We have a fun show for you today! Thom dives into our recent brokerage change to Core Group at eXp Realty! Ron from Eagle Home Mortgage is here to share some interesting info on median home prices around the country.

You won’t want to miss Thom’s tips for listing your home when you have pets. Hint: Keep birds and snakes in their enclosures.


Segment 1

Announcer: This is the Idaho real estate buzz with Thom Dallman of Core Group at eXp Realty, CoreGroupRealty.com give a call today 2089337777, find out why they say, "You always get more with Core."

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho real estate buzz being brought to you by Core group at eXp, Thom Dallman who's the associate broker and also one of the I guess co-owners of Core Group at eXp a little addition to the name Core Group.

Thom Dallman: Yes, at eXp Realty, yes that's our new name.

Dave Burnett: We'll explain a bit later-

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: ... in the program what that means…

Thom Dallman: Stay tuned.

Dave Burnett: ... good things happening with the Core Group, Thom of course here, you people are still here I know all the people are still right here-

Thom Dallman: Still, the same people and still a great group of people to work with and help our clients.

Dave Burnett: Excellent. Talking about your clients, we were talking before we started the program today, How successful even in this time where there's a real tight amount of inventory there's competition for those homes out there but how successful just over the past several months Core Group has been?

Thom Dallman: Yeah, we've been very happy to see the amount of listings that have come on the summer, the success stories impart from just the way that the market place is a bit but then with our aggressive marketing and everything that we do for those listings. We've had some really good successes this year, the summer I should say, got home sold.

That's the nice thing, so far we're approximately around 200 homes sold this year to date. A really good number we helped 200 families either sale real estate or empire real estate or what not.

Dave Burnett: That's the thing, when it comes to real estate, for you and the ages here at the Core Group, it's such a personal thing for so many people, some people selling home that they raised their children in, they've grown up in and downsizing, somebody buying a home and it's their first home and the excitement, there's a lot of emotions involved in it.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: People are excited one way or the other whether they are selling or buying people are excited about it.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Yeah, it's ... once again people just couldn't keep talking about it's a scary market, prices are high in but it's really a good time to buy, interest rates are still low. Yeah they are high but they are not high when you look at national averages and stuff like that. It's a great time to buy, people are moving here to buy these homes out of state and stuff because they're expensive out of state-

Dave Burnett: Yeah, exactly.

Thom Dallman: ... and so forth. Yeah, it's a great market.

Dave Burnett: Let's talk a bit about some people that perhaps have come, they've listed their home with Core Group Realty and the results that they got with your agency.

Thom Dallman: Yeah sure. Well let's just dive into a few of our super successful stories here, one of the most successful sales that we had was, my personal listing and not my personal listing but a listing that I took for some friends of mine over on Skylight street in Boise, that we were within ... got offers right away on the house within four days we had negotiated it through several contracts and got an offer basically $12,500 over there asking price.

Dave Burnett: Four days?

Thom Dallman: In four days yeah. We got offers right away, very first day we got a couple offers, we put the house on market on the weekend. We told people we wouldn't look at offers until Monday, we got four offers, I believe it was four offers over the weekends and was able to get one that was $12,000 over asking, I'm sorry $12,500 over asking price.

Dave Burnett: Is that part of the thing in training for you and for your agency at Core Group teaching a little of patient there?-

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: ... now I think if I had a house and it was ... this was ... and somebody offered that, I'd want to say, “Yes sign right now, let's do it, let's get it out of here,” but sometimes is there a feeling you get when you list a home going oh, ”Hang on here?”

Thom Dallman: Yeah, hang on here we are at a really good price point. Well yeah, that comes with the season agent knowing the market place, knowing where that hotspot is right now for price points. We talked about the medium price point and the average price points in the market place, right now it isn't that two sixty to two eighty price point, this was in that ball park the most desirable amount price point for a house right now is in that area.

We knew going in that, it could simply go over asking price and so forth but the caviar being also a season agent will know to keep an eye on the market to make sure that we don't go too far over the asking price-

Dave Burnett: Right.

Thom Dallman: ... because if you go too far over then you have appraisal issues and stuff like that, I did my due diligence on this, we looked at the market place, we knew that it could handle you know there were other comparables out there that showed higher price points as well, we were able to accept the offer and get it appraised at that-

Dave Burnett: We've talked about this in the past, hopeful were are not being repetitive but if the house comes in and you sell it for more than the bank is going to loan you, you've got a problem.

