Have you ever wished you could buy a property that no one else knew about? No having to outbid the other person or worrying about whether or not another bidder came into the war. With our Secret Listings, you will be the first to know about our secret listings on facebook and the secret listing tab on our website.

Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, along with Thom Dallman. Thom is the co-owner and designated broker at Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com. That is the website you can go to for all things about Core Group to find out what's happening. In fact, we'll tell you a little bit about that website and some special sites for you in just a couple of minutes. 933-7777, that is the phone number to call where a customer care agent is standing by and can answer all of your questions you may have about ... If we totally confuse them, Thom.


Thom Dallman:                    Yeah. I would love to confuse them and have them call me and say, "How do I answer this?"


Dave Burnett:                    Yes. You can call and the customer care agent will get you all straightened out on what is happening.


Thom Dallman:                    Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    One of the things I was mentioning on that website is there are several different things you can go look at. One of them is the coming soon tab, which is a program we have here. Where it's a chance, a sneak peek.


Thom Dallman:                    Yes. I'm actually going to change the name of it to our secret listings.


Dave Burnett:                    Our secret listings, nice.


Thom Dallman:                    This is our secret listings. These are our listings that we have that are in the process of getting ready, as we talk about. They're at various stages of being ready to be put on the market, getting the professional photos done and all the marketing materials that we need to do to get them together. They're a sneak peek onto some of the properties that are not out there yet on the MLS and able to get a first glance.


Dave Burnett:                    Now if you don't speak real estate, which I don't, MLS is a Multiple Listing Service.


Thom Dallman:                    Yes.


Dave Burnett:                    That means every real estate agent in the state and the world has access to look at these. It's the coming soon or that secret spot-


Thom Dallman:                    Secret listing.


Dave Burnett:                    The secret spot on the website. It's only Core Group's people that get a chance to look at it. Now, why is that important? What is the current state, as far as inventory goes? There isn't much.


Thom Dallman:                    Yeah, the last numbers that came out said we're at a 2.3 month's supply. If we don't have any new listings come on, we will run out of listings for people to buy within 2.3 months.


Dave Burnett:                    For you to go to CoreGroupRealEstate.com and get a head start at looking at these, so that when they become active, bingo. You can put the offer down and get it.


Thom Dallman:                    Yep. In a traditional market, the average is usually four to six percent. You can see how low we are in inventory right now. That's what's making it a seller's market and why things are selling so quickly.


Dave Burnett:                    Let's get with this.


Thom Dallman:                    Part of the reason. The other part is because of amazing marketing that agents do on it, like our listing specialist, that we have in-studio here today. Shawna Schnabel, which is one of our listing specialists and here to talk about a couple of our coming soons.


Shawna Schnabel :           Good morning. Yes, I am here to talk about a couple of really nice listings that I have coming on. I have an adorable little house out in Kuna that's getting ready to come on. It should be live by the time you hear this on Saturday. Get out there and take a look at it if you can. It's a fairly small home, but it's not one that is exactly like everything else you've seen. It's got some really interesting features and layout. One of the secondary bedrooms has a separate door out to a little private front porch. One of the best things about this house is the backyard. It's completely private. It's a good size lot. Trees all around it. East facing backyard, so you do get that morning sunshine, but nobody is looking in your backyard at you.


Thom Dallman:                    Nice.


Shawna:                               It is an adorable little house. We're going to bring that one on at $175,000. Definitely all you first time home-buyers, or retirees that are looking for a small, single level. It does have RV parking, so you can put your camper right there next to it, and a beautiful private backyard. Those are the ones that everybody's looking for.


Dave Burnett:                    $175,000. That is an incredible price point.


Thom Dallman:                    That's a really good price point. Yep.


Shawna Schnabel:             Yeah. It's a really good price.


Dave Burnett:                    A good investment home, if somebody's looking for an investment.


Shawna Schnabel:                               Absolutely a good investment, yeah. The home is going to need a little bit of work on the inside. Probably a new buyer is going to want to put in perhaps some fresh carpeting, maybe a little fresh paint here and there. Structurally, it's absolutely perfect. It's just, that backyard is to die for.


