Join us on the Buzz today! We have our Coming Soon and Featured Listings as well as some insight into the first steps for you to take when you are thinking of selling your home. We'll be talking with Diversified Mortgage about the financial process and obligations when purchasing a home; as well as giving you some resources for remodeling and designing ideas. Don't miss this packed show! 


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Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett. Thom Dallman is out this week, he's catching a little vacation time. We have a pre-recorded segment with him later on in the show.  Thom is the co-owner and designated broker of CORE Group Realty. Kristina's with us with our listing today. You had some Coming Soons but they sold?

Kristina: Yes! And John here can actually tell you about the property on ... Lone Tree?

John: It's on Country Lane in North Caldwell. It is a beautiful property, awesome views. I think with the snow the access to the home itself was really hindered there. The driveway is a dirt driveway. It has been cleared in the meantime so if anybody wants to go out and take a look at it, definitely feel free. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single level just under 2,200 square feet. The garage has been converted into a family room.

Dave: So this isn't under the Coming Soon, this is one that you're listing?

John: No, this is an active listing. It is on the market at $330,000. Definitely bring your clients out there, bring yourself out there, call us get a showing on it and see what you like about it.

Dave: Is it a bit tough selling in the Winter like this with the weather the way it is?

John: It can be. On certain properties like this where the driveway access can be hindered in big snow and again this year is kind of an outlyer. Not to be expected every year.

Dave: Yeah, I guess for me, as a consumer, I don't even like going to the store! If I could just sit back at home and I guess that's where the charm of coregrouprealty.com the internet is, is that you can take a look at these properties online and not have to take a look in person until you're ready.

Kristina: Absolutely, you can just shop right from your living room.

Dave: What else do you have on the list?

Kristina: We have another Featured Listing on Good Street, it's at 3347 West Good Street. And that's a great 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom. It's currently under construction but it's just getting finished and I believe just came on as new so it is all ready and staged and ready to go look at!

Dave: So this is a new listing if somebody's looking for that new house smell.

Kristina: Yes.

Dave: So that one's location is where?

Kristina: It's at 3347 West Good Street in Boise so that's going to be a North End property.

Dave: OK so we have one Canyon County there and one in the North End to take a look at. I guess and we were talking just before we started John, the fact that inventory, I hate to say this, has gone down again.

John: It has gone down. Year over year, we're down to 1.8 months of availability .

Dave: Because it was at 2 months I think last time Thom and I talked. At 2 months he's going "Hey, we're up to 2 months!"

John: Through the Fall we were hovering right around 2 months, 2.1 months now and through December again we're down to 1.8 months.

Dave: So what does that mean for the average guy driving around right now, what does that mean?

John: It means that homes are selling pretty quickly even though we're dealing with this weather.  And the cold conditions out there. It means that if nothing else were listed today, all things being held equal, we would dry up in about 1.8 months.

Dave: Yikes!

John: And that's taking into account again an average. So we've got million dollar mansions up in the hills that might take 2 years but in that bread and butter price point we're talking very quick sales. Couple weeks.

Dave: So if somebody is looking to sell their house, there couldn't be a better time.

John: Oh definitely, yeah.

Dave: Well if somebody was looking into selling their house, how do they go about that process to get it listed? Kristina what do they need to do?

Kristina: Well I think the first step would just be to reach out to us, we can chat a little bit about their timeline and what they're looking to do and then I can set up an appointment for them to actually meet with John and he can go over the more specifics as far as their house is concerned and what they need to do to prepare and get it ready to sell.

Dave: Now I know John Thom often mentions the fact that they'd just as soon you'd come into the office for that first meeting. It used to be the day and time that you would want to come see my property immediately. Not so much anymore?

John: We can definitely have an appointment in the office. I often find it's really hit or miss. Because if I'm trying to gauge anybody's property, I always find it's best to view the property on site and get a real feel for it. Past that, get a real idea of goals and motivations at that point because everybody is totally different when it comes to those things.

Dave: What do you think, I'm hitting you with these questions here at random .. what do you think the biggest misconception is people have about their own property? Other than they think it's worth more than it is, but other than that obvious one, what are some of the big misconceptions people have about their own homes?

John: I have a lot of questions about what can I do to make it more marketable. Again, a lot of things, converting rooms into something else. Again it's going to be 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other. We're trying to cater to as many buyers as we can, and we don't want to cut off any segments of the market by changing the home in any way that may turn off a certain segment of that market.

