Idaho Real Estate Buzz with Dave and Thom Dallman. Today, they are going over how crazy the market has gotten. Homes are selling fast, and inventory is low. This means that it is a prime time to sell your home. Homes are flying off the market, is now your time to sell?

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, along with Thom Dallman. Thom is the co-owner, the designated broker, of Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website, 933-7777 is the phone number. You may have seen the black and red signs around town that say Core Group Realty. They're the ones.

Thom:                   Um-hum, that's what we have.

Dave:                    What we have, and actually they move pretty quickly right now the way the real estate climate is.

Thom:                   Exactly, there's very few listings out there, so people are taking advantage of that and trying to buy them up.

Dave:                    When they say there's few listings, there's more coming soons than we've had in a while, so things are beginning to loosen up a little bit.

Thom:                   As kind of the snow has passed, there's hope in sight for winter ending and spring coming around. People are getting more active and getting more excited about getting their homes on the market, and stuff like that.

Dave:                    When I mentioned Coregrouprealty.com, the website, that is where there's a tab, there's a section for coming soon. I love these homes that you get a sneak peek at before they go to the multiple listing.

Thom:                   Correct, correct, so yeah, this is a rare opportunity to see something that's gonna be coming on, and get a kind of a, like you said, sneak peek before it hits the market and everybody else gets to see it. You get kind of your private little showing of it, if you will, online. We can of course get you with an agent if you wanted it a live showing of it, and stuff like that.

Dave:                    Really, you think about it, it's your chance to look at it and take a pass on it if you want, or take a look at it if you want before the whole world looks at it.

Thom:                   Exactly, so great opportunities here, especially in this marketplace where the inventory is still somewhat low. But yeah, we've got a couple of them, one in Eagle and one in Meridian that we're super excited about that'll be coming on soon here. The one in Meridian in the next couple weeks. The one in Eagle is gonna be more towards mid-April, but they wanted some time to kind of get things fixed up and whatnot.

                                Once again, we talk about that all the time when we're going to listings. We like to make sure that the sellers have time to get in there, get it all gussied up, and looking good for the next home buyer.

Dave:                    Especially this time as we look at our yards that have been buried in snow. Gotta kind of rake that and get that cleaned up, so it does take time to do this. What have you got in Meridian?

Thom:                   First one, the Meridian one is at 1711 North Tessa Avenue, that's T-E-S-S-A Avenue, and it is a six bedroom, three and a half bath, 3,780 square feet, two stories, got great stuff like granite tile counters, kitchen islands, water softener, gas fireplace, it's fully fenced, hardwood floors as well as carpets, the master's on the main level, which a lot of people like, and that is coming on at $350,000 in the Mill Iron subdivision. Really nice big home with lots of room for everybody to run around and do their stuff. It has a bonus room, rec room, type of area, has an office.

Dave:                    That's pretty good size, 3,700 square feet.

Thom:                   3,780, so almost 3,800 square feet.

Dave:                    That's a big house.

Thom:                   It's a big house, 6 bedrooms.

Dave:                    In this area, there's folks with a lot of family, a lot of kids. Perfect if you have a big family.

Thom:                   Yeah, exactly, exactly. Or if you just like to entertain and have lots of people hanging out with you, it's good for just about anybody. Nice big house, and once again, that's 1711 North Tessa Avenue in Meridian, coming in at $350,000 in that Mill Iron subdivision, so check it out on site.

Dave:                    If somebody's looking at Meridian, but if they want to go a little further north, they can [crosstalk 00:03:54].

Thom:                   Oh yeah, the wonderful Eagle, Idaho, great community, beautiful area, down by the river, 1211 South Island Glen Way in Eagle, in the Two Rivers subdivision, so very desirable subdivision. It's four bedroom, three and a half baths, 3,446 square feet, two story, with a three car garage, on .23 of an acre, once again kitchen island, granite countertops. It is a water front property, so it does have that great tranquil feel with the water and everything, so just a great home. That one is gonna come on at $450,000, around that middle of April time frame.

Dave:                    So these are both two very nice homes.

Thom:                   Very nice homes.

Dave:                    In desirable communities, both the Eagle and Meridian are some of the top communities in the country.

Thom:                   Exactly, for sure.

Dave:                    In fact, I was just reading again just before I came over here to do the show with you, the fact that the Treasure Valley again, on another list as far as places to retire to when it comes to seniors, it's in the top 10 in the country.

