I’ll be the first to admit, I did not get my mother’s green thumb. She always brings me bright beautiful flowers, and within a couple weeks, end up being withered and brown. I compiled a list with some hard to kill plants for people with that not so green thumb.

Jade- This succulent stores water (thank you), and all you have to do is plant and water… occasionally



Aloe Vera- Not only does this have health benefits, but it was made for people like us. You are actually supposed to let the soil dry before watering again!



Snake Plant-  This baby lives by being ignored. Put it in a pot, and don’t worry about reminders. Just give it some water in a couple weeks.



English Ivy-  Ever tried to kill a plant? This one won’t let you. Sometimes it takes over if planted outside.



Bamboo- While they thrive in a warm and humid climate, there are species that can handle Idaho. While I must admit I have killed a baby bamboo plant before if you plant them outside they are capable of getting up to 30 feet tall!  



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