Join us and hear about how hot the market is. Also, We're going to talk about Idaho Humane Society and our partnership. 

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Dave:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman of CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com that is the website you need to know about, and of course 933-7777, that's the phone number you can call at any time for information about CORE Group, about the website, about what's going on. Thom, another great, great day to buy a home.

Thom:                   Yep! It's always a great day to buy a home, is my aspect of things. So, whenever you are in the market, whenever you need it, it's here and there, and no matter what the economy is doing, there's always people who need to buy and sell their homes. So, we are once again in an interesting marketplace, that we'll talk about a little bit about those stats later in the show, but, yeah, it's just, the fluctuations in the marketplace have been leading us all kinds of different ways.

Dave:                    Yes, well I guess the interest rate ... They're projecting now going to kind of stay the same for a while -

Thom:                   They were projecting it going up then it came down, and yeah

Dave:                    But the bottom line is, and Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage can verify this. We're still in really, really low interest rate for buying a home, I mean, I remember the first home I bought, the interest rate was 8%.

Thom:                   Yeah

Dave:                    That's unheard of.

Thom:                   I remember one time my parents owning a house that was at 11% or 12% interest rate, yeah, and you know how historically, lately, we've been between that 3.5 to 4% right now, so, definitely as a buyer it's a great time to get out there and purchase a home with historically low interest rates.

Dave:                    And if you're looking to sell, if the house is priced properly, it's not on the market very long -

Thom:                   Not long at all

Dave:                    I know two people in my neighborhood right now that have put their house up for sale. One's now got a pending on it, the other one the house is for sale and he's hoping it will go quickly

Thom:                   Yep, it's definitely got to be priced right and the marketing has got to be in place for it, but with inventories being so low, you know, there's not a lot of options out there, especially in certain price points for people who are looking to buy.

Dave:                    Yeah, well let's talk about some of those homes, and I guess we need to talk a little bit about maybe some of those changes that is happening with multiple listing service and listings.

Thom:                   Yeah, this last week, the Inter Mountain multiple listing service has kind of changed a little bit of the aspect of the coming soon. We've always kind of laughed and I've jokingly called my coming soon secret listing, because it's nice to have that secret listing that nobody is been able to see yet, because it's not been public. But, they've kind of changed the rules on us a little bit and made it so that we can no longer really advertise properties as a coming soon without it going into the MLS. They've actually created a whole new category in our MLS, so, you know, if you're in there searching for properties on websites and stuff like that, you're going to start seeing more coming soons actually being available before they go to the marketplace in the MLS. So, they've kind of made that change, they've restricted us a little bit on only being able to have these homes available for 14 days on a coming soon before they can go live, so -

Dave:                    Which not only affects CORE Group Realty, but it affects all real estate companies -

Thom:                   Yeah, that's kind of an impact on just the way that you can advertise these properties and stuff, and kind of gives more fair game again to buyers, making sure that all buyers have access to these properties instead of traditionally, the ones who are going to coregrouprealty.com would get first previews of them, but now it will be kind of across the board, everyone that will have access via the MLS to be able to see those properties -

Dave:                    Which is all the more reason to have your agent in place, to know what's going on, that agent knows what's going on, to get you into that house as quickly as possible -

Thom:                   Correct

Dave:                    It's all the more reason to really have that good relationship with your agent.

Thom:                   Exactly, so -

Dave:                    So what do you got to, and I guess are we talking then these are just featured listings?

Thom:                   Well, no, we actually have a coming soon. We've got one listing that's was mostly ready, we had all of the paperwork signed and all that, so they were just working on a couple of things, but they wanted to get it as a coming soon into our MLS, so ... And this property is here in North Boise, actually, at 3898 North La Fontana Way, so it's L-A-F-O-N-T-A-N-A Way. This is a 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 story with below ground, so it's got a lot of space. It's 3,729 square feet.

Dave:                    Wow

Thom:                   Yeah, not a small home, for sure. And this one's on .23 of an acre, so you know once again for the north end to have anything above that .2 is actually really excellent. Kind of off the boat bogus basing Cartwright area and coming on at $525,000.

Dave:                    You know and that below ground portion. We don't see many homes with basement or below ground here in the valley, because the bedrock is pretty high up -

Thom:                   Exactly, and it's a popular feature for a lot of people.

Dave:                    Well yeah, and when it comes to keeping a home cool without having to use air conditioning, that is a bonus all in itself.