Thom:                   Oh yeah. Wow, I have not seen that one, but that's awesome to know.

Dave:                    Just saw it just earlier today.

Thom:                   Great, great.

Dave:                    It's one of those things that it's a desirable place to live.

Thom:                   So beautiful over there.

Dave:                    Those are the coming soons, and you'll find that at Coregrouprealty.com, but on there as well are the homes that are featured homes, and these are now homes that have been listed to the MLS, the whole world is looking at those as well, so you get in, and you make those offers, and you go find those homes. What do you have that's just moved up to featured?

Thom:                   Yeah, so we had a couple of coming soons that have now come online or will be coming online in the next day or so.

Dave:                    If you don't see it, go back to the coming soons.

Thom:                   So for various reasons, the main one being the photographers are really booked right now, and so we're getting those photographs done. It's very important to us to have those really nice professional photographs of these homes.

                                The first one is in Meridian we'll talk about. It's at 2909 Northwest 12th Drive in Meridian. This is the four bedroom, two bath that we've talked about before, 1,900 square feet, with a three car garage, on .26 of an acre that's irrigated, granite tile counters, fully fenced, central vac, covered patio, great room, all that, hardwood floors, all that amenities and stuff, coming on at $280,000.

Dave:                    I see it has listed on there, I hope the term doesn't get us in trouble here, split bedroom.

Thom:                   Uh-huh.

Dave:                    What does it mean to have a split bedroom?

Thom:                   Split bedroom means that the master is on one side of the house, and the other bedrooms are on the other side of the house.

Dave:                    Privacy and quiet.

Thom:                   Correct.

Dave:                    That is very desirable really [crosstalk 00:06:54].

Thom:                   Yeah, a lot of people like that just because of the kids or the guests. You're on the other side of the house, so everybody kind of has their own separate space away from each other. Once again, that's 2909 Northwest 12th Drive in Meridian.

Dave:                    So you load that into your GPS and just go drive by.

Thom:                   Go drive by.

Dave:                    If you want to look at it, 933-7777 is the phone number to call. You can call that right now, and they'll get you set up.

Thom:                   For sure.

Dave:                    Next up.

Thom:                   The next one would be over in Caldwell, a great four bedroom, two and a half bath, 2,500 square feet, a little bit over, on 1.25 of an acre, so lots of land to move around on. This is at 25100 Elk Way in Caldwell. It's in the Caribou Acres subdivision. It's got RV parking, it does allow for a horse on there, storage shed, hardwood floors, its got a separate great room and office, so great house, once again four bed, two and a half bath, 2,560 square feet at $320,000.

Dave:                    Nice.

Thom:                   Should be live or going to be live here in the next day.

Dave:                    So these are really four really high end homes.

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    When I say high end, we're not talking many dollars, but these are very nice homes. They're large, newer, just some great homes.

Thom:                   Yeah, exactly, some great opportunities in the various areas for living and stuff like that.

Dave:                    A couple in Meridian, one in Eagle, and the other one, which is in Caldwell. You could check those out, again at Coregrouprealty.com, which is the website. Go to the Coming Soon tab or the Featured Listings to look for those homes and all the rest that you have listed, as well. On the featured homes, there's a lot of homes.

Thom:                   Yeah, there's a lot of homes out there that you can start doing searches for. If you're just in the market for all the homes, go to the home search part of it, and start looking and stuff.

Dave:                    Now can you go in and putt in specifications? I'm looking for a three bedroom, so it'll bring up the three bedrooms?

Thom:                   Oh yes, oh yeah.

Dave:                    I'm looking for $150,000 to $225,000.

Thom:                   You can put price range, you can either enter a price range, or it gives you a drop-down with various price ranges on it. You can pretty much put in anything that you want to look for, including like-

Dave:                    I'm looking for a purple home with blue stripes.

Thom:                   Well, maybe not colors, but you can put in if you're looking for something with a swimming pool, you can put in. It does have the thing for swimming pool or community pool, if you want to live in a subdivision that has a community pool. Those features are on there, various things like that on the ... If you're looking for the RV parking, that's one of the ones that a lot of people like to know that they have either RV parking or RV garage, so that's an option on there as well.

Dave:                    Truthfully, if you can do that, you're saving $60 to $100 a month.

Thom:                   Yeah exactly.

Dave:                    That goes right into a house payment pretty nicely.

Thom:                   Yeah, exactly.