Thom Dallman: I apologize I'll retract that because we did actually appraise a bit under that, appraise kind of in between there but we had negotiated into the contractor that the buyer would pay any difference that's from the appraisal it was more, if the appraisal came in under our asking price was and which was the case it was a little under that, the buyer ended up bringing some extra cash to the table and still purchasing because he wanted that house.

Dave Burnett: That's the hard thing again is, as I mentioned as the seller, “Man let's do this,” it takes somebody the level head to say, “Now hang on, just be patient here for a couple of days,” that's where you're really looking for that in an agent somebody who is ... because let's be honest with the agent, they want a commission on the sale, they want to get this done, to have that season day agent that we'll say, “Let's just hold in here better things will be coming here,” and how important that is-

Thom Dallman: That's interesting that you should make that comment because I've had an interesting couple of week jumping back into the trenches a bit going out and listing appointments, hearing some stories of other agents and other companies and how, let's just say, “Overly aggressive” might be the word to use they are with people. I was able to win over a listing appointment because at the end of the day for me, it's building relationships with our clients.

We are talking to clients all the time about just them, just seeing how they are, what their life story is stuff like that. I was able to go on a listing appointment, chat with this person that told me their life story ... not their life story ... just a little about themselves, I dug and asked questions about kids and stuff like that, at the end of the day I got a phone call saying, “Hey, I want to use you,” I had two other agents come in first one, all he could talk about was getting a ring for his fiancée and how we ... came a cross that he needs this house sale so he can buy a ring for his girlfriend.

Dave Burnett: Congratulations but that's not good motivation.

Thom Dallman: Right. The second one came in, was just throwing paper work at her and saying, “Sign here, you don't need to interview anybody, just sign here,” She's like, “No, I'm not ready to sign.” At the end of the day she picked me because I'm the only who really got to know her a little bit, who cared more about her situation and worrying about the transaction of the house sales.

Make sure if you're that type of person that likes that kind of agent that's great in him but for us it's really trying to build relationships, it's not just a transaction to get done and move on to the next person, it's really trying to be there for them through any transaction down the road in the future, be there to help with any of their questions that they have about their homes and stuff. Anyways I just had to throw that in there-

Dave Burnett: Once you leave-

Thom Dallman: That was a success to me, that was a successfully listing appointment that I went on.

Dave Burnett: Once, you leave the title company it doesn't end there. That's just the beginning of the story, a good real estate agent will help you even after the title company is done. I've done a number of transactions and there's been several of them after the keys that were handed to me never heard from them again, it was interesting. Another-

Thom Dallman: Let's talk about, South Morningwood in Boise, we had a house there listed at $330,000 ended up within the first day getting $342,000 on it, $12,000 over asking price within a day.

Dave Burnett: Wow.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, that was an exciting one as well, really good property that just was super desirable.

Dave Burnett: The agent barely had time to come sit down in the office.

Thom Dallman: Nope, it was like, “Okay, here are the offers, let's go over them.” Then the next closest one to that would be, we sold a house over on Esquire Dr in Boise as well, that one was listed $215,000 and sold for $226,000. So $11,000 over asking price, the offer started rolling in once again listed on Friday, reviewing on Monday and went pending in the fourth day over the offers that had come in.

Crossland Dr in Meridian, we sold that one, that was listed at $335,000 we sold it for $331,000. So, yeah, Crossland, $6000 over asking price. Pawnee and Boise, we had a house there listed at $205,000 sold for $212,000, $7400 over in two days, that one was sold in two days.

Dave Burnett: Let me ask you this, If somebody is out there they are thinking about buying or thinking about selling, these examples you're giving is this something you share ... to me this is a reference.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, these are references.

Dave Burnett: You can seat and tell me all day how good you are but show me what you got.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: That's what this is. If somebody is interested and said, “Okay, what have you done in the past month?” You can share this information?

Thom Dallman: Yeah, we can share the information-

Dave Burnett: Obviously not necessarily the full names and all that but-

Thom Dallman: ... but we can give them the addresses as in kind of let them know what we sold them for and our successes for sure. We'd like to share that stuff not to toot our own horn or pat our own backs but you should ask that, you ask when you're interviewing an agent, tell me about your last few sales, tell me about your successes that's a great interview question. How successful have you been with your last few listings that you've taken?

Dave Burnett: In the last three weeks, What have you done?

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: I think it's fair to ask that. I think it's very fair.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Core Group at eXp Realty that is the name of the company, you can go to coregrouprealty.com, the same website you always had-

Thom Dallman: Same website. Same phone number.

Dave Burnett: ... 208-933-7777, same phone numbers as well.

Thom Dallman: Nothing has really changed except we've added at eXp. I'm excited about that.

