Join us today for a recap of 2017 real estate, discussion about real estate misconceptions and how to make some new year resolutions for your home! We also have one of our preferred vendors, Joel Barber of Spectrum Services here to share with you what his company can offer you whether you currently rent, own a home or are in the process of buying or selling. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. coregrouprealty.com is the website. 208-933-7777, that would be the phone number for you to call if you want to talk to anyone at Core Group Realty about whatever's on this show, about some of the listing, about real estate in general. They are there to answer those questions. Thom, here we go.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, here we go.

Dave Burnett:                    The last weekend.

Thom Dallman:                  Can you believe it's the last weekend of the year already? This year has gone by so quickly.

Dave Burnett:                    You know, we were talking just before the show today about some of the things that have taken place in 2017.

Thom Dallman:                  It's been a crazy 2017.

Dave Burnett:                    It was a lot of stuff.

Thom Dallman:                  Well, yeah. Look at the winter. We survived snow-pocalypse.

Dave Burnett:                    We did.

Thom Dallman:                  The beginning of this year.

Dave Burnett:                    It's affecting all of us still because everybody keeps looking at the snow outside going, "Is it gonna get worse?"

Thom Dallman:                  "Is it gonna get better?" Yeah. That was interesting, too, because I had never really heard the concept of ice dams very often until this last snow-pocalypse, and so it became very popular term this year.

Dave Burnett:                    I don't know how many people owned roof rakes around this area, but now everybody's got them or are looking for them.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Just in case.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, and it's interesting, too, because that affected real estate a little bit in the fact that I've had a lot of clients who are doing new construction ads. What kind of prevention are they putting in for ice dams in the gutters and protecting the house from that. It's been an interesting little switch in the marketplace as far as the concept of ice dams.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. And speaking of new construction, in 2017 we saw existing homes, just the supply at record lows.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, record lows, and we saw new construction went up to about a quarter of the home sales that we did this year, so low inventory and increased home construction was one of the major things that we saw in 2017.

Dave Burnett:                    Would you say that was probably, if you had a number one topic for real estate, that would be it?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. I would say that would probably be it. One of the biggest things have happened is that whole inventory thing. It's been that constant struggle all year long, kind of ranging around that two-month supply as we've mentioned in previous episodes. Home inventory is based off of if there was to be no more homes come on the market, no more home listings, how long would our inventory last. In a healthy, average market, it's around five to six months, and we've all year long have been around that two months worth of supply.

Dave Burnett:                    So, if no new homes came available, somebody would buy that last really bad deal of a home in two months time, and then we'd be done.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep. In February, we'd be out of homes.

Dave Burnett:                    Wow. Which truly is amazing, and when you consider the new construction because there's a lot of new construction, but some of the events of last year made a big difference there. The hurricanes of 2017.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yeah. The hurricanes that struck through the Caribbean and down in Texas and so forth.

Dave Burnett:                    And while we may think that didn't affect us, it did.

Thom Dallman:                  It did, because a lot of our tradesmen-

Dave Burnett:                    If you try to get a contractor.

Thom Dallman:                  ... a lot of our tradesmen went down there to help with the reconstruction of those homes and stuff down there, and so, yeah, our builders were left stranded. Our home building processes usually average about three to five months went to four to seven months because of the lack of tradesmen and so forth.

Dave Burnett:                    And you saw materials go up in price and shortages. Certain materials it's tough to get right now because they're all going down to Texas or to California because of the wildfires that happened in 2017. Those national events, it does affect us here in the Treasure Valley.

Thom Dallman:                  It does affect us locally. Yeah, even just staying on home sales and stuff like that, I ran some numbers this week, just was curious on what our home sales look like now, 2017 vs. back in 2016 or even going back to 2006. We are about where we were, just a little bit more than where we were in 2006. In 2006, we had 16,746 home sales in Ada and Canyon county. In 2016, 10 years later, we had 16,624, so we're shy by, what is that, 80 home sales.

Dave Burnett:                    But we've talked about this in the past. Back in 2006, the way the lending industry was working was if you had a pulse or if you could put some moisture on a mirror-

Thom Dallman:                  You could get a loan.

Dave Burnett:                    ... you could get a loan. Whereas now, they're still a little more stringent on loans.

Thom Dallman:                  They're a little bit more stringent.

Dave Burnett:                    Which is healthier.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. Yep. Which is healthier for the economy and hopefully will prevent us from having any kind of a crash and so forth. Yeah, the loan process right now, while it's still easy to go through the process, it's not that painful if anybody's looking for a home, but they make sure that you do qualify and you do actually have the income availability and stuff and so forth. There's a little bit more regulations 10 years later.

Dave Burnett:                    Core Group's mantra is pre-qualify, pre-qualify, pre-qualify.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep. Get into your lender.

Dave Burnett:                    Get to your lender and make sure that you are qualified. And really a smart idea to find out how much you're eligible for.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. For sure, because the worst thing you can do is go looking at homes hoping that you're gonna get this $300,000 loan only to find out that you qualify for $250,000.

