Today on the buzz we are hitting some hot topics, including the current health of the real estate market in Western Idaho, expected trends for 2018 and keeping your home safe and up to date. We are also talking about the very important differences between relationship based vs transaction based agents. Don't miss today's show!

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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. coregrouprealty.com, that's a website to go to, or you can call (208) 933-7777. That is the phone number to call. Thom recently back, been doing a little bit of traveling, but-

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, that's right.

Dave Burnett:                    Back in the [crosstalk 00:00:21] Treasure Valley.

Thom Dallman:                  Sunshine for a little while, and yes, come home to this lovely weather we're having here. Got the lovely winter weather of Boise.

Dave Burnett:                    You gotta like that, but speaking of winter, we're well into the holiday season now, and you still got some homes listed.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, we've had a couple of homes come on the last couple of weeks that I wanted to talk about on our featured section in our website, CoreGroupRealty.com, featured homes. That's where we have all of our listings and everything that we have available pops up there, so a great opportunity for people to see what we have specifically as far as inventory goes, but yeah, just kind of starting out here in Boise. Our first house is at 6179 North Bandon. This is over off of State Street and Ulmer, so a great little area in the Lakeland Village subdivision. This has access to the Greenbelt through the subdivision.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  It's a great little location. Three bedroom, two bath house, single level, 1,600 square feet, so nice space and listed at $280,000. They just recently put in a new roof. It's got granite countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, just a nice little house over there at Lakeland Village to check out.

Dave Burnett:                    That access to the Greenbelt, that's really big.

Thom Dallman:                  It's huge.

Dave Burnett:                    Because I mean, I live in Eagle, and if my wife and I want to ride bikes, we load the bikes in the truck and drive down to the Greenbelt and then go ride on the Greenbelt.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    If we wanna walk, we drive to Greenbelt, and then we walk and then drive home. If you had access right there in the subdivision, you just go straight to the Greenbelt, holy cow.

Thom Dallman:                  Not have main roads and stuff like that. You'll have little sections that are under construction right now.

Dave Burnett:                    Getting rebuilt.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, getting rebuilt from the flood of 2017, but yeah, the access to the Greenbelt and the 25 plus miles of beautiful scenery and riverfront access and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett:                    Think about it. If you've got this spring, you decided to get on your bikes. You'd go. You could ride toward Eagle and go to one of the restaurants up there [crosstalk 00:02:28]. Man. There is so much. That , to  me, is worth some money-

Thom Dallman:                  For sure.

Dave Burnett:                    When buying a home.

Thom Dallman:                  For sure. I'm fortunate enough to live about a mile from the Greenbelt off of 36th and Hill and it's so nice to be able to ride my bike down there and just get on the Greenbelt and go either east over towards the Lucky Peak area and stop at Lucky 13 out there, or the other direction, like you said, and go to Eagle.

Dave Burnett:                    You're a bigger rider than I am. I don't ride that far.

Thom Dallman:                  But even downtown, there's the Ram and stuff along the Greenbelt downtown that you can ride to, Cottonwood Grille and stuff like that. So many great restaurants along the Greenbelt.

Dave Burnett:                    With that home with access to the Greenbelt, that just opens up a whole world to you of different things to do in the summer-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    And in the winter, as well.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, and I'm just going to do a plug for one of my favorite restaurants. Luciano's just opened up their little pub down on the Greenbelt as well.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  It's right there where the Whitewater Park is, across the river from it.

Dave Burnett:                    Well, that's a whole other thing. The Whitewater Park is not far from your home if you were to buy this house.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Again, the address, if somebody wants to stick it into Google Maps and look for it?

Thom Dallman:                  For sure. It's 6179 North Bandon in Boise, Idaho 83714 zip code and once again, $280,000. Great price for Boise for this square footage.

Dave Burnett:                    And if you can't remember that, just remember coregrouprealty.com, the website. You can go check that out there as well.

Thom Dallman:                  Go check out the feature page.

Dave Burnett:                    What else you got?

Thom Dallman:                  We got a new listing out in Fruitland, actually, too. 1408 Northwest 15th Street in Fruitland. This is a three bedroom, two bath. It is a single level, but with below-grade, so it does have basement space with great square footage, 2,548 square feet. Let's see. Three bedroom, two bath, two car garage and listed at $250,000. This is a really meticulously kept home. It's a great location out there in Fruitland with fresh paint. It has a craft room in it as well as built-in storage, a wood shop, so a lot of great features to it. Something definitely worth checking out.