Dave: Other than the fact that most people think their house is worth more than it probably is.

John: That's probably true, we're all victim to that.

Dave: And the other thing I think that I have just gathered in the conversations that we've had, it's an emotional decision to sell your house. Very different than selling a business property. That's just business. But to sell your house where your kids grew up, where your memories are, it's a tough thing to do.

John: Definitely, definitely. It really can be.

Dave: Something that you have to think about. So again, our listings I just want to run back by these real quickly just in case someone missed them. The one you had John in Canyon County, where is it?

John: It is on 28751 Country Lane so North Caldwell.

Dave: So we've got North Caldwell and the one in Boise, where is it?

Kristina: It's in North Boise so it's at 3347 West. Good Street.

Dave: Alright so two listings there that are avilalbe in that part of that 1.8 months of listing time that's available. Some of the other facts, do you have any other facts about the market that you want to share as far as what's available?

John: Well, for Canyon County market snapshot for December we had a median sales price of $167,000. For the same month of December, the median in Ada we had about $245,000 for median.

Dave: Are the values of homes that different between Ada and Canyon County?

John: Yeah!

Kristina: Yeah I think so.

Dave: So if somebody's really looking for the bargain, they really need to just go across McDermitt road and go to the other side of the line over there and in Canyon County you're going to find better buys.

John: FOr sure and I have seen parts of Canyon County actually spike when it comes to home values over the past couple years. More so than even iN Ada County some areas in Ada County.

Dave: The difference in sales ... I guess there are more high end homes in Boise? Is that an assumption or is that a fact do you think?

John: I think what it boils down to is you have different areas in Boise that kind of skew those numbers a little bit. You've got the bench which is a very desirable area. You've got the North End.

Dave: The foothills. You can get up in there you get some expensive homes up there.

John: Oh for sure.

Dave: So if somebody wants more information about listing and/or buying a home, what do they need to do Kristina?

Kristina: They can just give us a call or jump on our website at coregrouprealty.com

Dave: OK coregrouprealty.com. That phone number by the way 933-7777. That's 933-7777 you can give that phone a call any time and get a hold of either one of the Customer Care agents or somebody who will get you in touch with them and get you all hooked up and ready to go as well. Hopefully we can shake some of this snow off, and if you're thinking about selling your home now would be now John probably a great time to come in and talk and find out the options?

John: Yeah definitely. I think to explore the options especially knowing that the inventory has dropped to 1.8 months at this point is definitely a good sign.

Dave: And as we've talked to Michelle Guth at Diversified Mortgage those interest rates probably going to keep creeping up as we go through the years so now's a good time to do it. Time to get somebody in to buy your home with those low interest rates.

John: For sure.

Dave: Kristina, John thanks so much for joining us today.

Thom: It's been an eventful year for CORE Group the company with taking over and becoming the designated broker at the beginning of the year and growing the company as I kind of went through the year and got to develop, continued to develop and grow the platform sthat we've had and the agents that we've had. And also add onto those some really amazing agents through the year that have come on board so when I took over in February we were at I think about 12 agents and we have grown it to now I have 26 agents.

Dave: Wow

Thom: In house, so. Yeah, "wow!" It's been fun. Part of my job as a designated broker and owner is really to be here as a mentor to my agents and to make sure that they're well versed and everything real estate related so that we are providing our clients with the best service that they can experience and the best experience in the home buying or selling process and making sure that their needs are being successfully met by our agents.

Dave: Let me ask you this, we did a segment a couple weeks ago where we talked about you. And just your past and where you came from and how you got here. We didn't ask this question but you know, you kind of touched on it again here. You had 12 agents and now you're up over 20 agents. How much of that responsability and I've talked to other people who have owned businesses, how much does that weigh on you? When you lay down at night and realize that these people depend on you to make sure the ship keeps going down the road right. That's a pretty weighty responsability.

Thom: Yeah it is!

Dave: A frightening one!

Thom: Yeah especially considering that half of hte people that are here depend on a lot on me for their business for the marketing stuff that I do and trying to spread the awareness of CORE Group Realty and the importance of our clients' needs being met. There have been a couple sleepless nights that little bit of hesitation and what not as any business owner would.

Kristina: Thank you!

Dave: We'll continue on the other side, this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz on 580 KIDO.