Dave Burnett: You've had to change the business card and logo on the building-

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: ... but the same good people, same great quality service and do ask them, “What have you done the last three weeks, we like to know?” It's Core Group at eXp Realty and of course CoreGroupRealty.com bringing you the Idaho real estate buzz along with the folks at Eagle Home Mortgage, speaking of that we'll talk to Ron coming up as we continue on the other side. Find out why they say, "You get more with Core."

Segment 2

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, being brought to you by Core Group at eXp Realty. Thom Dallman the host of this show.

Thom Dallman: There you go.

Dave Burnett: One thing that does not change, and that's the chance we get to talk to the folks at Eagle Home Mortgage. Ron back in again and I love this. We're going to do Random Thoughts with Ron.

Thom Dallman: Whoa.

Ron Wieczorek: I don't know if that benefits anyone. But I like it, so.

Thom Dallman: We could get anything out of this thought process.

Dave Burnett: Well, I guess it's because you do a lot of reading. And you'll click save on something and then think I got to get back to that. Well, it's time to get back to that now.

Ron Wieczorek: Last weekend I got back to a lot of mortgage articles, or loosely related articles I've been meaning to read. And I caught up on them and jotted a bunch of things down that I thought were interesting. That may not be interesting to everyone else, but I'm going to go for it.

Dave Burnett: All right. We'll do it. What's number one on your list there?

Ron Wieczorek: I wanted to ... I was kind of pulling you guys in the break and I was kind of surprised the numbers you guys had going through your mind. Because I was reading the median home prices that are over $1 million.

A median price is right in the middle. So if you have five over a million and five under a million, and that one right in the middle is a million one or whatever, that's where the median lies. So my knee jerk reaction out of 10,000 cities that were in this poll, I would think over a million, to me, would be a very little number.

And I think you guys had a different thought about it. But I was going to kind of bounce it back off you guys. How many cities out of the 10,000 that were surveyed or polled or they derived data from, how many in the United States have a median value over a million?

Dave Burnett: See, my first thought was like about a quarter of them, 25-30%.

Ron Wieczorek: That's a ton. That's 2500 cities.

Thom Dallman: I was thinking more along the lines of probably about that.

Ron Wieczorek: You guys have never been to Kansas apparently.

Thom Dallman: I was thinking more along the lines of probably about that 2000. 2000 of those cities probably, being 20% maybe. Lower?

Ron Wieczorek: Way lower.

Thom Dallman: Lower? Higher?

Ron Wieczorek: And I was surprised when I saw in 2017 it was 164. So I'm going to help Dave out here. In 2018, it was higher. What do you think it was? I'm going to throw you a little lifeline now.

Thom Dallman: Did you say 160?

Ron Wieczorek: 164 cities that had a median home price over a million dollars.

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: Wow.

Dave Burnett: Gosh. 10%.

Ron Wieczorek: 10%'s a thousand. So 197 in 2018. And we're expected 23 more to pop on that list. Our newest member is East Palo Alto in California. That's ...

Dave Burnett: See? The confusing thing on it is if you think California, or if you think New York, that number's going to be high. I mean point to any city in California and a million dollar home is no big deal.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Ron Wieczorek: There's pockets that you're right. In a lot of pockets you're right. And that's most of the homes, most of the cities listed, are in California. Or on a coastal, like Martha's Vineyard. So we get into that Boston area.

Or some islands off the coast of North Carolina or Florida or Georgia. So you have those little niche cities.

Thom Dallman: I'd be curious for them to take that one step further and see how many cities have that median home price in the $950,000 to a million. To see how many are approaching that number.

But you said that there's 23?

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, there's 23 more popping on the list and that's East Palo Alto is our newest member, I think, that's going to be there.

Thom Dallman: That's amazing.

Ron Wieczorek: The biggest one that I saw was Palo Alto, and the median house price. Anyone want to venture a guess for that?

Dave Burnett: In Palo Alto?

Ron Wieczorek: Palo Alto, California.

Dave Burnett: You know what? I'm already struck out three times on this show so I don't know that I get another at bat on this one.

Ron Wieczorek: You do. You have three strikes you're out. I've gotten two so far.

Dave Burnett: Oh. Well, you said they're going to join. So the average price or the?

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, the median price. The right in the middle. Now, East Palo Alto just joined. Palo Alto was on the higher side. That was the highest median price I saw.

Dave Burnett: Oh. It was?

Ron Wieczorek: It beat San Jose, it beat LA, it beat all those.

Dave Burnett: So that was at 40%? Am I swinging and a miss?

Ron Wieczorek: Well, no. I'm saying list the actual price. Like what do you think the median price in Palo Alto is?

