 Lionbridge place out in Eagle.

Dave: And again that's off of Valentine right there and Floating Feather so you might want to check that out if you've had those dreams of "Oh man I love garage space," a really good chance to get a good look at something that was somebody else's dream as well.  Let me ask you this, because you always hear the phrase "My dream home." How often does it happen and maybe I should put it this way: what is it make it go from being a dream home to a nightmare? It might catch you by surprise there but is there something that kind of makes something go upside down into a nightmare, is it bad planning or..?

Heather: I think it could be bad planning I think it could be not keeping an eye on the budget for your client. That's the biggest thing is budget because there's certain things we can do within a certain budget, and even if your client has a huge budget, they may not be willing to spend the kind of money ... so one of the things we do is we bid out every project. It doesn't matter if it's their first home, second home, or it's going to be their retirement home. We bid out every project with 3-4 subs on every line and I come from an accounting background so I feel like budget and timeline, that's huge!

Dave: And that does work because when we built our home we had reached our budget, you know, our builder said here is you're budget it's gotta be built within that or you need to give me more money. And there were times when we'd say "Hey we'd like a Christmas light circuit put in" and it's like "OK what don't you want?" and it's like "Oh darn it" but that's the bottom line so that really does come in handy that accounting background and I joke about it but bean counter when it comes down to it because I don't know if you've been in a Home Depot later but nothing is getting cheaper!

Heather: No, nothing is getting cheaper, costs are going up, the sub's costs are going up so you just have to be able to watch everybody and look at what they bid compared to what your client is wanting and make sure that you're bidding apples to apples.

Dave: So if somebody is listing today and they're thinking "You know we've thought about building" and whether it's your dream home or whether it's just building a home, it would be a good time to call CORE Group Realty and set up an appointment to talk about your dreams.

Thom: Just reach out to one of our buyer's agents, if you can't make the open house they can schedule an appointment to go take a look at the house outside of the open house hours at the model home and get some ideas of what they have. They have multiple floor plans kind of laid out there so you can kind of see some of the other floor plans that they have and so forth. Reach out to one of our agents and we'll get the appointment set up and start you on that road to get a home built.

Dave: Here's a question for you, Thom. And that is, when it comes to building a home, CORE Group you have access to a lot of land and/or subdivisions to be able to build?

Thom: Yeah! There's land out there and opportunities so we can definitely help them find and work with Heather to find out the right price point for what they're looking at because that's a big part of it is you have the cost of the home build but you also have the cost of the land that goes with it so we have to make sure that those are in line.

Dave: So Heather when your alarm goes off int he morning, what is it that excites you about coming into work?

Heather: You know I just love the whole process, the designing and the creative process that goes along with it so that's probably the most fun thing for me is the creative process.

Dave: So for your husband he's the kind of guy that slings the hammer and deals with the...?

Heather: No, he has what he called a mechanical bypass when he was a child. He goes and checks on the jobs and checks to make sure guys are there if there's something that somebody needs and the supplier can't get it out there he'll go and pick it up for me.

Dave: And just an important process in the whole thing of building a home. In fact, sometime I'd like to have you come back and because I've done two things, we've remodeled a home once, we've built a home and we're talking about remodeling again; it puts stress on a couple!

Heather: It does.

Dave: And I'd love to talk to you about that how to avoid that and what some of the pitfalls might be but I'd like to get together with you sometime and just chat about that because you have to go in with certain expectations, I guess what would you say, certain handicaps ... it's tougher, especially if you do remodeling. And do you do that as well?

Heather: We do!

Dave: Perfect. A great addition for CORE Group Realty.

Thom: Very excited!

Dave: So if you'd like to go set up a time and chat with the folks, 933-7777, somebody's standing by right now as a matter of fact. That open house is under way and again Heather one more time the address where they can swing by and take a look.

Heather: It is 977 Lionsbridge place in Eagle Idaho.

Dave: Perfect! Excited, looking forward to some great stories and ideas coming up in the future.

Thom: A great edition, looking forward to those segments as well.

Dave: Thom Dallman, the guy who is responsible for CORE Group Realty and if you want to give them a call and talk to Thom himself he'd be happy to answer any questions or you can talk to any of the agents as well. 933-7777 that is the phone number to call, or you can go to coregrouprealty.com. We will continue on the other side here on this Saturday, if you're out and about you might want to swing on by the Eagle area and check out that open house. We'll continue with more of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz here on 580 KIDO.

Seg #4

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is the co-owner and the designated broker for CORE Group Realty, COREGroupRealty.com is the website to go to as we talk all things real estate and it really I guess the thing you know one of the things I like about you and your agents, you don't deny the fact there are other companies out there, there's other agents who are out there doing a good job and really what it comes down to when you're ready to list your home or buy your home: get a qualified agent.

