We have a show packed full of info for you today! Jon Hastings from Tresidio Homes is in the studio to talk about the upcoming Spring Parade of Homes! He shares info on what some of the requirements are for builders participating in the event. As always, Ron Wieczorek is here from Flagstar Bank to help educate us on the home loans and what is happening in the world of lending.

We also have some great listings that just hit the market! Thom and Dave will fill you in on all of the details.


Segment 1

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the designated broker, also the co-owner of Core Group Realty at eXp. I guess it's Core Group at eXp Realty.

Thom Dallman: That's it.

Dave Burnett: I always get that part.

Thom Dallman: As long as all of those words are in there in some sort of assembly.

Dave Burnett: I was thinking about it last week and I got in a bad habit of saying it the wrong way. It's Core Group at eXp Realty.

Thom Dallman: The other day, someone called us Core Realty Group at eXp.

Dave Burnett: It's all in there.

Thom Dallman: It gets all mixed up.

Dave Burnett: The time you've been associated with the founding of Core here in town.

Thom Dallman: Since 2010.

Dave Burnett: Been around-

Thom Dallman: I can't believe it, June of 2010. We're coming up on our nine-year anniversary.

Dave Burnett: You know, one of the nice things about the folks at Core Group is that they are to help meet those needs, to reach out to those who are not only wanting to buy a house, but maybe thinking buying a house, to be able to get in there and doing a little counseling, a little talking, a little money.

Thom Dallman: We're always available to just sit down and chit with people, kind of assess where they're at in the process. Really, even if you're at the beginning, what is it? What do you have to think about when it comes to buying a house? The fees that come with it, the upfront money that you kind of need and stuff like that. We have our preferred vendors, our preferred lenders as well, that they can meet with and talk to about how much money is it going to take me to get into a home? What can I afford? What can I budget? Ron, over-

Dave Burnett: A wide variety-

Thom Dallman: ... at Flagstar.

Dave Burnett: ... of plans, whether you're a first time home buyer or buying your tenth home.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, there's so much out there and so much available, and so much information that goes along with it. We always talk about this being one of the biggest investments that you'll have, it is you truly want to know that you're covered all the information that you can have.

Dave Burnett: Knowledge is power, and that's what this program, the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, is all about. When it comes to homes that are listed, you have a featured home you want to talk about this week.

Thom Dallman: I'd love to talk about 16317 Lewers Way, in Caldwell. They're off of the Karcher Highway a little bit. Great house, it's 1,700 square feet, three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath. $245,000 is what it's currently listed at. This house at .40 of an acre, so almost up to a half acre. Huge backyard.

Dave Burnett: I was going to say, that's a big walk.

Thom Dallman: It has that room for RV parking that we always talk about how nice it is to have that RV parking spot, so you don't have to go pay to park it somewhere else and what not. Really, one of the coolest features is the kitchen, the kitchen is just beautiful. It's open to the living space, it's got some beautiful cabinetry in it, stainless steel appliances. The master bedroom has its own fireplace. How nice is that? To be able to be all cozy and warm while you're going to bed at night in the Winter months and what not.

Dave Burnett: I'm kind of curious about the name of the street. Lewers, is it like a fishing lure?

Thom Dallman: L-E-W-E-R-S.

Dave Burnett: So it's not like-

Thom Dallman: I don't think so.

Dave Burnett: ... a fishing lure.

Thom Dallman: No, L-E-W-E-R-S.

Dave Burnett: If you're looking that up on GPS or Google Maps, you can look it up that way.

Thom Dallman: 16317 Lewers, L-E-W-E-R-S Way. It's a great option. It backs up to a canal, so you don't have to worry about bad neighbors and stuff like that. A great option out there if you're in that price point, 245, which is a very popular price point, 250 and down. Very hard to find homes in that price point, so definitely something you should check out. Go to CoreGroupRealty.com, click on our featured listings page, and you'll see it there.

Dave Burnett: As the valley continues to grow, it's fascinating to watch... I saw, it was on Facebook, somebody had an aerial picture of Boise from back in 1980, and then they had one from a couple of years ago. It was amazing, the footprint that has spread out from Boise to where in this picture, in between Boise and Meridian, there was space there on Fairview where there was just... well, it was back when there used to be a farm there where that big mall is now.