Thom Dallman: $1,260,000.

Dave Burnett: I'll say $1,261,000, Bob.

Ron Wieczorek: I'll multiply that by three. It's $3.3 million, the median home in Palo Alto.

Dave Burnett: Wow.

Ron Wieczorek: They make more than I do apparently.

Dave Burnett: Yeah.

Thom Dallman: So I'll throw one out for you guys. Do you know what our, for the Treasure Valley, what the Treasure Valley median home price is right now?

Ron Wieczorek: Treasure Valley or? Are we ... we're not even ...

Thom Dallman: We're going to do the while valley.

Ron Wieczorek: $285,000.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Exactly.

Ron Wieczorek: Exactly?

Thom Dallman: Wow. I'm impressed. Right, $285,000 something is what our median home price is.

Ron Wieczorek: We didn't even talk about that over the break.

Thom Dallman: I'm impressed, Ron. You know your numbers.

Dave Burnett: If I could stop you right now, though, and say if anyone asks, why are people moving from California to Boise, that's one of the reasons why.

Thom Dallman: There's a perfect example right there.

Ron Wieczorek: And that ...

Thom Dallman: Affordability.

Ron Wieczorek: It's a good segue into the thoughts that go through my head with that. Is we have a lot of people that were born and raised in Boise or in the valley, and they see the prices going up at a rate that they believe is alarming.

And then if you really look at ... scan the map, and you thought it was 20% that was over a million even and we're at 285 as being a median price, you start to put in the context what the rest of the nation views as to be a high price now.

We've been low for a while. We hit highs in 2007, 2006, 2007, before the crash. Came back down and now they're up a little bit. Before the crash.

But to put it in perspective to your point, Dave, is the valley's still really inexpensive to get a lot of home. To get a good home. And to be in a great place to live, frankly.

Dave Burnett: See, I've run across people who they said that they came here, they resigned from their job at Silicon Valley. They came here, bought a house. There's one guy in particular that sticks out in my mind.

He bought a house cash and now he manages Taco Bell. And happy as a clam, because all he's got to worry about is a handful of employees and he has not a care in the world.

Ron Wieczorek: I thought maybe he got all the soft tacos he can eat. That would make me pretty happy right now.

Dave Burnett: I don't think he does. But I mean that is why people are moving here.

If you lived here a long time, it seems crazy. But if you move here, it's like a gold mine.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Ron Wieczorek: And just to kind of piggyback off that, I think of this as a good segue to ... I wasn't sure I was going to go, because I have a lot of notes in front of me. But I think I'll go to the first time home buyer and what we're seeing.

They are dominating the buying market. And we've never seen that. And I say that nationally. We haven't seen it where the first home buyer has been the most prevalent buyer.

By percentage, it was over 50% of the people buying homes right now were first time home buyers.

Dave Burnett: Now, could you clarify first time home buyer? Because I know some of the loans they allow you to have owned a home before. So are we talking excluding those or are they in the bunch?

Ron Wieczorek: I feel Dave's going to steal my job at some point, because you know too much about the lending industry for my taste. You need to back down.

Thom Dallman: Either that or just hire him.

Ron Wieczorek: Or just hire him.

Thom Dallman: You just need to hire him.

Ron Wieczorek: First time home buyers are anyone that has never owned a home before, obviously. And then if you haven't owned a home in the past three years, you're considered a first time home buyer. So that's a great point.

And those are included in that first time home buyer. So that's what we talked about before, is we talked about what we call boomerangs.

And so if you let a home go in 2008 when the market crashed and you had a foreclosure, or had a short sale, and had to be in purgatory for a while for lack of a better term and not being able to buy a house, you had to pay the price. Fannie Mae said you had to wait seven years, FHA said at least three years.

And we're seeing a lot of those folks boomerang back into the market. And they're getting tagged as first time home buyers. So yeah, that's a good point.

Dave Burnett: Let me ask you this question as a lender there at Eagle Home Mortgage. When you deal with somebody who's a boomerang buyer, maybe they had a jingle key and had to give the keys back to the bank, are they nervous or are they confident as they come back into the marketplace?

Ron Wieczorek: You know, it's 50/50. I think enough time has passed. And maybe it's less than 50/50 actually. I think if it was maybe a couple months removed, they might be nervous.

Some people did it because it was a financial strain. Some people did it because they just couldn't make the bill. Right? They were drowning, the home was underwater, wages went down, unemployment went up. And they just couldn't do it for them and their family.

Some folks that come into my office to that I talk to did it because it was purely a financial decision. They said my house is worth $100,000, I owe $200,000. I could pay half in rent right now because of the market. I'm just going to let it go.

