Join us today on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz with Dave Burnett, Thom Dallman and Michelle Guth. We will be touching on several tops such as re-appraisals and how it effects your lending, how to increase the value of your home, and trending styles in kitchen remodels. We also have an exciting new company partnership to announce!


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com that is the website for you to go to or you can call 933-7777. Now, this being a holiday weekend it's going to be kind of a quiet weekend as you're getting ready for Christmas or celebrating getting family together but still, there is still the answering service who will pick up and get that message to an agent right after Christmas.

Thom: Yep! We have people standing by even on Christmas day if you're bored and just want to talk real estate, there is someone standing by to talk to you. So, don't hesitate if you want to take that time out to do that but I hope that everyone out there listening has a wonderful holiday weekend and gets to enjoy some wonderful family time and just experiences that joy that comes with the holidays.

Dave: To those who moved into a new home this year, congratulations, celebrating Christmas in a new home.

Thom: Your first Christmas! That's awesome first Christmas in a new home.

Dave: Getting the joys of where do we put up the lights, where do we put up the decorations, hopefully that's a joyous experience for you. I'll be honest with you, I dread it.

Thom: It can be 50/50!

Dave: I dread it every year and it seems like I was going to put my ... I had a plan in early November to put my Christmas lights up early. No, I waited until that first cold weekend it was so brutal to get out there and do that.

Thom: We have some friends that actually put theirs up in October is when they put their lights up. Obviously not turning them on until after Thanksgiving but yeah.

Dave: Maybe that's it, if I plan for October I can get them up in November.

Thom: There you go!

Dave: But it truly is, if you have a new home it truly is exciting that first Christmas that you're in the house, where you put the trees, the kids coming to open their presents in the morning so it's a great experience to be a homeowner, just that satisfaction Thom that comes and the feeling ... I guess what it is, is I think back to that first home that I felt like I was making, it was a project, it was a milestone in my life and I had suddenly become a homeowner.

Thom: Yeah that's one of my favorite parts of being a real estate agent and when I worked with first time home buyers, that excitement and that glee that they have when they successfully get closed and start moving in to their first home and experience those things throughout the first year of their home experience. Getting to decorate for Christmas, getting to decorate for any of the other holidays or whatever they celebrate just getting to experience that the first time that they're home and hearing stories from them as they have kids and grow their families or bring animals into the house and so forth. Things like that just warm my heart to hear first time home buyers talking about that.

Dave: And not only that Christmas Eve but the first day of Hanukkah is today as well. So lots of people celebrating, getting out and doing the family things and we truly do hope for all of you from all of us here from the Idaho Real Estate Buzz that it is a great day for you. What do we want to talk about here on this first segment here on Christmas Eve?

Thom: Well, I actually thought maybe we would just give a little bit of thanks and talk a little bit about CORE Group this last year. It's been an eventful year for the company with me taking over and becoming the designated broker at the beginning of the year and growing the company. As I kind of went through the year and got to develop, continue to develop and grow the platforms that we've had and the agents that we have and also add on to those the agents through the year that have come on board. When I took over in February we were at roughly about 12-14 agents and have grown it to now I have 26 agents in house.

Dave: Wow!

Thom: Yeah, wow! It's been fun, part of my job as a designated broker and owner is really to be here as a mentor to my agents and to make sure that they are well versed in everything real estate related so that we're providing our clients with the best service that they can experience and the best experience in the home buying or selling process and making sure that their needs are being successfully met from our agents.

Dave: Let me ask you here, we do this segment here several weeks ago, where we talked about you and just your past and where you came from and how you got here. We didn't ask this question but you kind of touched on it again here I mean you had 12 agents and now you're up over 20 agents. How much of that responsibility and I've talked to other people who own businesses, how much does that weigh on you? When you lay down at night and realize that these people depend on you to make sure that the ship keeps going down the road right, that's a pretty weighty responsibility.

Thom: It's, yeah, it is.

Dave: Frightening at times!

Thom: Especially considering that half of the people that are here depend a lot on me for their business with the marketing stuff that I do. Trying to spread the awareness of CORE Group Realty and the importance of our client's needs being met and so forth. There have been a couple sleepless nights where I've had that little bit of hesitation and what not as any business owner would. I also have 6 amazing staff members that I like to refer to as my administrative partners that are here supporting our agents you know the Customer Care department, our Transaction Coordinators, our Director of First Impressions and our Account Manager who support the agents in their endeavors and it's 6 employees that I have that I have to make sure I can provide their salaries for them and stuff.

