Fun fact, Boise usually gets 19 inches of snow over the Winter, and we are currently at 7 inches above average this time around! 14 of those inches were in December alone. Drive safely to the fun activities we have for you below!

  • Keep cozy with a cocktail and some crazy characters at the Stagecoach Theater with their newest show opening "The Lone Star Love Potion" January 13th. All tickets are $15. Tickets can be purchased here http://www.eventbrite.com/org/2762190930
  • If you're itching to get up on stage and join in the fun yourself, the Stagecoach Theater is holding auditions for their show "Sylvia" January 21st and 22nd as well!  A couple's new dog Sylvia pits them against each other unintentionally and the results are intriguing.  For more information go to http://stagecoachtheatre.com/
  • Something gaining more and more popularity around the United States are "escape rooms" where a series of puzzles, riddles, and tricky words are presented to a group who must then whiz through them, figure out the main objective, and escape!  More and more keep popping up in the area, but we recommend http://boiseescape.com/  http://www.escapethislive.com/boise-1/ and http://escapequestexitgames.com/.  They cover themes from science experiments to Amazonian adventures to pirate ships!
  • If you're willing to brave the snow and see what can be crafted from the cold and slushy white stuff from the sky, head up to McCall at the end of the month for the long-awaited and highly anticipated McCall Winter Carnival!  We've seen Star Wars characters with "real" lightsabers, Finding Nemo "underwater" scenes and even a little house with its own dog!  More and more activities such as lady's night, parades, beer gardens, and fireworks are being announced each week so keep a close eye on http://mccallchamber.org/winter-carnival/event-schedule/.
  • For all the snow sports fans, head up to Bogus Basin for skiing, both day and night hours are available. If ski's and snowboards aren't your thing, hit the 800 ft. downhill slide with the convenience of a paddle tow back to the top so you can ride again and again! http://bogusbasin.org/
  • Are you a hockey fan? If so, you're in luck! Boise is home to our very own Idaho Steelhead's hockey team. Follow the link attached for the game schedule and tickets. http://www.idahosteelheads.com/

Happy New Year!


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