Are you thinking about eventually selling your home to upgrade, downsize, or just want something new?  We have come up with a list of minimal effort, low budget, and largely impacting home improvements that can possibly help increase your home's value while giving it an updated look and curb appeal!


They always say: “Nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix”. It’s amazing what a difference a painted front door can make!  There are so many colors to chose from. As shown in a previous blog, the color you paint can have certain meanings, like red for luck, purple for prosperity or green for health.



Rather than replacing all of your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, PAINT THEM! With paint, you have a much wider variety!  There are numerous options for painting and refinishing cabinets. Each will brighten the kitchen and give it a new feel.




With varying types of knobs, handles, and pulls for your cabinets and drawers, you can once again do a small transformation that will make a whole new look for a kitchen.  Giving a more modern pull can update a kitchen and make it feel like it is current.





A quick trip to the store, whether it be a home or craft store, you can come up with some great ways of making your switch plates and electric outlet panels look new and refreshing.  Some things we have seen are frames, paint, washi tape, and some even used decorative clays to cover them.


A little more out of pocket, but incorporates a ton of character. Adding molding to rooms and cabinets help bring a WOW moment into your home.




SHELVES!! Shelves are not only appealing to buyers, but they also give you the space to “OCD” (Organize, Clean, and De-Clutter), which has an immense impact as well!



Well placed mirrors help in so many ways. From rooms that need more space to spreading more light around, mirrors cover all the bases. Take a careful look at any room that feels small and dark- sit back and decide if adding some mirrors may make it feel less so.


Curb Appeal is talked about often and is the buyer’s first impression of a home.  We all know first impressions last a lifetime!  So take some time this spring to spruce up the flower beds, plant a new bush, or just get your weed and feed out to help the yard look healthy and vibrant.


Blog by Michelle Spell


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