Dave: Yeah and they look to you and not to be a name dropper but interesting conversation I had with the country singer Garth Brooks who said "People see this as a concert and singing on stage but it's a business. And I realize every time I come out that how many livelihoods and how many families, kids and spouses depend on him for their livelihood" and he said sometimes it's overwhelming.

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: But a blessing to be able to accomplish that and that really does give you the feeling of teamwork when you come together as a team and that's my involvement with you here at CORE Group over the past year that's what I've really come to see especially like when you're gone and some of the people come in that share on the show segments, I really do see it as a team. You've done a great job of creating that environment here at CORE Group of family and team.

Thom: Thank you, I appreciate that! That's my biggest goal in this endeavor is to create that team, create to what we refer to as the CORE Group family. We are all very close so it's important to bring the right people on board, the people that have the same focus when we interview agents, when I interview employees I'm always making sure we are getting top notch people in here that are focused on not just real estate education but on client's needs. People who are not just out for the sale but are out for their clients and making sure that their clients are getting into the homes that they want and can fit into and so forth that fit their criteria. To me the tag "CORE" stands for Client Oriented Real Estate it's super important to me that that tag is part of our mission statement, it's part of our CORE values. We talk about it all the time, we have our team meetings where everybody gets together and talks about things that are happening in the marketplace and what not and the team has really bonded well. Great as a family and sharing things that are going on.

Dave: I guess it's important that you choose team members that you realize that CORE doesn't stand for commission, which let's be honest, we all have to make a living. Commission is very important to those agents but I guess finding that team member or that person and either they have that value or you can teach them that value if you take care of the other stuff, the commission part will take care of itself.

Thom: That'll happen! As long as you're following up with your clients and treating your clients with respect and treating other agents in the agency with respect and ethically it will all come together.

Dave: Speaking of that, just a couple of minutes left in this segment already. In the coming year 2017 are you looking for more agents?

Thom: Yeah! I'm always looking for good talent and new people to bring on board that fit with the family and the environment. My ultimate goal over the next year is probably to get to between that 40-50 agents in the brokerage. I don't really want to be a big brokerage company where people get lost.

Dave: Well, be careful! As you're growing, be careful!

Thom: Yeah, I want to remain around that 40-50 agents just because I feel like that is that perfect number where I can still provide the support, provide the mentor-ship, provide guidance as needed and still keep that family feeling and keep my agents happy and help them in whatever endeavor they're looking for in real estate. To me it's the mentor-ship and it's the providing the support to the agents that's really key and important to me. They're my clients. My agents in this brokerage are my clients and the ones that I support 100%.

Dave: So you'd be looking for some sponges, people willing to soak up and learn.

Thom: Yeah people wanting to learn the industry and what it's all about and work hard.

Dave: Well let me ask you this, if in the coming year in 2017 if you're looking for people whether they have real estate experience or not I assume or if you have somebody that wants to take a look at CORE Group and if they fit and you fit them, how do they get a hold of you and how do they do that?

Thom: Yeah! Just go ahead and give me, you can email me directly at Thom t-h-o-m @coregrouprealty.com that's my personal business email that will come directly to me, you can give us a call at the 933-7777 number and they'll patch you through to me so we can set up an appointment and just get together. I really like to sit down and chat a little bit about what agents' needs are, what their goals are and make sure that we are a fit. We talk about that all the time. Clients should be interviewing agents to be a fit, I feel agents should be interviewing their brokers to make sure they're a fit.

Dave: Well if it doesn't work it's going to be a nightmare.

Thom: Exactly, it just makes it unhappy for everybody if it's just not working out and stuff that's why it's important to make sure the agent fits the culture here as well as our culture fits the agent's personality and their philosophies and business.

Dave: Well as we get ready to go one of the folks that always joins us here every week Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage will be joining us. Going to talk a little bit about what would it be, if you had a loan ...

Thom: The appraisal?