Dave Burnett:                    Perfect for the person who's thinking, "I want out of the rat race. I want to move to the country."

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. One of our employees just moved out there, and she just loves it, loves living out in that area. Definitely rural living. Believe that this would qualify for rural development. We've talked about rural development loans before and that's 100% financing-

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  You don't have to even have a down payment for it. Definitely something to think about if you're looking for your first-time home out in kind of a rural area and that small hometown feel and everything. 1408 Northwest 15th Street.

Dave Burnett:                    Perfect. You can check that out at coregrouprealty.com or if you want to call (208) 933-7777 here on Saturday afternoon, you'll get hooked up with ... if you need a real estate agent or questions-

Thom Dallman:                  We'll get you someone to get you out there, get you answers.

Dave Burnett:                    Now, because you may be saying to yourself, "Well, we're so close to Christmas. Nobody wants this." It would be the perfect opportunity for you to be in a new home in January-

Thom Dallman:                  For sure.

Dave Burnett:                    If you took 30 days or so to get in there and start 2018 in a new home.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Everybody kind of talks about, "Ooh, it's the holidays. I don't want to move. I don't know if it's the right time to buy," but historically, December and January are when there's the truly dedicated sellers. They're putting their house on the market during the winter. They're dedicated to getting that house sold as well as the buyers. Buyers are dedicated right now, so the sellers that are hesitant to put it on the market, there are buyers out there and looking and wanting to buy. These are not the tire kickers. These are not the hem and haw-ers. These are people who are willing to go out in the cold and look at homes, so it's definitely worth getting your house on the market if you're thinking about it and less competition and so forth.

Dave Burnett:                    Well, and truthfully, right now, we're close enough to the holidays that it takes time that you'll be moving in January, odds are.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You've got time to celebrate Christmas where you're at. About the only benefit you might get, you can watch the Superbowl in your new home.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    That would work perfectly.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Especially if you're searching for that home with a little man cave-

Dave Burnett:                    That would be great for you.

Thom Dallman:                  Or someplace to set up your TV and watch that Superbowl.

Dave Burnett:                    There are agents on duty that don't mind going out and showing on the weekends. That's one of the nice things with Core Group, that you have a group of people that are not just hungry for commission, but they really want to serve you and make you a client. Because it's something, Thom, I think I have sensed that you have installed in your people that it's about not only getting somebody into their home, but making sure they're happy so that when they have family members, or they roll around in five years again to do it, they come right back to Core.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. I believe in being relationship-based, not transaction-based. I've tried really hard to instill that in my agents so that they understand that it is about building long-term relationships with our clients, not just going for the sale and moving on to the next person.

Dave Burnett:                    That's how you become a long-term real estate agent-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    To where you can say, "Yeah, I've been doing this for 25 years."

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You're not just a flash in a pan and gone.

Thom Dallman:                  I'm fortunate that a lot of my past clients, I'm still in contact with, I'm Facebook friends with, and they reach out to me whenever they need real estate answers. I'm trying to instill that in our agents here and when I bring agents on board, I'm looking for agents that want to create those relationships as well and have that same mentality and philosophy and so forth.

Dave Burnett:                    And you talk about having answers and I'd like to point this out. You may not be in the market to sell right now, but you might be trying to position yourself. "Okay, I wonder what my house is worth. I wonder what's happening in our neighborhoods," and at Core Group, you don't mind at all. If somebody wants to call and sit down for a consultation as far as "Is now the right time or not?"

Thom Dallman:                  We do it all the time.

Dave Burnett:                    You have no trouble with that.

Thom Dallman:                  We do it all the time and we're perfectly honest with people and tell them, "Maybe now is not the right time for you." I know that one of my listing agents just told me last week that she had an appointment that she went to and she just did not feel comfortable trying to push them into selling their house right now and the situation that they were at. It came back to, "I think you should wait a year and readdress it and reevaluate it at that point." We're not here to just manipulate people into selling their homes-

Dave Burnett:                    Exactly.

Thom Dallman:                  Or buying homes. We really truly want to make sure that people are fit. I personally have told, recently, one of my clients that it wasn't the right time for them. It just wasn't meant to be, to go ahead and rent for a year and then we'll reassess it. Get through their credit repair and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett:                    And speaking totally candidly and honestly from my point of view, there are certain things that are just agonizing for me to do. A vehicle purchase. I hate that because I don't know what the motivation of the person trying to sell me the vehicle is. Real estate's another one. What's the motivation of the person? Is this person trying to get ... are they working for me or not? But that's something with your agents that you know that they're working for you, not for the seller.