Section 2


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate buzz, I'm Dave Burnet, along with Thom Dallman of the CORE Group Realty and Michelle Guth From Diversified Mortgage joining us. Diversified Mortgage which is as equal opportunity lender. Is that how we officially state that?


Michelle: Perfection! Thank you, Dave.


Dave: Michelle, what is your phone number in case someone who wants to get a hold of you there at Diversified Mortgage.


Michelle: 853-7878.


Dave: You know, Thom, we talked a little bit last week about, you know, what to expect if, you know, earnest money and different things expect once you kind of go to that transaction


Thom: Financial obligations that you have when you are purchasing process on a property.


Dave: So, the funny thing is, you know, it was about finance, so I think Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage is a person to talk to as far as what really nuts and bolts wise, what were looking to do when we get into that purchase. We talked about earnest money, we've had some questions from people talking going, "Wait a minute, earnest money and how does, you know, how does that all work?" Michelle, lets talk about it. We've found a home Thom has picked out, a beautiful home for me. Oh, you'll love this home! It's a great home he has picked out for me, and we are ready to buy.. pre-approved or ready to go. What's next?


Michelle: Well, that's when we would love to get you into the office and kind of go through step by step of what to expect going through the lending process, up to the point of closing. So, I think it was a great segment, I had an opportunity to listen to it. So, from my side, we get a lot of questions about that earnest money, after they have put it down. It's like, "Where does that money go?" So, we like to just basically explain that when we determine how much your going to need in total at closing, its going to be a credit that's going to be applied towards the bottom line at the very end. So, in other words, dependent upon how much they did for down payment. If they need to pay some of the closing costs, whatever the earnest money amount is, we are going to deduct that right off the bottom line at the closing table. So they will get that credit dollar for dollar off of what is needed at the very end.


Dave: So really, earnest money, that's the first check I'm going to be writing in this whole process of buying a home?


Michelle: It is. And a lot time people are caught off guard that they need to write a check to execute a contract. So Thom's team as well as my team like to make sure that people are aware of approximately what they need to have set aside for their transaction upfront before they can start the home buying process.


Dave: And Thom you make sure last week that it's usually around like 10%, or no?


Thom: Ya, we usually suggest about 1% of the purchase price, rounding it up or down to the nearest thousand dollars. You know, like I mentioned if its 100,000 to 200,000 we usually do 1,000 earnest money. It's not an exact science but it's pretty close to about that 1% of the purchase price.


Dave : So let me ask you this, Michelle, is that average and is there an advantage to give more or less? Is there an advantage one way or another with earnest money?


Michelle: What I think Thom can attest to the fact that the more you get put down in earnest money is going to make the seller feel a little more comfortable with this strength of the borrower. We do have clients, thought, that are purchasing under the bond program where they only need to have .5% into the transaction. In those cases, many times Thom's team will, you know, adjust the earnest money accordingly to say $500, especially if their funds needed to close as only 750$ for their half a point, then in those cases we can usually adjust the earnest money accordingly based on their ability as far as what they have for down. On that earnest money and again, its case by case basis.


Dave: I guess, let me ask this question. I'm not sure if I should ask Thom or you, Michelle, on this. In a marketplace like we have now where sometimes there is multiple bids coming in on a house, your basically in a bidding war, does that earnest money if I suddenly can say, "Alright, I'll put $2000 down instead of $1000, or you know, I'll put 2%," does that help in a bidding war?


Michelle: I think it can. Again, it depends on the strength of the borrow with respect to the overall offer look like. Are they doing a large down payment, are they, you know, a 20% down borrower compared to someone who's maybe doing a small down payment program. That's something that the seller may take into account when determining what offer they want to accept.


Thom: Exactly, yeah. I would agree with that 100%. It really kind of.. It can help the offer look better to the sellers, more confident that that will go through all the way to the end because it shows that the buyers have that financial capability of getting to the contract and to close.


Michelle: On the flip side of that, I would want to say though with a lot of our first time home buyers, when they are competing quite frequently they are competing against the same demographic. So, I don't want them to feel discouraged that they don't have a large sum for earnest money that they are not going to be in a good position to buy. SO, they typically are competing with very like offers, so again, we are going to customize it to their specific needs.


Dave: But again, that money goes towards the purchase of the house and.. tell me again what is it that it goes to?