Dave Burnett:                    Now when you say Kuna, what part of town is it in?


Shawna Schnabel:            It is right off of Ten Mile Road, not too far from town.


Dave Burnett:                    Oh, okay. Right out there. Well, at one time, when you said Kuna, you were talking way out in the country.


Thom Dallman:                    It's not so much anymore.


Dave Burnett:                    Not so much in the country.


Shawna Schnabel:             Not so much, not so much.


Dave Burnett:                    Everybody goes to town that way.


Thom Dallman:                    Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    All right. What's the address on that one, one more time. In case somebody wants, if they're driving around the parade of homes and they want to swing by there, as well. What is the address out there?


Shawna Schnabel:           That address is 1754 West Mulholland Court in Kuna.


Dave Burnett:                    Again, it's not available yet.


Thom Dallman:                    Not yet.


Shawna Schnabel:            Not yet.


Dave Burnett:                    It's coming soon. You can still drive by, take a look at it. Check it out online, as well.


Thom Dallman:                    Give us a call if you want some more details.


Shawna Schnabel:           Absolutely.


Dave Burnett:                    At 933-7777. Now you warned me before we started that I'm going to want this home.


Shawna Schnabel:             You are going to want this home. I want this home. If I was in a position to own this home.


Dave Burnett:                    What ya got?


Shawna Schnabel:             I have a beautiful new listing coming up out in Emmett. It's off of Black Canyon Road. It's 2700 East Black Canyon. It sits on six acres. Beautiful alfalfa fields below and behind the home. One of the really neat features of this home is it does sit up on a hill, so you have an incredible view of the Payette River Valley. You can see the whole valley. It is gorgeous. Not only that, but it's got state property behind you in one of the big bluffs, so there will never be someone living behind you. There is nobody looking in on you on this one.


Dave Burnett:                    Somebody's selling this house? What are they thinking?


Shawna Schnabel:              Well, that would be up to them. We'll have to discuss that later. The home itself, single level. No stairs to deal with. 2,300 square feet. Hard wood floors. Beautiful master. The home was built in '01. It's a quality build job. It's a beautiful home with big, open windows, so you can enjoy that view. A great big Trex deck out front, so you can get out there and really enjoy it. It's just really, really a nice home with an attached two car garage. Then there's also a large shop that has an apartment in it for in-laws, guests, whatever you might need. If you don't want them right in the house with you, you can send them out there.


Dave Burnett:                    They can be out in the guest house.


Shawna Schnabel:              Yep. The shop has two big tall doors that are plenty big enough for the tallest of RV.


Dave Burnett:                    Wow.


Shawna Schnabel:              Plus, it also has a separate two car garage, set back behind the shop that, is my understanding, was originally put in place because they also have a spot over there, all leveled off, all ready for a manufactured home, should you wish to move in an in-law or family member.


Thom Dallman:                    Great.


Shawna Schnabel:              Or to use as just a great RV parking spot.


Dave Burnett:                    You said, what's the acreage on this? Six acres was it?


Shawna Schnabel:             Six acres.


Dave Burnett:                    Nice.


Dave Burnett:                    I'm looking across the table. You have a photo. It looks like there's mature trees all around it.


Shawna Schnabel:               Mature trees all the way around. Flowers. There's some fruit trees up out back. Beautifully landscaped yard. This is just a property that anybody would want to live in. It just checks all the boxes. No close neighbors. It's got a shop. It's single level. It's got water rights. It's got a view. It has everything.


Thom Dallman:                    Lots of garage space.


Shawna Schnabel:               Lots of garage space. It has everything everybody's looking for.


Dave Burnett:                    You got me pegged. See.


Shawna Schnabel:              I told you.


Dave Burnett:                    If I was rubbing the genie bottle right now, that is the kind of place I'd be looking for.


Shawna Schnabel:            Absolutely.


Thom Dallman:                    Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    That's just incredible. That is on the coming soon list right now?