Thom Dallman: I've been here 16 years and just the difference in the 16 years since I first moved here, the difference in the valley and how much growth has happened in that time frame. It's amazing.

Dave Burnett: You may have seen Caldwell, and at on time when I first moved here, Caldwell, that's way in that country.

Thom Dallman: That's way out in the middle of nowhere.

Dave Burnett: No, it's not. It's right next to the freeway with access to everything.

Thom Dallman: There's so much now out there with Nampa and Karcher, and just so many options for people for shopping, for restaurants, for great activities. There's a great steakhouse out in Caldwell. You have The Brick over in Nampa, too. There's just so many options and stuff for just great shopping, great restaurants, great everything out there. It's booming. Canyon County itself is up, as far as the medium price point has upped almost 14 percent from last year, and up 15 percent in sales from last year. It's a popular area, people are-

Dave Burnett: It's growing.

Thom Dallman: ... moving out there.

Dave Burnett: I know Valley View, the school district out in Canyon County just approved to build another junior high, I think it was. That's been approved to do now, so it continues to grow and offers so much in the communities. Numbers wise, things are remaining strong?

Thom Dallman: We're remaining strong. We actually last month saw an increase in our media and sales price in Ada County up to 335, so we're continuing to grow and get stronger. Sales have been a little bit slower, I think just with the lack of inventory. Inventory is still at an all-time low. We continue with that issue right now, nobody really seems to be wanting to get their homes on the market. Once again, it's a great time to sell, because we have a lot of buyers moving into town, a lot of people who want homes. We just don't have the homes to provide them.

Dave Burnett: When you look at the picture, honestly, if I'm a home owner and I'm going to sell, if the inventory is low, you really have to have an agent who is really invested to help find you a property, because they're not laying around everywhere.

Thom Dallman: That seems to be the going factor is, is there a property that I can get into if I sell my house now?

Dave Burnett: Those who are upsizing and those are downsizing are really the ones who are moving into town?

Thom Dallman: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dave Burnett: -of the way things are shaking out right now.

Thom Dallman: We have a lot of people who are up sizing and ceasing the opportunity in the market right now, because we are at an all-time high as far as prices go. Everybody is kind of here in the who recession were and stuff like that, or down turn in the economy. They're starting to kind of like, hey, maybe now is the time to sell. We're starting to see a little bit more inventory pick up. Of course, it's seasonal, too. We're seeing a lot of seasonal uptake usually at about this time of the year. Just through conversations that I've had with people who are thinking about selling, the wonder is, is this the height of the market? Is this the time to sell? To get the most out of your house and money.

Dave Burnett: If you were thinking about making that traditional change in the Spring when school is out, now is the time to get on it, not the end of May. Now is the time that you want to meet with the folks at Core, talk to them, figure out what you need to do with that house, get pre-qualified, and do all the things you need to do. Now is the time to get it done.

Thom Dallman: Get it going. It's a great time for it. Beat the rush on to the market is what I tell people.

Dave Burnett: Are you finding that there are those who are wanting to move out of the Boise area and into a more rural area not quite as big?

Thom Dallman: Yeah, actually, we see that a bit. Several clients have come to us and said, "Hey, we want to sell our house and we want to kind of get away from being so close to our neighbors, and find something a little bit bigger." I'm actually working with some buyers right now that are in that situation where they've bought their first time home, they've lived in it for several years now, they're ready to upgrade it and move into a bigger house, something with a little bit bigger yard, so that their neighbors are not right on top of them. It's happening, it's definitely happening out there in the market place right now.

Dave Burnett: Idaho Real Estate Buzz is the name of the program, being brought to you by the folks at Core Group at eXp Realty. This really is a show that, Tom, you had put together to inform people, not just to sell homes. You can do that on a website at CoreGroupRealty.com, but to inform people about home ownership. The advantages of home ownership. Sometimes, we even talk about the disadvantages. I think there's a lot more upside to owning a home than there is downsides.

