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Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman with CORE Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com, that is the website for you to go to find out all things real estate what's happening in the real estate market. 933-7777 is the number to call, in fact you can call during this holiday weekend and talk to somebody who can get you hooked up with a real estate agent if you are out looking or maybe you're in town visiting for the 4th of July weekend and you're able to get out and look at some homes.  Now's the time to call! 933-7777 Thom, welcome back to the show and boy...it's been hot weather! Real estate market's been red hot, it's just hot hot hot!

Thom: It is hot all the way around, exactly.  Hot up in the foothills apparently too.

Dave: It is. In fact, we're going to talk about that a little bit too about foothills, homes, or you maybe have a cabin up in Donnelly or somewhere and just about fire safety and how to prepare your home. But before we get to all of that, it is a red hot real estate market; you have properties listed that are selling and other properties being listed and a lot going on!

Thom: Yeah, they're still selling pretty quickly, you know not lasting very much on the market. We had anticipated maybe a little bit of a slow down with Brexit, the Brexit news of this last week and everything but it really hasn't slowed us down just yet! We've still got a lot of buyers, a lot of buyers coming into town over this weekend to look at homes and so forth to come visit family and get out and look at homes.

Dave: Well you know and I think and this is my personal opinion the couple days on the market place and more than anything it's because the media blew things up out of proportion like they always do to make a story.

Thom: Oh they always do!

Dave: Oh well wait a minute the sun came up and everything's OK. Some people are, you know, going forward with their life and it happens that way with a lot of things when you have a tragedy like Orlando that took place, the media takes it and runs with it and just makes it mind you, a tragedy, but they make it bigger than life. And everybody reacts and we go OK, the sun came up, we're going to be fine. We move forward, so whether it's the marketplace, whatever it may be, we move forward. And really, when it comes to real estate, it is an investment. If you're living in it it's emotional investment, mind you, but it is an investment.

Thom: A financial investment too for a lot of people.

Dave: And probably the biggest one they'll ever make in their life!

Thom: For sure! It's a great way to build wealth, and personal wealth is to invest in real estate so it's one of the best ways to build that.

Dave: It is a hard asset that you can touch, feel, and enjoy. So, what do you have on the website, CoreGroupRealty.com? What do you have listed?

Thom: So yeah let's talk about that! We have a couple new listings that came on this week, really excited about these opportunities. The first one is in Crawford Subdivision in Boise. It's at 2007 S. Mayflower Way, it's a great house: 3 bed, 2.5 bath at 1300 sq. ft. .19 of an acre with a 2 car garage. Built in 2000, it's got irrigation so save money on watering your lawn, fully fenced with RV parking and storage shed. So that's 2007 S. Mayflower Way in Boise came on at $169,000.

Dave: And that's pretty good .9 acres that's a pretty good sized lot.

Thom: Pretty good price for South Boise. 83709 zip code.

Dave: You can check that out online at Core Group Realty.com.

Thom: Just listed. On the featured listings section there. And then we have a second one that came on in Meridian. It's on 2021 N. Silverleaf Place. This one's actually a golf view of Estates. Yeah, let's talk about that! Yeah for that golf lover, you actually are in the golf course area so you actually get to see the golf course around you. This one's a 4 bed 2.5 bath at 2800 sq. ft., 2 story 3 car garage. Once again, irrigation, fully fenced. It's actually on a cul-de-sac so you don't have to deal with through traffic. It's got a central vac, dual vanities with a walk in closet in the master, just a great house for that 2800 sq. ft. home we are looking at $325,000 for a purchase price. Once again that's 2021 Silverleaf Place in Meridian.

Dave: Nice! And it's funny I think. I have a friend he bought on a golf course and he looked and waited and it was his dream home to do that and sometime we'll have to sit down and come up with that dream home, all the things you want. Cul-de-sac. I live in a cul-de-sac we looked for one to build on, maybe somebody wants a golf course. I mean everybody has those dream features in a home that they want. And the folks at CORE Group Realty the agents they can help hook you up with the dreams that you're having whether you're building a home wanting to build a home or wanting to buy existing. You have the folks here at CORE Group that can help make that happen.

Thom: Oh yeah, we're here all weekend, we're here 24/7 pretty much with someone standing by to help out.

Dave: By the way, we're mentioning the featured listings that is because at CORE Group and we've talked about this in the past, the "Coming Soon" tab with homes that are going to be listed soon but your kind of get a head start.