Thom:                   Huge. I mean in this heat wave we've been having the last couple of weeks, it's nice to have a place that you can go retire to that stays nice and cool, that's for sure.

Dave:                    If you want to put a wine cellar in, there you go.

Thom:                   Right, seriously.

Dave:                    Perfect.

Thom:                   So yeah, coming soon. Like I said, it's $525,000 for 3.729 square feet, .23 of an acre over there on La Fontana Way, 3898. Definitely something to check out if you get a chance. Still gonna show up on our, on coregrouprealty.com under the coming soon/secret listings. I guess we're going to have to change that back to just coming soons now. It's no longer a big secret. So check it out.

Dave:                    That'll be good. Coregrouprealty.com, that's the website to go to where you can see that home. What else you got?

Thom:                   Yeah, let's stick to Boise, we've got a couple of other featured properties that just came on this last week, or, last week or two. The first one is 2141 North Fastwater Avenue. This is out in that Fairview/Cloverdale section of West Boise, another 5 bedroom, 3 bath. This one's a little bit smaller at 2,100 square feet, but it's still 2 story with below ground again. This one has 646 square feet of finished basement area. This one is also on .16 of an acre, so smaller yard, but still a lot of home to enjoy. It has a main level bedroom, off the family room, so definitely likes to have that main level master, this is a great option. Oh, I'm sorry, the master's not on the main level, it's just an extra bedroom on the main level, so. But anyways, this is listed at $264,500, so really good price point for a West Boise property with 2,100 square feet.

Dave:                    And really not too far removed from commuting on the freeway or whatever direction you need to go.

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah, that Fairview/Cloverdale area is pretty much walking distance over to the village, all that fun shopping area over there by Crossroads -

Dave:                    You can picture yourself sitting out there on the couches around the fireplace area and watching the water -

Thom:                   Exactly

Dave:                    It's a great evening and you would not be far from that

Thom:                   Exactly

Dave:                    Good

Thom:                   Some options there, we've got another option over on Coal Road, actually right off of Fairview and Coal. This one's at 1729 North Coal Road. This is a 3 bedroom 2 bath, single with below ground once again, so it's got some, a basement as well. $2,538 square feet for this one -

Dave:                    Are you doing this on purpose?

Thom:                   I know, right?

Dave:                    And you've got three of them?

Thom:                   I picked all the ones with basements.

Dave:                    Wow

Thom:                   This actually was just kind of a happenstance, I didn't realize that all three of them had basements -

Dave:                    I thought maybe you were plotting against me -

Thom:                   Yeah, but, once again, if you're in the mood for, or in the market for a basement, we have some options for you.

Dave:                    That's nice

Thom:                   Yes, for sure, and there have been some people who have specifically wanted this one, so.

                                This one's actually been recently remodeled with a few new features: new roof, new AC, new furnace, all this year, so ... This one is, like I mentioned 3 bed 2 bath, 2,500 square feet on .26 of an acre, so once again a bigger lot in West Boise, and it's listed at $287,000, so it has a really good price point, really convenient location if you're familiar with the Coal and Fairview area, it's just kind of a 2 blocks off of Fairview on Coal, so it has a lot of options to it as far as just accessibility to a lot of things, once again.

Dave:                    Schools nearby, the mall is not far off -

Thom:                   Exactly, so great little property - well, not really little - great property over there off of Coal and Fairview, so for 287.

Dave:                    Up next

Thom:                   Up next is an investment property, actually, this is a really good deal out in Emmitt. It's a 2 bedroom 1 bath 886 square foot, so for that first time home buyer or that investor that's looking for a rental property that does currently have tenants in it, but this one is listed at $89,900 currently.

Dave:                    Wow

Thom:                   Yeah, not much out there under $100,000, so great option. This one actually has .23 of an acre, too, so it's got a lot of space in the yard to be able to do, play your yard games, to garden, to do whatever, it does have some garden space in there as well, so ... Great option for anybody who, once again, is just looking for that starter home, looking for that investment property ... Really nice feature about this is that it's one of the few homes that actually is still on a well for the irrigation of the yard, so you don't have to pay for the irrigating of -

Dave:                    The city water -

Thom:                   Yeah, yeah, the city water is connected to the house as well as sewer, but the actual watering of the yard is through the well, so -

Dave:                    Save you some money there -

Thom:                   Saves a little bit of money, saves the opportunity to water your yard -

Dave:                    You know, I ran into somebody about two weeks ago that recently divorced, was looking to get back into, and in fact I gave them your name and number, looking to get back into the housing world, but he just wanted a small house just for him.