Dave Burnett:                    That $50,000 can make a big difference.

Thom Dallman:                  I can make a difference.

Dave Burnett:                    It really can.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, so 2017 so far we're at 16,922, so a little over 200 home sales more than we were in 2006. It's been a great year for home sales. We talked about on previous episodes as well that for Ada county, we've actually reached over 3,000,000,000 in home sales. The actual cost of homes that are sold in Ada county this year reached over 3,000,000,000 for the first time ever in our history.

Dave Burnett:                    I'm gonna surprise you with a question because we did not prepare for this, but just to your best guess, what was the average price of a home in 2007 as compared to 2017?

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, that's a really good question.

Dave Burnett:                    What's the answer?

Thom Dallman:                  I haven't looked at that.

Dave Burnett:                    Now, what's the average price of a home, about 200 and ...

Thom Dallman:                  We're at around that 260.

Dave Burnett:                    260?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, 260 price range right now.

Dave Burnett:                    I would be willing to bet, I don't know, but I'd be willing to bet it was round $160,000.

Thom Dallman:                  Possibly. Possibly.

Dave Burnett:                    It'd be under 200, I almost would be positive.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. I'll have to pull those numbers and get back to you on that one.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. Told you I'd surprise you.

Thom Dallman:                  It would be a total guess if I was to say right now, because that's 10 years ago. My memory doesn't go back that far.

Dave Burnett:                    [crosstalk 00:07:00] I could make a wrong guess, but here's something that I looked at before. In 2007, the population of Boise proper was just over 200,000. The population today is almost 225,000. In Boise alone. That's not talking the Treasure Valley, which has really grown, but just in Boise proper, we've gone up 25,000 people.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly. We've talked about that, too, that we are double the size in the Treasure Valley from what we were 10 years ago. And they're projecting another increase of [crosstalk 00:07:39].

Dave Burnett:                    For real estate, that is a very healthy sign. If you're trying to sell a home, there are going to be buyers for the foreseeable future.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    If you're trying to buy a home, you better get a good real estate agent, because it's competitive.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, it is. It is super competitive. We constantly are hearing what can we do to make our offer stand out from other offers and stuff like that. Our team of agents are always discussing what are you doing to make yours stand out. You wanna be in there and have the right agent that's gonna know how to negotiate for you and to present the best offer possible for you.

Dave Burnett:                    Some of the other things in 2017 we saw come and go, there was a real hesitancy, I always sensed, going into the elections. People wondering should I buy, should I not buy, should I invest, should I not invest. In November of a year ago, we found out that Donald Trump, to a lot of people's surprise, was our President [crosstalk 00:08:42].

Thom Dallman:                  And he became our President in January.

Dave Burnett:                    Yep. The economy has been roaring ever since.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. It's been an interesting year with him in the Presidency seat, if you will, and some of the changes that have been enacted.

Dave Burnett:                    And the media hasn't liked him at all.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, no. Oh, no. It's a constant battle between the two of them. The media and Trump just like to go at each other.

Dave Burnett:                    They do, and maybe it's his experience of being in the media, whereas other Presidents never were in the media. That's why he's comfortable to go ahead and just do battle with them because that's basically what happens.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    He tells them what he thinks, and he doesn't care. The chips fall where they will.

Thom Dallman:                  And for the first time ever, we have a President that loves to tweet, loves social media, loves to be out there present in front of people whether it's good or bad.

Dave Burnett:                    Whether you like it or now.

Thom Dallman:                  He does it.

Dave Burnett:                    I know donkeys that hate it, and I know elephants that hate it, and I know both sides that love it.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    But I have hunch that that is something you will see every President from here forward doing until the next wave is there. They will use social media that way because they can bypass the traditional medial.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yeah, for sure.

Dave Burnett:                    That's why the traditional media hates it.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You can do that.

Thom Dallman:                  There's a part of me that wonders if that's still a little bit of that hesitancy out there. People just aren't sure what next tweet is gonna be from Trump.

Dave Burnett:                    Will it be a war or will it not? There is that hesitancy that's out there.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    But we can attest to the fact that the stock market has roared to life gaining more this year than I think any year previously. Consumer confidence is extremely high. People feeling that the economy is doing well, and that's good when it comes to home sales.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep. Yep, true.

Dave Burnett:                    Interest rates are still at very low rates, so that's a good thing.

Thom Dallman:                  Some predictions that it may go up this next year, but we can only wait and see.

Dave Burnett:                    It went up a little bit last year.

Thom Dallman:                  They were predicting ... Yeah, it went up, and then it went back down, and it's just has this weird fluctuation this year. My guess is that it's probably gonna do the same this next year.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. Go up a little, back a little, up a little, back a little.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    Two steps forward, one step back.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. It'll be an interesting 2018, that's for sure.