Thom: Yeah our "Coming Soon" section! Our coming soon section is very important because you do want to be the first one to get in to see some of these homes, it's a great opportunity to be the first one and kind of get an advance on the market so we've got a couple of coming soons these next couple weeks that we can talk about one's in Nampa at 850 Murfield Lane, this is a 2000 sq ft. home coming on for $212,000. Single level with 4 bedrooms, built in 1998 with irrigation as well. Split bedroom floor plans. This one actually has 2 master bedrooms so if you have in-laws living with you you've got your two separate suites separated in two. 850 Murfield Lane in Nampa on the coming soon tab at $212,000.

Dave: Let me ask you this question: somebody kind of cornered me the other day and said it was during the show. And by the way we do pre-record these shows and he said, "I thought... you were on the radio I thought I just heard you!" I said "no, no, these are pre-recorded." He said "I got a question about that, the coming soon." And I didn't prepare you for this but let me ask you flat footed, he wanted to know on the coming soon site even though it's coming soon can you view the house before it's listed within MLS? 

Thom: Yes, we can!  We do have paperwork actually allowing us to actually pre-market it and we can bring buyers through.

Dave: Just with no warning it might not be totally ready.

Thom: Yes, and any agent out there that looks at our coming soon or has a client reach out to them and asks them, they can call the listing agent trying to arrange to go preview the house beforehand as well.

Dave: That's what he wanted to know and I looked at him and went "Uhhh...I'll find out!" So we're going to send him your way but yeah so that's excellent! So if you want to during this holiday weekend looking just go to CoreGroupRealty.com, and look at the coming soon tab and you had another one.

Thom: Just one more, this one's out in Payette actually. It's at 845 N. 4th St., this is a 2 car garage, 4 bedroom 2 bath house coming on at $240,000 with 2,091 sq ft. build in 1918 so it's an older home.

Dave: Built when?

Thom: In 1918.

Dave: Nice, so that person that's looking for that classic home there.

Thom: Exactly! It does have a storage shed it has a separate shop with electricity on it as well, RV parking, garden space. Because it's on 4.56 acres they have great options for horses.  There's a barn on there you can have chickens you can have a dog run really kind of a nice little rural setting.

Dave: Now so this is almost 100 years old..

Thom: Yes.

Dave: Built in 1918, is this a home that needs to be fixed up? Has it been restored or is it kind of a little bit of all of that? 

Thom: I think it's a little bit of everything, yeah. 

Dave: Is it?

Thom: Yeah, yeah it's a nice house, I do believe that they've done some of the remodel on it but there's always opportunities for me. (Laughing)

Dave: I've always had that where I would love to get a home that kind of needed some restoration. I don't want it falling down but that needs a little restoration. To really go after a 100-year-old, that would be fantastic. 

Thom: Yes, that would be fun to renovate and do those kind of projects. They can be quite time consuming and can take a lot of money to get those done, but the investment over all especially if it's in a historic area... It can really pay off in the long run.

Dave: Yeah. Definitely worth the look at the Coming Soon tab at CoreGroupRealty.com. We're gonna continue on the other side. We do want to take just a second, Michelle Guth is gonna join us but this is a replay of a previous show. Tragedy striking and kind of emotional, we're very close to Michelle and her husband you may have heard in the news last week, a gentlemen lost his life on Highway 55 in a horrific motorcycle accident, that was Michelle's husband. And so Michelle will not be with us for several weeks for obvious reasons as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together, but Diversified Mortgage is there, she has a great staff to continue and to step in for her. 

Thom: They are still working very hard to keep things moving forward, very busy people. Total tragedy for Michelle and our hearts go out to her and her family. 

Dave: Yeah, so we will talk to Michelle, it's the pre-recording, so that way if you know Michelle and you hear her, know that it's pre-recorded from a previous segment and we just appreciate you keeping her and her family in thoughts and prayers. We'll continue on the other side, this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman from Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com and I do need to mention this that Thom is the co-owner and designated broker of Core Group Realty. You're responsible my friend. 

Thom: I'm responsible for everybody. 

(Both Laughing)

Dave: So give them a call, 933-7777 or check out the website, CoreGroupRealty.com. We'll continue with Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage, a prerecorded segment coming up next, here on 580 KIDO. 


Seg #4

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty, the co-owner and designated broker of Core Group Realty. You know Thom we're at that time of year where it is fire season and that really became apparent earlier in the week when we had just a devastating foothills fire that took a home and several out buildings as well.

Thom: Yeah, what'd they say 800 acres? Or am I wrong?

Dave: Uh, no it wound up around 1,400 acres. 

Thom: 1,400, oh wow. 

Dave: Yeah so it grew quite a bit.