Thom:                   Yep

Dave:                    And this would be perfect -

Thom:                   This would be perfect

Dave:                    You're a single guy or a single gal and you're wanting to get out of the main flow of Boise -

Thom:                   Exactly

Dave:                    Get you a little home

Thom:                   Yeah, and this is right off of the main street there in Emmitt, so it's super convenient to all of the little shopping spots right there by Onion Street, and I think this one's off of Washington, so there's lots of opportunity for this property, and ... I think I forgot to mention the address. It's 805 South Commercial Avenue, so just one block off of Washington, kind of right where all of the little restaurants are and everything along that strip.

Dave:                    Perfect, check those out at coregrouprealty.com. We'll talk to Michelle Guth with Diversified Mortgage coming up as we continue with the Idaho Real Estate Buzz here at 580 KIDO and FM 107.5.



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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, along with Thom Dallman of Core Group Realty and Michelle Guth, Diversified Mortgage, equal opportunity lender. In the house again is ... Well, we want to talk a little bit about vacancies and how that is affecting the loan market. How that affects everything going on. Michelle, welcome back.

Michelle Guth:                  Hi, I'm glad to be here. Hello, gentlemen.

Dave Burnett:                    Tell us what you know, as far as with inventory short in town. What's that doing to you as a mortgage company?

Michelle Guth:                  Well, you know, as a mortgage company, it's not as much of an impact to us as it is to our clients. There's a lot of frustration out there just because of the inventory shortage. In many cases, our clients are having to put offers on multiple properties before they get one accepted, just because of the sheer demand and the competition out there. So a lot of frustration right now.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, and it's difficult to ... Especially if you don't have that agent that words it just right. Buyers can get into some serious trouble if it's not worded right, and they're outbid and constantly trying to put in offers and not getting them and stuff like that. So there's a lot of frustration out there for buyers, for sure.

Michelle Guth:                  Yeah, and I think in mentioning that though, it's like we don't want to pain this doom and gloom situation, but we definitely want our consumers to be cognizant of the fact that it's not just, "Go out and let's find a house this weekend, and off we go." It is taking a little while to execute and secure a contract.

Dave Burnett:                    Well, let me ask you this question. I know in my neighborhood, right up the street, a guy got his house all fixed up, he was going to sell it. He told me, "Yeah, I'm going to ask $305,000." Now, as you know, I recently had my loan redone and had an appraisal put on my house, which came in at $246,000. My house is bigger than his, and I'm thinking, "He's asking for $305,000." And there came up a pending sign. I'm going, "Whoa!" That pending sign came right back down. Is it a case of you have to be realistic even in this crazy time going on right now?

Michelle Guth:                  Oh, without a doubt. There may have been somebody that's willing to pay the 305 for the house, but if they're receiving financing it doesn't mean that it's going to go through, depending upon what's going to happen with that appraised value. So, that's when it's key to have a great real estate agent like Core Group Realty where they're able to go back, negotiate, and try to get that down to realistic values based on comparable sales of homes that have sold within the area of like properties. So, if the appraisal isn't there and the comps aren't there, then yes, you're going to end up with the issues down the road, unless you're a cash transaction. We have seen some cash transactions where they're willing to pay over market price. Because they like the house well enough, they're okay paying over market value.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep.

Dave Burnett:                    Wow! So, when this all comes ... I mean for you, if somebody bundles this up and brings it to you, you go get the appraisal done and then it comes back not even close. So that then causes problems for you, does it not?

Michelle Guth:                  Well, it does for the loan process and the client, because again if they're not willing to drop the price they have two options at that point. We cancel the transaction and we start over, or the seller elects to decrease the price to the purchase price, or excuse me, the appraised value. Or three, the borrower has the ability of coming in with the shortage. So, if they have the financial wherewithal to do that, they can certainly go that route. But it certainly wouldn't necessarily be something that the agent or myself would recommend if there's a big disparity between the value and the purchase price.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. I think it's important to point out that by the time we get to the appraisal process, we're a good three weeks into the process a lot of times. So there's three weeks of time that have gone by that we've been going through the inspection process and stuff like that. So there's the money out for the inspection, money out for appraisal, and stuff like that. It can really do a lot of hindrance and postpone people moving into homes quite a few weeks if they get to that point in the appraisal process. So it's important to know that too.

Dave Burnett:                    Well, another option that people have may not be that viable of an option right now. That is, "I'm going to rent then." Tough to find a rental, isn't it?