Thom Dallman: It's such a great investment into yourself. Like you said, this show is not just about buying and selling. Like you said, we can do that all day long, but this is more of an education, what does it take? What does it look like? Is it the right time for you? Just a variety of things out there that we talk about, so it's educational.

Dave Burnett: Speaking of that, if you are a potential first time buyer, we're going to be talking to Ron at Flagstar Bank here in just a minute about first time buyers, about those home loans designed specifically for first time buyers. We'll talk about that as well, as we continue. It is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, being brought to you by the folks at Flagstar Bank and Core Group at eXp Realty. Go to the website, CoreGroupRealty.com, or give them a call, 208-933-7777. That's the phone number to find out why they say you get more with Core.

Segment 2

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, associate broker at Core Group Realty @ eXp. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website (208)933-7777, that is the phone number to call him. Every week we get a chance, Thom, to talk to Ron from Flagstar Bank.

Thom Dallman: We love Ron. Ron's-

Dave Burnett: An equal opportunity lender.

Thom Dallman: Yes. Throw that in there. Ron's a fountain of information for us. We love it.

Dave Burnett: Well, I did my own research as well.

Thom Dallman: You did?

Dave Burnett: An article kind of hit me in the face and I read it-

Thom Dallman: Awesome.

Ron Wieczorek: See what I've inspired?

Dave Burnett: You have. I saw this and I thought, "Ooh, this is an article Ron would like," and there's an article talking about renters and the fact that rent is going up and up and up.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah.

Dave Burnett: Good time to buy a home.

Thom Dallman: Despite the fact that there's so many apartments and so many homes that are being put on for rentals. They're still going up. There's still so many people moving into town that are renting that it's going up.

Dave Burnett: In the valley, we saw so much appreciation lashing here at a rate of double digits, high double digits. 17%, 18%, whatever the number ended up landing on, but when you see that kind of appreciation of homes are going up that much, then landlords are keen to that as well. So, there they're going to jump in and get a piece of that pie too. That's naturally that progression. So, you're right.

Ron Wieczorek: But there are those who were smart enough to go, "Hmm, maybe I ought to be buying instead," and you have numbers to back that up?

Dave Burnett: I do. I do. Yeah. Americans are keen to buy a home and fast. So, we have a large share of Americans that are planning to buy a home and this should be exciting for myself and for Tom and for his group compared to last year. So, 36% according to the new NerdWallet survey. 36 point in the buy in the next five years.

Thom Dallman: Nice.

Dave Burnett: And that's up from 32% in 2018, so that's a pretty nice jump already, and of that, 24% plan to buy the next 12 months. So, that's a huge number.

Thom Dallman: That's huge. Yeah.

Ron Wieczorek: Is it in part because interest rates did go up, but now they've kind of dropped off a bit and people are watching that go on strike now?

Dave Burnett: I think it's two pronged then. I've talked about the perfect storm of what's happening in our market last week. Home prices, that growth has slowed a little bit. Maybe not in the valley as much, but it has slowed in the valley.

Thom Dallman: It has slowed.

Dave Burnett: There's maybe a screeching halt on some of the price values in the United States. So, when the home prices slow down and the interest rates remain low, that, obviously, you get an uptick in those looking to buy a home. A lot of those are first time home buyers. We talked a lot about first time home buyers that have- Well, everyone has a budget. Whether you want to realize it or not and not all budgets are created equally, but everyone has a budget.

If you were a first time home buyer that has a budget and when prices go up and rates go up, that budget goes down.

Thom Dallman: Yep.

Ron Wieczorek: So, prices stall out a little bit, your income grows a little bit, rates go down, all of a sudden, that budget goes up. So now, that's what we're seeing a lot. Yeah, to your point, that's exactly right, Dave.

Dave Burnett: 62%, this number jumped out at me in this article was 62% still believe that you need 20% down on a home to buy a home or a down payment. That was drilled into us so hard over the years, at least for me, and I'm older, but I remember my dad just drove that in my head, and then I probably drilled it into my kid's head.

