Today, we are going to be doing some bragging. Our home searching site, www.corehomesearch.com has so many options for your home search, it's the best tool a buyer can have. Put in your wishes, and BAM- we will provide you with a list of properties to meet all of your requirements!

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett with Thom Dallman. He's the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is a website, and the number to call, all the time, 24/7, would be 933-7777. In fact, I challenge you. Call it right now. Somebody will answer, and will be able to give you information about Core Group Realty and about what we're talking about on the show and more.

Thom:                   Exactly. Everything that you wanted to know about real estate, we can tell you.

Dave:                    Yeah.

Thom:                   At some point, so, or even the Treasure Valley, or ...

Dave:                    If you call 933-7777 and don't have a reason, just say, "Ah, we were just testing you."

Thom:                   There you go.

Dave:                    And the person answering will go, "What?"

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Boy, I tell you, one of the things I like about Core Group Realty, coregrouprealty.com, is, on the website, very interactive. It's a website that no matter what you're looking for, if you're just browsing around, or if you're just dead serious we got to do something right now ...

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    ... Coregrouprealty.com has it for you.

Thom:                   Yeah. Get on there, look around, get your answers for all those interesting little real estate questions, if it's not on the site, if it's not in our blogs, just feel free to give us a call, like you said, or email us. There's a contact form on there to just email us and ask your question. Those questions are great, because those are what use to gauge what we talk about on the radio ...

Dave:                    Uh-huh (affirmative).

Thom:                   ... On the weekends and stuff like that, so it's really great to have those questions bubble up in our site and everything. For the most part, everything's there, everything that you could want real estate related, including our featured listings, our coming soon. Coming soon tab is a huge one that we talk about each week, about the advantage of being able to see homes, especially in this low-inventory market, before they actually hit the market, so you can actually be ready to go.

Dave:                    Yup. A couple of coming soons that you have listed this week?

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah. Really quick, we've chatted about this one in the past, but it's 1211 South Island Glenn Way, over in Eagle. That's that large 3,446 square foot home, four bed, three and a half bath home that's on .2 of an acre, and it's waterfront property. It's a gorgeous home that's coming up, hopefully, in mid-April, available in mid-April, but 1211 South Island Glenn Way. It's going to be listed ... Right now, they're tentatively going to list it at about $450,000, so really nice price point right there in Two Rivers Subdivision in Eagle.

Dave:                    Now, when you say it's going to be available mid-April, it can be seen right now at the Coming Soon tab.

Thom:                   Well, technically, it can be seen on our site, yes ...

Dave:                    On your site.

Thom:                   ... But not in person.

Dave:                    Okay.

Thom:                   Because they do have tenants in place, so they're not showing the house just yet, but we do have ...

Dave:                    It's a way to get a head start on ...

Thom:                   Some of the details.

Dave:                    ... everyone else looking.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Yeah.

Thom:                   Exactly. On the site, so ...

Dave:                    That's the advantage of that Coming Soon link. You get a head start. It's only listed at Core Group's website.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    It's not listed at Brand XYZ Real Estate in the multiple listing. It's only there ...

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    ... So you can get a head start, so that when it does become active ...

Thom:                   You're ready to go.

Dave:                    ... You're right there, ready to go.

Thom:                   You're ready to go. Yeah, and if you happen to be talking to one of our agents, they can be ready to notify you the minute that it is ready to be shown and get you through, so you can schedule that.

Dave:                    You do have proof on another listing that being ready to go right now, it does pay ...

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    It does pay off.

Thom:                   Oh, yeah, yeah. We've been talking the last couple weeks about 24025 Lansing Lane over in Middleton, and just this week it went live, on Tuesday of this week. Within two hours, we had a offer over asking price from people who had gone through it during the coming soon time frame. They were able to get some access to it, and preview it, and stuff like that. Yeah, within two hours ...

Dave:                    They got it for a chunk of change over the asking price.

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    That's huge.