Michelle Guth:                  Rentals are tough. In fact, they came out with the second quarter vacancy report for Southwest Idaho. Currently, there's been another decrease in the availability. So right now there's only 3.5% available homes on the rental market in Southwest Idaho.

Thom Dallman:                  Wow.

Dave Burnett:                    So what would that on an average month would that have been? I mean, 3.5 now, what does that mean?

Michelle Guth:                  Well, out of every 100 homes that were for rent, there's only three and a half homes available on the market for rent. So, there's not a lot of availability in the rental market. Some people have said, "You know what? The market just seems to be really hot right now. I'm just going to take a step back for a while and go rent." Well, that's great. Many times they say, "I want to start the process again in the spring," but because of the lack of rental inventory, most people want at least a year on their rental contract. So it's not something they can easily go find something for six months and hit it again in the spring.

Thom Dallman:                  Right, yeah.

Michelle Guth:                  Again, it's not that we want to point out the negatives, but we want to point out what the reality is of our current market conditions, and just working with a team that's going to help guide you so that we can try to mitigate some of that stress.

Dave Burnett:                    You really need a good game plan.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Michelle Guth:                  Absolutely.

Thom Dallman:                  Don't quote me on this, but I feel like I've read somewhere that in a healthy market the vacancy rate should be around that seven percent. Six, seven percent, I feel like is the number for a healthy rental market.

Dave Burnett:                    So it's half of what it should be.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly. I know I've read this somewhere, because that number is sticking in my head somehow, but don't quote me on it.

Dave Burnett:                    Let me ask you this. The question that some people may be driving right now is going to be asking is, it seems like there's apartment complexes going up everywhere, there's a great big one that just went in. It seems like everywhere there is. Is that not taking pressure off?

Michelle Guth:                  Well, you know it's funny. That was one of the things in the report, it stated that the overall largest decrease was in multi-family units in Aida county. So, they're getting filled up as fast as they're building them.

Dave Burnett:                    Wow! That is just amazing to me.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    I guess, again, as I mentioned, you need to have a good game plan. You need to have your real estate agent in place, you need to have your financing in place. We've talked about this before, the importance of being pre-approved.

Michelle Guth:                  Being pre-approved, be proactive. Again, get a game plan in place, and just be patient. I mean, if you give us a one to two months, we should be able to get you into a property and basically overcome all of the obstacles we just mentioned.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    That's a very different story than several years ago.

Thom Dallman:                  Don't be afraid to ask your buyer's agent to make sure, "Is this a valid sales price in this area?" To do run the comps and stuff to make sure you're making your offer compared to what the market can support and those appraisals can support. So, that's a key aspect to submitting those offers on things that seem a little bit higher priced in the marketplace right now.

Dave Burnett:                    I think we've asked this before, but I want to ask again, with so few homes out there for sale, when it comes to doing comparables, what if there's not a lot of homes in the area? What do they do to get a comparable?

Michelle Guth:                  Well, if it's a rural property, for example, then they have to basically just do a detailed explanation of the fact that there is no ... There are no comparables within a certain timeframe. Again, normally they like to go back 90 days as much as six months. If there is nothing, then they can go out of the scope of what is typical, but they have to have very good detailed arguments and so forth as to how they're justifying value, and the adjustments to value cannot be overly excessive. So, they will allow them to go to a like rural area that's out of the subject, but that in and of itself makes it a little more challenging and it's going to be subject to lot more scrutiny for an appraisal review if you run into that type of a property.

Dave Burnett:                    If you have any questions about financing, if you want to find out if you are qualified ... One of my favorite stories is, Michelle, that you had a gal come in that really didn't think they were eligible or qualified to get a loan, and lo and behold, you got them a loan and they got a home. I love those stories. How do they get ahold of you if they would like to come and just talk to you about this?

Michelle Guth:                  Just give us a call at 853-7878, or you can even visit our website and apply online, which is dmgloans.com.

Dave Burnett:                    Get a game plan in place. What are those pieces, Thom, for a game plan?

Thom Dallman:                  Your prequalification and a good buyer's agent. A buyer's agent that knows how to write those effective contracts that will get accepted and beat out other potential contracts. So, buyer's agent and prequalification through a lender is the two main things that you need to do.

Michelle Guth:                  And some added patience.

Thom Dallman:                  And patience.

Michelle Guth:                  In our market.

Dave Burnett:                    A big ole' batch of patience.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes.