Michelle: Basically, their down payment and/or closing costs, whatever their bottom line is at closing. Other thing I thought we would touch on is home inspection. So not only do they need their earnest money, but Thom you also mentioned about needing a home inspection. Not a requirement for any program, but we always encourage our clients to get a home inspection. Thom, what's the average price have those been, In your experience?


Thom: They are running between $250 and $400 depending on the size of the house. The average house size usually runs about that 200-300. It's very important, like you said, to make sure that that home inspection is done. That is someone that is going to go into almost every single little corner, crevasse, and make sure that that house is safe and sound for the buyer before their purchase.


Michelle: Huge investment. Its Great.


Dave: So that is something the buyer typically pays for then?


Michelle and Thom: Correct.


Michelle: So as the lender we are not even accounting for that when we are figuring out what they need for closing costs, down payment, and so forth. That is outside of the loan process, but we do like to educate them upfront that those are funds they probably should have set aside as recommendation to get that done once they go under contract.


Dave: So I equate that to, if your buying a car, running it by a mechanic to take a look at it.


Michelle: Exactly. That's a great analogy.


Thom: Very much so.


Dave: Hey! This funny noise, is that a bad thing? So, yes. something dripping from the ceiling probably not a good sign. So... But.. So, whats the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection, aren't they one in the same thing?


Michelle: Great question! We get that one a lot. So the home inspection, again, is something that is optional. But again, they are getting in and looking at the ins and outs of that property and the crawl space to the attic and so forth. The appraiser is actually is appraising the value of the home, the inspection is looking at the condition of the home. In addition, the appraiser is going to look for things that are obvious that maybe requirements under certain programs, like government programs where you can't have exterior chip pealing paint, cracked windows could be a health and safety hazard, that type of thing. But outside of that, the appraisal is primarily to insure that the home is meeting the value for what you are paying on in contract.


Dave: So that would be the lender wanting to make sure that, lets be honest, lender is buying the house until you buy it from them so, they just need to make sure their property is worth what your paying for it.


Michelle: Absolutely. It is for the consumers advantage as well. We certainly would not want them to overpay for a property where the value is not there.


Thom: There is a tie in two between the inspection and appraisal and the fact that the inspector will point out those items that could potentially be a hold up for the appraisal process and prolong the buying process. The inspection is very important to help us identify anything that the lender may require to be fixed so that we can fix before that appraisal. Saving both the sellers and the buyers in any kind of a reappraisal cost because if those are not caught in the appraiser gets out there and calls them out, then we deal with with the reappraisal costs and have the appraiser come back out once we do get them fixed.


Dave: Some of those items that, if suddenly your home needs a new roof, that can be $10,000.


Thom: Oh, easily.


Dave: So it's good to know that coming in. Alright so, question for you, and let me go to the dark side, the negative here. Back to earnest money, I started thinking about this. You can lose your earnest money, what are the circumstances for losing your earnest money?


Thom: The main issue that we face when it comes to an earnest money dispute, usually tends to be the buyers unwilling to complete the process, even though they have gone through inspection and the house is fine, gone through the appraisal process and everything is fine. Sometimes people get cold feet and decide, "Oh my gosh! You know what, I just am afraid to complete this. I don't know that I want this obligation." And then decide to just walk away for no apparent reason.


Dave: So if your buying a house, I guess, hence the name earnest, you better get your earnest. You better be sincere that you do want to buy the house and that's what the whole purpose is, to show the person selling that, that you are serious about it.


Thom: Correct. A lot of times with new constructions, especially with custom homes, they do require that earnest money to be non refundable upfront because the buyer, or the builder, put so much effort into the beginning of that process that they usually require a little higher earnest money as well as making that earnest money non refundable from the get go, in case something happens and the buyer can't qualify or can't finish up the project if they already started building they may kind of hold on to that earnest money because of that.


Dave: Ok, another question about the earnest money, again. Who is it that holds that? Is that the Diversified Mortgage or where does that, say $1000, go? Who's holding it?


Thom: I'll cover that one! That one is kind of depends on the program and brokerage. A lot of brokerages do have trust accounts set up so they are required to hold the earnest money in a separate trust account. At the brokerage, once it gets towards closing, they will turn it over to the title company. Here are CORE Group, we actually write those earnest money checks out to the title company and the title company actually will hold them. Which is actually becoming more of a popular trend as well to have that third party hold that earnest money check in their trust accounts, and if there is a dispute its an unbiased party holding on to it and so forth.