Shawna Schnabel:             That will be on the coming soon list by the end of the day.


Dave Burnett:                    Okay, perfect. You can check that one out. That is in Emmett America.


Thom Dallman:                    Emmett is such a great community on Emmett. Such a great, everybody ... We have in-laws that live out there that just love the community there and how everybody is, it's that small town community. Everybody likes everybody. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody talks to each other. People just love living out there. It's just a great community to be a part of.


Dave Burnett:                    You can check that out on the coming soon list. Also the one in Kuna, as well. Have they established a price on that yet?


Shawna Schnabel:              We are going to bring that on at $435,000.


Dave Burnett:                    $435,000. That's just an incredible... Pretty much everything you want to check off on that dream home list is there.


Shawna Schnabel:                Yeah, it is.


Dave Burnett:                    No neighbors, acreage. Then the fact there's estate land behind there that nobody's going to build behind there.


Thom Dallman:                    Yeah, for sure.


Dave Burnett:                    Somehow I don't think this one will be on the market a real long time.


Thom Dallman:                    No. It sounds like it's going to be snatched up pretty quickly. It's definitely worth-


Shawna Schnabel:               It's a great property.


Thom Dallman:                    Worth getting on that coming soon site and checking those two out. The other ones that we have coming on. We have several, just real quick, several different other properties. 1382 Blaine Street in Emmett, as well, coming on. That's a four bed, 2000 square foot house in the Restful Acres subdivision. It will be coming on towards mid May at $175,000. We've got 11206 West Chapman Avenue in the Hidden Valley Estates subdivision, here in Boise. 1300 square foot, three bed, one and a half bath, at 190. Great price point, once again, for a house in Boise. Then 603 North Carswell Way in Star, the Saddle Brook subdivision. Three bed, two bath, 1899 square foot. Coming on at $230,000. We've got houses coming on across the valley. Worth taking a look at and checking the out before other people get a chance to see them. Check them out on the website.


Dave Burnett:                    Yep. You'll find that at CoreGroupRealty.com. Again, if you want information on any of these homes, you can always call 933-7777. Somebody will be there to answer your question, to guide you the right direction, so you get a chance to see these homes. Shawna, thank you so much.


Shawna Schnabel:             You're most welcome.


Thom Dallman:                    Appreciate you being here.


Dave Burnett:    All right. We'll continue on the other side. I'm going to be talking to Michelle Guth, with the diversified mortgage. Find out a little bit of what's happening in the finance world and what you need to do to get in a home. Let's be honest, money's what makes the whole thing go around and able to get the job done. Michelle will help you with that. As we continue, here on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz on 580 KIDO.


Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Tom Dallman. Core Group Realty, coregrouprealty.com, that is the website, 933-7777, the phone number to call and, you know, Heather has been with us, what three weeks in a row now?


Thom Dallman:                   Three weeks now.


Dave Burnett:                    Three weeks because we are well, actually, right at the end of The Parade of Homes.


Heather Echevarria:             Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    And so we've got how many, tomorrow's Mother's Day?


Heather Echevarria:          Today and tomorrow, the last two days for you to come see the parade homes here in Ada County.


Thom Dallman:                   And specifically, house number 33.


Heather Echevarria:            Yes.


Thom Dallman:                   Come and see the concrete form house.


Dave Burnett:                    And that is in .. where is that ... that's in Meridian, where is it at?


Heather Echevarria:            In Meridian, in the Sky Mesa subdivision, South Eagle Road, between Amity and Lake Hazel.


Dave Burnett:                    If you haven't heard us talking about it, it is a concrete house. Now you might think, wow, does that look like Fred Flintstone's or Barney Rubble's house?


Heather Echevarria:                              No, you know, people used to think that in order to build an insulated concrete form house, they had to be perfectly square, just straight corners and this and that. And they don't have to be. So come and check ours out. You know, you want to walk though and knock on those exterior walls and you can feel how solid they are. It's just a, it's a really cool way to build.


Dave Burnett:                    And it's kind of odd to say, but you can hear how quiet it is.