Dave Burnett:                    Yep. For Core Group Realty, 2017 a year of growth for you, a year of learning and expansion.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, yep. We've added on a bunch of great agents and just getting our niche back in the marketplace after I took over. For those that have followed show know that I took over about ... wow, February will be about two years ago that I took over the company.

Dave Burnett:                    Wow, time flies.

Thom Dallman:                  Slowly kind of rebuilding it. Yeah. Making it in my image, if you will.

Dave Burnett:                    And the thing when it comes to that, that is important because we talked about getting a good agent if you're in the market to buy. Not only a good agent, but a company with a solid reputation behind them, because everyone you deal with, whether you're dealing with the loan companies or whether you're dealing with the title companies or whoever you're dealing with, if you have a solid agent and a solid company behind them, it just makes the transition that much easier.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. It makes it so much easier for you. Less headaches for sure.

Dave Burnett:                    Which, 2017, a good year for Core Group ass they've been out there, very active in social media and standard media and in the real estate business. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be back, and we will continue with the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by Core Group Real Estate. Coregrouprealty.com, that is the website to go to. 208-933-7777. Find out why they say you get more with Core.



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Dave Burnett :                   The is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett, he is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker at Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com that's the website to go to and 208 933 7777, that's the phone number to call in. Thom on that website your preferred list for vendors out there.

Thom Dallman:                  Service providers, we talk about it all the time. Click on the service provider link and you'll see a long list of the people that we have relationships in the industry through the years and we talk about the importance of those relationships and people we trust and that we know that will do a great job and are trustworthy.

Dave Burnett :                   And that is important because if you go to the Yellow Pages.

Thom Dallman:                  Do folks still go to the Yellow Pages?

Dave Burnett :                   Help us along but to just open it up and point and go, I need one of these eeny weeny jelly beany, which one do I pick? That's such a hard thing to do. To be able to Core Group's website and know that it's somebody that you have experience with, just gives you a little more confidence.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly and we actually have one of my favorite people here, Joel Barber from Spectrum Services to chat a little bit about his company and what they've got going on these days. Joel welcome.

Joel Barber:                        What's up guys?

Dave Burnett :                   Spectrum Services, what in the heck is Spectrum Services if somebody doesn't know?

Joel Barber:                        Spectrum Services is the rainbow of services. It originally started out as a painting company. We, actually I should say I, had started the company with the basis of I wanted to offer my customer base a variety of services. About four years in, ended up taking on a partner which happened ironically this year. The middle of this year. We've been able to move forward with the idea of detail workmanship for our customers. Everything from cleaning to window cleaning to move out cleans and also we've added painting, obviously that was the main service that we offer now.

Dave Burnett :                   Let me touch on this one, the move out cleaning.

Thom Dallman:                  Very important.

Dave Burnett :                   When you move your stuff out of a house sometimes, let's just be honest, sometimes it's really disgusting the mess you leave behind. Honestly.

Joel Barber:                        If we're going to be honest.

Dave Burnett :                   Living in that squalor.

Joel Barber:                        That is one of the biggest myths that people have when they buy a house, they think that they're going to move into this house that's pristine and clean. And a lot of resale, a lot of sellers that move out of their homes, they leave them pretty dirty.

Dave Burnett :                   But it's something your company will come in and do is you will take the house, I've moved my stuff out of there. You'll come in and make it spic and span?

Joel Barber:                        Yeah, you move a book, you see dust rings around it, right?

Dave Burnett :                   Well yeah. Honestly some of the stuff, you move your stove, it's like, oh, that's where that was, okay.

Joel Barber:                        What happened there? Our focus is to ironically remove the grease and the grime and make it so that when someone moves into that house, it makes it very comfortable. They can smell everything that has happened inside of that home. That ups the resale value when they come in and they can see it, they can smell it and it offers that quality to them.

Dave Burnett :                   One of the things that to me really stands out and that's we actually got rid of most of ours in our house though but carpets. A carpet can be such a rag though.

Joel Barber:                        It soaks up everything.

Dave Burnett :                   It soaks up everything but you specialize in and are working on some new things for carpet cleaning?

Joel Barber:                        Yeah, absolutely. One of the things that we had set out to do was again, offer a spectrum of services. We set out with this mission that to offer carpet cleaning as well. That was a determination of ours obviously a bigger cost for the company but longevity is obviously key to any company and offering those services is part of that. Now we're able to proudly say that we offer carpet extraction as well.

Dave Burnett :                   In 2017, moving to 2018 now, things have changed so much in that industry. There was time where they, you'd come in just hose it down with whatever kind of detergent. There's a lot of alternatives that you're offering.

Joel Barber:                        Yes absolutely. One of the things that we're trying to do is get away from the harsher chemical side of life. We want to be able to offer a broad range of products that can ideally remove the grease and the grime and the germs from the house and a lot of products now we're using specifically we use Awesome which is a very cheap product but it does a wonderful job on removing the grease and the grime and environmentally friendly and also Simple Green for our carpet use. Which removes heavy traffic stains and whatnot.