Dave Burnett:                    Well, you know, one of the things, I think, and I know, and I can give personal testimony to this, Michelle, with you, is that a company and a group that will communicate with you, and is quick to communicate, is a valuable tool to have. Whether it's the agents at Core Group or at Diversified Mortgage. I know Molly and your crew there, they were real quick that, "We need this, we're going to need that," and it kept a slow adult like me up to speed on what I needed to do. So that is very crucial to have.

Michelle Guth:                  Yeah, absolutely. It's also crucial for the lender and the agent to be available too on weekends, evenings. We know that's when they're typically going to be out shopping, so we try to make ourselves available to our clients after hours as well, because we know that stuff's moving fast. They're not going to be able to wait for us until Monday morning. So we're there to help them evenings and weekends as well.

Dave Burnett:                    Your phone number again?

Michelle Guth:                  853-7878.

Dave Burnett:                    We'll continue on the other side. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. She is Michelle Guth, he's Thom Dallman, I'm Dave Burnett on 580 KIDO on FM 107.5.



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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz I'm Dave Burnett along with Thom Dallman, who is the co-owner and designated broker of Core Group Realty.

                                                Coregrouprealty.com that's the website for you to go to for all things real estate. Tom, we've mentioned here before that this show is not about selling homes, selling homes is good.

Thom Dallman:                  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dave Burnett:                    Good for Core Group, good for business.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep.

Dave Burnett:                    But it's really about empowering the purchaser or the seller of the home with more knowledge because with that knowledge comes power.

Thom Dallman:                  We love sharing knowledge here.

Dave Burnett:                    And one of those things that you get chance to do off and on is to share some of the numbers of statistics of what's going on here in the valley with real estate and you've-

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, we always talk about the inventory and we talk about the home prices and stuff like that and how they've fluctuated so I always love once a month to be able to share actual numbers to actually interpret what they mean and so forth. That part of the education of the real estate market is important and watching these as they trend up and down over the months give us a prediction of where it's going to go, what it's going to do and how's it's going to change so it's always super important to know from month to month what the changes look like.

Dave Burnett:                    I'm not in the real estate market right now to buy or sell but I'm kind of comparing my home to see where it falls in the category.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Just for fun there. These are June numbers?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. So just starting off with some June numbers. Our Boise Regional Realtors Association releases every month the statistics and numbers so we can take those and interpret them and share what they mean. Starting out with Ada County on just the basic median sale price. Once again as we've talked about the sales price just keeps going up and up and up. So, from May to June, we went up from $264,000 as the median sales price up to $273,950.

Dave Burnett:                    So, about a $10,000 jump.

Thom Dallman:                  A big jump in median sales price. So once again, this is indicative of the inventory and lack of.

Dave Burnett:                    So, supply and demand.

Thom Dallman:                  Supply and demand, yep. There's still the same amount of demand but the supply continues to dwindle as people continue to not want to list their homes or get their homes on the market. In Ada County, they've actually reported that we're down to 1.7 months supply from the two month we were in, in May.

Dave Burnett:                    So, if no other houses came to real estate agencies in 1.7 months we'd be out of homes?

Thom Dallman:                  We'd be out of homes in less than two months. We'd be out of homes to sell. An interesting little caveat to that, because they actually went a little bit further for us and broke it down by price point for us, and it shows everything that's in that 160 or less: .8 month supply. So less than a month we'd be out. 160-199 is at .6 month supply. That is the one area that has the worst amount of inventory. There's just nothing. It's really super difficult to find anything to sell in that 160-199 price point.

Dave Burnett:                    So for example, earlier in the show we were talking about a property in Emmett that's at $86,000 something like that, that's not going to be on the market long.

Thom Dallman:                  Nope.

Dave Burnett:                    It's not going to be there long.

Thom Dallman:                  It's not, there's just not a lot out there under that price point. And then just continuing to that 200-250 price point, that's at .7 month supply in Ada County. So you can see the real issue out there of inventory. Especially in those lower price points, there's just not a lot available. Luckily in the new construction there's more opportunities there. So once again when we look at the numbers and look at the new construction numbers, that continues to rise. People are being pushed towards new construction because that's all that's available. Luckily there is inventory in that 160-199 right now for new construction so that's tending to be the option for a lot of people in the Ada County.

Dave Burnett:                    But I will pause right here and again state how important it is with inventory this low that you get yourself a real estate agent, somebody who is a go-getter. Somebody who isn't just haphazardly in this, they're kind of half heartedly like yeah, we'll go look at some homes when we get a chance. You need somebody who understands it, who gets it, who's on top of it, who's up early in the morning and looking at the listings.