Dave:                    Wanted to add that on there. So I just want to encourage you, go to the website, Coregrouprealty.com. Take a look at what there is to offer there, and then give that phone call 933-7777, or actually you can even send an email right from the website as well and then get a chance to get together with an agent and take a look at them, and they'll help you find that dream home.

Thom:                   Find your needs and figure out where you need to go.

Dave:    We will continue on the other side. We like to call this the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman. I am Dave Burnett. We'll continue here on 580, KIDO.

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Riverstate Buzz and I'm Dave Pernant along with Thom Dolman. Of course every week we get a chance to talk to Michelle Guth, with Diversified Mortgage, equal opportunity lender. We want to put that in there as well. Michelle this week of course we heard the President had his speech so the market were kind of up and down. We also heard the fact that they are now saying that maybe we're going to see interest rates creep up.

Michelle:             We definitely experienced some volatility in the market this week. So I do believe that we're gonna start seeing that upward trend without a doubt at least based on what we've seen over this last week.

Dave:                    So, the long story made short that means that it could cost you more to buy those items, whether it's a car, whether it's a house, it could cost you a little bit more.

Michelle:             With regards to lending, absolutely. They made an announcement this week that the new construction starts were significantly higher than what was anticipated so again with that spur in the economy when that starts doing well interest rates are impacted as a result.

Dave:                    So I guess that's their way of kind of keeping it in check when there's good news got to give you a little news. Is that what they do?

Michelle:             I guess that's a fair way to look at it.

Dave:                    But it does impact all of us in what happens and it impacts you there at Diversified Mortgage. So I guess this is the word for you if you were thinking about refinancing, if you're thinking about buying, you might want to do it sooner than later to try to save or at least give you a little more purchase power.

Michelle:             I agree. I think again rates have been held so low for so long that their definitely below what's, the normal lending rate with the bank.

Dave:                    I guess let me interject this. It's not that rates are going out of site. It's not like you're seeing eight, nine percent interest rates. There's still really low.

Michelle:             Oh their incredible, absolutely. But we can't stay at, the towards the historic bottoms for perpetuity they've definitely have to have a upward swing at some point. It's going to be good for the economy as a whole but it does impact your ability to purchase when those rates start going up. You're maximum lending limit's gonna go down. So buying sooner than later I think is advantageous.

Dave:                    All right. So here's the deal. Give Michelle, give her staff a call at Diversified Mortgage and set up a time to come and talk to them. Find out if it's a right time for you, if it's a good idea for you to refinance. As a matter of fact I'm going to set up a time for myself to talk about maybe shortening my loan down a little bit, see if maybe that's the right option to do. If you're looking to buy new to give the folks at Diversified a chance to show what they have and what they can do for you.

Michelle:             Yeah. We'd love to hear from you. And you bring up a good point as far as getting ready for the process. I'm getting a lot of questions from clients with regard to what are the costs associated with getting a mortgage. You and I had the opportunity to kind of touch on that, so I thought we could delve into that a little bit today.

Dave:                    Okay, very good. Well let's find this out first, okay. What more or less, we can't really talk rated 'cause they change day to day, hour to hour.  But as far as rates, what is it going to cost for refinancing if I were to want to shorten my loan or maybe incorporate to some other things. What is it going to cost as far as it goes, hidden fees, or fee that are there that I may not be aware of?

Michelle:             Great question. As far as hidden fees, there should never be a hidden fee. After Dodd-Frank was implemented there were some more stringent rules with regards with how a lender has to disclose those fees up front. Certain fees even have a zero tolerance where they can't even change by a penny, otherwise then the lender basically has to incur that expense. So you shouldn't see any hidden fees or anything, any items that pop up unexpectedly. They will all be disclosed to you up front. Now you can see some slight variances with respect to adjustments from like interim interest for example if we close on a date different than what we estimated. But as far as the overall anticipated cost it should be very accurate up front in comparison to what you close with.

Dave:                    There are some lenders out there though whether it's on the internet or wherever, they make it should like it's not going to cost you a dime to refinance or it's not gonna do, you know ... To me sometimes, I don't want to say it sounds shady, all right, I'll say it. It just sounds a little deceptive. Is that a case or is it slight of hand?