Thom: Exactly

Dave: Whether it's CORE Group or you know.

Thom: Yes, we've talked about this before, it's very important to go through the interview process just like you would if you were hiring an employee if you had your own business. You're hiring someone to sufficiently market your house and help you get the best amount of money for your house. Get you top dollar.

Dave: This is the biggest investment unless you own a business, this is the biggest investment the average person will ever make so to just kind of go "eenie meenie chili beanie" and stick a finger in a phone book, that's not really a good way to do it. So here's the thing that I know about CORE Group Realty. You encourage people to come in and interview your company.

Thom: We do, yes, for sure. We actually highly encourage people to not only interview us but to interview other people and make sure that you get a right fit for what you want and for what you're looking for. Set your expectations with that listing agent and find out from them what their expectations are of you.

Dave: Would you say it's probably a good sign that we won't name names or anything but it's probably a good sign if I want to list my home to sell and I go into brand Z real estate company and they want to ink my contract right now before I leave the door, is that probably not a good sign?

Thom: Well yeah, there's aggressive sales people out there obviously.

Dave: But if I you know and say OK Thom, let me think about it overnight, I want to talk to another company, you're not going to try to high pressure me before I get up and walk out the door

Thom: No, not at all, were very low pressure here, there's no commitments if come in to just chat interview we'll show you our marketing plans we'll show you the different programs that we have and no we won't pressure you at all, you're not going to sign on the dotted line right then and there unless you really like what you see then we can go grab the paperwork and have you sign.

Dave: Well let me ask you this, as being the co-owner, as being the guy in charge tell me what sets to you in your mind what you really strive to do that sets CORE Group apart from some of the rest.

Thom: I think starting out at the beginning, I think one of the things that sets us apart is our staff. We have two dedicated staff members that help the listing team so that the listing team can focus on making sure they're marketing homes correctly and getting the right price for them. The staff includes a transaction coordinator who actually reaches out to the agents that have shown the properties over the last week and actually gets feedback, gets constructive feedback for our clients to let them know exactly what the people are saying that have come through the house: whether they like it, what they don't like, if the price is too high or so forth.

Dave: Having sold a home before and I know things have changed since the last time I sold a home but you come back in and it's like "We’re going to show the house whenever you're gone" and then you come home and there are three or four cards there and you never hear back what they think. You don't know what happened.

Thom: You have people coming through the house but not writing any offers on it so I think it is very important, and one of the things that sets us apart is that we do have the dedicated person that does that every week, we have a nice showing report that we send to our clients that tells them exactly how many views it has on the internet, it has how many people came through the house, what those people said about the house and so forth.

Dave: Which I think's important.  I think if they're coming in going "Oh my God the carpet's horrendous" and if it's said 3-4 times you know we've got an issue here.

Thom: Invest a little money into getting carpet yeah. It's one of the, I don't know if I should say complaints but one of the biggest gripes that I hear from people who have previously been listed with other agents is that once they get it listed they never hear from the agent again and they get very frustrated with that, so we are reaching out to them at least once a week for sure and letting them know what people are saying about their house and that's one of the things that sets us apart.

Dave: And for you as one of the owners you really expect that out of your agents that you keep in touch with those people.

Thom: Exactly, for sure. Whether you are buying or selling a house. All of my agents, I'm always making sure they're staying in contact letting them know where they're at in the process, even if it's a call to say "Hey, nothing new today, we're still waiting for the appraisal to come back" I want them to call and make that connection.

Dave: So if you're talking to real estate companies one of the things to make sure is "Do you keep us up to date with what's going on?" And is there a way, I mean, it would be easy if I was John Doe Real Estate and you came in and said "Do you keep us up to date?" "Sure, Thom, of course we do!" Is there a way to show and prove here's examples of what we've done?

Thom: Yeah if you were interviewing an agent and they said "Yes we do" just say "What's the process? What's that look like?" Just ask that simple question and if they can give you a clear and defined answer of what they go through to make that sure you're informed each week of the showings and stuff like that. Ask them "Do you have a showing report; do you have something in writing that you send to let us know what people are saying about the house."

Dave: And if they say "Oh not really" then that's a question. Because I do having sold homes that is so important because I don't know how many times it was like "What they say about the house? Did they say they hated it or that they loved it?" So I think it's a good thing.

Thom: So one of the other complaints that we get all the time too is "My agent never had the flyers updated or kept full in the flyer boxes outside" which everybody knows there are a lot of people driving around pulling those flyers and looking at properties so we have a dedicated runner that actually makes sure that all of those flyer boxes are full as soon as they get empty whether it is our agent notifying us or what not we have our runner run and do flyers as quick as possible.