Dave Burnett: See ya.

Ron Wieczorek: See ya. So in those cases, there's no nerves there. They're saying I made a business decision. And the ones that maybe would've ... were painted in a corner and made a decision based off need, I don't think after a little bit of education and talking and knowing what their current situation looks like ...

Because the barrier to entry is higher now. What I mean by that is we're, the whole industry when I say we're, we are calculating those debt income ratios a little higher. With more scrutiny. So it's harder to get a loan than it was at that point.

So the theory behind that is there's still some boomerangs that can't get back in the market, just because the industry won't approve the loan because they're still not financially stable enough to do so.

Dave Burnett: Yet.

Ron Wieczorek: Yet. So the ones that are coming back are on a firmer foundation and they qualify based off tighter restrictions. So it gives us, the industry, it gives everyone more of a comfort level.

And to talk about the articles that I read, the foreclosure rates are down. They're at 12 year lows right now. And we saw a little spike in delinquencies on mortgage for the first time in over a year, and that was purely ... and when I'm talking delinquencies I'm talking three days, six days late.

And most of that is still a hangover from the hurricanes. So we're still looking at that, we kind of forget about that. And then another piece is the wildfires. The wildfires have put a lot of people out. And it's not a good situation and some of them can't pay or don't know how to pay or they're kind of reevaluating things right now.

Dave Burnett: Trying to figure it out.

Ron Wieczorek: Trying to figure it out. And there's more important things right now than paying the mortgage for the house that they can't even see.

Dave Burnett: Well, Ron, believe it or not, we've already gone through our segment. You can check two of the items off of your ...

Thom Dallman: More random thoughts to come next week.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, that's next week, because that's tip of the iceberg.

Dave Burnett: Let me do this and direct them this way. If you are a first time home buyer, whether you're a boomeranger getting back in the market or you're looking to buy your very first home, Ron, how do they hold of you?

Ron Wieczorek: My cell phone is the best way to get a hold of me and that is area code 208-869-9154.

Dave Burnett: All right. Eagle Home Mortgage, equal opportunity lender. We will return, and of course Eagle Home Mortgage one of the sponsors of this program. Along with Core Group at eXp Realty.

Why don't you do this? Go to CoreGroupRealty.com, find out why they say you get more with Core.

Segment 3

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by the folks at Core Group at Exp Realty and Eagle Home Mortgage. Thom Dallman who's one of the associate brokers and of course always right here posting the show each and every week. 208-933-7777 is the phone number or, as always, CoreGroupRealty.com is the website you can go to. We've alluded to it, we've talked about it, it's in the intro to the show, it's Core Group at eXp Realty. A little dish in the name court group. Talk a little bit about that.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, exactly. So, basically, about two weeks ago, we have partnered our brokerage with eXp Realty. eXp Realty is a up-and-coming real estate brokerage. I don't even know if really could be classified up and coming anymore. They were founded in 2009.

Dave Burnett: That's been around a while.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, that's been around a while. So, in 2009 the founders came together and said, "We need" ... The marketplace is shifting. It's no longer brick-and-mortar. So much stuff is online. So many people are going online to do researches for a home. There's no need for actual, physical space. This is a loose story of ... Interpretation of what happened. So the whole concept, basically, is based around virtual offices, virtual offices to where you can have agents kind of spread throughout and with the eXp name so ... I did, in essence, give up the independent brokerage to join them. So Core Group Realty is no longer considered and independent brokerage, per se, now that we're with eXp, but we're still an independent group. You know, we still function the same way we always have. I'm still the team lead. People come to me with their questions. I'm training my agents. I'm hiring agents that are dedicated to their clients, their professionalism, to being the best that they can in the industry and stuff.

Dave Burnett: Well, I noticed when I walked through the door there was nothing different.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, right.

Dave Burnett: Same great people behind the desk.

Thom Dallman: There will be a sign change soon. We have it on order.

Dave Burnett: And they came in and here we are and so really there's no difference. The phone numbers are the same, the website's the same.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, yeah, so as far as the general public and the consumer, all they really see is the name change. The service that we offer, our commitment to our clients is still there. Nothing changes but what this does afford us and does allow us is have, now, a connection with 12,000 other real estate agents out there. The company has grown since 2009 to include all of the US as well as some places in Canada. They launched in Canada in 2014. So they're ever expanding, growing, and it gets us connected with them. They have what is called eXp World. For those gamers out there, you might kind of like this because it's actually a world created just for eXp agents were you can go, you create an avatar, you go walk around this campus, it's basically an island. You can jump in a boat and ride around if you want. But, in this island is all of their services so there's little gazebos where you go to to talk about tech-support.