Thom:                   Roughly about $12,000 over asking price on the house from some buyers that had been out there in the marketplace. They currently had their home listed, and were wanting to get something solid for themselves for when they sold their house, and stuff like that. They had put in several different offers and so forth, and we're just really super excited at the quickness of that one.

Dave:                    That really is one of the things you're looking for. When you're looking for a real estate agent, and whether it's Core Group or somebody else, you're looking for somebody that's looking out for your best interest, and in this case, agents able to get them well above the asking price ...

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    ... Which was good for the person selling the home.

Thom:                   Exactly. Yup. Yup.

Dave:                    Excellent. What else do we have on the featured listing? Featured would be ones that are listed with multiple listings.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah, so we had a couple go active this week. One is at 1034 Whitehorse Ridge Drive in Middleton. That is a three bed, two bath, 1900 square feet. It came on at $275,000, with a three car garage, granite tile counters, hard wood throughout the house, split bedroom floor plan, as we always talk about those, the convenience of the split bedroom plan. Once again, that's 1034 Whitehorse Ridge Drive in Middleton, at $275,000, for a 1900 square foot house.

Dave:                    I had a chance to drive to Middleton last week, and I was stunned. It's probably been a year since I'd been in Middleton. I was stunned how much it has grown.

Thom:                   Oh yeah, there's so much going in there.

Dave:                    All the new subdivisions going in as well.

Thom:                   Exactly, yeah. There's so many little new subdivisions and new areas and stuff, and it's one of the growing communities, as people want that small community feel but still want to be close to town. It's one of those great places for that.

Dave:                    You got that. School-wise, if you haven't been out there, Middleton High School, which had a devastating fire a number of years ago, just a beautiful high school out there for the kids to go to school in, so great schools, great community out in ... I guess, out in the bedroom of the Boise area.

Thom:                   Exactly, yeah. It's a great place to go. Speaking of other great, small communities that are really growing, Kuna. We have one just listed on 222 West Tallulah Drive in the Ryan Meadow subdivision out there in Kuna. A nice four bedroom, 2,100 square foot house, with a three car garage once again, walk-in closets, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and just a nice house, a nice square footing, and that's coming on at $210,000. Should be live this week.

Dave:                    One of the things that's nice about Kuna, whether you work in Canyon County, in Nampa or Caldwell, or whether you work downtown, it's fairly easy access right up the Meridian Road there to get onto the freeway and go either direction.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    It is convenient either way.

Thom:                   Exactly. Yeah, it's not too hard to get anywhere from Kuna, and it's not really that far out.

Dave:                    It is interesting. We've talked about this off the air before, though. When I first moved here in ... When was it? 1997 ... No, no. Back it up. '86. We built a home in '98. In '86, we bought out in the five mile Ustick area.

Thom:                   Okay, yeah.

Dave:                    Somebody said, "Why are you buying a house way out in the country, so far out of town?"

Thom:                   Is that crazy?

Dave:                    At that time, there was a compass study that showed that right where Saint Luke's Hospital is in Meridian, that that would be the dead center of the Treasure Valley.

Thom:                   Oh, really?

Dave:                    Yeah, that intersection, Meridian Road and the freeway, would be considered basically dead center. At that time, things were focused around the mall area, toward ... It's come true.

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    That five mile Ustick where we bought, it was swallowed up and became the middle of town. It's right in the middle of all of it.

Thom:                   West Boise, yeah. It's interesting that you hear stories from people who have been here for most of their lives, and their experiences of, "Yeah, going out to Meridian used to be like driving through corn fields to get to Meridian and stuff."

Dave:                    Oh, it was. Yeah, right there where the mall is was a big farm. There was a bit dairy farm right there. Now there's the Meridian Mall out there. Things change, so if you're moving out to the country to Kuna, or if you're moving out to the country to Middleton, enjoy it.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Enjoy the lifestyle and everything it has to offer because it won't be too long before that begins to grow up as well.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    We'll be talking about moving to Sweet Ola, for crying out loud.

Thom:                   There you go.

Dave:                    Thom Dallman, who is the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty, and again, 933-7777. That is the phone number to call, and you have customer care agents standing by.