Thom Dallman:                  Correct. Our buyer's agents are focused mainly on buying, so they focus on getting those buyers out there, negotiating for those buyers, and looking out for the best interest of those buyers, and that's why we have listing specialists that take on our listings and so forth. We try to keep it very separated when it comes down to actual transactions. On the few occasions that I've had agents that have clients that want to buy one of their listings, I usually recommend that they get another buyer's agent on to it so that there's not that conflict.

Dave Burnett:                    Exactly.

Thom Dallman:                  That's my personal philosophy on it because you can't represent both sides equally in a transaction.

Dave Burnett:                    Or fairly. Really, it's difficult.

Thom Dallman:                  Or fairly, yeah. You're always going to ... human nature is to tend to help one person more than another.

Dave Burnett:                    Core Group's folks are here to help you. If you have questions about any of this, about the new listings we talked about in Fruitland or in Boise, you can go to the website. It is coregrouprealty.com, the sponsor of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. We'll continue on the other side right here. It's the Idaho Real Estate Buzz.


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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I am Dave Burnett, he is Thom Dallman the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Reality. Coregrouprealty.com, that is the website for you to go to anytime, 24/7. And the number to call 208-933-7777. Thom we're reaching toward the end of the year and I just wanted to ask you this question and give you a chance to maybe think about it a little bit to answer it. But my question would be, in your opinion, you deal with real estate every day, what is the health of the real estate industry here in Western Idaho?

Thom Dallman:                  That's an interesting question.

Dave Burnett:                    And I say that, let me preface it by saying this, you know we went through what they call the bubble, saw prices just soar up [crosstalk 00:00:46] and all of a sudden everything collapsed nationwide.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You know, so I don't know, I've heard some people say yeah, we're on another bubble again. Or I've heard other people say, no it's based this time on solid financial backing.

Thom Dallman:                  That's exactly what I hear too-

Dave Burnett:                    So where are we at?

Thom Dallman:                  That's exactly what I'm hearing to and my personal opinion, and it's just my opinion from just the years of real estate that I've been doing this and stuff like that, is that like what you're hearing, I think that I agree that were of a more natural progress and increase right now. I think that there will be and needs to be some kind of an evening out. I don't know that we can sustain this kind of push. But as inventory continues to be low, as people continue to live in their homes longer. As we get this influx of people coming into the Treasure Valley due to all these reports about us being the best place to be, the most affordable, most livable city and stuff like that. I think through 2018 my prediction is that we'll continue to see the low inventory issues that we've been dealing with. And I think that-

Dave Burnett:                    Which is good for somebody selling.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I think that we'll probably see the prices continue to fluctuate up for the most parts. They've kind of gone steady here in the winter months just because of the natural tendency for people to kind of hunker down for the holidays and stuff like that. Our sales were down in November versus when you look at October versus November by, there was 839 sales in Ada County in November and 937 in October. So, a good 100 less sales. But, the home prices stayed the same. $269,900 for the median home price in Ada County for October and November.

Dave Burnett:                    $269,900, almost $270,000.

Thom Dallman:                  Yup, yup.

Dave Burnett:                    It doesn't seem like that long ago that $170,000 was [crosstalk 00:02:50] the average price here.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, exactly. So, you know, once again historical highs as far as home prices and stuff like that. Boise Regional Realtors just actually announced in this last market update that they did for us realtors, they just announced for the first time the Ada County has surpassed 3 billion dollars in home sales. Cost, again, the homes that have sold this year has just surpassed 3 billion.

Dave Burnett:                    3 billion with a-

Thom Dallman:                  3 billion, yep. Even back in 2006 at the height of the markets, right before the big crash we were at 2.67 billion, so you can kind of see that indicator of how the home prices has affected the volume and the sales and so forth and have gone up so much, dramatically over the years and stuff. 2016 we were at 2.95 so we just almost made that 3 billion mark.

Dave Burnett:                    But in part though, we go back to that $270,000 price tag. Much easier if ... It's like movie, they say it's the highest grossing movie of all time. Well yeah, I'm paying $12 to go to the movie when I used to pay $5.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    So homes are worth more, so that volume is just going to continue to go up.