Dave Burnett: So this is a learning tool?

Thom Dallman: This is a total learning tool. They have what is called the auditorium on that world where all day long they have ... Every hour there's a new class of some sort going on. Some kind of a training class, best practices, marketing stuff, all throughout the whole day. There's classes. There's panels where they have other agents talking about things that they've encountered in the industry and stuff like that so it affords us this ability to go to this virtual world to get training, to get camaraderie-ship with other agents to, you know, if we have a question, we can post it on the panel and find out what agents in other areas have experienced regarding certain things that we hadn't thought about in the Idaho area, maybe-

Dave Burnett: Does it also give you access to ... Let's say I'm moving to Two Dot, Montana in the middle of nowhere-

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Can't promise there will be a eXp agent there but–

Dave Burnett: But that does give you 12,000 agents out there that gives access if I'm moving or if somebody is moving here and they want to get that relationship started, it helps.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, exactly. That's the other great, convenient part about it is that connection for those people who are moving out of state. For people who are out of state moving into town, we can get them connected with agents in their area that have the same philosophies as us. eXp's core values are very in sync with what ours are about leadership. Yes, exactly. And so, because our core values were so in line and in sync and because they offer so much more ability to train our agents and give us that mentoring network that's an independent brokerage, just doesn't give us the opportunity for. I've done a really good job, I feel like, over the last 8 1/2 years that we've been in business. But this, I think, is going to just accentuate our ability to get and retain and train great talent for our clients.

Dave Burnett: Well, it points out, and I don't care if you're selling cars, I don't care if you're in computers, I don't care if you're in print or in media, it's a changing world and the way we learn things, the way we apply things is changing. And it's no different for Core Group.

Thom Dallman: Yep. Exactly. Everything evolves and everything grows and stuff and so I feel like this is just the next evolution in our business and stuff so ... And on a whole ‘nother kind of side note with this, because eXp already has a broker, that's you no longer call me the designated broker, I am no longer the designated broker–

Dave Burnett: Just an associate broker.

Thom Dallman: I am an associate broker so ... And I'm still kind of managing my agents here for the most part, making sure that they're behaving themselves and writing good contracts and stuff like that. But that has now afforded me more time to focus on not just training of the agents and being here to answer questions for agents but it's also given me time to jump into the trenches again. So, whereas, before you'd hear, every once in a great while I'd talk about clients that I've been working with and stuff like that because I was only taking close friends and so forth, but now I'm back in the trenches. I'm actually back in there doing sales right next to my agents-

Dave Burnett: Listing homes.

Thom Dallman: listing homes and stuff like that. Going on listing appointments. So I'm actually a little bit more involved and in tune with firsthand with what's happening out there in the marketplace. So that's, I think, another great aspect of this change.

Dave Burnett: Yeah, and if you're just tuning in saying, "What change is that?" It's Core Group at eXp Realty. Still Core Group just adding on a little bit onto the business card there and I guess in some ways, affecting the inner workings of the people here who work for Core as opposed to the general public.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Exactly. Yup. It's more internal but the public benefits from, like I said, that training and mutual learning from other agents in the industry.

Dave Burnett: Now, in the last minute that we have here, I want to address this because I do know and I've had several people before who sell real estate saying, "Hey, I was listening to the show this weekend, if somebody's interested in finding out more about Core Group at eXp Realty and CoreGroupRealty.com, do they contact you here at

Thom Dallman: Yeah, just give us a call at the number and someone will connect you with me. Your phone call will be transferred to me. I'd love to chat with you about it and tell you all about the exciting change. It's, I think, a great new venture in real estate. It's the next evolution in the way that real estate is done so I think it's a great opportunity for agents so I would love to chat with you about it.

Dave Burnett: So if you're wanting to get on the cutting edge, to get ahead of the wave, which you know I've heard that term before. I remember, it was years ago somebody said, "If you want to get ahead of the curve, you need to learn about websites." Okay, this was a few years ago and I remember, I was sitting in a group of a bunch people and they said, "Websites? It's gonna be that big of a deal?" And you look now, I don't know how a business could survive without one.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah. I remember back in the day, a certain broker that had told my business partner, Gabe, when he started kind of doing the Internet like kind of lead gen and stuff like that, generation, was like, "Oh, the Internet. Nope, that's a fad. Nobody will be on there for too much longer," and stuff and now it's a majority of the business. Like most people start on the Internet.