Michelle:             Well we know we don't get anything for free so I think it's absolutely, I don't appreciate the practices of saying no closing costs, low closing costs. You can have low closing costs or no closing costs but what they are gonna do is basically incorporate it into your interest rate. Any lender has the ability of basically, if you say you know I want a three percent rate, well you know what let me see what it's going to cost you to get that. You can pay many thousands of dollars to buy down your rate. On the flip side you can increase the rates and have a, what's called a lender credit to offset those expenses so that in essence you're not paying them upfront but there being incorporated into your loan for the long term.

Dave:                    Okay. Well this is something that if I come to talk to you at Diversified that perhaps, is there an advantage for somebody if their, as far as if their going to redo their loan, is there an advantage to do it one way or the other?

Michelle:             Absolutely. It's going to be based off of the length of time that the client intends to stay in the property. For example if they plan on paying off the loan in a five year term, maybe their gonna, you know incur a large sum of money and they know it's not going to be long term financing. In that scenario, I'm going to run an amortization sheet and determine how long is i going to take for them to recapture those expenses in comparison to their monthly payment. So there's a lot of variables we have to consider from again, how long are you going to be in property, do you plan on prepaying every month toward principle reduction or is this gonna be a house that you let, plan on living on for the entire 30 year term. These are all variables that will determine which route I recommend my client pursue.

Dave:                    So one way, you gonna pay Peter or you gonna pay Paul, that is going to be in there, just what works best for you as a client.

Michelle:             Agreed and I don't believe that there is a one size fits all. So coming in saying a low coster to all of our clients is not again necessarily in their best interest if this is going to be a long term property and we can customize that. We have set closing cost across the board for everyone of our clients we will not differentiate but what we can do is in essence again if you say, you know what, I'm gonna be relocating in three years, I don't want to pay a one percent origination fee. What we're, going to incur that expense however we can adjust the rate so that you get that lender to offset that expense. So literally it's just a matter of again customizing it to their specific needs.

Dave:                    Very good. All right now I know with a new house, you know a home has to be inspected or appraised, which is two different things, appraisal and inspection. On a refi does it have to be inspected and or appraised?

Michelle:             An inspection is not a requirement of any mortgage program but it's a suggestion when you're purchasing a home by all means we want you to get a home inspection, but it's not a requirement for lending practices.

Dave:                    So for a refi you don't have to get to?

Michelle:             You do not. But you do have to have an appraisal. In very limited occasions you can get what is called a dry buy appraisal, where they actually do not have to enter the property but that doesn't happen that often. Typically you're gonna do a full appraisal and the appraiser is gonna come in, view the property, measure it and then pull comparable properties to determine that value.

Dave:                    Okay. Very good. Again that is something that you can go over with, at Diversified Mortgage to find out if you're going to do a refi and to go that way. What are the common refi's? Is it typically trying to shorten down the loan or is it trying to get the interest down or a little of both.

Michelle:             It could be a multitude of reasons. It could be even extending the term where maybe there is a situation where you had a decrease in your household income and you don't want to take that 15 year mortgage out to a 30 year. But again cash out, rate reduction, there is a multitude of reasons as to why someone would may want to refinance. I do wanna digress a little bit with respect to the appraisals in some cases if you have a FHA mortgage for example or even a VA loan. There are some options where we will do streamline refinance where we don't necessarily even have to appraise the property. If you're going from a similar program type. So FHA to FHA or VA to VA. In those case we may not need to appraise the property.

Dave:                    All right, very good. Let me as you this, as a man on the street question. I know were the real estate company where they, how they make their money. How do you as the lender, how do you make your money? It's not necessarily the interest on the loan. How do you at Diversified, do you guys keep the lights on?

Michelle:             Well we're a mortgage bank so after we complete a loan, we sell our loans either to a large financial institution within the U.S. that does there servicing of the loan or in many cases we sell direct to the government sponsored agency, such as Fannie and Freddie or Ginnie Mae. So when we deliver those loans on the secondary market we basically sell the notes and the loans to them and we get paid delivery fee for selling those loans.

Dave:                    Oh okay.

Michelle:             So the servicer themselves, they're the ones in essence gathering that interest over the life of the loan and that's in essence why they pay the fee to gain those loans to acquire the interest during the time that their servicing that product.

Dave:                    Okay. I think that gives me my answer. I know the title companies, I know how they make their money and the real estate company, how they make theirs. For you as a lender that's where that's coming from. Very good. Michelle, if somebody wants to get hold of you and talk about refing or may be borrowing money, how do they get hold to you at Diversified?

