Owner and Broker of Core Group Thom Dallman talks with Dave about the low inventory in Winter months. Spring is here, and homes are being sold almost as fast as they are being listed! Join us today to hear about some of our coming soon's that haven't hit the market yet.

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate buzz. I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman. You need to introduce yourself to Thom and give him a call or stop on by and see him here at CORE Group Realty. If you're even thinking about buying a home, selling a home, if you're thinking about building a home, you might want to come talk to the folks here at CORE Group Realty. 933-7777, that is the phone number to call. Coregrouprealty.com is the website and Thom, you're right here, easy to find, right near the Boise Town Square Mall.

Thom:                   Yep, just a block and a half down from the Boise Town Square Mall, right on Emeralds, you can't miss us. We're on the south side of the road, like our office here, and we're central to pretty much everything, can get to almost anywhere in the valley. I love our office.

Dave:                    Be sure to get hold of the folks. Now if you're new to town, or if you know somebody who is new to town, there's a pretty fair chance that you are or do know somebody who's new to town, you need to introduce yourself to CORE Group Realty as far as finding that home, that perfect home for you and your family. When I say new to town, a lot of people coming to Idaho.

Thom:                   It's happening. Yeah, we just recently saw a report that ranks Idaho as number four as the number four state that people are moving to. People are just running away from other states and coming here. And it seems to be the-

Dave:                    What's the top five?

Thom:                   The top five? So number one is South Dakota. South Dakota seems to be where a lot of people seem to be moving to. Number two is Vermont on the list. Not sure how Vermont compares because right below that is New York, which is on the top of the list of people moving out of. So maybe that's what they're doing is moving out from.

Dave:                    That might be a tax thing there.

Thom:                   Exactly. Number three is Oregon. Lot of people going to Oregon, and then of course, Idaho number four, and South Carolina is number five. Spots that people are moving to.

Dave:                    I think a lot of people are moving out of crowded, populated areas. You look at that South Dakota, you look at Idaho, you look at Vermont, states that aren't real crowded.

Thom:                   Yep. Nevada and Washington are also on the top 10 list, so yeah, places that I think that where people feel like they're not sitting right next to their neighbor and have a little bit of wiggle room.

Dave:                    Have a little bit of elbow room there.

Thom:                   Exactly. I know the Department of Labor actually just ranked us as number three in the nation in growth as well. We're at 1.8% growth compared to the rest of the nation, which is that 1.1 growth. Yeah, Idaho's growing.

Dave:                    And something the CORE Group does and that is if you have, people in the office here that are specializing, if you're looking to build a home, they can do that for you.

Thom:                   Oh yeah, yeah. We've got our in-house, custom home builder, Innovative Custom Homes, who are available to consult and they're really great about building a home suited for you and your family and your lifestyle. They don't just build homes to build homes. They really focus on what the client's needs are, and all of my agents are well versed on the different builders out there and new construction's picking up.

Dave:                    Well it is. And part of that is that, and we talk about the lack of existing homes, we have quite a few in the coming soons this week, but it's been real relaxed, so for a lot of people there's not a whole lot of option other than to build something new.

Thom:                   Exactly. 2016 saw us with almost a thousand new homes built in Ada and Canyon County and sold, versus-

Dave:                    A thousand new or a thousand above the year before?

Thom:                   A thousand above the year before. I went through some of the stats and kind of took a look at the last 11 years and it was an interesting trend to really look at. But yeah, 2015, we had 2500 new construction homes sold in Ada and Canyon County, whereas, 2016 ended up at 3,561, which we haven't seen that high of a number since 2007. 2007 was at 3,000-

Dave:                    Now is that based off to building permits, is that what that's based off of?

Thom:                   That's based off of our MLS and actually just looking at the new construction, under construction, and to be builts. Sold numbers that were in our MLS.

Dave:                    So if somebody built though, but it was up for sale, was that listed in those numbers as well or no?

Thom:                   That technically wouldn't be in. Those are just our MLS numbers, yes, that we're actually recording.

Dave:                    So when it comes to new construction, there's actually more new homes built than that-

Thom:                   Possibly.

Dave:                    These are ones that were listed and sold.

Thom:                   These were the ones that were listed in our MLS and sold in our MLS, yes. So that's where these numbers come from, I just pulled from our MLS just out of curiosity to see what's the trend been over the last 10 years.

Dave:                    So what was it before the big bust?

Thom:                   Right before the big bust, in 2005, we had 7,086 new construction homes sold in Ada and Canyon County, 7,000. 2006 dropped down to 5,851, 2007 was 3,158, and it kind of continues to go down to 2011, which was the bottom at 1145. So 1,145 new construction homes sold in our MLS for Ada and Canyon County.