Dave Burnett :                   Without using harsh chemicals.

Joel Barber:                        Exactly, yes. Which I beneficial to everybody.

Dave Burnett :                   To your employees, to the people whose home it is. It's a win win.

Joel Barber:                        Absolutely. Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   When did things start changing? Because there was a time where people, companies that would say, "We're just going to go clean it. We don't really care. We're just going to make sure it's clean." Doesn't matter what the cost but that mentally, mindset is changing.

Joel Barber:                        Absolutely. For so many companies that have been around for a really long time, you have to stay on top of products that are being used. Because it's just one of those things that we, every company is different obviously because some go into hospitals, some clean residential areas, some clean office buildings. In each area we have to determine what products are going to be used and actually that is one of our mission statements that we make sure that the products we're using are environmentally sound, not only for our employees, the longevity of our employees but also for our customers. That's what makes a company stand out the most.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, a company that cares. That's awesome.

Dave Burnett :                   By the way, you can find Spectrum listed at coregrouprealty.com and it doesn't have to be move out obviously does it? If I want my home cleaned you'll come in to do that.

Joel Barber:                        Absolutely. We do offer weekly, biweekly and monthly cleans as well.

Dave Burnett :                   Oh you do.

Joel Barber:                        Yes we do. We also offer window cleaning. That's one of our specialties as well.

Dave Burnett :                   That's because window cleaning is awful.

Joel Barber:                        It really is.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes it is.

Joel Barber:                        Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   I hate to be honest but it's just awful.

Joel Barber:                        It is.

Dave Burnett :                   To stay on top of it. It truly is, it ranks right there with cleaning the bathroom. It's hard to stop on top of those. To be able to hire that out.

Joel Barber:                        Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   My wife's going to want your phone number. Simple as that.

Thom Dallman:                  Do you guys have any secrets to cleaning windows in the wintertime?

Joel Barber:                        That is the million dollar question. That's is always changing. Generally speaking we add the alcohol, the ethanol to the water. Heavier soaps. Generally speaking we use Dawn soap to the water. Just plain hot water. That is really, really key. And a good squeegee to making sure that that ...

Dave Burnett :                   Hot water's a secret to that?

Thom Dallman:                  I guess so.

Joel Barber:                        Who would've thought.

Dave Burnett :                   Tell me little bit when Spectrum started five, six years ago, did you foresee yourself advancing and changing? What made you decide to change directions to expand the company?

Joel Barber:                        Absolutely I envisioned this. I'm an entrepreneur by heart. I'm always looking ahead. I'm always foreseeing future events so to speak. I went to college for entrepreneurship and business so I had this idea, this vision of what I wanted to create. As an entrepreneur, as a businessperson, you have to look ahead. You have to see what's forecasted business wise especially in your industry. That's extremely important. For me, creating Spectrum Services, it was ideal that I stay on top of what is happening in our industry and how to change that. We wanted to revolutionize this idea that oh, a cleaning service, that's for maids. We did get that a few times. Oh, we thought it was for maids. No, this is something that we offer. We started out with new construction ironically and one of our customers, we're celebrating our five year anniversary with them, shows longevity on our part. When we started out with new construction cleaning, eventually I wanted to be able to broaden off into consistent cleaning. We moved over to the property management aspect of things and then it started to branch off into brokerages, realty companies and so forth and so on. That's really helped us.

Thom Dallman:                  Kind of grew from there. That's awesome.

Dave Burnett :                   That growth over five years, are you surprised where you've grown in five years? Or did you foresee this?

Joel Barber:                        I foresaw it, I really did. At one point it was about, or I should say last year about this time I was sitting there looking out the window at the snow and I saw stagnicity. I basically thought, you know what? I really need to change what is happening because I saw things slowly leveling out. And I thought, you know what? I need to make things broaden out all over again so to speak. What I ended up doing is about the middle of this year, I took on a partner, I found someone like minded who has a bigger OCD than I do. Which is fantastic because you want someone to take pride in the business and the work that is being created. I found someone that has a very beautiful mind when it comes to this idea of cleaning and detail workmanship. Bobby Creer. We joined teams, I remember sitting in the backyard and we started discussing ideas and a goal, a plan as far as where we were headed. Longevity of Spectrum Services. He was able to come in and we were able to work together and he really took it to a whole new level as far as the direction that we were truly headed. Off of this we've been very excited to see that jump in growth from the middle of this year to this point and we basically smashed our goals in a matter of four months because we've taken it to that next level which that's what I wanted to do.

Thom Dallman:                  Cool.

Dave Burnett :                   A list of items if somebody listening right now. You provide carpet cleaning, home cleaning for whether you're living there or whether you've moved out and you're just getting ready to sell. Window cleaning, what else is it you offer?

Joel Barber:                        We do offer like I said, we do offer the painting as well. We know that there's just a broad aspect of cleaning things that need to be done.

