Pets: What they give to us is something that is precious and rare.



In light of our pet food drive taking place this week for the Idaho Humane Society it seemed fitting to touch on our company's passion for pets. Something that we truly believe and promote here at Core Group Realty is that a pet makes a house a home. It is from this belief that our partnership with the Idaho Humane Society came to be. Knowing that there are so many sweet animals out there in need of good homes and with our moto listed above, it just made sense that we would join together to promote pet ownership.



 I was curious on what the statistics and research behind having pets vs. not would look like. I found two articles that I found very interesting, one focusing more on the numbers and the other a little more touchy- feely. We hope that if you are considering making your house a home with a pet that you will consider adoption from a shelter. Shelter animals make the best pets and shelters like the Idaho Humane Society help to make it a seamless and affordable process.


I hope you find this information as interesting as I did and that perhaps it moves you. If you have been considering pet adoption, maybe this is what will help you make that final call and go for it! We will have adoptable pets available for you to meet at our Pet Food Drive wrap up event this Friday, July 14th from 11am-2pm at our office in Boise (address below). We will also have pet vendors from around the valley to help you get set up with a new pet and provide you with a lot of valuable care information. We hope that you can join us!




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