Dave: Michelle Guth is with Diversified Mortgage. Michelle, if somebody has any questions about earnest money, about inspections, about loans, about lending, how do they get a hold of you?


Michelle: Just give us a call at the office at853-7878, we love to visit with them!


Dave: And of course you have a website as well?


Michelle: We do. DMGloans.com.


Dave: Alright. And again, I mentioned this, I think, every week, you know, when we get to buying a home we think of all fun things in a home, this room and that room whatever we do to the yard, but without financing that's what makes the world go round when it comes to buying a home!


Michelle: That's going to be my new logo, thank you!


Dave: Financing makes the world go round.. Well it is true! I can have a lot of pipe dreams and think I can go buy half a million dollar home, but the truth is, I mean I wont be able to.


Michelle: And that's why it is so important to go through the process early on, we want to make sure we are setting them up for not having any level of disappointment. We want to know what price point, what payment range, the full thing to come meet with us. Get in and get qualified.


Dave: And at Diversified Mortgage, very comfortable atmosphere. Its not intimidating. You see, for you guys, you deal with this business all the time, but for us consumers, we will do this several times in our life, so it can be intimidating. I can say this first hand at Diversified, very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


Michelle: Thank you.


Dave: I encourage you to go on in to Diversified Mortgage, easily found on Marigold in Garden City, and the phone number again, Michelle?


Michelle: 853-7878.


Dave: Alright, if you don't remember that, 933-7777, that's the number at CORE Group Realty and they will get you in touch with Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. We will continue on the other side here on 580 KIBO.


Section 3:


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnet, along with Thom Dallman. Thom is the co-owner and designated broker at CORE Group Realty. COREGroupRealty.com that is the website, 933-7777 that is the phone number for you to call if you want to find out more about listing your home or about buying a home through CORE Group Realty and their fine staff that is here to serve you. Speaking of that, Naomi joins us. Your officially a Customer Care Agent.


Naomi: I am, yes. I am out Customer Care Manager.


Dave: So what exactly does that mean?


Naomi: I kind of welcome you to the website if you give me a call, if you call the number. I will be one of the ones that answers and kind of guides you on who to speak with next and where to go.


Dave: Perfect. Now, I know with the customer care folks, you guys are not officially real estate agents?


Naomi: No. We are not. So there are some things that we cant help you with but we know exactly how to guide you in the right direction for that.


Dave: I guess it's something like bringing up a topic. There are those who are full headed and thinking "I can do this on my own! I don't really need a real estate agent" Give me some of the reasons that you have see and experienced in your career with CORE Group as to why working with an agent is so important?


Naomi: Oh gosh.. I actually have an agent here who started that process herself, tried to navigate the process of buying her own home without representation because she thought, as many do, that you can get a better deal, all that kind of stuff like that. Then after she went through real estate school, she actually realized how much an agent will actually do for you. They are fighting for you as opposed to going straight to the listing agent. The listing agent, while they are probably a wonderful person, they are working for their seller. Also, that most people don't know is that when you have a buyers agent representing you, you don't actually have to pay that agent.


Dave: Ya, I think it's important to understand that you, as a buyer, your not paying the agent. He will get paid from the person selling the home. Is that correct?


Naomi: Yes, that is correct. And it's something that a lot of people don't know. I feel like a lot of them are missing out on that representation, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.


Dave: What are some of the things that experience wise agents have and know how to do, that if I go out and say, "Oh, there's a house for sale. I see a sign in the yard." What am I going to miss out on that the trained agent knows to do?


Naomi: Well, they are going to be able to encourage you to get something like an inspection done, they are going to be able to navigate all of that paperwork for you, because it is quite a headache, quite a hassle, but the agent knows exactly what they are doing. They will probably also have access to transaction coordinators that can even catch their mistakes. They really are fighting with your interest in mind to get you the best deal.


Dave: I guess the word that comes to my mind in just the years now doing this show at CORE Group Realty, is the word comparable. It's something that I.. it really takes a lot of time to do the comparable. Explain what that is.


Naomi: A comparable, I assume that you are talking about just the comparable on the other houses? They can put together a comparative market analysis fro you and kind of see whats going on in that neighborhood. See if you are getting a good deal, because maybe this home is priced to what seems great to you, but they might possibly be able to get you a better deal just by looking at the homes that are in the area that are similar that could maybe sell for a little bit less and kind of get you that deal there.