Dave Burnett :                   Basically we're talking cleaning, restoration, painting, that kind of thing that if you're thinking about it, consider talking to folks at Spectrum and I assume you give free estimates?

Joel Barber:                        Absolutely. You can send us an email preferably which mine is joel@spectrumidaho.com and my partner's is bobby@spectrumidaho.com. We're currently right now we're having our website built, which is spectrumidaho.com. Soon you'll be able to go there and send us a message and request a free estimate as well.

Dave Burnett :                   You mentioned this just before we started the show, so I want to give plug to this because you don't see it. Everybody goes, nobody's from Boise, everybody's from somewhere else. You're a lifelong Boise resident.

Joel Barber:                        I am. I was born and raised downtown Boise. St. Luke's.

Thom Dallman:                  I love that.

Joel Barber:                        Yeah.

Dave Burnett :                   So yes there are native Boise. We appreciate it. If you did not catch Spectrum's email address, you can find them at coregrouprealty.com, check them out and if you're looking for those services, looking for some bids, I like the idea of I don't need a cleaning service week but if you need it every month or every other month, you can get that set up and get it done and take care of some of those nasty things like windows.

Joel Barber:                        Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   Thank you so much for joining us today. Check that out. Coregrouprealty.com on the service providers there and we'll continue on the other side with Thom Dallman. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, 208 933-7777, that's the phone number to call. Find out why they say, "You get more with Core."




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Dave Burnett:                    This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker of Core Group Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com. That is a website to go to find out all things about Core whether it's this program you want to know about. Whether it's buying or selling a home. Whether it's getting that list of those preferred service providers. You can get it all right there and I just want to say, Happy New Year.

Thom Dallman:                  Well, Happy New Year to you too. It's been a great 2017 and looking forward to an amazing 2018.

Dave Burnett:                    Any New Year's resolutions?

Thom Dallman:                  You know I tend to avoid them.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah I used to always -

Thom Dallman:                  To be perfectly honest, I try to avoid them because by February, March, I've usually forgotten them-

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, what they are.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    I think probably the biggest New Year's resolution is this year I'm going to lose weight.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh yes. Isn't that-

Dave Burnett:                    But you know that could apply to your home as well.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, it can. There was an interesting article that I had read this past week about just how these New Year's resolutions can fit with your home usage and stuff like that. Yeah, just the losing weight. Just talking about the aspect of decluttering your homes, losing some of those knick knacks and things like that and streamlining your house as well as just watching your budget. Things like energy use on your home and doing things that will make your house a little bit more energy efficient. We've talked about in the past the little things that you can do to make sure ... for example, replacing your filters.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, that should be done.

Thom Dallman:                  Replacing your filters should be done.

Dave Burnett:                    Okay. I actually had a son-in-law once say, "There's filters?" Oh, that's not good.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, that's not good at all.

Dave Burnett:                    That's not good at all.

Thom Dallman:                  But that does help cut your energy cost by making sure those filters are replaced. They recommend in the spring/summertime before it gets too hot, crawling into your attic and crawling into your cross space and going along the ducts, the duct work to make sure that there's no leaks. There's no heat coming out. A perfect example is I have this heated garage now because my furnace leaks the heat into my garage.

Dave Burnett:                    Inadvertently.

Thom Dallman:                  Inadvertently.

Dave Burnett:                    You have a heated garage.

Thom Dallman:                  And so yeah that's one of those items that I keep meaning to get fixed but and that's costing me energy.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, because the truth is yeah the money that is going into your garage should be going into your house.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    So the furnace has to run longer to heat the house.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    So it's just simple.

Thom Dallman:                  Just get it ... and if you don't want to do it HVAC there's companies out there that will come in and do that for an inexpensive amount of money to call that stuff. Check your furnace, service it, replace those filters for you and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett:                    I was trying to make a habit and I say try, on the seasons I change my filters. On the first day of spring now will be the next time I change my filters and I'll do that on whatever that is, June 21st.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    I'll change my filters so that way I know four times a year, my filters are getting changed.

Thom Dallman:                  That's a great way to do it. That's a great idea because that's how often you should.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. And that way it's ready to go for summer.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    So that's one thing. That is one thing that I think I do okay. The rest of them, not so much.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    That one I do get. Some of the other things on that resolution list?

Thom Dallman:                  Let's talk about drinking less.

Dave Burnett:                    What?

Thom Dallman:                  How does that apply to your home? Curbing your water use. Looking at different ways of being able to cut your sewer and water costs through the house. Replacing your toilets with those new toilets that have the dual flushing systems in it.

Dave Burnett:                    Yep. One for solids and one for liquids.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    It's kind of simple.

Thom Dallman:                  It doesn't use as much water. You can save according to some of the last stuff that I read I think it can save you anywhere from $100 to $300 a month on your bills depending on your water usage and stuff like that. There's-

Dave Burnett:                    That's one of the number one complaints I hear out of people are new toilets and the fact that they just don't flush well.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    Some day we need to get a plumber in here to talk about that.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, we really do.