Ron Wieczorek: Well, you did a good job because it's still out there. And I say, good job, but it's false. It's extremely false. In fact, low down payment mortgages are the lifeblood of first time home buyers. It's really unrealistic in today's market where wages are, even though we've seen economic growth, we're not seeing it where you can pay off your student loans and you can save enough money to get a down payment of 20% on a home.

So really, those low down payment loans are really, really pivotal for the whole housing market. So, to see that 62% still believe that at least these are non-homeowners. We get into more numbers that show that, that homeowners don't already know that that's not the truth because they maybe took advantage of one of those low down payment mortgage options. We talked about a little bit of recession fears and there's a lot of home buyers out there.

Despite all the numbers I gave you with 24% that point on the buying next, 12 months, 70% of homeowners think the US will enter a recession in the next three years, but many of these potential buyers show confidence in the market, which it's kind of contradictory. Right?

Thom Dallman: Right.

Ron Wieczorek: And we talked a little bit about what a recession is. And a recession just means three consecutive months of economic slow-down, whether it's the prices of the homes go down, whether it's the wages go down. So, a recession really could come and go and us not even bat an eye or notice.

Thom Dallman: Realize it happened.

Ron Wieczorek: Or notice it happened, but economists will talk about the recession that just passed. Go ahead, Dave. I see something.

Dave Burnett: It was just funny to say. I think so many people got burned during that 2008 recession that was deep and lasted so long and people were hurt.

Thom Dallman: It hurt a lot of people.

Dave Burnett: People were having to jingle key their home and say, "Here bank, take the keys. I'm done."

Ron Wieczorek: And I think that's exactly what happened. I'm 40 years old right now so, 2008 was a 11 years ago. I was still in my twenties, late twenties, so that's my first experience with what I knew as a recession, at least when I was earning. So if we're programmed to think that's what a recession looks like, then we're not going to those what a real recession, what's three months of a downturn in activity isn't even going to hit our radar.

And we're used to seeing "that's a recession."

Dave Burnett: Yeah.

Ron Wieczorek: Well, that was, yeah. That was a great one. Great is kind of a bad terminology because it's the great recession of 2008. but yeah, so that's what we're kind of programmed. We asked if 70% think we will be in a recession, then why do 41% still think the housing market will improve? Why is there 36% that plan the bond then the next five years? Why is there 24% that planned the bind next 12 months?

My personal opinion is that is such a competitive market at the entry level homes. There's so many people that are still right on that precipice of buying that it's going to be supported. We won't feel that recession if it does happen. We haven't seen it yet, but if that does sneak up on us, there's still so much competitive at that price range that it's not going to impact the housing market like it did in 2008. It's way different than it was.

Thom Dallman: Exactly

Dave Burnett: For that first time home buyer in Idaho, there really are some great loan specifically for those people.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, I've lent in all 50 states and I see a lot of the loan programs, a lot of the state programs and Idaho has, if not, the most home buyer friendly assistance program there is. So, I'm very proud to be able to offer that on a daily basis because it really does help that person that deserves a home, that works hard, that maybe thinks that they can't get into a home, and then you sit down with them and you start talking about numbers and they're like, "Wow, this is not only feasible, it's comparable to what I'm paying for rent and now I get a mortgage interest write off-"

Thom Dallman: And some cases, even better than what they're paying in rent.

Ron Wieczorek: Exactly. Especially with that right off that, that's invaluable. We just ended tax season here last week and if you rent right now, you're really losing out on a big portion of that write off that homeowners, especially a first time home buyers, that have never had that before. If we've had it for years and years, we kind of take it for granted because we have it right.

Dave Burnett: It's kind of expected.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, but if you're a first-time home buyer and that number's a lot different, you're like, "Well, that's why. It must be the tax bill or must be this," but that's what it is and that helps out a lot of people. But back to your point on 2008, it was the best year for first time home buyers in 12 years and this is nationwide. There was over 2 million people that were first time home buyers in 2018 and that's up a full percentage from 2017, and like I said, the highest since 2006.

So, the word is out. I mentioned before that 70% think you have to put 20% down, but 80% of that 2 million, so 1.67 million first time home buyers opted for a low down payment less than 20% a mortgage. So, the word is out.

Dave Burnett: The word's.