Thom: I think the last report that I saw was 800, holy cow. 

Dave: Yeah, it was 800 early in the morning on Thursday, but the final BLM report was about 1,400 acres, but yeah one house completely destroyed, a home owner that's having to start all over and pick up the pieces...

Thom: It's devastating. 

Dave: I guess one thing I wanted to talk about because whether you have a home in the foothills or maybe a vacation home, there are things you can do that can help in the event of a wildfire. 

Thom: Oh yeah. You should always be thinking about things that will help prevent fires if you do have a forest fire or a wildfire going around you. Things that can prevent the fire from jumping on your house or towards your house. 

Dave: So let's talk about some of those things.

Thom: Yeah, one of the major things that they always so is to make sure your trees are well trimmed, all the dead branches are out of your trees throughout the season, and keep those trees at least 10 feet away from your house along with any burnable building that you have. It usually takes about that 10 feet is that safety area where embers don't necessarily jump that easily.

Dave: Yeah, unless the wind is really blowing and then there's not much you can do.

Thom: Exactly, then there's not much that you can do on those spaces.

Dave: But just in the event that you're in the backyard, maybe you're burning something and something gets out of control that space of trees away from the home, and I guess that would be whether it's a juniper tree or whether it's you know a big evergreen tree..just kind of keep them away from the house. 

Thom: Evergreens catch on fire pretty quickly; they can be a hazard even though they're green. (laughing)

Dave: Yeah they do. And so I assume that when we're talking branches we're talking about keeping them pruned up and off the ground so they don't go all the way to the ground, because that's where those dead needles will fall and really create a fire hazard.

Thom: Exactly. Keeping them pruned, off the ground, away from the house so there's a safe distance from your home. A lot of those trees will have dead branches that you may not necessarily get to, so just grab a rake and try to pop some of that debris out and cut some of those dead branches out. 

Dave: Okay, so branches and the trees away from the home. If you're just building a home keep that in mind, that tree looks very nice where you planted it but realize in ten years it's gonna be growing into the house. 

Thom: That's going to be a big tree. (laughing)

Dave: In my backyard at my home I have a cherry tree planted years ago and I noticed in the backyard that the branches are hanging over and on the roof itself and it's like, "not good, those have got to come off."  

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: Other things we can do? 

Thom: Yeah, talking about when you're building a house, just create your green space around that house and make sure that there is plenty of green space separating you from any dry areas. That green space, especially if you're keeping it watered and what not will help protect to a certain extent the fires from jumping over and toward you house. 

Dave: Now when we're talking green space it's necessarily just lawn..

Thom: Not necessarily just lawn yeah, even doing rock-scaping and landscaping with lots of rocks and creating barriers using those different things can help to keep that fire from coming across. Maintaining that as well, making sure you're water it, keeping it cut and everything. 

Dave: Yeah, it's one thing to build it but ya gotta maintain it. 

Thom: (laughing) Exactly. And maintain the surrounding areas, for instance I live on the foothills and so I have my little triangle of backyard grass which is green, but I also have hillside on both sides of me that are dry all year long. Every month or so we make sure that we get someone in there to maintain the hillside and take out all the dry brush and weeds and stuff like that and keep that cut short so that there's not opportunity for fires....

Dave:..So do you take that all the way up the edge of your property line to the edge then? 

Thom: Yep, all the way. 

Dave: Okay.

Thom: Just making sure that we're keeping a nice surrounded area that's cut back and safe. Just keep in mind not only your yard but the surrounding area from you too is very important to make sure that your kind of maintaining some of that space and keeping dry brush away from your lawn. 

Dave: One of the things I was listening to on the scanners during the fire on Thursday...I do morning traffic on radio stations and so I'm hearing the fire scanners, and they were talking about some of the homes where the home owners put on their sprinklers, but they said you can't do that because you're taking water supply away from the fire fighters. So in the middle of it you're thinking, "oh, I'll put my sprinklers on." Not necessary, the go around and say, "turn those off, if it comes close enough we'll take care of that for you."

Thom: Yeah, make sure that the fire department is aware of any fire near your house and let them take care of it, let the professionals handle that. I know some people in that panic and in that need to protect their home they will go grab buckets or hoses and try to fight the fire themselves...Don't do that, let the professionals take care of it. Call the fire department, let them know that the fire's coming towards your house and see if they can't get someone out there.

Dave: I guess that's the thing, if it is a situation that is devastating, being a hero and trying to save a home is not worth losing your life over, so let the professionals do it, make sure your pets and loved ones are out and then go. 