Thom Dallman:                  Looking at the hot sheets to see what's happening, what's new that's on the market, what's coming on board so-

Dave Burnett:                    So you call core group 933-7777 say "I need me a go getter" and we'll get you hooked up.

Thom Dallman:                  We'll do it. So kind of another interesting aspect to the home sales, I took the liberty personally because I was kind of curious, because these numbers also include duplexes all that kind of stuff are in these numbers so I just wanted to look purely at single family residences for the sales. And I actually looked at the first half of the year compared to the first half of last year and we're actually down in sales, surprisingly enough. Because of the lack of inventory and the difficulty of finding homes. We're about 2.5% lower than we were last year the first half of the year. So for all the home sales from January through the end of June, we were at 5,084 last year whereas this year we're at 4,954 so about 23 of that was new construction last year and this year it's up to 25% of that being new construction.

Dave Burnett:                    I guess another way of looking at this if you can't wrap your head around this, this would be like going to the grocery store and half the shelves are empty.

Thom Dallman:                  Mm-hmm (affirmative), exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    There's just nothing to buy. So that's kind of what it is in the real estate world. It would be like going to WinCo and half of the shelves are empty.

Thom Dallman:                  Or yeah, going to WinCo and there's three other people trying to buy a bag of sugar and there's one bag of sugar on the shelf.

Dave Burnett:                    Highest bidder wins.

Thom Dallman:                  Right?

Dave Burnett:                    And if you own that bag of sugar, that's a good deal.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    That's good for the person who owns the sugar so something to think about and again, get a good negotiator. Get somebody who's out there finding that bag of sugar for you right away.

                                                Somebody asked me last week, we were talking about the valley and what's going on in the valley and maybe you being in real estate with Core Group, you can answer this. Where is everyone coming from? There are people buying homes like crazy, are they moving in the area? Are they moving out of mom and dad's basement? Where are they coming from?

Thom Dallman:                  We get a really good mix of a little bit of everything. Yes, it's some people that are moving out of mom and dad's, married couples, downsizers, people who are trying to get into smaller places and retirement and stuff.

Dave Burnett:                    See a downsizer, if you're downsizing, you're selling your other one.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    I've got a neighbor who's selling his house to buy one so that makes his house-

Thom Dallman:                  Well once again those downsizers are usually those people in the higher price points who are going into the lower price points so that's why the lower price points have such a lack of inventory. Because you know, the higher price points have an option. But what we're really kind of seeing is a lot of people who are selling in California to be perfectly honest. A lot of people who are you know, reinvesting their money from California up here for various reasons, whether they're just relocating to bring their kids up here, whether they're looking to invest.

Dave Burnett:                    Let's be honest, if you lived in California you'd want out too.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    It's funny. You run into somebody and say where you from, they'll go, California. Did you say California? I don't blame you, I don't blame you. I would want to move too.

Thom Dallman:                  It would seem like about 40% of the people that are relocating, are relocating from California. And then we have a good influx of people coming from Alaska as well and people coming over from Washington, from the Seattle area because the cost of living has gone up quite a bit drastically in Seattle as well.

                                                But yeah, we get a mix from a little bit of everywhere. Just recently we were talking with some clients that have a place in California but they also have a place in London so they consider themselves more of European than Californian. They're just looking for that great investment in up and coming communities.

Dave Burnett:                    And Boise keeps making those lists. I think I saw one this week where I think we're in the top 10 for least stressed cities in America.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, right? Well it was kind of the reverse of that, I think it was actually we're in the bottom of the list of stressed cities-

Dave Burnett:                    Stressed yes, which means we're not stressed.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah which means we're not stressed so I thought it was an interesting report to look at.

Dave Burnett:                    Unless you're looking to buy a home, then there's a little stress.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah and some of the categories they had on that list too, I think it was family stress, health stress, it's easier to get healthcare here than a lot of places and stuff like that so yeah it was an interesting list to review and see.

Dave Burnett:                    Quality of life, very good here.

Thom Dallman:                  Quality of life is great here. We continue to be at the top of the list for most affordable, most what was the one before that just came out the most well planned out growth or something like that.

Dave Burnett:                    That seems crazy.