Thom Dallman:                  Continue to go up as home prices increase and stuff like that. Core Logic, they are kind of a company that kind of pulls statistics and information around the world, shows that there was a home appreciation of 7% over this last twelve months.

Dave Burnett:                    7%?

Thom Dallman:                  7%. [crosstalk 00:04:41] nationwide.

Dave Burnett:                    That's pretty good growth of your money though or your investment.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly when you're looking at home equity and stuff like that, it's a great increase. For the buyers out there, that's obviously a challenge as home prices go up and they're ability to spend stays the same. You know, the houses tend to get smaller, a little bit more out of range. In that same report they're predicting that the home prices will continue to appreciate over the next year. So their predictions are around that 4.7%. I watched a video recently from, on Facebook, it's the REsource.tv, they do videos on just market updates and stuff like that nationwide. And they released that they had the same, that they're predicting the exact same thing, anywhere between 4 to 4.9% increase in home prices over the next twelve months. By the end of the next year people could be paying almost 5% more for a house that they would typically today. In those same reports, they're talking about the fact that once again there's discussions that mortgage interest rates are going up. So, you know, right now I believe were on average around that 3.9%, 3.8%. They're predicting that by the end of next year it will be closer to 5%, around that 4.6 to 4.8-

Dave Burnett:                    When you start dealing with homes over $200,000, that's a good chunk of change.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, yeah. If you do the math just basically on a house, let's just say $250,000, when you do the math on that by the end of next year you're looking at a house that's going to be around that $261,750. Or $262,000 rounding up. So, it's $12,000 more that you're paying for a house. When you combine that with the increase of interest rates, you know, you're looking at a good $150 to $170 more that you're going to be paying a month for your house.

Dave Burnett:                    That's not said to scare people because-

Thom Dallman:                  No, no.

Dave Burnett:                    But what it does say to me though is that now is a real good time to get in and buy.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, now is, I know people are hesitant on what's going to happen and stuff, but really it is a good time to buy just from the indicators that we've seen it's just going to continue to go up. So, unless you're willing to wait a couple of years, now is a really better time to buy than any other time.

Dave Burnett:                    Then a year from now.

Thom Dallman:                  Then a year from now possibly, yeah. Now once again, these are all predictors and indicators that we've seen through-

Dave Burnett:                    It could all go out the window next week.

Thom Dallman:                  Right. Next month something crazy could happen that would trigger something, a downturn somehow, but all indicators are pointing towards just another year of continued growth, continued increases in house prices and once again some increase in interest rates.

Dave Burnett:                    Let me ask and see what kind of affect this has had on the marketplace because we know inventory is very low. But, now with Northern California, the fires there, Southern California, the fires there. You have Texas, you have Florida, you have all these areas that it is taking a lot of contractors out of this area that have gone down there because they can make a big chunk of money real quick when they're rebuilding entire subdivisions. What effect do you think that's going to have on the building market and new construction here in the Treasure Valley?

Thom Dallman:                  Well, new construction is at an all-time high because well, one of the statistics that they just sent out showed that we are at an almost 11% increase over last year's for new construction. And it's crazy out there, but I can tell you that from all the contracts that we've been working on with new construction and new builders, they're putting timeframes out. They're quoting longer timeframes to build houses. Where it used to be three months to four months, it's now five to six months to get a new home built just because they do have that lack of contractors available to them and stuff like that and so they're competing for that. For supplies, you know, supplies are going up as well, so the new construction prices are going up in accordance with that.

Dave Burnett:                    So, I have a friend who, he sets tile, that's what he does for a living. He's a tile setter. He said he has so much work he has to turn it away.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm hearing that.

Dave Burnett:                    You know, he's just a one-man band.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    And he said he cannot keep up with all the work that he's being offered.

Thom Dallman:                  I'm hearing that from a lot of tradesmen as well. That they're just so busy right now because of the lack of other contractors out there. They're happy, they're able to work and keep it steady. But on the flip side of that, there are those contractors who are, I wouldn't say taking advantage of, but you know-

Dave Burnett:                    Well, it's a supply and demand thing.

Thom Dallman:                  It's a supply and demand thing. When there's not enough contractors out there, they can actually bid a little bit higher prices, which [crosstalk 00:10:19]-

Dave Burnett:                    But it is something to keep in mind to if you're remodeling your home. To keep in mind that you can't just pick up the phone book and have somebody come out and put in new kitchen cabinets next week. Not going to happen.

Thom Dallman:                  It might take a little bit of time to get someone out there in this marketplace right now.