Heather Echevarria:          You can. Definitely. You can hear it, you can feel, I don't know, just how sturdy it is. It has a totally different feel to it than any other house we've been in.


Thom Dallman:                   Yes, we had the privilege of going and doing a tour of some of the parade, as a company we go every year, spend an evening, go on a bus and tour around and see all the homes, see as many homes as we can. And I noticed throughout the whole tour, Heather going up to the walls ... knock, knock, knock. Knock, knock, knock. Yeah, those don't sound as solid as my house. So, it was a fun-


Heather Echevarria:           Shame on me, sorry.


Thom Dallman:                   It was just in front of us, it was not in front of other people.


Dave Burnett:                    Boy, I didn't realize Heather could blush as much as she has. She is just blushing here. So, what did you see, Tom, in some of the homes that you went and looked at that was exciting, something new and different for you?


Thom Dallman:                   Oh, my gosh. It was ... there was some really interesting wallpaper and tile work. The assortment of really decorative tiles and wallpapers were intriguing to me. I had one house I walked through which was a almost looked like a bark, gray bark with gold inlay behind it, behind the bark, which he ended up telling me was a wallpaper of sorts. Just really amazed at the intricacies and some of the interesting tile work that's out there right now.


Dave Burnett:                    But when it comes to tile, I mean you have everything from metals to glass to tile that looks like wood, I mean there's a little bit of everything out there.


Heather Echevarria:            Patterned tile, that looks like wallpaper. I mean, there's just unlimited options when it comes to tile. So it was neat to see some of the different tile stuff that people were using.


Dave Burnett:                    And the textures, I don't know why it seemed like this year it was all about textures-


Heather Echevarria:          Yep.


Dave Burnett:                    So I found myself constantly touching walls, like what an interesting texture on this wall.


Thom Dallman:                   Well, you two are quite the pair, Heather's knocking on the walls and you're touching the walls.


Heather Echevarria:         Tom's walking around, putting his hands on the walls.


Thom Dallman:                   Yes. But yeah, it's amazing some of the really beautiful painted tiles that I saw too.


Heather Echevarria:            Yes.


Thom Dallman:                   The intricate work on that is just, it's amazing what they've come out with.


Dave Burnett:                    Does it feel to you guys that homes are getting more open and bigger in that sense? Or is it contracting back again? What would you say in general.


Heather Echevarria:             Well, the thing that I noticed the most and we've been seeing a lot, is the multi-generational homes. So I was surprised to see, we did kind of a mother-in-law quarters on ours, we called it the casita, could be a home office, really whatever. And there was, I think we saw three others in the parade, and we only went and saw I think 11 houses on Tuesday-


Thom Dallman:                   11, yeah.


Heather Echevarria:           Is all we made it too, but I was surprised to see the number of homes doing that. But I don't think they were really getting bigger. They were more open-


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah.


Heather Echevarria:           But it's just a much more-


Thom Dallman:                   There were some really open concepts.


Heather Echevarria:            Functional uses of space.


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah. Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    In fact, that's something to do on a show on at some point, is I was reading, just this past week, the amount of young people who are staying home.


Thom Dallman:                   Oh, yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    When I say ... into their 20s. The percentage is huge.


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    Whether they're working to buy that house or whether they're in school. And then just on the other side of it, the number of mothers and dads, or grandmas and grandpas, moving back in with kids. It is a high percentage.


Heather Echevarria:          It is.


Thom Dallman:                   Multi-generational is a big trend right now. Out there, so-


Dave Burnett:                    Which I think is a good thing. Especially for the older people, taking care of mom and dad. But when you're building a house, or moving into a house, it's something to consider, because not every house is built for it.


Heather Echevarria:           Correct. Yup.


Dave Burnett:                    Is that something that you, Heather, are going to be planning more for the future, to do, or at least have available for people to build?