Dave Burnett: You're an agent, you want to get ahead of the wave, you want to find out more about it, contact Thom. And you can do that at Core Group Realty, 208-933-7777. Being ... That's the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, being brought to you by Core Group at eXp Realty and Eagle Home Mortgage. Find out why they say, "You get more at Core."

Segment 4

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz with Thom Dallman, an associate broker with Core Group at eXp Realty. Being brought to you also by the folks at Eagle Home Mortgage, give them a call today 208-933-7777 or go to CoreGroupRealty.com. You know there is some ABC's, some dots to connect when it comes to getting your house ready to sell and the whole process that goes with that. We talk about it from time to time, but you know, it's one changing audiences.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Once you get your home bought, once you get through that, you gotta put that to bed for a while and...

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Right now there's people either getting ready to list their home or getting ready to buy. Kinda wanna go over the ABC's of it.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, for sure. Very important to remember some of these key aspects when you're looking at selling in your home, getting your house ready and stuff like that so it's always good to brush up on this every once and a while and remind people that are certain things that you can do and fix the group appeal of your home when people are coming through it and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett: Okay. Well let's do it this way. Let's say I come in to Core group. I have a home in Eagle that I wanna sell. What is the process I need to go through as far as, not only office and working to with core, but for that home as well?

Thom Dallman: One of the things that we're gonna do is we're gonna schedule a visit to your house. Cause we're gonna walk though as agents and kind of assess the condition, obviously, of the house and that will help us with the comparables, but it also give us an opportunity to say hey look you have all these family photos all over your walls, all this clutter here. When we go to list, you'll want to clean this up, you'll want to compartmentalize it. You'll want to maybe box up put it in the garage. Things like that.

Dave Burnett: So this is kinda where I develop a thicker skin.

Thom Dallman: Yup. Yup. Unfortunately, we have hurt feelings in the past. I guess a perfect example is, gosh this has been a good five years ago. We went to a house that they had basically decorated and designed this whole house around the animals that they had hunted. Taxidermy. Literally to the point where they had basically created one of their decorated shelves, they had busted a hole in the wall and created this cave-like look to it and had a mountain lion coming out of the cave. So we had to have that and they love this and they're like oh no everybody will love this. Yeah, I'd love this exhibit and we had to explain to them like there's a majority of people out there who are uncomfortable if this kind of stuff.

Dave Burnett: There's I think a minority but there's ones that might be vegetarian or maybe you know animal lovers that don't want to see anyone hunting.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Those people are out right now.

Thom Dallman: So yeah so that was one of those conversations where we had to have with them and they just couldn't quite grasp the concept that people wouldn't think it was really cool coming into this house like that so... Personal items and personal things like that just can detour from the basics of the house so we're gonna talk about removing family photos, depersonalize the house. Make it more neutral for buyers come in so they can feel themselves in the house and pictures their own family photos up on the walls and stuff like that. We're gonna talk about the cleanliness of the house. Do we need to have the carpets professionally cleaned? Or even replaced. Touch-up paints, lots of people have all their touch up paint in the garage from when usually when they do a paint jobs. If it's a newer house from when it was constructed and stuff. We're gonna talk about going through and doing touch up paints on the walls that have been beat up from use and from people dragging their vacuum hoses around the house and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett: Or little kids with fingers around the corner on-.

Thom Dallman: Little kids' toys. I can't tell you how many people I've had to be like alright when you leave in the mornings are you gonna make sure that the kids have put their toys in their toy boxes and de-clutter with all the toys and stuff like that. Getting little storage bins to put those toys, make sure you get those kids get into the habit of putting them in there in the mornings before you leave and or before you go and have showings and stuff like that.

We're gonna talk about maybe even removing a couple of pieces of furniture out of a house, it of a room to make a room feel larger and stuff like that. If we go into a house and they have a lot of dark paints, dark paints tend to make a room feel a lot smaller, so we're gonna say might wanna think about toning down these colors.

I walked into one house once many, many moons ago where they had done the... let's just say a very interesting finish with lots of purples. On this wall that kinda connected a dining room and living room and I was just I had to very gently say, "Wow that's fun my favorite color is purple I love this wall, but that's quite purple and not a lot of people are going to care for that, so while the full finish was really cool in what you did here, we might wanna time this down a little bit," and stuff like that. Thinking about the paint pallettes and stuff like that we're gonna help you with that and the staging and making spaces look as large as possible, getting some neutral colors schemes in there and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett: This is the point where a person has to make it not so personal. For me, selling my house, it's personal, I raised my kids here, I've done this, I've done that, our first kiss was here, our first whatever. I've gotta set all that aside because that doesn't matter to the person buying it.

