As summer teeters on the edge of its last week, the season of colorful leaves and dropping temperatures is right around the corner – which means seasonal home maintenance is, too. Here are some preparation tips to help both you and your home get ready for fall.


  • Windows and doors

Drafts aren’t fun! It’s a good idea to check for any air leaks in the seals of windows and edges of doors before it gets too cold. Hold a candle or stick of incense near the potential draft; if smoke or flame begins wobbling, you know you’ve got an unnecessary space that might let in some chilly air soon. Repair caulking or replace seals if necessary.

  • Roofs

Before heaps of falling leaves clutter your rooftop, check for broken, missing, or loose shingles. Replace any damaged shingles so your insulation is sound and the roof stays leak-free.

  • Home safety devices

Test out fire alarms, carbon monoxide devices, humidifiers, and power outage generators to make sure they’re all working well. Now would be a great time to change batteries in smoke detectors, clean filters in humidifiers, and add fuel to the generator if needed. 


  • Gutters

Gutters can clog up pretty quickly in the fall and winter months. It’s important to start the season by clearing them of debris. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself, cleaning gutters now can prevent rainwater and leaves from causing gutter blockage later.

  • Fireplace

You’re about to use that fireplace more often. Whether you have a wood stove, pellet stove, or any other kind of fireplace, sweeping the stove and chimney of soot will keep fires running smoothly when you need a little extra heat. 

  • Hoses and sprinklers

Don’t let water freeze up inside your hoses! Drain garden hoses and store them in a dry place, like the garage or shed. Sprinklers and irrigation systems may need to be drained as well.

It might seem like a bit of a nuisance now, but these seasonal maintenance tips could prevent costly emergency repairs for the future. Remember, preventative measures always increase your home’s value, in addition to keeping you and your family safe.

We at Core Group wish you an enjoyable new season filled with changing colors, hot drinks, and, as always, a safe and beautiful home.


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