Heather Echevarria:            Oh, absolutely. You know, it's something that I kind of think about a lot because, you know, my grandmother was with us for a little bit, so I'm always thinking about it when I'm designing. You know, any type of hallway, I want to make sure it's wide enough for that multi-generational home, so that you kind of plan for everything. So that-


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah, the what ifs.


Heather Echevarria:           You home meets your needs now, as well as into the future.


Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. Because you might be having grandparents over in wheelchairs.


Heather Echevarria:             Yup.


Dave Burnett:                    That's a whole different thing ... trying to get a wheelchair into a bathroom-


Heather Echevarria:             Oh, yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    That's a whole different world. So planning ahead for that, that's, it's just good to do. In fact, Heather is available at Core Group if maybe you're in a situation and you need to build and you know you got Mom or Dad coming home, that she'd be more than willing to sit in counts with somebody.


Heather Echevarria:             Oh, absolutely. Help them come up with plans. Or even if they are looking at building a new house, or maybe remodeling an existing home to make it a multi-generational, we can look at both options.


Dave Burnett:                    So, in the Parade of Homes, we see multi-generational, we see textures, we see tiles, any different color schemes that we haven't seen in the past?


Heather Echevarria:             No, I think everybody was kind of consistent this year with the black and white theme.


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah, it was a pretty black and white Parade this year.


Dave Burnett:                    You're laughing, but I'm going to assume you saw it over and over.


Thom Dallman:                   Our very last house, was very definitely like black and white everything. It's interesting and they did a really good job with it. They incorporated wood into it, like natural wood colors as well, so it was ... yeah, it's just intriguing to see black and white so popular right now.


Dave Burnett:                    Ah. I just, our kitchen is black, white and gray.


Thom Dallman:                   Ah. There you go.


Dave Burnett:                    Little bit of red, a little red accent. That we're redoing a Mulligan home and I think my wife got all that from these TV shows. From the flipping TV shows and what they're doing right now, so obviously those are right on track-


Heather Echevarria:             They are.


Dave Burnett:                    With what's going on commercially.


Thom Dallman:                   Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    So, we have today, the rest of Saturday, what time is the closing hours on Saturday?


Heather Echevarria:             So we close tonight at 8:00.


Dave Burnett:                    Okay. And then Mother's Day, which really would be a nice Mother's Day treat, we don't know yet, the weather may be kind of iffy, so it'd be a chance if you want to go out and do that. It's not something to do in the park, but something to go take Mom out doing that, is to go look at homes.


Heather Echevarria:             Yeah, go noon until 8 on Sunday, Mother's Day, so yeah, come and see us.


Dave Burnett:                    That'd be a perfect thing to do.


Heather Echevarria:             Home 33.


Thom Dallman:                   Home 33.


Dave Burnett:                    Which is in Meridian. It is the concrete house, home number 33. And again, if you want more information about that, the website for the Parade of Homes?


Heather Echevarria:             Boiseparadeofhomes.com.


Dave Burnett:                    And is there a link on the Core Group site, do we know?


Thom Dallman:                   Yeah, there should be one.


Dave Burnett:                    If not, you can call 933-7777, and they'll get you all that information. We'll continue on the other side, this is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Tom Dallman. I'm Dave Burnett here on 580 KIDO.


Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Bernant along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty, coregrouprealty.com is the website. 933-7777 that is the phone number to call if you have any questions about what we've discussed during the show today or about Core Group Realty. You can call that, there's a Customer Care Agent ready to talk with you and help you to navigate the website and just take good care of you.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah. We have people there willing and able and ready to go whenever you guys have any kind of question, whether it's real estate-related, community-related, anything like that, we're here.


Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, if you need an address from one of the "Coming Soon" houses so you can go drive by it, put it in your GPS-


Thom Dallman:              Exactly


Dave Burnett:                    They can get that as well.


Thom Dallman:              Don't forget that community event stuff that we always kind of talk about on the blog site.


Dave Burnett:                    We love to do it during the commercial break. Emily Pullman came into the studio and joined us and just started talking about- it seems like we just finished Paint the Town.


Thom Dallman:              (Laughs)


Emily Pullman:                  Yes, it does seem like it just finished but it's time again.