Dave Burnett:                    So keep that in mind if you're thinking of getting your home ready for sale. That if you're going to do any kind of remodeling you might want to plan ahead and get that done early.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You'll be on time that way. So the health then, if you were to grade it A to F, A being the best, F being the worst? I knew that from school. Where would you put the health of the-

Thom Dallman:                  My personal opinion is our health is about a B. Maybe a B+.

Dave Burnett:                    We could have more inventory.

Thom Dallman:                  We could have more inventory, that would take us up to A. We still have good dedicated buyers out there, people who are moving into town who are really wanting to buy. Yeah, the inventory keeps us from graduating up to that A, A+. But it's not a downfall parse because once again, it's helping people get more equity in their homes.

Dave Burnett:                    And again, as long as you have an agent that's working hard for you, they'll find that home. It's not that there's no homes, [crosstalk 00:11:37] your agent has to work harder. So make sure you get an agent who is working hard for you. And you can do that by giving Core Group Realty a call 208-933-7777 or go to the website, sponsor the-



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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, he is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker, of Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website. By the way, on that website, if you want to drop Thom a note, you'll find a link to his email right there. He'd love to hear from you if you have a question about real estate, if you have a question about the show, if you're wondering where things are going in the future, Thom has that. Also on the website you have blogs, where you have talked about various items, through the years.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, and not only talking about various items, but these radio shows are on there. So you can check out all the last Idaho Real Estate Buzzes through there, and just go back and review, and look and see what we've talked about in the past, and all that fun stuff.

Dave Burnett:                    You have your list of preferred vendors. People that you work with, which, when you own a home, sometimes, if you need heating or air conditioning, or you need window coverings, you don't really know who to go to. At CoreGroupRealty.com, you have a list of vendors. People you have dealt with that you have confidence that they're going to give you a fair shake, and do a good job for you.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. We have ... being in the industry for so long, we've had lots of relationships that we've built. We talk about that all the time, about this isn't a ... just a transactional business. It's a relationship business. And so a lot of those people that we've met throughout the years have great businesses, and run good businesses, so we like to associate ourselves with those people. And so we have that list, like you said, of just people that we trust.

Dave Burnett:                    Well yeah, as a consumer though, you just don't know. Eenie meenie miney mo, and you point to the phone book, and say, "Boy, I hope they don't rip me off."

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    This way, it's somebody that, it's like a reference, it's saying, "You know what? We've worked with them in the past. They've done good work." So, you can check that out. As we're heading into 2018-

Thom Dallman:                  Can you believe it?

Dave Burnett:                    Wow.

Thom Dallman:                  I just can't believe 2017's almost over. It's just been such a whirlwind.

Dave Burnett:                    Weren't we just worrying about the computers, and Y2K 18 years ago?

Thom Dallman:                  Right?

Dave Burnett:                    But as we head into 2018, things change a lot in the home industry, and what's offered up. What are they talking about, for the coming year, of what we might see in [crosstalk 00:02:10]

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. I think that it's always kind of interesting to go out and research kind of the up and coming trends, and stuff like that. And so HouseBeautiful.com just went through and interviewed a whole bunch of those HGTV home design fixer-upper individuals, to see what they're saying is going to be happening in 2018. Starting with the all time favorite subject, the color of the year.

Dave Burnett:                    What color is gonna be good for a house? Is it ship gray, or is it-

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, right? Well, and color of the year usually kind of falls more towards accents and stuff like that, but this year it was millennial pink. And they're predicting that it's gravitating towards more of a lavender, lilac color.

Dave Burnett:                    Really? For interior accents?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, for interior colors, and stuff like that. And that's what they're feeling like 2018's gonna show, as the color of the year, is that kind of that lightish purplish kind of color, throughout things. So. Which I think is kind of an interesting color, but when they had said that millennial pink was gonna be the big color, there was lot of skepticism and stuff. But it got incorporated into a lot of stuff that you see online.

Dave Burnett:                    Did you see some of that, the parade of homes this year?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, yup. That and the other ... one of the other trends that they're talking about is that either contrasting colors, high contrast pallets, such as darker colors with white trim. White wainscoting, stuff like that. Or the reverse, where it's all the same colors, as far as dark, bold colors, with furniture that matches those colors, so they kind of blend in, but still create an interesting look to them, so.