Thom: Exactly, yes. 

Dave: Okay, so we have branches, trees, keep those cleaned up, pruned up. We talked about green space around there, other things we can do?

Thom: Debris in yards. You know some people have stacks of firewood that are still left over from the winter time, make sure that those are away from the house, cleared out and put somewhere safe so that they're not catching those embers. One of the big things that you can do is a lot of vents on homes are an easy access for embers to fly into your attic space and catch your insulation on fire. So it's really important to make sure that you have coverage over your vents, little wire mesh that is not flammable can help prevent your home from easy access from those embers. Great little tip. 

Dave: You know Thom you were talking about just debris build up around the house. That's not just necessarily for the foothills, you can be in a subdivision and if you have stacks of branches and stuff on the side of the house or firewood; if something were to happen in the neighbor’s house it could spread to your house as well.

Thom: Oh for sure, for sure. Just think about some of those dried fenced that you see that haven't been maintained, how easy and combustible those things can be. 

Dave: You're talking about my cedar fence aren't ya?

Thom: (laughing) May-bee. Time to get out and maintain that. (laughing)

Dave: It's time to steam and get that thing painted again so it's not quite so dry. 

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: Very good point there. 

Thom: Some other things to think about...Say you're out there entertaining and you want to do a little fire, it seems like it’s too hot out there but people still seem to like to have a little bomb fire once the sun goes down; so making sure that you're using fire pits and that you're putting that fire pit’s in your backyard away from anything that the embers could catch onto. On rocks or concrete, just make sure that you're being safe with that. 

Dave: And when you're done with a fire, put it out. 

Thom: Yes!

Dave: You may have had a couple glasses of wine and think, "Eh, we'll just let that thing go out." Don't do it. Much like Thursday evening, the wind whips up with a storm and you just don't know what's gonna happen.

Thom: You just never know, yeah. Same thing with fireworks, it's July 4th weekend everybody's got their fireworks out and such. One of the most common fire's that can happen is when people take their burnt fireworks, not thinking about the fact that there could still be coals or embers inside that are still hot and throwing them in the garbage can without soaking them. It's really important to make sure that you're soaking your fireworks before you throw them in a garbage can. Making sure that you're setting them off away from dry areas and just being very conscious. 

Dave: Just use common sense. 

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: I think every year we see the TV news departments do there, “Look how fast this hillside's burning." And they may not do it this year just because we had a hillside go up but you know they always do that. It does not take long from the time that fire starts, by the time you can get in to call the fire department, it's out of control by then.

Thom: Exactly, it does not take long at all. Even something that seems harmless like a sparkler for a little kid, if your child runs into a dry area with dry grass, drops that sparkler, it's probably going to start a fire. So keeping in mind the safety of the fireworks and what your surrounding area is. 

Dave: And one other thing I might suggest if you live in the foothills or you have a cabin and you have a neighbor who is not doing that, you know it might even be worth the time to go over and offer to help them do it and put the labor in, just because it's safer for your own home. Call it selfish but you're getting it taken care of. 

Thom: Yep, getting it taken care of and once again that your surrounding areas, your neighbors homes are protected and are safe for your home as well. Very important.

Dave: And again when it comes to fireworks, if you see kids in the neighborhood being unsafe with fireworks, it's worth it to stop and be the grumpy old man, "get off my grass!" 


Dave: Be that grumpy old man or woman and say something, because all it takes is for one to go awry and as we saw this week, disaster can happen.

Thom: For sure, yeah it's one of the most common issues on Fourth of July, those fireworks easily catching things on fire. 

Dave: Be smart and keep your property safe and your neighbor’s property safe. In the next minute or two that we have we do want to remind people, have a great fourth of July. Remember Independence Day for our country, if you happen to be in the market for a home and looking for a home, the folks at Core Group Realty, staff is on hand to answer those phone calls right now at 933-7777. And do you have agents working this weekend?

Thom: Yep, we do have several agents that are here in town working and ready to go show property if you're looking. 

Dave: And as we mentioned before, CoreGroupRealty.com the website, whether it's the Coming Soon or the Featured Homes that are there, a great place to sit in the comfort of your home, do a little home shopping and when you see something that you want to go see give them a call at 933-7777. Thom, thank you so much for joining us again, we'll do it again next weekend. If you're looking to buy or sell your home, do yourself a favor, before you do anything else talk to the folks at Core Group Realty. Thom Dallman and company ready to help meet your real estate needs. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, we'll do it again next Saturday here on 580 KIDO. 


*Segments #2 and #3 were re-runs from a previous show*


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