As wildfires in Montana and eastern Oregon persist, a thick haze has settled over the Treasure Valley. Here are three safety reminders to make riding out the smoke a little bit easier.

board game.jpg
  1. Limit outdoor activities.

    Until the smoke clears, make sure to drive instead of walk. Exercise in an indoor gym and find fun family activities to do inside. Now’s the perfect time to make crafts, watch family movies, and pull out the old board games!

2. Keep indoor air as clean as possible.

When the inside of your home becomes one of your only safe havens from the smoke, you want to make sure indoor air doesn’t become polluted too. For now, limit vacuuming and dusting, which stir up particles in the house. Don’t open windows, and try not to light candles or turn on gas stoves.


3. Look out for each other.

Here in the Treasure Valley, we value community. Remember to check up on your neighbor and encourage those around you to stay inside until the smoke clears. Remind those with asthma or another lung condition to bring an inhaler or prescribed medication with them at all times.


Core Group Realty is very thankful for and grateful to the firefighters working tirelessly around the clock throughout the North West right now. 


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