Dave: The appraisal! Getting the re-appraisal done and what that means time wise and we'll talk to Michelle about that as we continue and once again thank you for joining us here, if you're doing that last-minute Christmas shopping, drive carefully out there.

Thom: Good luck!

Dave: Yeah, there will be men frantic everywhere looking for anything. I always recommend the red slurpee at the convenience store, at least it looks like Christmas that way.

Thom: There you go, perfect.

Dave: We'll continue and I did not mention at the start but I should have, Thom Dallman who is the co-owner and designated broker at CORE Group Realty. We'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.


Seg 2

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman and Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage, Equal Opportunity Lender in studio again as we're winding it down here. Of course, it's kind of a quiet weekend as we have Christmas underway but Thom, you were working on some re-appraisals here the week before Christmas and how does that affect lending and what Michelle does?

Thom: It's an interesting concept that people don't think about. When we go through a process of getting people in to homes part of that process is the appraisal when people are getting a loan on a property the lender likes to send out an appraiser. They're basically Michelle can correct me if I'm wrong, they're basically accessing the property for safety and soundness as well as making sure that the value is there for the loan product that's being used from the lender for the buyers. There are occasions when an appraiser will go through a house and identify some soundness issues on the house that may need to be addressed before closing and before the lender can approve a loan on the property. It kind of has happened this week on one property where there were a couple things that were called and when that gets done, when an appraiser calls for things like that, then we run into a situation where the appraiser needs to go back and re-appraise the house.  It can kind of stall closing for a couple days depending on the situation when the repairs can get done and stuff. I just thought it would be an interesting topic for people to be aware of if you're going in to purchase a home or if you're selling a home during the appraisal process to remember that there is a possibility that there could be things that need to be fixed and a re-appraisal happen.

Dave: Michelle, how long from the time that I'm at the point of buying or selling a house when that appraisals ordered up? Does it happen instantly? Does it take time? What's the average time?

Michelle: Well our goal is to not order the appraisal until we're through the inspection contingency period. That's why it's key to have our consumers working closely with their agent so their agent's doing their upfront due diligence during that inspection period to make sure that the home is being addressed for items that will likely get called out on an appraisal. Dependent upon the appraisal we have different programs so we talked about in the past VA, Rural Development, FHA, and so forth. They have certain criteria that's going to get called out on every single appraisal. One of those items being chipped peeling paint on the exterior of the home. These are things that during the inspection period it's worthwhile to negotiate with the seller during hte inspection contingency to try and get them addressed before we even send the appraiser out to the property.

Dave: Oh OK, so in the case that you had this week Thom was this one where the appraiser had already been once and had to go again? Or what happened there?

Thom: Yes, the appraiser had gone and found a couple things that needed to be addressed before they could successfully approve the loan and so forth so they were addressed from the sellers and the appraiser had needed to go back through re-appraisal just to make sure everything was done according to standards.

Dave: How often does that happen Michelle?

Michelle: You know, thankfully not too frequently. Realtors as a whole do a really good job at identifying items at hand that will likely get called out. In some cases though we have sellers where they're apprehensive about making certain repairs and in those cases they'll say "You know, let's just see if the appraiser calls it out. At this point we're not willing to make the correction to the property." At which time, if the appraiser calls it out, you do it or we can't get financing on it, so at that point in many cases they become a little more agreeable to get the repairs completed. But in that case it can delay the process because we do have to send the appraiser out a second time to ensure the work's been completed to standards.

Dave: Let me ask you this and maybe this falls under an ethical question or not. How often do you get it where a homeowner might be wanting to sneak something by? Not really telling the real estate ... kind of like you have that used car that maybe the heater doesn't work and it's July when you're selling it so you just don't say anything. Not that I've ever done that! But I'm just saying, does that ever happen where somebody's just trying to get something by hoping nobody catches it?

Michelle: Well I think there's always the possibility that could happen on any transaction but Thom can explain, there's a seller's statement that they have to complete when they list a home and it goes through it in great depth asking about the condition of different things on the property. Have you ever experienced mold? Have you ever had water damage? So they do have to do a full seller's disclosure to explain different things on the property so thankfully I would have to assume it doesn't happen too frequently because I don't think people would want to perjure themselves on that document because they wouldn't want to end up with potential future legal recourse if they were to lie on their seller's disclosure.