Dave:                    Well I will say this.

Thom:                   And then it slowly started creeping back up again.

Dave:                    When it comes to contractors, I think, that number being half of what it was, because there was a time before the big bust where contractor wise there were a lot of, I'd hate to call them fly-by-night contractors but there were some fly-by-night contractors then. They were hiring people they know, do you know which end of the hammer to hold? Uh-huh, you were a framer.

Thom:                   Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Dave:                    Just because they had so much work they had to get done. There were some people whereas now if you're wanting to get things installed in your house, if you want to get things done, you may have to wait a bit because there's a shortage of tradesmen.

Thom:                   The tradesmen are really busy. Yeah, they're really busy and depending on who they're working for and what not, you can wait a little bit for some of those handymen to come by and help you with your projects and stuff. So yeah, it's been an interesting growth, and a lot of that has to do with some of our growth with our big businesses, our top businesses that are drawing people into the area for jobs and stuff. St. Luke's, Micron, the school districts, all those businesses are just attracting more and more employees, which is good, which is helping our growth. They're actually predicting, I think I may have mentioned it last week, that we're hearing predictions that Boise will continue to grow and will double in size within the next 10 years.

Dave:                    That's scary isn't it?

Thom:                   Yeah. Can you imagine like the amount of people if you double?

Dave:                    Yeah and if you hear of, if somebody says that they're creating a thousand new positions, within that company that maybe a thousand new jobs, but as you think of the subsidiary jobs that support those jobs, you're going to probably have 2,000 jobs that supports those thousand jobs. It just multiplies quickly.

Thom:                   Oh yeah, yeah. That trickle down into the economy as more restaurants are needed, more groceries are needed, all that stuff. It's great for the economy and great for us as a state.

Dave:                    But again and I mentioned again, if you're interested in new construction, it's something that CORE Group Realty can do for you as well, and point you in the right direction. I guess that comes right down to getting those lots to build on.

Thom:                   Oh yeah, oh yeah. There's lots available out there, so there is land and lots and all kinds of different ways that you can go about getting a new home and getting it built, getting it built to what you want, for sure.

Dave:                    Who is the leading employer in the area? Do you know?

Thom:                   The last report that I saw was St. Luke's. St. Luke's Medical Center is the one that's been at the top with an employment range, I think it was like 7500 employees that work for them.

Dave:                    Well I guess when you count downtown, and then you count in Meridian, and all their satellite areas as well, that's a lot of people to employ.

Thom:                   Yeah. I always thought it was Micron but St. Luke's actually beats out Micron.

Dave:                    Well, as the baby boomers age and more health care needed, that's a big, growing trend in a growing field.

Thom:                   Exactly, exactly. Yeah what also kind of surprised me, too, was number seven on the list is Walmart. Walmart actually is up there in one of the highest ranks with the number of employees for their corporation.

Dave:                    That is a surprise.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah. I wouldn't-

Dave:                    But I just started thinking about it, there's quite a few Walmarts when you go through the valley.

Thom:                   Yeah, exactly.

Dave:                    There's quite a few out there.

Thom:                   Exactly and they have huge staffs that run those stores. So definitely was surprised at that one on the list.

Dave:                    Nice. So again, CORE Group Realty is the company to talk to if you know somebody who is moving to town or maybe you have just moved to town and you're looking for a real estate agent, and it's something that your agents can do also from a distance if they're somewhere else coming here you can start working with them now from another state.

Thom:                   Oh for sure, yeah, our agents are awesome about going out and face timing and videoing homes on behalf of our buyers who are looking to purchase here. I hear that often like, "Oh yeah, I just ran by this house to FaceTime with our client and show them the house," virtually.

Dave:                    Isn't that wild?

Thom:                   Yeah. The technology these days.

Dave:                    Take your smart phone. I have mine here. Take your smart phone and go and just start showing them a house right there.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah, why not? Use the technology that you have available and make it easier for people to see what's happening.

Dave:                    That technology, by the way, includes the website, coregrouprealty.com, where you can see the coming soons, the featured homes, and everything else offered up by CORE Group. We're going to continue on the other side here, coming up on 580 KIDO.

Dave:                                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, along with Thom Dallman, who is the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website, 933-7777 if you want to call right now you can call right now. A customer care agent is standing by who will take your phone call and help guide you through the website or answer any questions you have.

                                                You ran across an interesting article and you went and got Shawna for support and backup. I think maybe support and backup.

Thom:                                   We might be surprised. Yeah, Shawna Schnabel is here, one of our top listing agents. As I've always mentioned, we have our specialists in the area, so she specializes in listing properties and getting them marketed in a way that people will be attracted to them, and want to come and look at them, and buy them. So, ran across this interesting article, like you said, that talks about-

Dave:                                    The big thing is pictures. Everybody likes to see pictures-

Thom:                                   Yes.