Ron Wieczorek: The words out and that's a credit to a lot of lending institutions that are getting that word out and just educating, not only referral partners because when you're out there and realtors are out there, you guys know lending.

Dave Burnett: Yup.

Ron Wieczorek: But you want to defer to us on the specifics of lending because it changes so often. That's not your expertise.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Ron Wieczorek: So, it's a credit that works-

Thom Dallman: We know just enough to get us in trouble.

Ron Wieczorek: Sometimes I feel that way too.

Dave Burnett: Well, let me say this Ron or ask this. For that first time home buyer, somebody who's never bought a home before or it's been a number of years and you're qualified for that, what is the first step they need to take with you to find out if they're qualified, and they may be surprised, they may go, "What? There's a program special for me?" What do they need to do?

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, it's as simple as calling me or just get in touch with me to go over those numbers, see what the credit looks like, see what the other debt looks like to see if this is something that's feasible for their current income, and to keep up their lifestyle because that's important. A lot of times, we'll sit down with clients and you can qualify for a certain amount, but you can't keep your lifestyle at the same time. So, it's important to, if you're going to make sacrifices to own a home, which I do encourage you make a sacrifice because it's a privilege, but you don't want to have to reshape everything about the way you live because it's not feasible in the long run.

It's good for a couple of months and then you're like, "Wow, I'd really like to go out to dinner. I'd really like to go to a movie, and I can't because I'm married to this-"

Thom Dallman: Tied down to this house now.

Ron Wieczorek: We need a lawn mower and a fridge.

Dave Burnett: Ultimately, it's a curse than a blessing.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah. It's all about what, like I said, contact me, let's see what the budget looks like, to see if it's feasible. I'll tell you what, Dave, most people were surprised. Most people were real surprised what the numbers look like on certain lines. And I see it both ways. Some folks are very unrealistic. They're like, "No, I've rent for $1000 bucks a month and I'm looking at a $400,000 home." I hope you have some disposable income.

Dave Burnett: Exactly. Ron, what is your phone number? Of course, you always leave that cell phone on, what is it? It's (208)869-9154.

Thom Dallman: I can attest to that cell phone thing, too, because last weekend, he was available on Saturday to go over a couple of i options for some of our clients. So, I can test that. It's always available.

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by the folks at Flagstar Bank, and of, course core group @ eXp Realty. Give them a call today (208)933-7777. If you didn't catch Ron's number, you can find that on one of the preferred vendors on the website at CoreGroupRealty.com. We'll continue on the other side right here on the Idaho Real Estate Buzz.

Segment 3

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, also an associate broker at Core Group at eXp Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com, the website. (208) 933-7777. I kind of laugh because, Thom, this is the time of the year you get giddy.

Thom Dallman: I'm so giddy.

Dave Burnett: It's better than Christmas for you.

Thom Dallman: I'm so giddy. We talked about it last week. We talked about it the week before. Parade of Homes 2019. Parade of Homes is coming up, springing Parade of Homes. Then we have Jon Hastings here from Tresidio Homes. He is the chairperson for the parade this year. Welcome, Jon.

Jon Hastings: Thanks for having me back.

Thom Dallman: Thanks for being here and telling us a little bit about what's happening with the Parade of Homes this year. I'm so excited about it.

Jon Hastings: Yeah, we're really excited about the parade this year. There's kind of a buzz in the air. You know, the housing market is hot right now, and so it's an exciting time to actually have 39 houses to be open on one weekend to be able to see. The Parade of Homes this year runs from April 27th to May 12th, and the hours get a little bit different on the different days. On the weekends, it's open from noon to 8:00. It's closed on Mondays this year.

Thom Dallman: I saw that.

Jon Hastings: Tuesday through Thursday, 5:00 to 8:00, and actually, Friday is also noon to 8:00.

Thom Dallman: It's considered the weekend.

Jon Hastings: Yeah, it's considered the weekend, so Friday to Sunday, noon to 8:00, and then Tuesday to Thursday, 5:00 to 8:00.

Dave Burnett: So, if I got lost on all those numbers, what's the website so that I can go to, the website to find out the days?