Dave Burnett:                    Emily, what is your official position with the group?


Emily Pullman:                  I am the Director of Community Engagement at Neighborworks Boise, so I handle Paint the Town, Rake Up Boise, and all things to do with community partners and getting out there and helping out in the community.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah, and Paint the Town is one of the events we've always been really passionate about with Core Group and have participated the last few years and stuff like that. And once again we'll be participating, we just got our house this week, our project, so we're looking forward to getting that ball rolling as well, so ...


Dave Burnett:                    How long has Paint the Town been around?


Emily Pullman:                  This is our 35th year.


Dave Burnett:                    So this is-


Emily Pullman:                  A long time.


Thom Dallman:              Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    Paint the Town has been around longer than Emily's been around.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah. That's true. (Laughing)


Dave Burnett:                    But it is one of those, you know I've lived here since 1988 and was involved the very first year with the radio station I was at, we painted the house and did that, and it really is one of those cornerstone events that the community has-


Emily Pullman:                  Definitely.


Dave Burnett:                    That you look back on 35 years of a charitable event, that's a good deal.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah that's huge.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah we have that really unique opportunity with anyone that we talk to in Boise and we say "Have you ever done Paint the Town and Rake Up Boise?" Almost everyone native to Boise has participated at one point or another and recognizes those names.


Thom Dallman:              Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    So let's get some of the necessities out of the way. What is the date of Paint the Town this year?


Emily Pullman:                  Paint the Town day is June 10th, that's a Saturday. We always do it the second Saturday of June. But we give our teams their supplies on May 20th so there is like a three week window in there where people can go in and prep, do any small repairs they're able to do and then get painting.


Dave Burnett:                    Okay, so we got the date. And the weather we hope will be nice.


Thom Dallman:              Knock on wood.


Emily Pullman:                  Hopefully not too hot! (Laughing)


Dave Burnett:                    I think right now we're going three nice days, two bad days. (Laughing)


Emily Pullman:                  Hopefully ours falls on one of those good ones.


Thom Dallman:              Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    Well if somebody wants to get involved, maybe they don't have a business like Core Group has a team together, but they're individuals. Can individuals join teams, how does that work?


Emily Pullman:                  Definitely. We have teams that are always looking for more help. And then we also don't like to turn anybody away who applies to our program so we do have homes that apply where they just need a shed painted, some trim done. And we use our paint evaluator volunteers and then individuals, we kind of push them to that. And they do two or three or four, kind of however many volunteers we have, they go and do those smaller projects so then we're not-


Thom Dallman:              Nice.


Emily Pullman:                  -turning anybody away.


Dave Burnett:                    If you're a business like Core Group Realty and you want your business to get involved how do you do that? Same way?


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah, you can contact me. We always have opportunities. Things come up, it's a busy time of year. So sometimes our teams, you know, can't complete their projects in those times and we're always looking for more help. So they can go ahead and email me or visit our website at paintthetownboise.org.


Dave Burnett:                    I think Thom, you know, some of the benefits are obvious. Team-building for a business, I mean besides the fact that somebody in the community that's in need is getting-


Thom Dallman:              Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    -their house painted. But it's good for a business.


Thom Dallman:              Oh yeah, like you said, the team-building aspect of it. I love it because when my company participates in this it's not just the company that's participating, it's the company and their families. So we get lots of family and friends that participate every year and it's a great time to just bond and to be out there working together and I try to make sure that there's no paint fights, but I can't promise that. (Laughing) Maybe paint splatter has happened on occasion. But yeah, it's a great bonding experience, a great way to kind of fulfill your- To me, a company should have a little bit of an obligation to give back to the communities that support them and stuff like that. So to me it's a huge way for us to give back to the community that supports us and our day-to-day business and activities, so that community involvement is great there. And I just love, one of my favorite things is always kind of talking to the people that we go in - you know, that own these homes that can't do this on their own and stuff like that, and get to know them and get to know people personally in the community and how thankful they are that these volunteers are out there to help them with these projects that they just can't get to and stuff. So, it's just overall a great feeling, a great team-building activity, a great getting to know your employees and their families. It's just a great event to participate in.