Dave:                                    … but there's more than just pictures.

Thom:                                   More than just the pictures. Pictures are super important, that's why we always talk about the fact that we need professional photos done, but also really, super important is the description of the house that goes on the MLS, that the buyers are reading through to find out about the home.

Dave:                                    Tell me a little bit about what you read, what this article had.

Thom:                                   Oh yeah, sure. It was just an interesting article that talks about the importance of that description really painting the picture, if you will, of the house. A lot of just the fly-by-night realtors out there will just reiterate things that are already in the MLS, in the listing, such as three bedrooms, two baths. It already says that in the property description in the MLS. Why repeat that stuff in the actual description of the property? It's more like focusing on the description of the house itself and what sets it apart and makes it a unique house, if you will.

Dave:                                    And trying to avoid cliches.

Thom:                                   Yeah, avoid the cliches.

Dave:                                    Now, let me ask you this, Shawna, is this part of your job is writing these things?

Shawna Schnabel:            It is and sometimes we all struggle with this just a little bit. It's always tempting to simply list out the bedrooms and the bathrooms and things like that, but the buyer already knows that. That's already very clear on the listing. So you really want to write something that's gonna make them want to go see that home and it can be challenging, but that is our job.

Dave:                                    Thom's laughing because during the break we were discussing this and Shawna doesn't totally agree with this article. I'll just be honest right now-

Shawna Schnabel:            I don't.

Dave:                                    … I had to separate the two of them for a few minutes.

Shawna Schnabel:            Some of the things in this article are talking about certain words and what the average buyer thinks they mean. If you say spacious, that the average buyer thinks that means average and I disagree. If I read an article that says, "It has a large, spacious bonus room," then I think it has a large, spacious bonus room.

Dave:                                    I'm not a real estate person, I'm just a regular buyer, if I heard the word spacious I would think, "Oh, okay, it's big."

Shawna Schnabel:            Yeah, exactly.

Thom:                                   Yeah, exactly.

Shawna Schnabel:            Exactly.

Thom:                                   I didn't say I agree with everything in this article, first of all.

Shawna Schnabel:            These are actually kind of making me laugh, some of these things.

Dave:                                    Throw some more out here and I'll tell you what I think.

Shawna Schnabel:            This one, "If it says, 'bright and sunny,' it means that there's no drapes and blinds included." No, it means that it's got a really good atmosphere, it's got great windows, and perhaps it's south-facing living room so you get wonderful, natural light.

Thom:                                   Bright and sunny, what does that mean to you?

Dave:                                    But wouldn't the word natural light sound better than bright and sunny?

Shawna Schnabel:            That's what I usually use is something like, "Kitchen is flooded with morning, natural light," or something like that.

Thom:                                   Exactly. Now, that's a really good descriptive.

Dave:                                    Bright and sunny sounds like something from a margarine commercial.

Shawna Schnabel:            Oh my goodness.

Thom:                                   Exactly.

Dave:                                    Now see there are some words though, if I'm looking at properties and I see where it says, "This quaint cottage," that screams small.

Thom:                                   Really small house.

Shawna Schnabel:            Well, and if I'm describing a 800-square-foot home in the North End, I might use quaint cottage because it is small and it is a cottage style.

Dave:                                    I guess you're not going to fool anyone once they see it. I mean, seriously.

Shawna Schnabel:            Exactly, you're not.

Thom:                                   I think that there's a time and a place for those descriptions on those properties. It's not saying that that's … do not use these words. These are just, according to this Zillow article, this is some of the concepts out there of what people have reported saying that they feel that these words mean when they see these words.

Shawna Schnabel:            I like the one on the bottom that says if you put, "And much, more more," everyone thinks that you've run out of things to say, and I'm going, "Yup, I can agree with that one."

Dave:                                    Okay, well let me ask you this, in the day and age that we live in there are certain words that I would use but it's not the words that a 30-year-old or a 25-year-old person would use. My verbiage and my words are gonna be — I'll go ahead and say it — they're gonna be like an old guy would say.

Shawna Schnabel:            That's probably a good point, yeah.

Dave:                                    Whereas somebody who's 25 … we were laughing about it, we were trying to think of a way of saying something, but there are people who use the word crib to describe where they live, where I would never use that. A crib is something you put a baby in.

Shawna Schnabel:            Exactly.

Dave:                                    So where do you find, as you write these ads, where do you find that compromising point?

