So many people here in the great state of Idaho are outdoorsy, so it can be really hard to spend so much time indoors when the weather makes it impossible to play outside. When you have some little ones to entertain, the typical books, board games, and coloring books only get you so far. So, below we have compiled a list of some creative activities to help keep the cabin fever at bay.

1.       Build a Cardboard Play House. You can get a large refrigerator box from local builder or furniture store, they are often happy to get rid of them. Tape one end shut and help your child cut a door and windows. They can make decorations inside and out of things from your recycling like toilet paper rolls or bottle caps.

marshmallow structure.jpg

2.       Make marshmallow shapes and structures. Use dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows to build anything. If you child is young, build some simple shapes to help them learn shapes. If your child or children are older, you can have them make cubes, houses, windmills or anything else they can think of.

3.       Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Hide clues around the house for a hunt, it will keep them busy solving riddles and working together. You can even leave a little treasure chest at the end with a couple treats for an extra special surprise.


4.       Make Homemade Play Dough. Homemade play dough always smells so much better and the kids will have fun making it AND playing with it.

5.       Sumo Wrestle. Clear out some room in the living room and lay out some pillows over corners or anything too hard. Let them wear an old t-shirt of yours and stuff it with pillows. You know what comes next, stay close by and try to be a fair referee.  

6.       Make a Mini Race Track. Use a pool noodle, cut it in half lengthwise, so you have two racetracks. Set them up on the stairs or against a chair or the couch. The kids can race marbles or small toy cars.

cozy reading nook.jpg

7.       Make a Reading Nook. Check out a ton of books from your local library. When you get home, find the coziest and comfiest nook in the house and add a bunch of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. Then you get to join in on this fun reading marathon.


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