Dave Burnett:                    Speaking of that, Emily, the people who are getting their homes painted, how did they qualify? How were these people selected?


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah. So it's actually a pretty intense process that we've refined over 35 years. So our minimum requirements are that they are 65 or older or disabled, so they can be under 65 and disabled, and then we also for this program look at their income. So we go by the HUD guidelines, so for a single person they can't make over 33,000 - so they just kind of have to be able to prove that they don't have the means to do it themselves.


Dave Burnett:                    Okay. So it's not a real strenuous process to go through but if you're in need, your house needs to be painted, nothing to be ashamed of to apply and to get some help to get it done.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah, and then we also use a committee of our board made up of, you know, real estate agents, people from banks, that sort of thing, and we go out and personally interview and look at every single home that applies so that we know what we're sending teams into.


Dave Burnett:                    Yeah.


Emily Pullman:                  So that way we can better evaluate which homes really really need it and some that can maybe wait til next year.


Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, if it's a four-story, Addams Family-


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah. (Laughing) No.


Dave Burnett:                    Don't want to send four people out to paint that.


Emily Pullman:                  No.


Dave Burnett:                    Exactly. Tell me a little bit, and you've been involved in this several years, stories out of the past from your business, your people that ... how you've seen them, really how it affected them?


Thom Dallman:              Oh yeah. Gosh, last year we had a couple of employees, or agents, that brought their teenage kids and the teenage kids were, how do I say it?


Dave Burnett:                    They were- [crosstalk 00:06:47]


Emily Pullman:                  Less than enthused?


Thom Dallman:              -had never participated in stuff like that. They were less than enthused throughout the day as we kind of like bonded and everything, like they really got into it, and really kind of found that meaning behind it when they, you know, got introduced to, last year it was an elderly gentleman who was a veteran and stuff like that, so he kind of was talking to us a little bit and telling us his story and stuff and so it was great to have them hear his story and realize why they were doing this and for who and so I think it kind of helped develop them a little bit in the future to, you know, be people who will contribute back and understand the importance of that. So, I think that's one of the great things that they got from last year's, but I just think overall just, people come back from it, agents come back from it the next week and at office meetings just say "Oh my gosh it was so much fun to be able to do this and to spend- I didn't know this about this agent, I didn't know this about this employee." It's just people talk to each other when you're doing that and stuff like that and so-


Dave Burnett:                    That's good.


Thom Dallman:              I think it's - yeah, it's just great bonding experience.


Dave Burnett:                    This year it appears you have the Golden Girls home.


Thom Dallman:              (Laughs)


Emily Pullman:                  Yes.


Thom Dallman:              Yes.


Dave Burnett:                    An elderly woman and her elderly-


Thom Dallman:              I'm excited to meet her.


Dave Burnett:                    daughter who lives with her.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    It is kind of the Golden Girls there.


Emily Pullman:                  Yes, they're very sweet. Adele and her daughter, Judith. Welcomed us into their home, kind of gave us the rundown of issues with their home, how they've really struggled to keep it up to par. I mean, they take a lot of pride in their house, they keep it pretty clean on the outside, their lawn moved, cleaned up, all of that stuff. It's just getting up a ladder is just so daunting or you know -


Thom Dallman:              Oh yeah for sure.


Emily Pullman:                  Purchasing paint can be just be a big burden.


Dave Burnett:                    You know, one of the things we do here on [inaudible 00:08:25], we talk about, you know, different things you have to do when owning a home, and painting it, that is one of them. And A, it's expensive.


Emily Pullman:                  Oh yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    And B, if you're doing it yourself it's a lot of work.