Thom:                   Yup.

Dave:                    They're not licensed real estate agents, but they can answer questions.

Thom:                   Correct. Yup. Yup. They're available to answer what they can. If they can't answer it, if you're asking specific real estate stuff, they will try to connect you with one of our specialists depending on what [inaudible 00:09:15], and what you're looking for.

Dave:                    If you're here on a Saturday afternoon, you're driving around thinking, "You know what? I'd like to look at a couple of these properties," that person can then get you in touch with a real estate agent to get it shown right now.

Thom:                   For sure. There's someone standing by.

Dave:                    933-7777. That is the phone number for you to call. We call this the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, as we talk all things real estate. When we come back, you're going to be talking to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage to find out what she has to say this week on our next segment as we continue here on 580 KIDO.

Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty, coregrouprealty.com. We get a chance to talk Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage, equal opportunity lender, each and every week as we talk about all things financial. Michelle, something we were talking about during the break. It fatigues me to talk about fraud. There's so much fraud going on, but, man, you've got to watch out for it at every opportunity.

MIchelle Guth:                  Absolutely. There's some creative scams going out there that I think would be worth discussing today.

Dave Burnett:                    All right. When it comes to scams and real estate, what are we looking for here?

MIchelle Guth:                  Well, one example that's happening basically nationwide and we've even had an experience of it here in the Boise market is a opportunity for people to get into agents' emails and in essence monitor a transaction with the end goal of being able to basically give misdirection on how to wire [mons 00:00:58] at the end of a transaction. I thought we'd kind of talk step by step as to how this process is happening.

Dave Burnett:                    Okay. When you say agents, you're talking about they're getting into real estate agents?

MIchelle Guth:                  Correct.

Dave Burnett:                    Okay.

MIchelle Guth:                  For example, if an agent was just sitting in a coffee shop looking at their computer and they got an email from a prospective client and they said "hey realtor, I'm thinking of moving from California. I have cash to pay for a transaction. Please find my bank statement attached for proof of funds. I would like to meet with you get the process started." Well, it's not uncommon for them to open that because it looks like a legitimate email and they're going to see when they open the statement, it's legitimate, it's an actual bank statement, so they're not going to be any the wiser. It's not like it's a link. It's just literally an attachment to an email, which doesn't in turn show a statement, so they don't think that there is anything odd with it.

Dave Burnett:                    That's a heads up ...

Thom Dallman:                  Interesting ...

Dave Burnett:                    ... To any real estate agent listening right now. Pay very careful attention to those emails coming in.

MIchelle Guth:                  Correct. What happens after this step is once they open up that email then client of course reaches back Later on, it's like "Well actually, we've decided not to buy in Idaho, we're going to buy in Wyoming. Thanks for your time." Again, they don't think anything of it. Well, what has happened is once they opened up that statement in that link there is a malware that's going into their computer and at that point in time, the person on the other end is able to monitor all of their email so once they do have a legitimate transaction going, they're watching the emails going back and forth between the agent and between the client who in turn are basically going through step by step of the process.

Dave Burnett:                    This could be me?

MIchelle Guth:                  It could be you.

Dave Burnett:                    I'm working with Thom and I said "Hey, we got a house," so suddenly we're emailing back and forth and all the time this spyware is watching our transactions.

MIchelle Guth:                  Exactly. We get to the tail end and Thom's reaching out to you saying "Hey Dave, good news. We're at the tail end, we're going to go to the title company and close next week." At that point in time, it's a perfect opportunity for the bad guy to step in and literally basically do a fraudulent email or notification from the title company. Because again, they're monitoring everything. They're seeing the transactions come from the title company to the agent, the title company to the borrower, so that they can see what title company is involved, what agents are involved, and it's nothing for them to duplicate something from a title company or from a real estate company to make it look like it's coming from that specific person and what they're doing is they're giving incorrect wire instructions.