Michelle:             Just give us a call at the office at 853-7878, visit our website, dmgloans.com or just swing by and see one of my loan officers.

Dave:                    Very good. Make sure you do that. And do it well ahead of time. If you're thinking about this Spring, which is right around the corner of buying a home. Get it done early, get pre-approved and get all of that part taken care of. We've talked about here before people who have come into your office at Diversified and didn't think they had a prayer of getting a home to find out, yeah they can. Their credit's a little better, their work history's a little better than they thought and they can get that loan.

Michelle:             Absolutely. I just closed a client this week that was very heartwarming, where she had been renting this house for a nine year period and was suppose to have actually was on a lease with a purchase to buy. She was suppose to purchase it over 2 years ago. She was so intimidated and just confident that she was going to be declined. She put it off for over two years. We just closed and funded on her transaction this week and she was beyond elated. Sadly she rented for tow years longer than she could have had she acquired a little more equity over the last two years. We love those stories, and love an opportunity to hear about your scenario so we can hopefully get you into that home.

Dave:                    Well I do know for many people it is an intimidating process but at Diversified you make it relax. You go some great people, Molly and all the folks there at Diversified just do a great job.

Michelle:             We have a wonderful team and again our goal is to try to take the bulk of the stress out of this home buying process. We want it to be a fun, exciting experience. Not to say that gathering paperwork is fun, however we'll try to take as much stress out of the process as we possibly can.

Dave:                    All right. Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage and if you don't remember that phone number, you can always call 933-7777 and they will get you Diversified's number. Well continue on the other side here on 580 K-I-D-O.

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman who is the co-owner and designated broker for CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com. That is the website you can go to to check out all things CORE Group Realty and all the things that are happening in the valley. Or you can call 933-7777. Thom, another great weekend and creeping into spring time and things beginning to move and people getting excited about life.

Thom:                   Oh yeah. There's a lot of activity out there right now, a lot of things kind of starting to happen as far as those listings go and people getting more excited to get their homes all spruced up and looking beautiful and yeah, there's a lot of activity out there.

Dave:                    We were talking during the commercial break and I found out something. I knew something about real estate in the Treasure Valley that you didn't.

Thom:                   Yes, you did. Thanks for pointing that out.

Dave:                    That is that there is officially a West End.

Thom:                   Yes. Yes.

Dave:                    I've heard people talk about West Boise.

Thom:                   Yeah, that's what I've always heard, West Boise.

Dave:                    West Boise, it's not the same thing. You got the North End, which is you go up above Eighth Street, in that area, Harrison Boulevard, but there is a West End, and the first time I heard the term used was when they were talking about CWI taking over the old Bob Rice Ford lot and they talked about being in the West End and I thought, "Well that's not West Boise."

Thom:                   Right.

Dave:                    That was the first time, actually, so I didn't really know it. I was just giving you a bad time.

Thom:                   So you stumbled upon it in an article, just like I kind of did recently.

Dave:                    Yeah, and that technically is the West End.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah. Technically the West End covers an area roughly about that 15th, 16th Street over to about 30th Street and then State Street over to the connector in the river, kind of the other border, so that little area is considered the West End. It actually has a lot of interesting stuff that's been happening down there and kind of going through a renovation if you will.

Dave:                    The history very different than the North End. The West End actually was more of a worker's class when it was built. That's where kind of the worker bees have always lived, whereas the North End was, you know you get up to Harrison Boulevard and Warm Springs, that where the money of our history comes from. But the West End was really more where the workers worked. You had a number of markets down there. I think Jerry's Market was down there for years and years, so that recently ...

Thom:                   Yeah was that about a year ago that they had to close up shop and so forth ... ?

Dave:                    Yeah, so that, a little landmark that kind of went away.

Thom:                   Exactly. Interesting story about that. I don't know if you are aware of seeing the articles, but they're proposing putting in a multi-use center there on that block where Jerry's Market was and they're proposing, yeah, a pretty nice development that's going to be a single-level commercial and retail space with three stories of condos above it, so giving it a little bit of a condo pull over into that area, because condos-

Dave:                    But we don't know what the retail would be yet?

Thom:                   No, no. I think this is still in the development, so yeah, we're not quite sure what they would do, but the article I read said that they would want to of course do more of the retail kind of coffee shop kind of feel, a marketplace kind of feel to it is what the article said.

Dave:                    Trying to develop that North End feel, because to go up in the North End and have coffee in spring and summer time is just fantastic, so to do that would be great.

