With the new year comes resolutions, big and small, tax season and MORE cold weather. The cold winter months are an ideal time for finishing or starting new indoor home projects. Have you considered doing small to large scale renovations in your home this winter? Below are some project ideas that can improve the overall aesthetic and feel of your home drastically. Whether you are looking at it from a perspective of resale or simply for your own enjoyment, these projects will pay off!


Pantry Door

You can make your pantry door a statement piece in your kitchen. If your kitchen consists of neutral tones, consider painting your pantry door with an accent color. You can have a lot of fun with your color choice and you can strategically select decor items throughout the kitchen to tie it all together. 

Depending on your door type, create a chalk board on your door with chalkboard paint. Here you can keep a weekly menu, to-do lists, reminders or fun quotes. 



Replace Light Fixtures

New light fixtures can really improve the look and style of your space. If budget is an issue you can go room by room and if not, do it all at once! Whether you choose a classic or modern look, you can't go wrong with new, updated fixtures. 



Interior Paint

Who wants to be inside painting in the spring and summer when it's warm and beautiful outside? Not many people. That is why this time of the year is the perfect time. You can simply add an accent wall or two, or repaint your entire interior. Maybe you've disliked your wall color since you bought the house or maybe you are just ready for something new, either way, now is the time! 



Mudroom Bench

If you went into any new builds in 2017 it's likely that it had a cute mudroom/laundry room bench unit. A great way to update you laundry space is by adding one of these to an open wall. They are highly functional and add a lot of style to your space. There are a LOT of DIY tutorials online that make it much simpler than you might think. 



Trim and Baseboards

A great way to brighten and modernize your home is with new trim for your windows and doors and new baseboards. Replacing older, wood trim and baseboards with a new more modern cut, or with a fresh coat of white paint will seriously change the look of your home. Consider doing a craftsman style cut for both the trim and baseboards and you will love the result. 




Flooring can change the look of a home instantly. Replacing carpet with hard wood or engineered hardwood will give you a more modern look and feel as well as cut down on allergens in the home. There are SO many flooring varieties now days with price ranges for every budget. You can hire someone or take on the project yourself, again there are countless online resources, guides and tutorials to help you along the way. 


We hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for some 2018 home projects. Check out our list of service providers here on the website for any of your home project or maintenance needs.  Wishing you a happy new year, happy winter and happy projecting! 



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