Thom Dallman:                  Right? But no, when it comes down to the growth of the city they're saying that Boise and actually Napa rated up a little higher than Boise in that list of the most well planned out communities that are ready for growth or-

Dave Burnett:                    Well Boise's got issues in just size and where it's blocked in by the foothills, blocked, you know, you've got the desert you can expand to but then you're blocked in by Meridian so in all honesty, for Mayor Bieter, City of Boise has some challenges just because of the physical limitations that are there.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, and that's why like we've talked about, out South Cole there's big developments going out that way, there's some big developments going on out towards Micron, Avimor is continuing to grow out there passed the Shadow Valley Golf Course and stuff so-

Dave Burnett:                    And traditionally what happens when a city reaches that point you start seeing it go up as well as out.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    I think that probably we'll see more of that in the future.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, yep.

Dave Burnett:    Going to take a quick a break in the program, come back and we have more for you. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, he is Thom Dallman with Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com, 933-7777. We'll continue on the other side here on 580 KIDO on FM 107.5.


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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, I'm Dave Burnett. He is Tom Dallman the co-owner and designated broker of Core Group Realty, coregroupreality.com that is a website for you to go to, you can call 933-7777, a customer service agent will be standing by. You know last week a big event, something that you really believe in, in a group, that is The Human Society-

Thom Dallman:                  So passionate about this and so happy that ... way that this turned out and yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    You decided to have a dog and cat food drive-

Thom Dallman:                  Yup.

Dave Burnett:                    Because one of the expenses The Humane Society comes into is just feeding all of these animals.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. Yeah. Well and the interesting part is not only feeding the animals that they have there, and they have to do restricted diets for them, but they have a pantry that's available for lower income individuals or elderly people who just are not able to keep up with buying food for their animals and stuff, so they have a pantry that people can apply for and go get food to feed their pets with-

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  So, that's what this big pet food drive was for, was to really bring awareness about the pantry and the good that that pantry does in the community. You know they partnered with Meals on Wheels so the elderly people and the handicapped people and so forth that are serviced through Meals on Wheels can also opt for food to be delivered for their animals through the Meals on Wheels program, through The Humane Society pantry, so-

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah sometimes we forget, I mean, if somebody's on a fixed income, if they're older or if they're you know special needs, the money just isn't there now-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    The love and affection they get out of a pet and the companionship is so huge but to be able to feed some of those animals sometimes it strains the budget so it's great cause.

Thom Dallman:                  It can. It can, so yeah, little things that we take for granted sometimes are, you know, are things that people struggle with so to be able to have that option to be able to go get this and still keep your pet and still keep your pet happy and safe and everything so, yeah it was a, you know, we have this big belief that a pet makes a house a home and that's our, they're our big drive and our big push for awareness that The Humane Society has all these animals, all the time. Rescues from all over the world, or all over the U.S. that they bring in and try to find homes for and stuff so you know gettin' those animals adopted are a key priority, which I'm happy to report one dog did get adopted during our event on Friday.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice. You didn't adopt it did you?

Thom Dallman:                  I did not.

Dave Burnett:                    No.

Thom Dallman:                  I very causally browsed through the animal selection but I was able to restrain myself.

Dave Burnett:                    Yes, you have two already, so ...

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, Exactly. But yeah, no it was great because we had numerous people coming through and checking out the animals, The Humane Society actually has a mobile adoption unit that they parked out front for a couple of hours so people could do that, could go through and see the animals and they brought some cats and some dogs and everybody oohed and aahed over it and stuff so. We also had some vendors come and set up booths so they could kind of share their wares as well so I wanted to do a kind of do a shout-out to those, those companies, Bark n' Purr, which is a healthy pet essentials company was here, as well as, Rest Assured, which is kind of a pet-sitting, house-sitting, dog-walking home boarding company and then Camp Bow Wow was here as well as so-

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  They're kind of similar as Rest Assured, they kind of do a little bit of everything, including grooming, walking ... dog-walking, house-sitting and stuff like that, so. Diversified Mortgage, Michelle Guth, was here with Diversified Mortgage just to answer any questions that did happen to come up on lending side of things and then our, one of our dear vendors Michael from Blind Appeal was here too, to talk about you know just blinds, blind safety. They actually have a policy that if a pet does damage blinds they will, depending on if they've purchased them through them or not, will help get them replaced and stuff like that so they've got some guarantees on that front so it was nice to have those vendors participate in the event as well. And to round things up we actually were able to raise 761.5 pounds of pet food.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice.