Dave Burnett:                    I have a guy saying he was going around garage sales looking for somebody with an old-fashioned toilet to put in his house so that he wouldn't have to have one of the high efficiency ones.

Thom Dallman:                  So that he could get it to flush right. That's interesting.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah. But using less water.

Thom Dallman:                  I have not heard that.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah.

Thom Dallman:                  But I have heard of the low flow shower heads that can use a little bit less water coming out of the shower to help cut some of those costs. Really super cheap and efficient to put in. Anywhere they say from $20 to $150 for one of those low flow shower heads. So once again, drinking less if you will for your home water use.

Dave Burnett:                    For your home. That's for your home.

Thom Dallman:                  And stuff like that, just keeping an eye on your home, the water usage in your bills and making sure your spigots are not dripping water and stuff like that. Always a good idea.

Dave Burnett:                    And it's not the time of year to think about it but your sprinkler system to make sure you're not over watering your yard. Too many people in Idaho over water their yard or they have their own kind of grass.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    You might want to go with a fescue that is more drought resistant, doesn't take as much water. Because that really can, especially if you're in the City of Boise, that can really add up fast.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh it does so quickly.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah, so you sprinkler heads and the kind of grass you have does make a difference.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. Yeah. What about getting fit? How about-

Dave Burnett:                    Oh here we go. Here we go.

Thom Dallman:                  Not just losing weight but getting fit.

Dave Burnett:                    Yeah.

Thom Dallman:                  There's some in this article I read from houselogic.com they talked about some of the calorie-burning things that you can do around the house such as did you know that you could burn 272 calories on average cleaning your gutters?

Dave Burnett:                    I did not know that.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. Climbing up and down the ladders and cleaning gutters you can burn 272 calories on average.

Dave Burnett:                    And I know this time of year you can save a lot of headaches by making sure those gutters are clean when it comes to the ice damps.

Thom Dallman:                  Hopefully you kind of got it taken care of in the fall before the now.

Dave Burnett:                    Before it's all frozen up.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. Mowing the lawn actually burns about 306 calories per hour they say.

Dave Burnett:                    I believe that.

Thom Dallman:                  Unless you are on a hillside then you're going to burn a lot more.

Dave Burnett:                    Torture. Sitting on a riding mower you're not going to burn quite as many.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, that's true.

Dave Burnett:                    No, I believe that's a good workout. 

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    Mowing the lawn is a good workout.

Thom Dallman:                  In general gardening burns about 204 calories an hour. Chopping firewood 340 calories per hour.

Dave Burnett:                    See I think it'd be more than that.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, you would think to because that's a lot of hard work.

Dave Burnett:                    That's a lot of work chopping firewood.

Thom Dallman:                  Not only is that burning calories, but that's like working your arm muscles, your back muscles and all that stuff. Even interior painting. Going in and painting a room, that burns 136 calories per hour. All these little things that you can do around the house, they add up to some calorie burn there.

Dave Burnett:                    Maybe it's a good idea to get a Fitbit and keep track of all.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. And you can share that with the family so all your ... you always ... one of the New Year's resolutions that's pretty popular is spending more time with the family so what's a better way to spend time with the family than getting outside and gardening or doing some home improvements and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett:                    That's be a good one.

Thom Dallman:                  Maybe plant a tree in your yard and help not only spend time with your family but landscaping and then helping the environment. One more tree. 

Dave Burnett:                    Make note in your little notebook there. This spring we need to have somebody come in to talk about gardens.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes.

Dave Burnett:                    And planting a garden and maybe this would be the year you make the New Year's resolution this year, "I'm going to plant a garden."

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah.

Dave Burnett:                    Have somebody come and talk about a garden and how to do maybe raised bed gardens.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. That'd be an interesting topic. It actually came up in this article too talking about just volunteering your time for community. Getting out there whether it's in your neighborhood doing your neighborhood watch program for your neighborhood. Or doing a community garden center. If you have the yard for it, getting out there and doing that yourself and stuff.

Dave Burnett:                    Other things in the article that they talk about? And by the way talking about applying those New Year's resolutions to your home, maybe not necessarily to you but how you can be more involved with your home and making it fit.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Well the last thing that they really kind of talked about, well last two items. One, getting organized. De-cluttering your house. Making sure that you're going through and cleaning up your storage spaces. Reorganizing your storage. Getting rid of that stuff that you haven't used in the last couple of years that you may never use again. Crawling into that space under your stairs and stuff to make sure that you got all your stuff removed and throwing away just the stuff that just you don't use anymore. And then being less stressed just using things that will help you around the house as far as low maintenance. LED light bulbs is one of those. Replacing some of your carpet with wood floors for easier cleaning and vacuuming and less stress on that front. Using some different siding if you have a house that has wood siding. Going out and doing that kind of a remodel replacing it with vinyl siding for less maintenance issues. You just have to throw some water on it to clean off and not have to clean it every other year or so.