Dave: Naomi is with us with CORE Group Realty and she is one of the customer care associates here who take care of you when you call 933-7777. If its not Naomi that answers, its one of her folks that will answer and help answer some of those questions. That customer care line is not just for the people in this area. If someone has family members out of the area, they can call that number as well.


Naomi: Yes, absolutely! We would love to help anyone out. We actually have a lot of people that will call from California and stuff like that.


Dave: So are you lying about the weather right now?


Naomi: Well... It's nice and sunny and warm and beautiful.


Dave: Yes it is. I dont know how many people I have told this to the past couple weeks, this isn't normal.


Naomi: No, its not!


Dave: People are in their first winter here going, "What the heck, nobody told us it was like this!"


Naomi: Yeah, don't be scared! It's fine, this doesn't happen all the time.


Dave: Exactly. We are talking about agents and the importance of working with an agent. Some of the other things you have found in your personal or professional experience with agents?


Naomi: Well, I feel like another thing that maybe some people don't understand about an agent, kind of going along with how they are paid, is that some people will think that they are... they want to get the best deal, so they actually contact quite a few agents and they all kind of have them searching for them. What they don't realize is that while they are not paying the agent, only one of the agents that they write the deal with will get paid at the end of the day. So, its kind of a waste of the other agents time, because you wont be actually writing something up with them so they wont be getting paid by the seller. Its just something to keep in mind to kind of forma connection with maybe one agent, and like Thom always says to interview a few. Go with the one that you trust and that you can be great friends with, that you know has your back.


Dave: Ya, I think getting that perfect match, because everyone's personality doesn't necessarily mesh. Now you, here a while back, you purchased a duplex if i'm correct.


Naomi: I did, yeah! It's been a year in a couple months.


Dave: And did you use an agent then? Were you working here at the time?


Naomi: I was working here and I actually used one of our CORE agents, which was an absolutely great decision and a great experience and he worked really hard to find me the perfect place.


Dave: Lets talk about that process a little bit. So you went in and said, "Heres what I'm looking for"?


Naomi: Yes. I said, "Heres what I'm looking for", I spoke with my lender already, a good first step to do. She kind of told me what I could stick to. I hadn't been at CORE for that long, so I could only qualify for a little bit less, but it was enough to find a duplex that I was looking for.


Dave: So your agent was able to tell you, "Here's what I got for you to look at"?


Naomi: Exactly. He actually, he was really looking really diligently for me and he found it before it actually came on the market for me. He was really looking out!


Dave: Which is one of the nice things about CORE Group Realty.com and the website there is a coming soon tab, where CORE is listing before they hit the multiple listing service, they will go through that coming soon tab on the website. So your chance to get a little bit of a head start. Again, one other thing you mentioned there that is so important is getting pre approved for the loan.


Naomi: Absolutely.


Dave: Makes it like easier for everyone.


Naomi: Definitely. Ya, I knew what I could qualify for counting in all of the new things that I had to pay for, going from renting into purchasing a home and all of the taxes and stuff like that. It's a little bit different buying an investment property, so thats why it was incredibly helpful to go and talk to Michelle and actually sit down with her.


Dave: Capturing the knowledge and experience of the real estate agent, interviewing before you even decide on an agent, and is that something... do you very often see somebody change mid stream? I mean, is that possible to do?


Naomi: Change their agent?


Dave: Ya. Lets just say, honestly, I'm not getting along with my agent. Their personality just doesn't match.


Naomi: Yeah, its definitely an option for you. You just need to talk to you agent, let them know. Its unfortunate for all parties involved, but you need to go with whats best for you.


Dave: Exactly, and to remember that agent is working for you. That's another key thing Naomi mentioning the fact the sellers agent, person selling the house, their working for that person. They are trying to get as much for that house as they can, where as your agent is trying to get the best deal possible.


Naomi: Absolutely, and they can chat and kind of come to an agreement over whats best for both of their clients.


Dave: Very good. Naomi, who is here with CORE Group Realty and you can contact her or her staff at 933-7777. Let them know what you are looking for. If you are looking to interview an agent, they can set up the time. Do you line up like 2 or 3 agentsor try to get a feel for what they are looking for?


Naomi: We kind of talk to them, get to know their personality a little bit and set them up with who we think would be the right person. Then it just kind of goes from there and they can connect and they chat with somebody else.