Thom Dallman:              Exactly. It is, you know making sure that it's clean, making sure that if there's bushes or plants around the house or trees, that those are pulled back so that you're not painting those or getting paint in, you know, on those. Oh but yeah, just climbing up the ladders to get up to the trim work and you know, getting down into the corners and stuff like that. It's a lot of work for two people to do on their own, and pretty expensive when you hire a painting company to come through and do that as well, so yeah. I just love it. Even if you can't even participate in the day, like a couple years ago we just didn't have enough people that were able and here, because of various obligations and stuff like that, so we just donated money. You know, cause you can just donate to help, you know the different charity levels, and maybe Emily can talk a little about that, all the way up to paying for a whole house job, so.


Emily Pullman:                  Definitely.


Dave Burnett:                    How does that work if somebody wants to give cash as opposed to time, how do they do that?


Emily Pullman:                  You can go to paintthetownboise.org and we run a campaign called "Buy a Bucket," so a bucket of paint costs us about 20 dollars and then you're entered into a raffle to win some Southwest Airline Tickets-


Dave Burnett:                    Nice.


Emily Pullman:                  A grill, an Amazon Echo, all kinds of stuff. And you get a deal if you buy, you know, three tickets for 50 bucks.


Dave Burnett:                    Which will be good for individuals. But I'm looking for- I'd like to see some companies step forward and say-


Emily Pullman:                  Oh yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    We want to scratch a little bigger check. Are there different availabilities for business to get involved?


Emily Pullman:                  Yep, so our business sponsorship levels start at 500 dollars, so that gets you a home sponsorship. So we put a big old sign in front of the house that says "This house was painted by this team and sponsored by this company" and that sits in front of the house for that three week period and we take pictures of the home with the sign and give it to all the sponsors so they can hang it up and say "This is the house we painted!"


Thom Dallman:              Share it on social media.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah, "This is Adele, this is her house afterward. Look at how great it looks!"


Dave Burnett:                    Are there some big corporate sponsors that help out with this?


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah, Sherwin-Williams is our biggest sponsor, our paint sponsor. We order an incredible quantity of paint and they give us a pretty good deal.


Dave Burnett:                    That's good.


Emily Pullman:                  So they donate a lot and they give us a lot at cost, but that's still our biggest cost, is that and the supplies.


Thom Dallman:              I will have to say I was amazed, last year was the first time that I actually participated in the pickup of all the stuff, and to see how organized you guys are and the amount of supplies that go out to all these different homes and stuff like that. That the volunteers are coming to pick up and meet everything on the paint pickup day, it's just so, yeah ...


Dave Burnett:                    Just painting my kitchen is a disaster (Laughing) I can't imagine all these homes all at once.


Thom Dallman:              Exactly.


Dave Burnett:                    That truly is an organizational miracle.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah, and that's what we use our committee for, it's definitely not just me, and it's definitely not an instantaneous process. It's been a 35 year process and we've really learned and refined a lot of things, so.


Dave Burnett:                    Emily, if somebody wants more information about Paint the Town, again what is the website?


Emily Pullman:                  Paintthetownboise.org


Dave Burnett:                    That's pretty easy to remember.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah.


Emily Pullman:                  Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    A phone number or a way of contacting your office or you folks?


Emily Pullman:                  Yes, you can call us at 258-6222.


Dave Burnett:                    All right, Paint the Town, it is that time of year again, so be watching for that coming up in early June, and people getting busy now even as we speak.


Thom Dallman:              Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Dave Burnett:                    All right, it is Idaho Real Estate Buzz, we get together and we do this every Saturday, which we'll do again next Saturday at two o'clock. Thank you, of course you can always catch a podcast at coregrouprealty.com, and you can check that out, check out Thom's blogs that he has.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah, go to the blog site and go to the Idaho Real Estate Buzz section to hear these back, we have them transcribed too, so.


Dave Burnett:                    It'll be good.


Thom Dallman:              Yeah.


Dave Burnett:                    And I'm sure Thom will be doing a blog about painting before too long.


Thom Dallman:              Oh yes. There will be one on there.


Dave Burnett:                    Very good.


Thom Dallman:              For sure.


Dave Burnett:                    So tune in every Saturday here on 580 KIDO.






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