                                                Just little things like that they talk about.

Dave Burnett:                    Can we go back to the de-clutter thing real quick?

Thom Dallman:                  Sure, let's talk about it. 

Dave Burnett:                    Something I vowed I am going to do this year. When I went up in the attic and got the Christmas decorations out, I really took a look around.

Thom Dallman:                  How much stuff did you have to wade through to ...

Dave Burnett:                    Well I looked at some of the boxes that have been up there for 10 years. I haven't' touched in 10 years and lord knows up in the heat and the cold of the attic it's probably all ruined anyway. Those are going to go away. Before I put my Christmas decorations away this year, those are going to the dump.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah?

Dave Burnett:                    As simple as that. So that's one of my declutters is to work on my attic a little bit because it's easy to just go, ah just throw that box up there.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah. It's one of those things where you do have to kind of go through those boxes. You don't want to throw too many mementos away but-

Dave Burnett:                    No, it's going.

Thom Dallman:                  On the other side-

Dave Burnett:                    If I haven't seen it, it's gone. I won't miss it.

Thom Dallman:                  There you go.

Dave Burnett:                    That's what my wife said. If you haven't used it in the year, you're not going to miss it. They can go away.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly, exactly. Yeah, I luckily do actually declutter. We keep a pretty clutter-free home so I don't have to worry about that too much.

Dave Burnett:                    I'm going to have you come over and look at my attic. No, you might be horrified.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh my gosh.

Dave Burnett:                    10 year with this stuff up in the attic's got to go.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett:                    But it is-

Thom Dallman:                  The whole point is yeah, just when you're thinking of New Year's resolutions, think of your house too. Think about those little things that can help you out throughout the year and save you a little bit of money and budget your money a little bit wisely and stuff like that. Use some of that budget that you can cut off from different things to maybe do some home improvements.

Dave Burnett:                    That'd be a good thing.

Thom Dallman:                  Improve the value of your home for future resale and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett:                    Very good. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. We'll continue on the other side. Here being brought to you by Core Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com, the website. Find out why they say you get more with Core. 




Seg 4


Dave Burnett :                   This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. I'm Dave Burnett. He's Thom Dallman, the co-owner, designated broker at CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website. 208-933-7777, give him a call today and you can find out about things going on in the show, things going on in real estate. If you're looking for an agent, looking to buy or sell, if you're looking to maybe sit down and have an interview and a conversation, is this is the right time to sell or not? Folks at CORE-

Thom Dallman:                  We're here waiting to help you with those decisions. It's important to be well informed when it comes time to make those decisions, for sure.

Dave Burnett :                   Speaking of being well informed, we've touched on this in the past, talking about different myths when it comes to talking about real estate.

Thom Dallman:                  The lovely myths of real estate.

Dave Burnett :                   Yeah. I think we did talk about the fact that real estate agents work on commission, there's no hourly wage.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, it's one of the biggest ... It's one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that real estate agent is just paid hourly by a broker. That's not true. They are 100% commission, so everything that they do is in the hopes that they'll be able to work with a client and be able to sell them a home and write a contract for 'em, and successfully get it to close. Otherwise, they just don't get paid for their time, so a lot of the people-

Dave Burnett :                   But, of course you do reimburse them for the gas and their mileage, right?

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, heck no. Nope, that's ... they can have some ... they can write 'em off as expenses on their taxes, but they don't get reimbursed for that. That is an out-of-pocket expense for marketing, for gas, for mileage, all that stuff they pay for out-of-pocket. The wear and tear on their cars and stuff like that, that's all on them. Agents are independent contractors that work 100% commission.

Dave Burnett :                   I will say this though, for somebody who is a go getter, is very good at working with people, finding those homes, they can make a very good living.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, yeah. I mean, there's a reason why people gravitate toward real estate sales. Personally, I gravitated towards it and the agents I've collected here at CORE Group all have a passion for helping people. It's the service part of it that they really like and to us, it's the profit and the money will come by the service that we provide to our clients and stuff like that. That's why we got into the industry and why we got into real estate is to help people get into their homes. To help them find that perfect home and to help those home sellers get the best price they can for their house and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett :                   I've never been in real estate, but I would have to think that that is satisfying when you can place a family in a home, see them move in, see how happy they are, that's a satisfying feeling.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh my gosh, that is one of my ... one of my most favorite things about real estate is the happy family and meeting them at the house with the keys after the sale and handing them the keys and watching the excitement as they get those keys and open the door for the first time, owning that home. Yeah.

Dave Burnett :                   Yeah.

Thom Dallman:                  It's their home.

Dave Burnett :                   That is good.

Thom Dallman:                  Yes. Yes. Another misconception is that the agents get 100% of the commission. Most agents, unless their independent brokers work for a brokerage to where they have to pay a certain percentage to the brokerage to work there, to be able to use their name and stuff like that, so that's another misconception out there. Oh, your agents get 100% of the commission. That's not true.