Dave: OK I was not aware that there was something you signed.

Thom: Oh yeah! There's a property disclosure that all sellers need to go through and like Michelle said, it lists like every conceivable thing that could have happened to the property that the seller's aware of so they have to mark on there whether they know or don't know of potential things that are working or not working and so forth. It's pretty detailed so yeah like Michelle said if they lie on that that's a definite document that can have some legal recourse if any of that stuff is found to be false.

Dave: Michelle on the lender's side, OK we have re-appraisals which would delay things, what other kinds of things happen, typically happen that delay the loan process once the wheels are moving?

Michelle: Well we have some of the delays can be receiving IRS tax transcripts in some cases we can have to order those 2-3 times depending on how the account or the borrower filed their taxes if there are any types of variants in the property address, their name, and then they'll get rejected. Those can take 5 business days so in some cases we've had to order them 2-3 times just to get the transcripts back so that could be one thing. Typically, it's more just not getting documentation timely from the consumer or having delays due to property conditions where we're having to wait for them to go through the inspection contingency negotiations because again we don't want to order that appraisal until they're through that process because if they get to a point where they can't come to an agreement on something with regards to the house and the deal falls through, we don't want our client incurring the cost of that appraisal. If we haven't gotten past that inspection contingency period.

Dave: And don't we also have a problem with locking the loan and you have a certain period of time to get the loan at a certain rate?

Michelle: Well we can lock pretty much at any point but we do need to close within that lock period otherwise they're going to be incurring lock extension fees so we don't want to have them again incur any more expenses than is necessary.

Dave: So, in a way, that whole lending process is a delicate balance of setting up the dominoes so that they all fall over right when they need to and hoping that everything's in place.

Michelle: Absolutely, and with a realtor that's going to work in concert with a lender because if the lender says we have these certain things you need to take in to consideration so you probably want to ask for a certain number of days on the contract, we want to set it up to go smoothly we don't want to get to the end where we're having to ask for extensions because we know there's likely going to be issues with the property. So again, it's that communication which again is another reason why we love working with CORE Group Realty is we strive to try to make sure that we insulate our clients from any added stress through the home buying by trying to be proactive versus reactive through the process.

Dave: It is a stressful process. It's such a huge financial deal.

Michelle: Absolutely and we want them focused on the excitement of moving in to the house and that future dream versus the manusha of what we're going through on the loan end and real estate side.

Dave: Talking to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. If somebody wants to get a hold of you Michelle how do they do that?

Michelle: Well you could stop by our office we're right there on Marigold and Glenwood across from the Garden City Hall and Library. You can also give us a call and that number is 853-7878 or third, visit our website which is dmgloans.com.

Dave: Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage as we wrap up here last week it's hard to believe, I was about to say 1996.

Thom: Whoah!

Dave: 20 years there ... that 2016 has come to a close here but I know for you it's been a good year for your company as you continue to grow.

Michelle: We've had a great year and we're looking forward to 2017.

Dave: And a good, you know I've had the chance in this past year to meet your staff, we've had Molly and several people who have been on, met some of your staff and you have some good people that work for you.

Michelle: I have amazing people, we're definitely, we call us the DMG family so they're definitely my family away home. Great group and we take great care in hoping to build those relationships with our clients for years to come.

Dave: So I would encourage you, and Thom I don't think you'd disagree with me even if you're using a different real estate agent but you want to look for a lender somebody that you can go with. I guess we'll talk about it for a second ...

Thom: In front of her behind her back?

Dave: Right? It's not behind her back it's right in front of her but the thing I like about Michelle is it's no nonsense.

Thom: No nonsense.

Dave: We'll deal straight up, let you know how it is, let you know where you stand, and doesn't play games and I like that.

Thom: Exactly and like we've mentioned in the past, she doesn't push people in to homes they can't afford. Their group is really good about making sure that people are getting into homes that they can afford and they can balance their books and everything and live a happy lifestyle.

Dave: Very good Michelle. One more time that phone number if somebody wants to get a hold of you?

Michelle: 853-7878.

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz as we're going through this Christmas weekend for you and of course next week going to talk a little bit about the year in review, what happened during 2016 and perhaps Michelle will bring her crystal ball to see what's going to see what's going to happen in the real estate/financial/banking world in 2017. We'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.