Jon Hastings: That is the question. The website is boiseparadeofhomes.com, and one of the things that we're really excited about this year is that for the first time ever, we're rolling out a Boise Parade of Homes app.

Thom Dallman: Ah, sweet.

Jon Hastings: And so, taking the next step with technology. If you go to the app store, either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and search Boise Parade of Homes, the app will come up. You can download the app, you can create a custom route for the homes that you want to visit, you can search by different sizes and city areas and things like that-

Thom Dallman: Can you search by price point?

Jon Hastings: I believe-

Thom Dallman: Because I love looking at those high price point ones.

Jon Hastings: Yeah, I believe you can search by price point. It's really exciting for us to be able to kind of take the map and the homes and have it right there in your pocket with you.

Dave Burnett: That is really handy.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, right?

Dave Burnett: I mean, I didn't think I'd ever be at the point where I'd say, "Yeah, an app, we need that," but that, it's ideal for the Parade of Homes.

Thom Dallman: There's a part of me that's a little bit like, "Oh, but with the magazine," I love getting the new magazine every year, and thumbing through it and looking at all the new floor plans and stuff like that, and planning out my routes.

Jon Hastings: Yes.

Thom Dallman: While using the map in the magazine.

Jon Hastings: The good news is the magazine and the Parade of Homes website, they're not going anywhere.

Thom Dallman: All right, good.

Jon Hastings: So we're just adding another feature.

Thom Dallman: That's awesome.

Jon Hastings: You can still look for the magazine in the Idaho Statesman. It's going to be in the Statesman on the weekend that the parade starts and the weekend before the parade starts.

Thom Dallman: Okay, cool, cool. And then are you still distributing magazines out to several places throughout the valley where people can swing by?

Jon Hastings: Exactly. So there's a handful of building contractors, association members-

Thom Dallman: Core Group's one of them.

Jon Hastings: Yeah. Go visit Core Group @ eXp and pick up your magazine. All those locations will have magazines that they can distribute as well.

Thom Dallman: Awesome.

Jon Hastings: And if you can make your way to your first house, you can pick up a magazine there too.

Thom Dallman: They usually have them at the houses, too.

Dave Burnett: Jon, is it a bigger challenge ... I'm thinking back, I'm going way back now, but I'm thinking back to the early 1980s and the Parade of Homes and it seemed like then, that you'd have in a new subdivision, three or four homes right there in that subdivision. But as the valley's grown and these homes kind of spread out, is it a bigger challenge getting people routed around?

Jon Hastings: You know, I think that it is. It's becoming more and more of a challenge to see all of the homes in one day if you wanted to do that.

Dave Burnett: You have to take a couple of weekends.

Jon Hastings: That's right, that's right and so that's where, you know, kind of having the app to help you with our routing really is going to make a big difference for people because they can kind of plan out their Saturday or plan out their Sunday.

Dave Burnett: See, I know of people, Thom Dallman, who kind of plan their weekends around taking chunks at it.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: I'm going to go do these, going go do those, Thom Dallman.

Thom Dallman: You know I got to get into all of them.

Dave Burnett: He does that to see all the homes, but it can be done.

Thom Dallman: It's not just a matter of seeing the homes, it's a matter of getting to understand the builders, for me anyways, as a realtor to get in there and see the builders and what they offer as far as amenities and stuff like that in their homes and their design philosophies and stuff like that. So when we're out there chatting with clients, you know, we can connect them with the builder that kind of fits with them and stuff like that. So that for me, is one of the main purposes, but also just to see all the cool stuff that comes out.

Jon Hastings: Yeah and I think to that point as well that as the valley has grown and expanded, you know, it's kind of nice that all of the different sub-markets are really kind of represented in the Parade of Homes. You can really see the whole valley as you go around and tour the different homes. And so you see a variety of price points. You see a variety of styles and you get to experience a variety of locations, maybe parts of town that you don't normally get to.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, exactly.

Dave Burnett: Now Jon, I do know that one of the requirements for builders in the Parade of Homes that they have to come up with, I think it's a unique floor plan, something they haven't done before and maybe a feature that is new to them as well.