Dave Burnett:                    See, we remodeled our kitchen this year. And here was my thought process. We got all white cabinets, with dark floors. And then it's all the accents that can change. I don't have to worry about anything except all, you know, the stuff that goes on the shelves and stuff. We can change that. So I guess, lavender, huh? Darn it.

Thom Dallman:                  Lavender. Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    Gotta buy new stuff.

Thom Dallman:                  You know, and once again, these are just kind of predictions. Joanna Gaines, from Fixer Upper, is one that's talking about the contrasting colors. Having the dark and light colors together in homes, and so forth. And I think that we've seen that a lot. I think, especially in the fall parade of homes, we saw a lot of bold, darker colors. One of the other trends that they talk about is doing wallpapers, and having wallpapers be more of ... more materials that look more like stones, and [agets 00:05:18], is what one designer had mentioned.

Dave Burnett:                    And wallpaper, for a while, just went away.

Thom Dallman:                  Right? Exactly. Wallpaper disappeared for a long time, and has slowly been making its way back in. We saw a lot of it in last year's, or this last spring parade.

Dave Burnett:                    But it sounds more like it's a wall covering, with textures, and with more than just grandma flowers on them. It's more of a wall covering. If that makes sense.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, yeah. They're ... yeah. Oh, gosh, one of the parade homes that we went through this last spring had this wallpaper that was almost like a really thin bark. It was almost like a wood material, with some gold accents underneath it. Which sounds kind of like it might have been gaudy, when you describe it that way, but it looked amazing. And it was in this study, or a den of sorts. So looked amazing on this wall. Amazing material. The way that it blended together, you can see the seems of it, as far as wallpaper goes.

Dave Burnett:                    So it's not your grandma's wallpaper?

Thom Dallman:                  Nope, nope. Yeah. Nope. It's certainly not. So interesting wallpapers, I think, are gonna really become a trend, too, as far as having geometric designs for accents. Genevieve Gardner, from Trading Spaces, which, by the way, they're doing a reboot on Trading Spaces, one of my favorite home design shows. So they're doing a reboot this next year, I believe, so looking forward to seeing that. But anyways, she talks about, in this article, about geometric shapes, and designs on wall décor, and accent pillows, and stuff like that. And has a feeling that circles are gonna be the big geometric shape of this year.

Dave Burnett:                    Interesting.

Thom Dallman:                  So yeah, look for that in wallpapers, and just interesting stone style wallpapers. Wallpapers that are ... that really stand out, and accentuate colors, and stuff like that. So we've already seen a trend towards the larger tiles. Larger tiles, white subway tiles, all same color, and for many reasons, but one main reason is the ease of installing them. Larger tiles don't take as much work. Not as much grout to go through.

Dave Burnett:                    And clean.

Thom Dallman:                  And clean. It's easier to clean them, and stuff like that. And so they're predicting a trend towards those larger tiles, in kitchens, and in bathrooms, and stuff like that. Natural elements are another big trend that one designer has said that they're seeing-

Dave Burnett:                    That kind of goes with your bark wallpaper. The natural [crosstalk 00:08:09]

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah exactly, exactly. Natural elements like limestones, and slates, and stuff like that are gonna be more incorporated into homes, which I kind of feel like we saw a lot of bricks. A lot of brick walls and stuff, this last year. A lot of wood beams, and stuff like that, being incorporated into design this last year. So I can see that continuing to be a trend, and different kinds of stones, and stuff like that, definitely being put into homes. Granite, once again, is really becoming super popular.

Dave Burnett:                    And there's so many, I mean, there's so many different kinds of granite.

Thom Dallman:                  So many varieties. Yeah, such a variety.

Dave Burnett:                    It's amazing.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. So yeah, you'll start to ... I agree that we're already seeing, and will continue to see a lot of those natural elements being kind of incorporated into homes, as far as those beams, and things like that. So. Also another trend, which we have seen a little bit, and will probably continue to see, is light fixtures that are made from local artists, or from local small business manufacturers.

Dave Burnett:                    Not your big Hampton Bay sort of, mass produced.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, not your big mass produced light fixtures, but more unique light fixtures that are designed, and created by local artists. You kind of see those already in some places. The glass blower, I'm drawing a total blank on the name, but they did the light fixtures down at Barbacoa, and stuff like that. They are really popular, in a lot of newer homes.