Seg 3

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com that is the website to go to and here on this Christmas Eve if you've got all the shopping done you're just settling down you want to sit down with your laptop and go to coregrouprealty.com you can check out all of the homes that they have the featured listings all the information things we talk about over the course of the year you can find it all right there at coregrouprealty.com

Thom: One of my favorite spots is the blog spots, you can read through our last couple years or just this last year's worth of blogs. You can read or listen these radio shows that we've recorded. We've transcribed those and put them on our Real Estate Buzz site as well, blog site, so yeah there's lots of fun information on there and all kinds of details that we've talked or that we've blogged about all year long. Great information, useful information, fun information, and so forth.

Dave: You know one of the topics we talked about during the course of this past year is what makes a home valuable? What is it that I can do to increase the value of my home? And we talked about some of the cosmetics, new carpet, new paint, just some of the simple cosmetics, but when it comes really down to selling a home the real wow factor comes into when you walk into the kitchen.

Thom: Yep, the kitchen is one of the main parts of a home that people just fall in love with. There are so many trends and just so many different things that are out there right now that people can put in to their kitchens to really give it that wow factor that just even comes down to little details for example just the when you're looking at refrigerators. The counter depth refrigerator. You know most refrigerators when you walk in to a house they kind of stick out a little bit.

Dave: Yeah, they stick out 2-3 inches.

Thom: Exactly, so just taking that extra little step to get a counter depth refrigerator so it's flush with the cabinets, flush with those beautiful custom cabinets that you may put in, that's a small little detail that maybe people don't think about just investing that little bit into that that makes it just that much more welcoming look in the kitchen.

Dave: Well it gives it a smooth look.

Thom: Yes.

Dave: And in fact, down to the point that some people even go to get a front for their refrigerator that matches their cabinets so that refrigerator blends right in to the wall.

Thom: That is one of the trends that we've seen a lot lately and especially in custom home build jobs where they put in those really nice paneling in the front that matches the rest of the cabinets so it just kind of blends in and looks like the rest of the cabinets. Such a great look, such a great way to go.

Dave: It is. Well let's do this, let's do a little dreaming and I say this a little selfishly because my wife and I are in the process even as we speak of re-designing our kitchen.

Thom: Oh fun!

Dave: We've decided, we were thinking about selling or downsizing, we didn't know so we thought you know what we're not far off from having our house paid for. So we're thinking let's just remodel it the way we want to do it this time. I mean we built the house but it was 20 years ago. So let's re-do it now the way we want to do it as empty-nesters and the kitchen is the first thing we are tackling. I'll warn you, it's not necessarily cheap to re-do the kitchen. You start talking refrigerators now you can go buy a $399 refrigerator but that's not going to be the same as if you're investing you know $3,000 in the fridge. You could do it less expensive or you could do it top of the line.

Thom: Exactly. And you really want to weigh out the factors of are you investing in it to turn around and sell it? Because you may not technically get the money back from what you're investing into it, or are you going to live in it yourself for a while?

Dave: For a while! I figure they will take me out of there feet first.

Thom: Yeah! Well then you might as well invest the money into it because then it's a quality of life thing for you to really give yourself that quality of life.

Dave: And that's something we decided. We sat down and talked about it, we're not going to sell. I mean seriously and I don't say this light heartedly because I know there's people who have lost loved ones this year but my plan is you can take me out feet first. That's the way I want to do it.

Thom: So now you always are asking me questions, now let me ask you a question.

Dave: Aw, alright.

Thom: What kind of countertops are you going for?

Dave: You know the two things we looked at were granite and quartz. Quartz does not have to be sealed, quartz is a little more expensive so I think we have settled on granite to which we'll then do the maintenance every 6 months to a year of sealing it and polishing it doing all that stuff. But I will say this as one of the things we want in our dream kitchen is a free-standing oven. Right now, it's "L" shaped.

Thom: Oh OK, yeah.

Dave: Right now it's an "L" shape so we want to break off that "L" and make a free-standing island. I will say this, it's a large room it's both the dining room and the kitchen it's all one great room.

Thom: One great room, sure.