Dave: I have to say I mention on the show 3-4 weeks ago in my subdivision where I live in Eagle, there's a guy who put up a For Sale sign in his yard and obviously got frustrated because 2 weeks later a real estate sign went up. I thought to myself I was out of town and I came back into town and I thought "You know what I want to swing by and see what they're asking for that house"... no flyers.

Thom: It happens all the time. I think one of the other things that sets us apart from some of the other brokerages is really kind of our marketing programs as well, I think that we have a lot of agents just say "Oh we're going to market we're going to syndicate out to the stuff" which is what our MLS is built for and our MLS multiple listing service actually syndicates out to a whole bunch of different places out there so that it's on the internet but we go kind of one step further if you will. We have our internal link, we have our coming soon site that we talk about all the time at the beginning of the show, and that is on our website for people to see kind of get that pre-marketing going for it and so we have that option here so when you're interviewing what other options do you have for getting my information out there?

Dave: If I can say this maybe I'm wrong if I am correct me, just flat out correct me. If you're just counting on multiple listing service and I want the word out there you're really counting on someone that has to do CORE Group's job. And you'd rather your people doing the job and keep it in house it's best to get a lot of eyes on it but you are counting on somebody else to do the work.

Thom: We push out too, we do Craigslist postings for all of our listings just to make sure that we make sure consistently so that they're constantly showing up out there. We do Facebook posts all the time on our Just Listed. We have it posted when it's a coming soon, we have it posted when it's just listed and so forth.

Dave: Which by the way, if you use Facebook, if you'd like to "friend" Core Group Realty just look up CORE Group on Facebook and go and friend it that way you can kind of keep track of what's going on. I get those posts that you put up as well.

Thom: We post all kinds of not just our listings and stuff so you're not inundated with listings but we do, we connect to our blog site with very useful information on the real estate market and I post videos and stuff talking about the real estate market and things like that so all of our information is really dispersed well there. We have 8,600 followers right now on our Facebook page so it's reaching a big audience. And when you're talking to other agents ask them what other medias do you have besides MLS and internet that they're doing? Obviously we have the radio show and our first segment is always our new listings and stuff like that so I think that's a great tool that we have that sets us apart from other companies as well as our CORE Group Elite Home program which is a special program that the sellers can opt in for and then that gets marketed to agents, it's really a tool for reaching out to agents.

Dave: How does it work? What is it about?

Thom: So if the seller decides to participate on the program it get a special spot on our website, we have CORE Group Elite Homes on our website and then within the MLS we have a designation for those so buyer's agents that actually sell one of these homes are actually eligible to compete in a competition for a $10,000 commission bonus.

Dave: So in other words the person who's involved with selling it they get more cash so they're interested in getting it sold!

Thom: Exactly, and the buyer's agents are now starting to look for that because they realize if I sell one of these CORE Group Elite Homes I'm going to get to participate in this competition to win $10,000. We've had 4 competitions right now and have given out $40,000 over the last year so it's been a great program like I said buyer's agents are now starting to look so it's an extra piece of the marketing for reaching out to the agents in the area that are looking through these homes so they can participate in that competition.

Dave: So just a couple minutes left in the show so again make sure you have personnel that's there to take care of your needs whether it's filling the flyers, whether it's keeping up to date on what's happening.  Social media whether it's Facebook whether it's the website, other things other than just an ad in the newspaper and a sign in the yard. So that's important to do as well. And then I'll ask what else do you..

Thom: Well we are actually really super excited because we're just starting to do a new venture with a virtual reality photograph company so we're going to hopefully we are test piloting it but hopefully here in the next month or two we'll be able to offer actual virtual reality tours of homes so we'll be able to take a seller's home, we can do a virtual reality on specific homes and be able to display it in a virtual reality mode. It's really popular right now, your kind of seeing it on Facebook, you're kind of seeing it out there for advertising and stuff where you can move the screen around and you can move your phone up and down and it looks like you're in the house itself so we're working with that technology to be able to offer that. We do offer 3-D technology right now so we can do the 3-D floor plan of a home for specific homes. But we're really super excited so look at what other advanced technology they have for photos. Are they doing professional photos? Are they doing different things like this to advertise the house.

Dave: I guess the bottom line is, things have progressed like all businesses and changed so much over the past 2-3 years. Make sure you have an agent that's up to date that's there to service and service you because there are a lot of good agents out there but you have to find that agent and interviewing is a big part of it to make sure that CORE Group is the people that you want that it's a good fit both ways. Thom Dallman, thank you so much as we get a chance to talk all things Real Estate. It is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, we do it every Saturday at 2:00 here on 580 KIDO.

*Segment #2 was a re-run from a previous show*


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