Dave Burnett:                    Well it gives a unique feel and flavor to a home, as opposed to just, like I said, Hampton Bay.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    It gives a very unique feel, that you can't get anywhere else.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. And it creates great ambience for people in their home design, and for entertainment, and stuff like that to have these light fixtures that are just beautiful and unique to the area. And unique to the specific type of home, and stuff like that. So we'll probably be seeing a lot of those going into homes as well, so.

Dave Burnett:                    Just some of the trends you might see coming in 2018, as we wrap up this year, and head to the next year. And things that you might see incorporated more in some of the parade of homes, in both the fall and the spring, which will be coming up. Boy, before you know it, they'll be right here again. Gonna take another break, we'll continue. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, being brought to you by Core Group Realty. Call them today, 208-933-7777. Find out why they say, you get more with Core.



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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website. The phone number to call, 208-933-7777. That is the phone number to call and one of the things, Thom, this isn't a show just about selling and buying homes.

Thom Dallman:                  Nope. It's informational.

Dave Burnett:                    You want to do that, call Core Group. They'll get you set up. They'll sell or buy a home, okay. They will take care of that for you. But it's also a show to help you take care of what is probably the biggest investment you have and that is your home.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. It's the biggest investment anybody makes nowadays, and you want to make sure it's safe and secure and that'll you'll have the longevity out of your home. That's why we talk about things that, tips on helping create safe spaces and keep your home up-to-date and safe.

Dave Burnett:                    I remember in the late '70s, security systems, unless you had a wired alarm system, they came out with a new thing. It looked like a speaker and it had a sensor in it that would sense breakage of glass, sense sound and then it would call an alarm company. That was huge-

Thom Dallman:                  Basic alarm system.

Dave Burnett:                    Cutting-edge technology in 1980. That was big. The expensive homes were getting that. That is nothing compared to today. Everything is changing when it comes to home security and now that we're into the holidays, by the way I was just talking to Ed Fritz with Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho and talking about making homes secure, because there are those who will take advantage, they'll wait till you're gone, they'll break in to steal your Christmas stuff.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. That'd be an interesting person to have on this radio show and actually come and do a segment. Talk a little about that, that would be interesting.

Dave Burnett:                    We can set that up, because it is a danger, and it's not just about losing your stuff, it's about your security when it comes to your home, as well.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yeah, for sure. Especially in this day and age when cyber hacking is happening, and people are having to worry about identify theft. There's so many ways that people can take advantage of you.

Dave Burnett:                    Yep they can.

Thom Dallman:                  And steal from you without even needing to necessarily steal your valuable rings, or heirlooms, or whatnot.

Dave Burnett:                    Things are changing, tot eh point where your front lock on your door, your deadbolt, now there are ways you can enter a code in and it will tell you who was entering your house, when they're entering your house, so that way you can be, I can be sitting here on my smart phone, look and go, "Oh, I see that my daughter came in at this time or that time." "Somebody tried to get into my house, they didn't get in but somebody tried at 1:15, to get into my house." All of that just with your deadbolt.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes, oh yes, smart locks.

Dave Burnett:                    With stuff that you have in your house already, and that would just be a modem.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes, smart locks are becoming popular, I guess, and the fact that they're safe, they lock themselves behind you, so you don't have to worry, "Oh, gosh, did I throw the deadbolt on or not?"

Dave Burnett:                    Even more important, they're becoming more affordable.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, exactly. Exactly. Well, not only just the deadbolts, but the now have the doorbells with the video cameras, the Nest doorbells. That are being installed in some of the newer construction and easy to install to your home that connect to your phone. Even if you're not home, and someone rings their doorbell to double check to see if you're home, you can-

Dave Burnett:                    Talk to them.

Thom Dallman:                  You can talk to them and what a deterrent for thieves and people breaking into your home, to see a camera looking right at them when they walk up to the front door.

Dave Burnett:                    The majority of times when somebody breaks into your home, they're going to ring the doorbell or knock first, posing as a whatever, to see if anybody's home. If nobody answers, they know they have, and if no dog barks, they know they have the green light.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, yep, exactly. Along those lines too are the motion detected security cameras outside of your house, that go to your phone. I, this last summer got to spend some time in Chicago with one of my friends. He just bought a new condo and had installed them, installed the security cameras. He left for a trip in Europe, and every so often when I'd walk out the front door, I'd get a little text from him saying, "Hey, where you going?" Like every time that senses any kind of movement outside the front door, it sent an image to him and a picture of what was happening outside the front door. The security, and talk about affordability, it's not that of an expensive system to install and have done.