Dave: And so what we're going to do is take a little more room for the kitchen and a little less for the dining because we really maybe 3-4 times a year actually sit a full load of people down at the table. And so we've come up with an island that's probably going to be 7 feet by 5 feet.

Thom: Wow, that's a nice island!

Dave: We're going to have in that island we're going to have a dishwasher, a sink, a 30 inch sink and then on the left hand side we're going to have an under the counter refrigerator so we'll actually have two refrigerators.

Thom: Two refrigerators, yeah that's a great new trend right now for easy access in your kitchen.

Dave: Put your milk, put your beverages, things you're always getting in to the fridge for below there so it's handy to go to.

Thom: That's great.

Dave: So that's going to be 5 by 7 and now I was talking to our planner and he said "Well you know that's going to be probably $23-$2400." I said "For the island?" He said "No, for the granite counter top." Ah.... well.... but again, it's an investment that we're making.

Thom: Yes it's an investment that you're making into your own personal home that you intend on having lots of years in and be able to entertain and so forth.

Dave: Yeah and what we found with the kitchen that we have, we built the home in 1998 but the kitchen we have, we end up working in one little corner of the kitchen.

Thom: Where all the cooking gets done, yeah.

Dave: Yeah right where the "L" joins in, we're fighting for space in this big kitchen, we're fighting for space to work in that one little spot. So this will open it up to allow us to be able to work on the island or over on the counter or over on the other side of the island.

Thom: Exactly, that's very important especially when you do have guests over and you're cooking dinner for them they can sit at the island and you can still have conversations with them and feel like they're involved with the work going on. Have you guys looked at dishwashers yet?

Dave: We have, yeah.

Thom: One of the trends right now are to do the double drawer, like where it has the drawer on the top for smaller loads so once it's the two of you, you can just throw your dishes in there and get them washed quickly, have you guys looked at that?

Dave: We've looked at those and I don't think we're going to go that way and the important thing in looking at a dishwasher is more than anything, you want one that cleans the dishes but the decibel level on noise. You want one that is under 50 db.

Thom: Yes, it's not going to make a big racket.

Dave: Yeah you get down around 45 dbs it's pretty quiet. Because you can go get the less expensive ones that are 55 db and that is a noisy machine.

Thom: Yeah and then you're sitting there watching TV and you're just hearing the whish whish whish of the dishwasher.

Dave: Yes, so we've looked at that. We've also looked into all ... what we're sifting through right now are cabinets, because my wife wants pull out drawers for the pans.

Thom: The deep drawers? That's a really big trend right now going on in custom home build jobs is the deep drawers that you can stack those pans in to.

Dave: And then pull the drawer in and out.

Thom: Yeah, exactly.

Dave: Instead of going through and going "I know that bread pan's back here somewhere!"

Thom: Somewhere in this cabinet!

Dave: Going through and saying "Oh yeah I remember that dish, we put that in there 5 years ago." So, we're looking to do that, she's also looking at and I don't know if you've seen these. They're about 2 inches wide. It's a pull-out spice cabinet that is right in there.

Thom: Oh yeah. That goes somewhere usually right next the stove.

Dave: Yep right next to the stove where you pull that out.

Thom: Very convenient!

Dave: So instead of going to the spice closet, it's right there next to the stove.

Thom: We have a spice cabinet that has way too many spices in it! I'm constantly trying to dig through it trying to figure out what spices I have when I'm cooking. I would love one of those things to be able to pull out next to ours. That's in my dream kitchen as well.

Dave: Yeah and that's where we're going is are those kind of things. And then we'll have a lazy susan in one of the corners where it does meet the "L" well I guess we're "U" shaped now. We're kind of a "U" shape. And then trying to pick out ... the hardest thing because things date. Trying to figure out what kind of cabinetry we can get that won't be out of date in 2 years but yet is what we want, so that's a hard thing to pick.

Thom: That's huge. Yeah, that's a really good point too in making sure that you are looking at what's trending and what's not too trendy to where it's going to be obsolete in a couple years. That's where it comes really handy to have that trusted adviser that can help you kind of know where things have been, look at what cabinets are out there.

Dave: We're actually running out of time in this segment but we didn't get to talk about sinks.

Thom: Oh yes, deep sinks!

