Have you ever gone on a vacation, only to be worrying the whole time about if your home is safe? We have put together a list of ways to make sure your home more safe and secure than before!


1)       Keep your car keys next to your bed, instead of by the door. By keeping your keys close, not only can you escape quicker if something did happen, but you can scare a potential burglar by pressing the panic button on your car keys!

2)       Be a pain in their side! Plan thorny shrubs beneath ground floor windows. Defensive shrubs, as landscapers call them, are a great way to deter criminals, all while looking beautiful! By planting rose bushes, blackberries, Yucca, Barberry, Pyracantha, and Bougainvillea plants you will be creating your own defense system.

3)       Reinforce your entry doors- switch out the standard screws on the hinges of your door, and handle plate for 3.5” screws instead. This will make it immensely harder for intruders to shoulder their way into your home.

4)       Fake it- If you don’t have a home security system, you should buy a decal saying you do. A beware of dog sign, or battery operated fake cameras with blinking lights do the trick too!

5)       DON’T POST PICTURES OF YOUR TRIP! This one is crucial. We all do it. Try to wait until you get home to upload the pictures of that sunset, or your beachy waves.

6)       Don’t store valuables where you would think to store valuables. Okay- so this one sounds confusing. What I want you to remember is that if you think about putting it there, chances are they will too. Freezers, toilet tanks, sock drawer, night stands, or within reach of the crawlspace door are all ideas everyone has either seen on TV or thought of themselves. There are so many everyday objects that can be disguised now-a-day, invest and buy some!

7)       Say no to Mail Slots. Yes, they are nice to have- but are they worth it? Opt for an actual mailbox, whether it be a standing on by the road or a mail box attached to the side of your house, it’s better than being able to peek into your home.

8)       Neighborly Love. Ask a neighbor that you trust, to keep an eye open. Make sure they don’t have anything planned and offer to return the favor.

9)       Check, Check, and Check. Always make sure to do another walk through to check the windows and doors.

10)   Light timers. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to flip the lights on or off while you were away? Well, there is! Light timers go between your outlet and the plug, and you can set them to go on and off at certain times. There are some out there that have apps to control with your cell phone! That makes sense if you want to change the times the lights turn on or off.

11)   Don’t be fooled. Be sure to look for a well-established locksmith who is licensed and insured. That guy on Craigslist who said he’ll do it for $10 just isn’t worth your safety!

12)   Don’t give them an opening. Having your firewood stacked next to your house may be convenient in the winter, but it is also begging a bad guy to use it for a ladder! Be sure there you aren’t supplying anything that may be used to gain access to your home.

13)   Load up right before you leave! I know people say it’s better to be prepared, but when you have a truck full of camping gear sitting out front, you are announcing that you will be gone this weekend.

14)   The Watch. No, I’m not talking about the comedy with Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and Vince Vaughn. Check out your community to see if there is a crime prevention program. When you join in on the fun, or just donate to it, you’ll know someone is watching over your home while you are away.


I hope you enjoyed my list of ways to put the lockdown on your home. If you have any great ideas, comment them below!


Blog by Michelle Spell


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