Jon Hastings: That's right, that's one of the great aspects of the Parade of Homes is that all of the 39 homes that you're going to see, have never been built before. So they're all brand new floor plans and the requirement is that the builder comes up with brand new plans so that the public isn't seeing the same old stuff every year and just to keep things on the cutting edge for the show and for the homes in the community.

Dave Burnett: Well let me ask you this. Being the Chairman, have you had a chance to get out and look at any of these homes yet, or have you been busy building a home?

Jon Hastings: Well I've been busy getting one built, but I haven't been out to see them yet but that'll come here over the next few days as the committee gets out and makes sure the homes are ready for judging and so that'll happen here over the coming days. But you know, I've seen some of the renderings of what the outsides of these homes look like and I think that people are going to be really excited about what they're going to find this year in the Parade.

Thom Dallman: Awesome, super excited.

Dave Burnett: Let's find out if we could for you, for Tresidio Homes, where is the home that you're working on and what can we expect?

Jon Hastings: Yeah, so our home this year we named the Stream Song and it's located in South Meridian in a community called Hillsdale Creek which is right next to the new YMCA. So off of Eagle and Amity. Hillsdale Creek is a really cool unique community. We decided this year to kind of re-imagine what a parade home could look like from us and so our parade home this year is 1802 square feet. It's got a three car garage, it's a three bed, two bath plan, and we're really excited about how it's turning out. Trying to make 1800 square feet live really large.

Dave Burnett: Which you can.

Thom Dallman: Which you can.

Jon Hastings: You absolutely can and so we feel like the livability of the plan is excellent, we're excited to have this plan be a part of our repertoire going forward. But you know, it's kind of a fun unique challenge actually to say, "What can we dream up that's smaller?" Instead of dreaming bigger and honestly, it's a plan that puts it more squarely in the realm of where the average home buyer is looking.

Thom Dallman: That's awesome, yeah.

Jon Hastings: It's the most fun to look at the huge houses, but it's more realistic to look at the ones that are in line with where you want to be.

Thom Dallman: For sure. Like you said, it's so fun to look at the big ones, but realistically, people are in that market for that 1800 to 2000 square feet, so, like that's awesome that it's in that realm of where people are actually wanting to buy and stuff, and seeing what you can do with that space and how to organize it. I'm excited to see it. We always have Tresidio on our list of homes to go see when we do our tour.

Jon Hastings: Yeah, well great.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: Perfect. Inside the home you're building, any kind of special features, something we can be looking for as far as cabinetry, as far as countertops or flooring. What you got going on?

Thom Dallman: Or technology?

Dave Burnett: Do you not want to divulge the secret?

Thom Dallman: Technology?

Jon Hastings: Yeah, well I don't want to give it all away but I can-

Thom Dallman: Just a hint, just a hint.

Jon Hastings: I can kind of paint the picture on the radio here a little bit. When you come into the home, it's on kind of a narrow lot. And so getting a three car garage plan onto a narrow lot like that, is a unique challenge. It's a single level home. And one of the really cool features that we were able to accomplish is having a cool cathedral vault that runs through the kitchen, and the great room area with kind of a centered fireplace going up the middle of it, and some floating beams that kind of run across that space and so for 1800 square feet, it really packs a punch and doesn't feel it because of the volume that you get inside that space.

Thom Dallman: Awesome.

Dave Burnett: Jon who is the Chairman of the Parade of Homes, also with Tresidio Homes. Appreciate you stopping by. Again though if somebody wants to download the app, they just go into the Google Play Store or to their Apple Store?

Jon Hastings: That's right. Yep, head to the app store, whichever app store you use and just search Boise Parade of Homes. That'll take you to the right place, download the app and away you go.

Dave Burnett: Perfect.

Thom Dallman: If you're not app technical, you can also go to the boiseparadeofhomes.com on the website as well or look for the magazines.

Jon Hastings: Yep.

Dave Burnett: Or if you're old school, pick up the magazine.

Thom Dallman: Pick up the magazine.

Dave Burnett: Simple as that. All right, very good. Jon thanks so much. We do appreciate you guys stopping by. It's the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by the folks at Flag Star Bank and of course, the folks at Core Group @ eXp Realty. Call them today, 208-933-7777 or stop by the website, coregrouprealty.com. Find out why they say, "You get more, with Core."