Shawna Schnabel:            So for us here at our company that is where the synergy and the cooperative nature of our company comes in handy. I will sit down and write the remarks, and then I send one to my assistant, who is a millennial-aged young lady, who is really very good at it. And I always followup by going into the office and say, "Did you read through those remarks? Do you have any suggestions? Are there other words?" because she is of that age and sometimes she does have different descriptions for it. And so we kind of work through that together to make sure that it all makes sense and is kind of going towards our target audience.

Dave:                                    It would be fascinating to go back and see real estate ads from the 1960s, seriously.

Thom:                                   Maybe we'll have to pull a segment and read some of those out loud.

Dave:                                    Yeah, and see the verbiage that was used then as opposed — and what was important then — as opposed to today.

Shawna Schnabel:            I would never use a term, which I've seen sometimes, something like, "A beautiful kitchen for the lady of the house," for example. No, beautiful kitchen for whomever may be cooking in that kitchen. There's things like that that-

Dave:                                    I'm sure in the '60s though they ran into that.

Shawna Schnabel:            Absolutely.

Thom:                                   For sure.

Dave:                                    Garage for the man.

Shawna Schnabel:            Yes. Sometimes that garage is for the lady of the house that has a wonderful Harley, or works on cars, or-

Thom:                                   Exactly. It's not necessarily a man cave.

Shawna Schnabel:            That's true. We all use that term man cave and we really should get away from that. Man cave or woman cave. Whatever.

Thom:                                   Just a cave.

Shawna Schnabel:            It's just a private space for someone that needs it.

Dave:                                    Well Shawna, walk me through. You get a property, let's say you have a three bedroom home, two baths, three bedrooms, it's an average home, what is the process as you try to write this up, what is the process you mentally go through?

Shawna Schnabel:            Of course, I've been to the home, so sometimes I'll talk about the neighborhood a little bit. I usually wait until the photos come back because then once I have those beautiful photos that can remind me of those specific features that maybe that home has that a neighboring home might not have, a larger yard, or a jetted tub, or something like that.

Dave:                                    So you're looking for those unique features.

Shawna Schnabel:            I do and it really helps me to have those photos sitting right there in front of me and I can kind of go through them and pick out things that I want to emphasize.

Dave:                                    Thom, as the designated broker here and a guy who's kind of in charge, well, not kind of, is in charge of all of it, what is your process as you watch and review these — what Shawna writes or any of the other people write — what is it that you're looking for?

Thom:                                   Like the article even says, we're looking for the agents to be descriptive, to be uniquely descriptive in setting the house apart from the rest of the homes that are on the marketplace and stuff like that. I really rely heavily on the listing team to do that and they do such a great job of it that I'm totally confident in what they create; especially like Shawna said, with the synergy of our transaction coordinators and their assistant and the way that they assist the listing team and help them and make sure that everything looks good and they're not repeating things or saying things that are already there and whatnot. They just do a really good job and it's really a part of the whole process that we go through here and part of that synergy in our team environment here that makes that all work.

Dave:                                    So, if somebody's got an 800-square-foot home it is a quaint cottage.

Shawna Schnabel:            It can be a quaint cottage.

Thom:                                   It could be. It could be. When I hear quaint cottage, I always think of something up in the mountains that's 800 square feet, but-

Dave:                                    Oh, do you?

Thom:                                   The cottage part of that-

Shawna Schnabel:            No, that's a mountain cabin.

Thom:                                   There you go.

Shawna Schnabel:            See, there we go. We disagree.

Dave:                                    That is a mountain cabin.

Shawna Schnabel:            I do find if I'm struggling, for whatever reason, maybe my mind just isn't feeling very imaginative that day, I can get it started and I can send it to Thom and he can take that and maybe use more flowery words or different words to help me with the description. So we get it done.

Dave:                                    This is part of the team concept here at Core Group Realty, that you're not on your own. You're not by yourself to where you're hauling the for sale signs out, you're writing it, you're taking the pictures. You have a team to help back you up to get this all done and do it the best possible way.

Shawna Schnabel:            Yes, we do and we need that team quite often.

Thom:                                   We rely on each other heavily here.

Shawna Schnabel:            Yes.

Dave:                                    That is a good thing.

                                                This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. If you have any questions, if you're looking to list your home, call 933-7777. Even if somebody else has recommended another agent, we always like to say, "Shop it around." See if Core Group is the right fit for you. If it's not, then go on your way and they'll be happy to spend time with you and present what they can do for you. Don't just settle on that quaint cottage. I'm all hung up on that one.

                                                We do this every Saturday at 2:00. We invite you to join us again next Saturday as we talk all things real estate, and as we always talk about, it's not about selling homes. Thom could get that done, selling homes. It's about educating you and getting you the power you need to make wise decisions and to make the right moves and that really is what it's all about.

Thom:                                   It really is.

Dave:    We'll be back again next Saturday here on 580 KIDO.

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