Dave Burnett:                    And not hard to install. That's the amazing thing, and again, I mentioned before, odds are, right now in your house, you have what you need and that is a modem. That's all you need, is a modem to get all this attached and speaking to each other.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, yeah, just the internet connection, modem to get this to connect to your phone and send information to you.

Dave Burnett:                    It just wreaks the point of craziness to where they even have a refrigerator now, that you can see what's inside your refrigerator, which I thought, "Oh, my wife can see if I'm sneaking into the fridge." You can look from across the country and go, "Oh, we need milk," It's just astounding. I think that's probably the biggest changes coming, and we haven't even talked about getting into the heating systems and how that works, but you may as well use this high technology to protect yourself because criminals are using it to try to get at your stuff. You may as well use it to your advantage.

Thom Dallman:                  For sure. I just recently, we just closed for some friends of mine that moved into town, and their garage door opener actually has blue tooth capability where they can sync it with their phone and be able to open and close their garage with their phone. I'm like, "What?" Like I've heard of syncing it with your car, some cars have the blue tooth, but I have never really thought about syncing it with your phone. If you're out of town, and you need a friend to go check on something, you can open up the garage door for them.

Dave Burnett:                    You can say, "I'm in front of the house, you can open the garage door." Which is brilliant.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, just the technology that is available right now is just insane with some of these things and I can't imagine that there's probably not some kind of way to do those nanny cams and hook them up to not only motion detectors, but windows, someone breaks a window, it will send off a message, send you a picture.

Dave Burnett:                    Yep. So the high tech end is amazing, and that when we get into safety, you might be saying, "I don't want to do anything with high tech." Just plain motion sensors that turn on lights on your driveway-

Thom Dallman:                  That is huge.

Dave Burnett:                    That is a big thing to do. Then there's things you can do around your house to help protect you as well.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yeah, there's the basic stuff, we talk about notifying your neighbors that you're heading out of town. Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors are your number one security alarm system. They'll know if something's out of whack around your home.

Dave Burnett:                    A nosey neighbor really can help out.

Thom Dallman:                  Right, exactly. Get to know your neighbors and make sure that you're letting them know when you're out of town. They recommend if you have hedges, that kind of go around your yard, make sure that you keep them trimmed and eliminate the places where people can hide and sneak up to your house. So trimming your hedges and trees and not having as many places for people to hide out, watching your actions. Making sure that, we mentioned the, motion detecting lights, but also putting you, you can buy decoy stickers that say protected by electronic security systems, even though it's not.

Dave Burnett:                    Or as simple as be aware of dog, on a fence going into the back door, yard.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, the fake dog.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah.

Thom Dallman:                  I always wonder if those people who put those fake dog signs up actually have a little contraption that maybe when it senses some movement, it starts barking.

Dave Burnett:                    That or they sit behind the door and bark themselves.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Not that I'm saying I've ever done that.

Thom Dallman:                  Along the lines of putting up those kind of fake signs, will detour some people, also one of the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft is to get yourself a mailbox that locks. So many people have just regular mail boxes that just anybody can go and grab your mail and check out who you are and, so they recommend getting some lockbox, or a mailbox that actually locks that you have to use a key to open up, as a great way to secure yourself. Once again, don't advertise when you're out of town.

Dave Burnett:                    Nope. That Facebook post showing you on the beach, may not be a good idea.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. That's just advertising, "Hey, my house is empty and available for anybody to go check out."

Dave Burnett:                    I'll say this, and I'll say it very carefully, while you may have 400 friends on Facebook, those 400 friends may not really be friends. They might say, "Dave's out of town. I'm going to go take advantage of that." You have to just really be careful. And then, as unfortunately knock on wood, the snow has not been an issue this year, but if you leave town, make sure there's somebody there-

Thom Dallman:                  Someone to shovel.

Dave Burnett:                    Someone to shovel your driveway, because nothing shows that you're not home better than two days of no tire tracks coming in and out of the house.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Just a heads up and be aware. The fact is, we enter the holiday season, there are, unfortunately, those who would want to take advantage of you. Make sure your home is secure. It's the biggest investment that you have, and it's something that you need to not only protect it, but you need to protect yourself as well. We call this the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. Thank you so much, Thom, for joining us again today.

Thom Dallman:                  Thanks for being here.

Dave Burnett:                    If you want to get ahold of Thom, you can do that on the website at coregrouprealty.com or give them a call, 208-933-7777, find out why they say, "You get more, with Core."


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