Dave: Very good. 933-7777 the phone number to call and of course COREGroupRealty.com is the website. You can always go to it 24/7, that's the nice thing with the website, its always there for you.. If your up in the middle of the night, can't sleep, your thinking, "You know what, I want to check out the houses out there," You can do it on website as well. And you can call 933-7777 pretty much any time of the day if somebody with the CORE team is there, somebody will answer that call and get the information to you.


Naomi: That is correct.


Dave: Very good. We will continue on the other side, this is the Idaho Real Estate buzz, I'm Dave Burnet. Thom Dallman is off this week, he is catching a little bit of sunshine, he will return with us next week here on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz on 580 KIDO.


Segment 4:


Dave: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnet along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. CORE Group Realty. com that is the website to go to. Again, I'm mentioned it is CORE with a C-O-R-E Group Realty.com. 933-7777 that is the phone number to call. You know, Thom, we talk a lot about houses, we talk a lot about real estate, we talk a lot about what you do with your yard and painting and the different things, home inspections. But you know, really, one of the things that I find fascinating is there are people who have an artistic flare and can do this, that is in the furnishing of their homes to come up with unique ideas.


Thom: Oh yeah! Gosh. Theres so many different, unique ideas.. different ways that you can do such different, amazing things with bookshelves, you know, different various parts of your house. One of the big trends right now is actually in the bathrooms and vanities.


Dave: You know, we were talking about this during the break and you were mentioning some of the things that I guess thats where I just don't have creativity. To me, if I was going to redo my bathroom, I would go to home depot and I would get the standard cabinet with the granite top and the sink. Might go crazy and get a fancy water faucet. But there are people that are so creative, and they can do a lot of creative stuff.


Thom: Actually, in the Spring parade of homes and the upcoming Fall parade of homes, you'll see a lot of different variations of vanities and bathrooms and really creative uses of different furniture. Taking antique furniture and converting them into bathroom sinks. Its just one of those popular things to do right now in remodels.


Dave: So, we are talking more then just getting a porcelain pedestal sink. Or the ones that are called and look like a bowl one. Those are popular to do those fun little bowls. But there are people who are taking objects and making them into their bathroom vanities.


Thom: Oh yeah, yeah. One of the popular things I'v seen recently is taking those blue print drawers from architect company..


Dave: A blue print drawer, like a cabinet? Ok.


Thom: The cabinets that have the little drawers in them and stuff like that. Actually taking that and creating the vanity out of that. It jsut creates such a different look in your bathroom to have those little drawers and to have that feel in the bathroom can totally change with something like that. We have seen people take antique and turn those into vanities, once again, depending on the home and the style. If you have that older tradition style of home, those can really blend in and really look so nice in a home.


Dave: Give me a show piece, where you know, you have company over, they go into your bathroom and they see this like, "Wow! Thats really cool!" Do you know.. Is there somebody in town that does it? Or are these just people whoa re coming up with the ideas?


Thom: I think its a combination of everything. I think its people coming up with really creative ideas, people who have antiques, and there maybe antique people that own this stuff that say, "Oh, hey! Lets go talk to this builder and see if they can use this somehow." I think builders, especially custom home builders, will kind of look for something new and different for their clients depending on the needs and stuff. Its so interesting.. Kind of have been looking around. One of my favorite sites is that h-o-u-z-z.com. They have such creative new things and stuff like that. You can see all kinds of.. A-Z things and ideas for homes. So some of the things that I saw on there, some of the pictures I saw is they took a.. one of those old school desks, and they actually converted that into a vanity. They put the sink on the side and you have your other side for the drawers and things on top. It creates kind of a nice feel. I was thinking the sink would look better on the drawer side so that you had the stool side to put on makeup and stuff. But taking a student desk, like, who would think to do that?


Dave: We are going to need to go to this website. h-o-u-z-z.com.


Thom: Its a fun site to just browse through and get ideas for remodels.


Dave: Good site for a knuckle head like me who has no idea.


Thom: Exactly! Not exactly that your a knuckle head, but for that the good ideas.


Dave: What are some other things you've seen on the site?


Thom: So yeah, we have seen some credenzas taken buffet credenzas and converting those into vanities.


Dave: I could see how you could actually do a two person vanity.