Thom:                   Oh yeah and there's great places in the Linen District to be able to go and have coffee and stuff like that so they're just expanding that over into the West End.

Dave:                    Well that is officially the West End now. When it comes to real estate in that end, has it been something that's fairly active or fairly quiet?

Thom:                   When I was going through it it's a little bit quiet right now. Right now we only have two active listings when I actually look in that particular area. One of them is really kind of a nice little town home development that's going in on 17th and Idaho and then there's another house that's for sale there as well. There was probably in the last three months about 17 home sales, home sales town homes and homes, so it's got not a lot of activity because there is so much commercial and parks. That's where the Esther, the new Esther Simplot Park is, which is huge.

Dave:                    We need to talk about that a little bit.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah. For sure. There is a lot of opportunity there when they do come on for development and stuff like that. I had a friend that had a house in that area that he flipped two years ago. He bought it, moved into it, did the remodel and stuff like that and sold it about two years ago. Just love that area. Just love the feel of it and the neighborhood feel of going through there and stuff.

Dave:                    I have a friend who moved just right off State Street in an older home. She hasn't flipped it, but she's really fixed it up nice.

Thom:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative). Exactly.

Dave:                    When she moved in there, she considered it Skid Row when she moved in, but that's one of those areas that people are slowly getting these houses or rebuilding them, their redesigning them, they're flipping them and really increasing the value in the neighborhood.

Thom:                   Exactly. From my knowledge, yeah, it went into a real rental, like a lot of rentals and stuff like that and now has kind of transitioned into home owners and stuff like that, because the pricing is more affordable than the North End and you've got home prices between 200 to $400,000 and stuff. It's still convenient to downtown and accessible and everything. There's just a total different opportunity there for those homes.

Dave:                    Two things we have not talked about when it comes to property in that area. One is access to the greenbelt.

Thom:                   Oh yeah.

Dave:                    We're on the right side of the middle of it. Really, money can't pay for the access to the greenbelt.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Then all the work they've done to Esther Simplot Park.

Thom:                   Yeah, huge park.

Dave:                    The water park there, which not only they built, and now they're adding onto it.

Thom:                   Exactly. Yeah, I was actually kind of surprised. I actually go to get out when we had one of the nicer days here recently and kind of run through there, go jogging and stuff, and the stuff that they've put in there, the neat features that they have, they have a really unique kids' play area that has all these big, colorful pipes coming out of the ground and it's all that matted, kind of ground so that they don't hurt themselves and stuff like that. Yeah, just so many different things. They've got little beaches on the lakes that they've built in there. That park is just beautiful. I'm really amazed at how much they've put into that.

Dave:                    I have a feeling that that is really going to become one of the real showplace parks in Boise, because a lot of people they haven't discovered it yet.

Thom:                   Oh yeah.

Dave:                    Even if you don't kayak, even if you don't wake board, even if you don't do that, you can go down and watch it ...

Thom:                   Oh yeah. The white water park's there, right there on the river, so that you can watch people.

Dave:                    You think of what a great way, you know it's a hot July night and you want to get out and you go walk down there in the evening while it's still light out and go watch people play in the river like that.

Thom:                   Oh yeah. For sure, for sure.

Dave:                    Again, money can't pay for that.

Thom:                   Exactly. Yep, and that big lake that's next to it where you can do the paddle boarding. That's one of my favorite things to do down there is to go paddle boarding on the lake.

Dave:                    You're a paddle boarder?

Thom:                   Yes. Not very good at it, but ... I fall off a couple times, usually.

Dave:                    But when you think about how easy and quick the access is to be able to do that, it's pretty amazing.

Thom:                   Yeah, and such a great area, like you said, to get access down into the greenbelt and some of the great restaurants there along that Main Street and Fairview, the one ways right there. Great opportunities for just great living right there and easy access.

Dave:                    Kind of one of the hidden gems. To me, the North End is not hidden. Everybody knows it's there. It is a little more pricey to buy in there, but the West End is something you might want to think about if you're thinking about buying a home or if you're thinking about selling a home and you own it right in there, come and talk to the folks here in CORE Group Realty and find out what the opportunities are, because I really do, I think that is one of the areas around town that may be a little undervalued right now for what it is going to be in five years.

Thom:                   Exactly. I think it's going to be one of those neighborhoods that will quickly appreciate. That's my opinion and once again, my opinion and my opinion only, but it is going to be [crosstalk 08:47] ...