                                                They say "Hey," Thom reaches out to you, "Dave, it's time to go to closing" and then bad guy steps in says "Hey, this is Thom, here's the wire instructions" and unfortunately it's not for the legitimate title company. You would be none of the wiser because you've corresponding back and forth with your agent only to find out that this is somebody else and you've wired the money to the incorrect account and you're not getting that money back.

Dave Burnett:                    What kind of money are we talking about here?

MIchelle Guth:                  It could tens of thousands. This specific scenario that was brought to our attention during a conference was over $180,000 wire.

Dave Burnett:                    Ouch. No way to get it back?

MIchelle Guth:                  It's a wire, so it's already in the bad person's account and then it's gone.

Dave Burnett:                    It could be in Nairobi or wherever?

MIchelle Guth:                  Correct.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

MIchelle Guth:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Holy cow.

MIchelle Guth:                  I think it's just a lesson again to be cognizant. Again, Thom's team and his group, we've never had any issues with that. They do a tremendous job, but I think it's just worth being cognizant that when we are in public areas with our computers and that it's just being super cautious and making sure that the person we're talking to at the other end is a legitimate source.

Dave Burnett:                    We are talking to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. Michelle, let me share this because, and just full disclosure we're in the middle of doing a refinance for me with your company. We've gotten so many emails back and forth from you, from Molly, and then getting the appraisals and I got this email, I got that email. Sometimes, it's tough to ... Somebody might ask for something. We were just talking about I got an email from a company and it was like now who's this? They wanted me to open something up. Sometimes for the buyer, it could get confusing with what they're looking for and what they want.

MIchelle Guth:                  Absolutely and you bring up a good point. If you are in the middle of a transaction, I would encourage you to call your realtor, your lender, and say "I received this email from this specific company, is this legitimate? Should I be even opening it?" Just to again clarify because you shouldn't be opening anything you're not aware of, absolutely.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

MIchelle Guth:                  I mean, they're opportunity individuals out there that again they know the timing of it, so that would be an idyllic time for them to have emailed you something if they were able to get into an email chain and say hey, here you go. Open this up. Then in turn again, could've got malware onto your computer.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

MIchelle Guth:                  It's worth making a call to ensure before you open anything up that it is in fact legitimate.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Our best practice is we usually we call the clients first to let them know we're sending the documents. If you have not received a call from us and you get something that needs to be opened, don't open it unless you've talked to us first. [inaudible 00:06:00] so important.

Dave Burnett:                    I'm going to assume that Core Group is ... You're so internet and media savvy. I assume you've got somebody sweeping your email, your company email, on a regular basis to make sure that malware is not in the system.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Yeah. We have all the security stuff set up in our systems in our computers to watch for those things, but these tech guy are so ... When they want to do a scam ...

MIchelle Guth:                  They're brilliant ...

Thom Dallman:                  ... They know how to work through those things and stuff like that. One of the other things that we've been seeing too is people sending us documents, the same things saying "Hey, I'm a qualified buyer. Open this Google Doc in your Google Doc systems" and then once you put open it and put in your passwords and stuff, they now have access to your Google Docs. That's another aspect that we've been talking about, making sure you don't open Google, anything that's in a Google Doc that you have to log into Google Documents online to access that stuff because that will just give all your files to whoever is on the other end of that.

Dave Burnett:                    Wow.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. We're watching for stuff like to make sure that that's not happening.

Dave Burnett:                    I guess with the convenience of electronically signing things, of electronically doing things, there's also the pitfalls that you don't have that one on one face to face contact.

MIchelle Guth:                  Correct. You should have a good relationship and rapport with whomever you're working with. Like I said, just pick up the phone and make sure that you're talking to the correct person. It's not hard to do some due diligence to determine is this the correct phone number for the actual real estate office, lending office, title company in that. I had mentioned earlier that even there's one specific title company in town that's taken it to the further degree similar to what Thom referred to, which they will not send wire instructions out without just calling the client directly and saying "Are you sitting at your computer? I'm sending you wire instructions right now. Please confirm as soon as you see them come in." Those are the legitimate wire instructions because they're having to take it to the next level.