Thom: Ya! You could still use those drawers. You may have facade for the top drawer, but still be able to utilize the bottom drawers in the bottom. Buffets that you have in your entry ways or dining rooms, I'v seen those be converted into some great vanities. Theres just so many different things. One of the most unique things that I saw on there was a sewing table. They took a sewing table from the 1700s and actually created a sink, a whole vanity, bathroom based around this sewing table.


Dave: You would make me nervous taking an antique and to have to cut into that.. Whatever. That would just make me crazy nervous.


Thom: Right?


Dave: I guess if you start thinking about it and if you are like one of these antique shoppers shopping around, it gives you a different way of looking at some of the antique furniture and how you can use it.


Thom: And you don't have to use it as a vanity. You can use it in your library, you can turn some of these things into beautiful bookshelves. You can use it in your dining rooms for other purposes and stuff like that. Its not only just in the vanity area, but its definitely some creative uses for it, for these different things.


Dave: I would have to think too, that talking vanities and bathrooms, that mirrors and shopping antique shops or garage sales, that mirrors for your bathroom would be kind of a huge, fun thing to do as well.


Thom: Some of those beautiful antique gold mirrors, hanging them up above these kinds of things, totally changes the look of a bathroom. Totally makes it different and feel great. You can find some really good antique stuff out there that you can really convert really well. Mirrors are a great way to kind of get some new life into a bathroom. Doing something creative like even doing smaller mirrors with one big one right above the sink, with smaller mirrors around it is another thing I have seen that looks really neat and different and kind of gives ita new look to your bathroom.


Dave: I think all of us know somebody who has that creative flare. This might be a good topic to sit down over acup of coffee and say, "You know, we want to do something different in our bathroom or whatever it may be, what do you think?" Because we all know somebody has that ability that they can nothing and make something out of it that looks good, whereas I take old coffee cans and it will still look like old coffee cans. They will take old coffee cans and suddenly its a beautiful plant holder.


Thom: Yes. There are some amazing artists out that with some crazy ideas.


Dave: So thats where you kind of tap into them saying," I'm thinking about doing this". What do you suggest?


Thom: Or maybe just plan a day to go antique shopping. Go through and look at some of the different things they have in there and take that person with you. They will see a piece of furniture and have a broad idea of different ways that you can use it and recreate it and re-purpose it. 


Dave: You just mentioned that suddenly I flashed on that antique shop up in Idaho City. They have literally everything in there. That might be a good way to go through then, think about how can we utilize some of this stuff to create..


Thom: Yes, and thats such a beautiful drive to Idaho City to reach that place. Its definitely worth that little trip. Every time I go by that place, I'm always like 'I gotta go in there and see whats going on".


Dave: Someone called it a junk shop, others would call it a treasure trove, because it is just so full of top of the line..


Thom: I like to refer to it as a Harry Potter shop.. Because it looks like something you would see on the set of Harry Potter.


Dave: A great way to go and take a look at it.. I guess there is some encouragement on the Idaho Real Estate buzz is to use creativity and if your like me and your not creative, I don't hesitate to say it, I'm just not creative on that. But find somebody, because we all know that somebody who is very creative and can do it, sit down and say, " I want to do something a little different with my home," And allow them to help you do it. They would enjoy to just.. the opportunity to go up, especially if you are buying, they would like the opportunity to go do, weather its something for your entry way, or in this case your bathroom too.


Thom: Well, and don't forget the value that it adds to.. when people come in seeing a custom vanity, gives it a little more value to the house and to the bathroom itself, because it is so unique, your not going to see it. Its not something that you've gone to one of the big chain stores and got and everybody else has put into their house. It is something unique and different, so people do kind of gravitate towards having unique things in their homes, if you are going to sell your home. It is definitely a bonus for that.


Dave: We have talked about those TV shows, the flipping shows, you notice they always remember, "It was in this home, or it was in that home,". Your house will be remembered as, "It was the one that had the antique antiue sewing machine in the bathroom," Thats how they will remember the house. Any time you get above the noise, you win and you get to enjoy having a great piece as well. Well, Thom, thank you so much again for a great Saturday together. If somebody wants to get a hold of someone at CORE Group Realty, how do they do it?


Thom: They just give a go online at coregrouprealty.com or give us a call at 933-7777.


Dave: And there's a place there, if you would like to email Thom, you can do that as well or give a call and he would be happy to return your call as well. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, we do it every Saturday at 2:00 and of course you can also find these shows online at Coregrouprealty.com as this broadcast will be uploaded there as well. Here at 580 KIBO.



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