The Idaho Humane Society and Core Group Realty have partnered to spread awareness, happiness, and all the love that a pet can give! We are passionate about animal adoption and will be bringing you a lovable, adoptable pet every month. Here at Core Group Realty we firmly believe that a pet makes a house a home!



Meet Ashton!


Ashton is a 9-year-old, 47-pound neutered male Labrador Retriever mix. He is an independent, confident dog who is looking for an active forever family. Ashton is exceptionally athletic and will require plenty of exercise. Games of fetch with tennis balls will be a good way to his heart! Ashton enjoys playing with other dogs but can sometimes be rough and rowdy with them, especially small dogs. An introduction to any potential canine companions is strongly recommended prior to adoption. It does not appear that Ashton has had much training, but he is intelligent and would benefit greatly from obedience classes. Along with teaching him basic commands and skills, a trainer could help Ashton learn how to be more respectful toward other dogs. Ashton’s new owner can use treats, toys and vocal praise to guide him and help him live up to his full potential.

Ashton (#36505174) is available for adoption in Kennel 407 at the Idaho Humane Society, 4775 Dorman St. The shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. You can learn more and see other adoptable pets at www.idahohumanesociety.org.


Idaho Humane Society



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