                                                Because for the title company, if somebody basically went out and said I'm ABC title company and they sent that fraudulent wire document, the title company in essence is not liable but at the same time even if they felt that there was some level of liability on the title company, their E&O insurance doesn't really even cover that type of a thing. There's really no protection, so that's why you do your due diligence and be extra cautious in confirming the authenticity of the person at the other end.

Dave Burnett:                    They may not be liable, but their reputation is out there.

MIchelle Guth:                  Absolutely. They don't want to see anything bad happen to the consumer. You're absolutely correct. Everybody's trying to take as many as steps is possible to protect the consumer, but every consumer, every individual throughout the transaction has to be responsible for making sure that they're taking the necessary precautions to ensure that doesn't happen.

Dave Burnett:                    Very good. Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage. She has some words to the wise, some good advice, and just another angle to think about when you're using the internet and using it for transacting what quite possible could be the biggest piece of business most people will ever do.

MIchelle Guth:                  Absolutely.

Dave Burnett:                    If somebody wants to get hold of you there at Diversified Mortgage, how do they do it?

MIchelle Guth:                  They can give us a call. We are at 853-7878 or visit our website which is dmgloans.com or even hop in and see us. We love pop ins, so come by and see us anytime.

Dave Burnett:                    Excellent. I can give testimony to the fact that Molly and the staff there are so good, even walking a semi illiterate person like me through the process and getting it done very rapidly for refinancing or for getting that home loan financed.

MIchelle Guth:                  Thank you, Dave.

Dave Burnett:    Michelle, thank you very much. Very good. We will continue on the other side here as we talk about all things real estate. Again, this is not just about buying and selling houses. This is about empowering you with information as you go forward because with that knowledge does come power and we want you to be empowered. That's we like covering these things. Michelle, thank you so much. We'll continue with more with Thom Dallman on the other side here on 580 KIDO.

Dave:                    ... This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, along with Thom Dallman, who is the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website. 933-7777, that is the phone number for you to call any time, if you want to find out more about what's going on on the show, about real estate, about properties we've talked about, or to just get connected with a real estate agent. Somebody who is there and concerned about your needs, whether you're buying or whether you're selling. They have specialists on both sides of the fence.

Thom:                   We sure do.

Dave:                    Which is important.

Thom:                   Yeah. Yeah. We believe in specialization of the responsibilities. So we have listing specialists, that specialize in marketing, making sure you're getting top dollar for your home. And then we have the buyer specialists, who that's all they do, is they scour the MLS and keep an eye on when new properties are coming on, so that the buyers are there and ready to go as soon as a house comes on the market. Because that's really key right now, in this low inventory.

Dave:                    Let's pull back the blinds a little bit here-

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    ... For you, with this staff, then. So they have regular meetings to talk about, you know, "We've got these people looking, and we've got these properties."

Thom:                   Yup.

Dave:                    They get together-

Thom:                   Yup. Three times a week, we get together and we talk about what the listing agents are ... The new listings that they've got coming on, or that are coming soon. And so that the buyers see more, where if they have people who are looking for that specific type of property-

Dave:                    So if I'm looking for something-

Thom:                   ... They can get advance notice.

Dave:                    ... In the Avimor subdivision, your people are aware of what they have coming up-

Thom:                   Correct.

Dave:                    ... Kind of get together on that, and match people up, so ...

Thom:                   Correct. Yeah, and we have, actually, the tools and the capability. If you're looking in the Avimor subdivision, and you're working with one of our buyer's agents, we highly encourage our buyer's agents to actually ... We're able to kind of pull phone numbers and stuff like that from the community, and start calling those people who are ... Of course, we run it through the Do Not Call registries to make sure we're not bugging anybody. But we have the ability to be able to call people in that subdivision and say, "Hey, I've got a buyer that specifically wants to live in this neighborhood. Are you looking to maybe sell in the near future?" And stuff like that. So we can actually do specific target looking, if you are looking in a specific area, so ...

Dave:                    Yeah, you don't want me to just say, "Somewhere in the Treasure Valley," but-

Thom:                   Yeah, that's a little bit too broad.

