Let’s talk fences.


We’ve come a long way from cavemen’s age. In 2017, we have options!


Today, we are going to look at just a few of the many different types of fences that you can build to enhance your curb appeal, have privacy, or just need it for the animals.


Let’s start with materials- Just a few are:

-          Wood

-          Metal or Chain Link

-          Vinyl

-          Aluminum

-          Brick or Stone

-          Wrought Iron


Wood fencing is probably the most commonly used material for fences. There are several kinds of wood you can choose from, different stains and paints, and different treatments for durability.

                PROS- It’s not horrendously expensive, and can last for years.

                CONS- It can only last for years, with regular upkeep.


Metal or Chain Link fencing is durable, relatively cheap, and can be easily converted to a privacy fence with inserts.

                PROS- its Durability is definitely a good thing. The affordability is never a negative aspect either.

                CONS- Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and unfortunately Chain link is not always considered highly sought after. Inspections are needed by you to make sure you tackle any rust that may form.



Vinyl fencing has a reputation. They give plenty of privacy, as there are no slats to see though, and they are not so heavy duty.

                PROS- Vinyl fencing is super easy to Install, great curb appeal, and gives some privacy.

CONS- While it’s pretty to look at, and keep eyes out, it may not keep intruders, as it is a lightweight material that can be broken easier than others.


Aluminum fencing is a good faux wrought iron. If you are looking for that sophisticated upscale look. Aluminum isn’t going to have the strength and weight of real wrought iron, but it’s also not going to have upkeep.

PROS- Sleek and attractive look for curb appeal, all while being affordable and durable.

CONS- Because we are looking at bars of fence, it may not be the most secure for keeping things out.


Brick and Stone fences have a sense of charm about them, in my opinion. While you can also use Cinderblocks for a cheaper alternative, it gives you privacy, security, and has a long-lasting lifespan.

                PROS- Fairly easy to DIY, long lasting

                CONS- Depending on the area, may be a little more expensive.


Wrought Iron fencing is beautiful. Enough said. It’s the most secure type of fencing due to the heavy-duty material. Wrought Iron is also customized for each job, making it more likely than not that it will be everything you need and more.

                PROS- Long lasting lifetime, curb appeal, customizable.

                CONS- Not the most affordable thing out there.



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