Dave: Deep sinks, wide sinks, as wide as 30 inches, two section sinks and then when it comes to the faucet do you have the you know the pull-out handle thing?

Thom: I want a touch faucet so bad. I want one where you just kind of touch it and it turns on.

Dave: Oh yeah they have it where you just touch it.

Thom: Now they have the ones where you just wave your hand under it.

Dave: You don't even have to touch it which is great. You know and the suggestion I might have is if you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, give CORE Group Realty a call. You have some custom builders here.

Thom: Yep, Innovative Custom Homes.

Dave: That can say, here's what you can do.

Thom: Yeah Innovative Custom Homes, they do new home builds, as well as home flips so home remodels and so forth for people. Great resource to find out what's trending and so forth.

Dave: Perfect. Coregrouprealty.com is the website, 933-7777. Hey you found out more about me than you thought you were going to.

Thom: Yeah, I like it!

Dave: We'll continue on the other side. Something kind of warm and fuzzy here for you on this Christmas Eve. A project that CORE Group has gotten involved in, something that you always hear the expression "Making a house a home" this is something that can really make your house a home. We'll talk about it next here on 580 KIDO.


Seg 4

Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is the co-owner, designated broker of CORE Group Realty. Core with a "C".  Coregrouprealty.com that's the website. 933-7777 is the phone number and yeah you can call today, Christmas Eve. You can still call and set up a time to talk with somebody or just talk with them about the website as well.

Thom: For sure.

Dave: To navigate through. You know Thom something that Core Group Realty has gotten involved in and I'm not sure, has anyone else gotten involved in this kind of group?

Thom: Um, from my understanding no. We are the first real estate company that they're partnering up with to kind of spread awareness and get people to really get into the spirit of adoption of animals and pets. So we are really really super excited to partner with the Idaho Humane Society in an endeavor especially this next year to really make people aware that the phrase that we've all come up with is "A pet makes a house a home." It really does! A pet makes a house a home.

Dave: Yes and I will admit and come clean right up front. I'm not a big cat guy. I've never been a big cat fan but some people love cats. I'm a dog guy. I can attest to this that a dog, big or small, they really do make a house a home.

Thom: Exactly, they really do and there's nothing ... I'm a dog owner I have two dogs a schnauzer and then a Chihuahua terrier mix and there is nothing more satisfying on a bad day to come home and have those two dogs just so excited to see you, so happy. That unconditional love that your animals can give to you just relieves that stress immediately when you walk in the door and see them all excited to have you home. 

Dave: It really does, you know your spouse may not want you home right now, but that dog or that cat ... well I'll say more dog than cat, cats are a little more aloof but a dog, they're just happy to see us. "Hey, you came back again! Scratch my ears!"

Thom: Exactly!

Dave: How is it that CORE has gotten involved with the humane society, tell me a little bit about the program.

Thom: Yeah, we're just really trying to spread the awareness about the pets, the pets making a house a home. And really kind of partnering with them in endeavors like this on the radio, sending out brochures and stuff like that. We'll see in the next year we're going to do some charity work with them, some drives when they do their dog food drives I should say, animal food drive will be one of those locations that people can bring stuff to. We're really just partnering up to spread that awareness and let people know when you're adopting a pet you're saving a life. These are animals that unfortunately the longer that they go without adoption they have to go through their process. You're really saving a life, you're really helping to bring joy to your family, to yourselves and so forth and your home. 

Dave: Let me quiz you a little bit here.

Thom: Alright!

Dave: OK this is away from this program but let's talk a little bit about pets, and when to get pets. It's probably not best to get a pet on closing day of the house, is it?

Thom: Oh gosh no! Get yourself moved in first before you go get a pet!

Dave: That might be good because the kids are going to go "You said if we got a house we could get a dog!" Give it a month you think?

Thom: Yeah, probably! I'd say give it at least 30 days for you to get yourself settled in. It kind of depends on how quickly you get your stuff put away, get familiar with your house so that there's not a lot of change for a new animal coming in. Because they get anxious, they're anxious in a new house, and new surroundings and stuff. The more you move things around and are changing things, the more that they can kind of react and get apprehensive if you will and act out. You definitely want to make sure that you're settled in, you have that 30 days, 60 days to get furniture set where you want it, everything put away so that now you can kind of focus on the training getting that animal adjusted to the house and making sure the house is safe. Making sure there's no toxic plants that the dog could chew on and get sick from. No small decorations or things throughout the house that they can get a hold of and choke on. Concentrating a little of your effort on the home safety for the animal that you get whether it's a dog or whether it's a cat or even birds.