Dave:                    ... But if it is somewhere like-

Thom:                   But if you know that you have a specific subdivision, or-

Dave:                    Like, Legacy subdivision, you can specifically look there, or Avimor, or one of those areas.

Thom:                   Correct.

Dave:                    That's pretty cool.

Thom:                   Yeah. Yeah. So we have that capability.

Dave:                    All right. Well, I'm gonna find out now if you have the capability to pull your crystal ball out.

Thom:                   Oh, my magic crystal ball.

Dave:                    As we talked about last week on the market show, the fact interest rates went up. But as far as what that means to you now, and what that might mean to you in the future, interest rates going up, and your buying power.

Thom:                   Sure. Sure, yeah. There were some interesting statistics that were just released from a source that we have, the Keeping Current Matters website, that talks a little bit about this. And just the effect that interest rates going up will have on a buyer. And comparing that, what it would be today versus what it would look like in a year from now, if the projections are right, and the predictions are right. That they're predicting that by one years' time, in 12 months' time, we will at least have another .6% increase in interest rates.

Dave:                    So just a little over half a percent.

Thom:                   A little over half a percent. So they just compared it to an average interest rate, at 4.2. Obviously, that would be 4.8 next year. And based off of that, we then look at what the average home price is. Nationwide, we're at about $250,000 for a average home price, which is comparable to what we have going on in the Treasure Valley.

Dave:                    Mm-hmm (affirmative). Two.

Thom:                   I took a gander, in 2016 our average sales price for Ada and Canyon County combined was 247, so not far from the nation's [crosstalk 00:03:54]-

Dave:                    But in reality, you can get ... If you were to take that house, and put it in the North End, it would be worth a fortune.

Thom:                   Oh, yeah.

Dave:                    If you were to take that house, and move out the rural area, you'd get a great buy.

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    So the same house, it kind of depends on where you're-

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    ... Shopping, and what you're going to get for your money.

Thom:                   That's a good point. And we're talking about the average sales price for Ada, Canyon County combined. Remember that this is all of Ada and Canyon. This is 16,618 sales for 2016, that they go and they do an average on all 16,000-

Dave:                    They throw it in the blender and-

Thom:                   And that's the average sales price.

Dave:                    Okay.

Thom:                   So yeah, that includes the million-dollar homes all the way down to the $25,000 mobile homes, and stuff like that. So all that's thrown in to that equation.

Dave:                    Let me point this out, too, before we get talking. When we talk about interest rates, people always go, "Oh, no. They're going up again."

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    They're still at near-record lows.

Thom:                   Still.

Dave:                    They are just rock bottom low prices.

Thom:                   Still, yeah. Still at all-time low, with not even being at 5% yet. That is the caveat to this all. People kind of freak out a little bit that it's going up, but just keep in mind that ... Yes, it's going up. It's still all-time low, when you look historically at interest rates. We hear from people all the time that we're at 1.18% interest rates. It's still an all-time low to keep in mind, so-

Dave:                    Yeah. If I have a $250,000 house, today ...

Thom:                   Yup.

Dave:                    What's gonna happen by next year?

Thom:                   Taking the projections of the way that 2015, 2016 wrapped up, they're projecting that at a minimum of 4.8% increase in home prices. Which then, at 250, would take it up to $262,000 for a home price. So when you think about waiting a year, home prices are gonna continue to go up. That's what they're predicting, is that they will ... They have been, historically, and will continue to, is what they're predicting. So a $250,000 house now will be roughly around that 262 next year. So when you actually take those interest rates, throw in your principal and interest and all that stuff into calculating what your payments will be monthly, on a $250,000 at the 4.2% right now, your mortgage payment's roughly around that $1,222. Whereas a year from now, taking that 262 and 4.8%, a payment's gonna be about $1,374. So you have a-

Dave:                    Significantly more.