Dave:                    It's my opinion too. I don't have a clue other than the fact that I know that if I were investing I think I'd invest in there.

Thom:                   Exactly, exactly. Some great opportunities for sure if you can find them. Like I said, there's not a lot out there. There's only two opportunities right now when I did a search for it, but yeah, there are some opportunities if you can keep an eye on it and see what happens, for sure.

Dave:                    Exactly. The West End of Boise.

Thom:                   The West End. Boise's West End.

Dave:                    Not to be confused with the west side of town. That one's West Boise.

Thom:                   Exactly. West Boise is a completely different thing.

Dave:                    We'll continue on the other side. We like to call this the Idaho Real Estate Buzz where, yeah we talk about real estate, about buying and selling homes, but we try to incorporate everything to give you the power as a purchaser or a seller to buy and sell those homes. We'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO.

Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website. 933-7777, a phone number you can call right now, as a customer care agent will talk to you and help walk you through the website, or if you want to get in touch with an agent or one of the providers, they'll do that for you as well. 933-7777. I want to do this. I want to give you some congratulations.

Thom:                   Thank you.

Dave:                    Core Group has made the Honor Roll. When I first say that, you might think, what? It's the Honor Roll that is handed out by the Realtors Association.

Thom:                   Correct. The Idaho Real Estate Commission every two years goes around and audits all the real estate brokerages. They audit our paperwork, basically, our contracts that our agents are writing, all pending and closed contracts, looking for issues, if you will, and bad contract writing. Things like that.

                                They're really making sure that agents are doing what they're supposed to be doing and making sure that all the signatures are signed in the right spots. In essence, really making sure that they're writing good contracts, and so we were lucky enough to get the Honor Roll because we-

Dave:                    You didn't just pass.

Thom:                   Oh, no.

Dave:                    It wasn't just pass.

Thom:                   Correct.

Dave:                    It was Honor Roll.

Thom:                   It was Honor Roll. That's a designation that they give to the few, the few that are basically excellent in what they do and have almost no mistakes in their paperwork. Yeah, it's a real honor to get that.

Dave:                    While we talked about this during the break, you were very quick to say, "It wasn't me."

Thom:                   Yeah.

Dave:                    "It's the staff."

Thom:                   Yeah. I wish I could take all the credit on it, but it is because we have built an amazing team of staff, administrative partners is what I like to refer to them as, that help the agents, that review the contracts after they get submitted. Every time a piece of paperwork comes in, they're there checking it and making sure that there's no mistakes, contacting the agent if there is and making sure that they get corrections in and stuff. Yeah.

                                Starting with the agents, first of all, that's one of my biggest focus is with the agents is when I train them I spend the first two weeks training them on contracts, how to read them, how to write them, making sure that they understand contracts back and forth. That's the huge key too, I think, is just that education piece for our agents that we have here, but then going into that. As they write contracts they send them to me to do a preliminary review and make sure that they're on track for the newer agents.

                                Then, once they submit it into our transaction coordinator's care and Megan, who do an amazing job of going through making sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed and [crosstalk 00:02:59] everything's ... yeah, everything's where it should be. That team work and that synergy that goes on with the team, with the agents and our transaction coordinators is different from other brokerages, and it really leans towards that making sure that those contracts are good and well written.

Dave:                    It could be easy to get sloppy though, isn't it? I mean, it could be easy.

Thom:                   It could be. Yeah. Not to belittle other agents out there, I think there are agents that are, unfortunately. We receive contracts on listings that we're just like, "Wow! Where did, like-

Dave:                    What's that?

Thom:                   Where did this come from?" When you have a contract that is badly written, it puts so much liability on the buyers or possibly the sellers depending on who's being represented. If anything goes wrong in the transaction, if there's anybody that has an issue down the road and it does into a legal battle of some sort, the legal structure is set that they want to have clear, clean contracts that are not ambiguous.

                                When you had muddied contracts and they become ambiguous, it kind of falls onto the judge or juries to make a decision on who's right and who's wrong and stuff like that, and so you don't want contracts that are muddied or ambiguous. That's really the main focus. When our agents are writing contracts, they're clear, defined. What's the expectations? What are the clients wanting? What do they mean when they're writing certain things? It's very important to make sure that the contracts are being written clearly and precisely.

Dave:                    Then you also, you have an operations coordinator?