Dave: Well and you know again that's where a pet could make it a home. I don't know that, I know a couple of people that own birds and have birds, after being with them I don't ... they're a lot of work! They are a lot of work, but one of the things I want to emphasize as well when it comes to getting a pet is to make sure if you're going to go down to the humane society and adopt a pet that you adopt especially among dogs, the kind of dog that fits your lifestyle.

Thom: Oh exactly.

Dave: If you get a border collie, and you want it to just kind of sit around, you might be better off getting a shih tzu. Seriously. A dog that will just sit to the side and be happy to be lazy with you. Being an owner of a shih tzu I can say that.

Thom: Exactly.

Dave: A border collie wants to herd things and "let's go out and walk!"

Thom: We adopted out Chihuahua terrier is from the humane society we adopted him back in March and he is a ball of energy that we technically weren't quite anticipating. I've never had a dog that literally will run like for 6-7 hours, constantly running around the house trying to chase after toys and throwing the toys to keep him active and stuff. 

Dave: The good news with that though, if they're a ball dog they can bring it to you and you can throw it again. You just have to have a right arm that's ready to throw the ball over and over again. You know another thing I just thought of this while we were talking is when you buy that home, making a decision ... I know this sounds funny but to a dog owner it's a big deal: a doggy door. 

Thom: Oh yeah!

Dave: You put a doggy door in a house and I can say this from my personal experience, once we put a doggy door in the house it made life with that dog so much easier.

Thom: And a better quality of life for your dog too as far as being able to go out when it's convenient for them.

Dave: Yes, the back yard's secure, fenced in.

Thom: Yeah make sure that it is!

Dave: Yeah so he can come and go at his own free will when he needs to go out because otherwise it's like "Let's sit down for dinner." Scratch scratch scratch scratch.

Thom: Not to mention that they do scratch the door and then cause that damage on the door.

Dave: Yeah so that's another thing, and we had one installed right into our family room wall, it's right by the door and he can come and go at his will which is a nice thing to have.

Thom: Yep it's one of those things to think about if you are looking at a house at some point to think about those things and is there a convenient spot to do a doggy door or even a cat door. There's a lot of people that let their cats out.

Dave: Bird doors though probably not going to happen!

Thom: Probably not going to work very well.

Dave: Well if you want, I'm assuming that if it's not already there soon you'll have information over at Coregrouprealty.com.

Thom: Yep! We'll be putting it on the website soon. I can't remember if we've got it in there yet. I'm sure that we will have it on there for you. But yeah, the humane society's just over there at 4775 Dorman Street over in Boise so they're there for you to swing by and check out what they have available and once again make your house a home with a pet.

Dave: And it truly does. If you've thought about it, I would take the plunge. I don't think you will regret doing it and adapting the animals when you go take a look at them, take your time. If the animal is right for you ...

Thom: And they'll work with you, make sure that you're understanding the pet and going through the adoption process with them.

Dave: It's the perfect thing. Well just wanted to take a moment to wish you Thom just a very Merry Christmas.

Thom: Thank you, you too!

Dave: As we get ready for the New Year we'll be talking more about the year in review and what's coming up for the next year as well.

Thom: Sounds good!

Dave: And to the listeners of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, thank you for listening in and drop a line. You can go to coregrouprealty.com and just send out an email, we'd love to hear from you and let you know that we're connecting. Again, as we say so often, this is not about selling homes. Thom can sell homes. You don't have to make this investment of time and money to sell homes, you can sell homes. But it's about empowering you the buyer or the seller of a home about things that will make it an easier process for you whether you use CORE Group Realty or not to make it easier for you to buy or sell a home.

Thom: And we encourage anybody to give us a call if you have a topic you'd like us to cover or questions you think people would enjoy knowing about. We are more than happy to answer your questions and get it on the air and talk a little bit about it.

Dave: 933-7777 that's the phone number to call, have a good Christmas and we will see you at the very end of the year here on 580 KIDO.



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