Thom Dallman:                  Various dog, cat, food so we kept tract, track throughout the day and then Core Group did match as well, so at the end of the day we ended up with 761.5 pounds of animal food for The Humane Society that we loaded into a U-Haul, took over and dropped off on Friday afternoon, so-

Dave Burnett:                    You know I am, I am so appreciative to you for helping to spearhead this. I am, the older I get, can I get on my soapbox?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, go ahead.

Dave Burnett:                    The older I get, the more I feel we need to take care of each other.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, I agree.

Dave Burnett:                    We so often turn to the government as a first option, it should be the last option.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    The first option should be, us taking care of whether, it's you know somebody's who's in need an elderly person or a handicap or a shut-in, it should be us taking care of them. The government should be the last option.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    We should learn to take care of each other, so, tip of the hat to you Tom Dallman-

Thom Dallman:                  Thank you.

Dave Burnett:                    For spearheading this and helping to make some people who did not know about the pantry, make them aware of it and to get on that-

Thom Dallman:                  Thank you.

Dave Burnett:                    'Cause I, I really do believe we need to take care of each other, that's something that's kinda getting missing in our world.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. And I think that the charity aspect of what we do is huge in giving back to our community, is so super important, without our communities we don't have businesses to thrive with and so forth so I'm a big advocate and a big believer in giving back to the communities. We've talked about that in the past about you know Rake Boise, Paint Boise, you know we do our Core Gives Back every Christmas time and stuff like that, so to me, that is a huge part of just being involved in the community and being out there for the community to help give back to it and support those people, so-

Dave Burnett:                    Well we were talking earlier about what a great community it is, so it is so important that we're involved in that community and helping to make it a great community so-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    So that's a great thing, gonna do it every year?

Thom Dallman:                  Gonna do it every year, that's my intention-

Dave Burnett:                    All right.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah so, just, on a little side note, we did also raise $630 too.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice. Hey ...

Thom Dallman:                  In monetary donations 'cause it's not just about the pantry it's also about you know The Humane Society is nonprofit so they need all the support that they can get and all the help that they can in building these homes, gettin' these animals into homes and stuff, so-

Dave Burnett:                    Another Humane Society will do if you are adopting a pet, they're very good on helping you make that transition with your pet, if you are buying a new home-

Thom Dallman:                  Uh-huh. Giving you advice.

Dave Burnett:                    You're moving into that home they'll give you some advice, a little counseling on how to make that pet fit in, not feel panicked, not feel stressed but to really become a part of the family.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Exactly. And if you listen to some of our past shows on coregroupreality.com on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz you'll get some tid bits of advice from us as well.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, so just to, they're a great resource, you can go to the website to check out some of the past shows that we've had, folks from The Humane Society in here talking about you know how to do that as well so-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Yeah, idahohumanesociety.org or go visit them at their 4775 Dorman street location. I know they broke ground recently on a new facility so, they're gonna be able to locate or relocate and have more space for more animals so they're looking forward to that.

Dave Burnett:                    And not too late to donate, if you wanna stop out there, Humane Society they'll take your donations anytime, so-

Thom Dallman:                  Swing by anytime, yeah, they're more than happy to and I think that there was quite a few people that came through that couldn't quite adopt at that time but were making plans to get out there and adopt here in the next couple weeks so, as they got settled into homes and stuff so, think it's a great cause and I'm really excited that for the turnout and for the community that participated in it, for the vendors that participated and shared information and stuff, so really super happy and proud of everything and all my administrative partners and my agents that participated as well, just so thankful.

Dave Burnett:                    Nice. And I know our sister station, WOW Country, they were out here Rick and Carly, came out-

Thom Dallman:                  Yup, Rick and Carly were out here broadcasting live so, yeah it was nice to have them as part of the family as well, participating as well-

Dave Burnett:                    Good people. Very good people, so-

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, they really are.

Dave Burnett:                    Good times. So if you missed it, it'll happen again next year and you can save up and kinda stock pile a little bit of pet food and bring it all in and stock pile it and-

Thom Dallman:                  The one thing we're gonna do next year is we're gonna do it in June instead of July.

Dave Burnett:                    A little bit hot?

Thom Dallman:                  It was a little bit warm.

Dave Burnett:    Very good. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, we gather together each and every Saturday at two o'clock to do this along with Michelle Guth from Diversified Mortgage and Tom Dallman here it at Core Group Reality, we appreciate you listening in. If you have any questions at all you can always call 933-7777 or go to the website coregroupreality.com that is a website for you and we'll do it again next Saturday here on 580 KIDO and FM 107.5.


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