Thom:                   Yes.

Dave:                    A position.

Thom:                   Yeah. Not only do we [crosstalk 00:04:51] ... Yeah, so not only do we have the transaction coordinator, but we have Jenny [Ca-reto 00:04:56], who is our operations manager, and amazing at what she does because she then takes all the contracts and does a second check on them, if you will, over the transaction coordinators. She's doing a double check on it to make sure that once again that everything's there. Sometimes it does kind of slip through the cracks, one mistake here or a mistake there.

                                She's a lot better. She's been with us for five years, going on six years actually next month ... or actually this month, sorry. She's been with us for six years. She understands contracts. She kind of knows those things to watch for and little things that may cause problems. She is really the-

Dave:                    The watchdog.

Thom:                   The watchdog, if you will, and great at her job. I mean, I wish I could take credit, but it really falls on those three for getting us to our honor society status for all that they do.

Dave:                    Yeah. I would like to congratulate you as the owner-

Thom:                   Thanks.

Dave:                    That the people you have hired and entrusted to do that, they've just done a spectacular job. I say that because we always talk about that when you're getting ready to sell your home, to get a real estate company that you can trust.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Somebody you know who is doing it right. We've talked about this before, and I don't hesitate to say it. Whether you use it Core Group Realty or you use somebody else, whoever that somebody else is, make sure that they are qualified. Make sure that they are dotting the I's and crossing the T's because the nightmare it could cause, because this is the biggest transaction that I will ever make in my life.

Thom:                   Exactly. Exactly.

Dave:                    For me to rest assure that the people, that the agent I have is writing that contract up correctly, that somebody else is looking at it when they're done with that, and then again somebody else after that is looking at it.

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    It's comforting to know.

Thom:                   Yeah. I think that's one of the biggest advantages of working with us is that you're not just hiring one agent. You're hiring a team. We are all about the synergy and the team collaboration here and everybody supporting each other, checking each other's work, and so making sure that our clients are having the best experience and have the best team working for them.

Dave:                    That is truly an honor. Is there a plaque? Is it something that you have here?

Thom:                   Yeah. We have a nice little plaque hanging on the-

Dave:                    Nice.

Thom:                   Wall in here, so anybody want to come by and check it out.

Dave:                    Excellent. I did. 

Thom:                   More than happy to show it.

Dave:                    You should get a picture and put it on the website. I think that's good.

Thom:                   Yeah. We should.

Dave:                    Now, let me ask you. It's something happens every couple of years. Is it something that ... I wouldn't want to say you lose sleep over, but that you want to make sure that it's right coming up again?

Thom:                   A little bit. Yeah. I don't know that I'd lose a lot of sleep over it because I feel really super confident in my team and what they've done, but there's always that kind of nail-biter of like, "Did we miss something? Is there like."

Dave:                    It's that test. Well, it's a-

Thom:                   It's that-

Dave:                    It's a test.

Thom:                   Yeah. Yeah. It is basically, and if you don't pass the test, if you will, there's fines applied. We have a newsletter that goes out, and so you get your name put in the newsletter. There's all kinds of ramifications if you have a lot of issues with your contracts.

Dave:                    To get on the Honor Roll is nice.

Thom:                   Yes. Exactly.

Dave:                    It's a [crosstalk 00:08:14].

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Thom Dallman with Core Group Realty, and again congratulations to your staff of just doing a great job and allows you as the owner to feel a little more confident moving forward that the people under you are doing what they're-

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Supposed to do, which is-

Thom:                   Exactly.

Dave:                    Which is a good deal. I would just like to encourage you that if you have that opportunity, that you're in the process of looking for somebody to sell your home, come talk to Thom. Come talk to the agents. They don't have a problem at all with setting up to just sit and do an interview, and if you decide at the end of it, "Nope, not for me," you're welcome to go and they wish you luck.

Thom:                   Yeah. I say it all the time, "We're not 100% best fit for everybody." You've got to make sure that you interview agents in finding that trusted advisor.

Dave:                    Yeah. Core Group Realty. That is the name of the company. Easy to find right here on Emerald just up from the Boise Towne Square Mall. You'll find them on the south side of the road. You can stop on by during their work hours. You can always call them, 933-7777, or check out their website at coregrouprealty.com. Proud to be on the Honor Roll.

Thom:                   Ahh, proud.

Dave:                    All right, Thom. We'll talk to you again coming up next week here on 580 KIDO.

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