Thom Dallman: It does not. It doesn't. Someone is looking to make their own memories in these houses when they're buying it so...

And it does, it's interesting to me and in the buyer's side when we help buyers to get into homes when there's multiple offers we have them write personal letters. That pulls at the heartstrings of the sellers so there is some emotion tied to a lot of these transactions as well...

Dave Burnett: But that's more of a this house has been good to me, please take care of it.

Thom Dallman: Please take care of it and they wanna know that the next person is gonna take of it as well.

It's hard to sell a home especially if you've lived in it for x amount of years. I've lived in my house for 8 years and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I just love the house so much. But there's come a day that I'm just not going to be able to climb the stairs anymore and we're going to have to sell it and that's gonna be a hard day. One other kind of thought that I wanted to talk a little bit about is pets. Remember that pets are our loved ones, they're part of the family, but their part of our family not necessarily other people's families, so be conscious of if you have dogs, take 'em for a walk.

Dave Burnett: Well, and a pet can be dangerous.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: You know, if you let it go.

Thom Dallman: I'll tell a little story just this week we went, I went to a show a house. The listing paperwork and the agent mentioned a parakeet in one of the rooms.

Dave Burnett: Oh, a cute little gray parakeet.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, cute little, what are they six inches, maybe, taller, whatever. Oh no, we opened up a door actually my client opened up a door and she took a step in and a giant macaw parrot was hiding underneath a cage, outside of the cage.

Dave Burnett: Outside of the cage?

Thom Dallman: Came darting out of that from underneath there to attack! (laughs) So, scared the bejeebies out of her, scared the bejeebies out of everyone, 'cause we heard her scream and we were like what's going on? So, yeah, if you're gonna have a parrot, you might wanna put it in a cage.

Dave Burnett: Or warn somebody.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Just like dogs, make sure your dogs are either kenneled or you take them for a walk or maybe take 'em over to a friend’s house and stuff like that. Cats, the same, there are people who are allergic to cats, so keeping the cat hair cleaned up and picked up and stuff really helps. Maybe if you have snake tanks, putting signs on there on how many snakes just so people don't have to worry.

Dave Burnett: You have a story with this, I can tell.

Thom Dallman: I have a story, a couple years ago we went west showing property to a cute little couple, first time home buyers, and we walked into one house that had four snake tanks. Three of them had snakes in them, the other one was vacant. And we just couldn't help but wonder. We were like as we're walking through this house, "Is there a snake roaming around this house somewhere? Are we going to open up a closet and find a snake dangling there?"

Dave Burnett: That was in the end of the showing if my wife was there.

Thom Dallman: Yeah the wife did want to leave pretty quickly after that and she's like, "There's no way I can buy this house with a..." Like she was afraid...

Dave Burnett: Not knowing.

Thom Dallman: That there would be a snake left behind. They did have a tarantula, too. Which was just about to set of creepiness, so...

Dave Burnett: But you need to keep in mind while you may like pythons, you may like tarantulas, a lot of people may not like cats. You know, whatever it may be, people have different tastes that you're trying to market that to everybody.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, so be aware of your pets we'll help you kinda with that a little bit, too.

Dave Burnett: I guess kind of in a nutshell, to wrap up here, is to listen to your agent, try to take the personal part out of it, so that you're not personally offended that you're listening to their advice and taking your personal taste and feeling out of it. From what I'm gathering too, when it comes to showing a house, kinda like the parade of homes, you want it to look kinda like a... I'm not talking brand new multi-million, but sparse furniture, sparse decorations, just enough to make it attractive.

Thom Dallman: Take everything off the kitchen counter tops, let people see the back splashes. People tend to put a lot of gadgets and stuff on their kitchen counter tops these days. Take it all off. Put it in a pantry until you need to use it.

Dave Burnett: Plus, it makes it all look bigger.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, exactly.

Dave Burnett: Everybody likes bigger. good deal. Thom, if somebody wants to talk you folks here at core group at exp realty and get a little counsel maybe find out if it is time to sell or upgrade or to move our downsize, how do they get hold of you?

Thom Dallman: You can visit us at CoreGroupRealty.com or give us a call at 208-933-7777, just keep dialing those sevens until you get us.

Dave Burnett: Someone will answer.

Thom Dallman: Someone will answer, and it directs you to the right spot.

Dave Burnett: Thom is associate brokers here at Core Group at eXp Realty. New name, same company, same good people. Being you the Idaho Real Estate Buzz along with Eagle Home Mortgage. Do this, call 208-933-7777 or go to CoreGroupRealty.com. Find out why they say you get more with Core.


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