Dave Burnett :                   Yeah, they're jut going to run off to the bank with all that.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Nope, the brokerage takes part of it. There's brokerages that have brokerage fees, there's monthly fees, office fees, things like that.

Dave Burnett :                   Let's say at CORE Group a agent sells a home that's actually ... the home was listed by XYZ real estate company over there, do they have to split that money with them as well, or how does that work?

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, that's another misconception. Buyers think that they have to pay agents, but for all home sales, the commission as already been negotiated with ... into the sellers and the listing agent has negotiated with the sellers a certain part of that commission that will go to the buyer's agent and so, yes and no. The listing agent does share the commission with the buyer's agent that brings the buyers to the table, but that's all be pre-negotiated prior to listing a house.

Dave Burnett :                   So that ... and people in real estate understand how all that works, but that dollar figure, that big chunk, it gets whittled away, whittled away, whittled away.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   But, if you're a good agent, you can make a decent living.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   Let me ask you this, in this day and age, there was a time where you would want to ... let's negotiate and start low. It's a $250,000 home, let's offer 'em $200,000, see what they say. In this day in age, not necessarily good?

Thom Dallman:                  In this day and age, it's just not the ... it's hard ... yeah, it's not a good thing to do because you've heard the term, "seller's market," and it's truly a seller's market with our low inventory and houses selling so quickly, sellers just don't have to go in. They'll reject offers to low and stuff like that. We have several investors that like to come in and make those low ball offers as the ... as it's commonly called in the industry, but that can alienate the seller. That can ... that may make the seller reject it and say, "You know what, I don't even want to negotiate with this person. I don't even care if they send me another offer. I'm not going to negotiate with them," so you have to be weary of that in this day in age.

Dave Burnett :                   And to be respectful.

Thom Dallman:                  And respectful, yes. Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   And I guess, trust your agent too. If the person just out of the park with their offer and the agent says, "They're offering ... they're asking way too much," trust your agent.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, exactly. It's one of those things where people still have that conception that they're like, "We need to go in as low as possible to have that negotiation room," but then they get beat out by other offers and then they're upset and they're like, "Well, wait, we didn't even have a chance to do our highest and best offer." It's like, "Well, you should have probably, maybe done that at the beginning," depending on the situation of the house, so once again, it depends on the situation of the listing, how lone the house as been on the market? Is it brand new on the market? Things like that, so you really want a trusted advisor.

Dave Burnett :                   Three years from now we may be talking a whole different story.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh, yeah. Right?

Dave Burnett :                   But, right now, low inventory not a good thing.

Thom Dallman:                  With the low inventory and everything, it's not a good ... it's not a good idea to go in too low.

Dave Burnett :                   In conclusion of this segment, I just want to say the other one we talked about beforehand is, if Zillow said it, it's gotta be right.

Thom Dallman:                  Oh my gosh.

Dave Burnett :                   Some people, they are just absolutely sold that the website, Zillow is the end all, be all.

Thom Dallman:                  I can't tell you how many times we've had people contact us saying, "Well, Zillow shows this house is for sale right now." Nope, that was for sale a year ago, Zillow just hasn't updated it. "Oh, Zillow says that my house is worth this amount." Has Zillow actually come through your house and actually compared it to the condition of other homes in the area?

Dave Burnett :                   Maybe not.

Thom Dallman:                  Yeah, that's a huge myth and a misconception is that Zillow, with it being so popular and so used worldwide, everybody thinks that Zillow is the albeit, know it all of real estate, but Zillow is a company out of Seattle that ... they don't go into people's homes, they can't see condition, they can't really compare-

Dave Burnett :                   They don't know neighborhoods.

Thom Dallman:                  They don't know neighborhoods, exactly. They can do their quick zestimate, as they call it, but they can sometimes be quite a far aways off from what an actual house is worth in the current market, so that's on conveniences of getting a real estate ... local real estate agent that can really pull up the comps and really compare your house.

Dave Burnett :                   As we always say on this show, and I know, Thom, you agree with this, no matter what you do, whether you use CORE Group Realty or not, make sure you get a qualified agent, a qualified company, not fly by night-

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   And just protect your interests.

Thom Dallman:                  And to end your interview, you want to make sure you have that trusted advisor. I say it all the time.

Dave Burnett :                   It's the biggest investment you'll probably make in your life, so make sure you make a wise choice.

Thom Dallman:                  Exactly.

Dave Burnett :                   All right, very good. Well, we want to wish everyone a happy new year, as we head into 2018. To you Thom and staff here at CORE, happy new year.

Thom Dallman:                  Yep, happy new year to everybody out there.

Dave Burnett :                   It is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by CORE Group Realty. Coregrouprealty.com is the website. 208-933-7777. We do this every Saturday at noon. Find out why they say, "You get more with CORE."


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