Thom:                   ... Payment of a hundred-fifty-some dollars more a month, that you're gonna be paying. Which, put that out 30 years, and you're another 20, $25,000 into that interest and-

Dave:                    The bottom line on that. If you're dragging your feet for no good reason, if you're just dragging, "Ah, we'll look at it in six months," or, "We'll look at it in a year," it's going to wind up costing you.

Thom:                   It could, yeah. Potentially.

Dave:                    Or you're gonna get a smaller house.

Thom:                   Yup. Exactly.

Dave:                    One or the other will happen.

Thom:                   Your buying power could potentially go down with these interest rate increases that they're predicting, so yeah. It's something to think about. And here, locally ... That was just a national statistic, that 4.8% in home prices. Here, between 2015 and 2016, we were actually roughly closer to about a 7% increase in home prices, because of the growth that we're experiencing here. We're number three, we've talked about that. Number three in the nation in growth, for the Treasure Valley and stuff. So it's definitely something to think about when you're looking at homes, and if you're on the fence, which way to go. So definitely, interesting numbers to think about.

Dave:                    Which again, I think to the buyer it creates certain problems, just because of the lack of housing and the fact it'll cost more. To the seller, it's kind of an interesting quandary, then. Do I sit on my house and wait to put it up for sale, when it might be worth a little more? Or do I strike now, while I can get it sold now?

Thom:                   Exactly. I guess that kind of goes back to, what's your current interest rate? What's your current loans looking like? It might be beneficial to sell now, and get into something with a lower interest rate before the interest rates go up. Stuff like that. So I think that's the importance of really making sure that you're talking with a professional real estate agent. And really crunching the numbers, and assessing where you're at currently in the marketplace, and where, with these predictions and projections, where it may be in ...

                                And once again, it's a real estate investment, and investment always has the risk involved with it. We have no way of knowing 100% sure what's gonna happen next year. We just base this off of what's happened the last few years and historical numbers, and stuff like that.

Dave:                    Way to try to cloud your crystal ball.

Thom:                   I gotta throw that disclaimer out there. I don't want anybody, a year from now, coming back to me and saying-

Dave:                    "You said ... "

Thom:                   "You said my house was gonna be worth ... "

Dave:                    Yeah. Let me ask you this question, and I'm just throwing this one out at you. In general, would you say people, when they come in to list their home ... Are they downsizing, or are they moving out of the area, or what? Right now, because I know a lot of people are going, "Let's just stay put, because there's nothing to buy."

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    Is it people who are downsizing, and/or moving? Or what is it-

Thom:                   I'm gonna say it's a really big combination of all of it. But a lot of it, we do get a lot of the downsizers. A lot of the people who have expanding families and want to get something bigger. A lot of people who are transferring for jobs. It really is kind of a mix. I don't think that there's a equal percentage all the way around. We get a lot of first time home buyers. We get, a good portion of the people that come through us, because of our Internet presence, are out-of-state people who are moving in. That's part of that growth.

                                I would say that if I was to rank the top three, I would probably say it's people moving into town that are buying homes. It's upsizing and downsizing, would be the next two in that category ... Of people wanting bigger houses, have been in their houses for ten years, wanted to get better interest rates, things like that.

Dave:                    Very good.

Thom:                   Kind of a little mix.

Dave:                    All right. So not necessarily proof that this is what'll happen in the next year, but if it follows the trend of what's happened the past two years-

Thom:                   Correct.

Dave:                    That's when we're looking at spring of ... Wow, 2018. That's what we'll be looking at.

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    It's amazing.

Thom:                   Potentially.

Dave:                    2018 is just amazing, in itself.

Thom:                   It's weird. It's weird to think about, huh?

Dave:                    I thought Y2K was just a couple of years ago, I thought. We'll continue on the other side. We call this the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, where we talk all things real estate for you. And Core Group Realty, the place you can get started. 933-7777, or coregrouprealty.com. Thom Dallman, of course, the co-owner, designated broker. By the way, you can always contact Tom just by going through the website, and drop him an email and let him know questions for the show, or your needs and what you're looking for when it comes to real estate. We'll continue on the other side, here on 580 KIDO.

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