Segment 4

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, also an associate broker with Core Group at eXp Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com, that's the website, 208-933-7777, that is the phone number to call.

One of the things I've learned in my relationship with you, Thom, is how important pets are, not only in your personal life, but in your business life, in transactions you're trying to make for people with homes.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah, for sure.

Dave Burnett: Pets can make a big difference in a house.

Thom Dallman: Our motto is that pets make a house a home. It's one of our biggest community involvement projects that we're on, partnered with the Idaho Humane Society, just make that awareness and hopefully encourage people to get to the Humane Society, and check out some of the animals that they have for adoption. So many dogs and cats... and other animals, rabbits and so forth... get brought to the Humane Society and need good homes, need a good place to live.

I'm 100% a believer that pets become part of the family, they really do. They just become a part of everyday life, that feeling of coming home. Particularly dogs, I don't know if a lot of people get greeted with their cats, but...

Dave Burnett: Cats are a little independent.

Thom Dallman: Cats are a little bit more independent, but I love dogs, and I love cats, and I love all animals. But maybe not reptiles as much, but... For you reptile lovers out there, that's cool. But yeah, they make it so much more welcoming and so much more inviting when you come home to your pet.

There's a lot of things to think about when you're moving with a pet. It's amazing how... Some stats just came out from Keeping Current Matters, how prevalent pets are in society, and how much a part of the family that they become.

Dave Burnett: You shared some of these during the last commercial break with me, and I was a little surprised at some of these numbers, that they're as high as they are.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, exactly. So, they interviewed... I can't remember what the number of people that they interviewed, but they did a big study, the National Association of Realtors did, on pet owners and some of the philosophies that go behind buying a house, whether you... what you consider part of your... the pets. You do consider the pet when you're moving and thinking and looking at houses and stuff like that.

Starting at the top, 89% of pet owners said that they would not give up their pet due to housing restrictions.

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: Almost 90% said, "We're not going to give up our pet just to move into a house because we like the house that isn't fit for our animal."

Dave Burnett: How about that?

Thom Dallman: 90%. That's how much people believe that it's part of their family.

Dave Burnett: I can see that. At first, I thought that was pretty high, and I thought for myself, if we were moving and they said, "No, you can't have your dog," it would be a big discussion in the Burnett household.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, exactly. 81% of those Americans say that pets play a huge role in their housing situation, so that kind of goes along with the same thing. People really look at the house as part of... how does it fit for our pet, as well?

I'm actually working with clients that have a Labrador Retriever, and so, their biggest concerns are obviously the fenced-in backyard, and make sure that's a high enough fence to where-

Dave Burnett: He can't jump over.

Thom Dallman: ... he can't jump. That there's a dog door, or at least a spot that's convenient to put in a dog door. So they're very conscious when we're going through homes of, "How does this fit with our dog situation and making it convenient with our dog?"

31% of animal owners have actually refused to put offers on homes because it wasn't a good fit for their animals.

Dave Burnett: Wow.

Thom Dallman: Can you believe that? 31%.

Dave Burnett: So, for your agents at Core Group, I'm assuming this is something you've tuned them into, to say that-

Thom Dallman: Very much so.

Dave Burnett: ... "Make sure you talk about a pet, because it could be a deal breaker."

Thom Dallman: Exactly, yeah, I always encourage them to... when you're talking to potential new clients, to have that conversation. "Do you have any pets that you'll be moving with that we need to think about? If it's a cat, is it an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? If it happens to get outdoors, do you need to make sure that it's not going to be able to run out into a busy street? Do you want to be away from heavy traffic areas?" Stuff like that.

Dave Burnett: And there is a trick to moving an animal, especially a cat. There are some things, and it's actually something at Core Group through your work with the Humane Society, you can give information, tips on how to successfully move and transport an animal.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, for sure. And I'm pretty sure we've got several blogs, if you go through our blog sites. Go to CoreGroupRealty.com, click on blogs and go through blogs, we have some of those blogs in the past that talk about that, as well as on Idaho Real Estate Buzz radio segments we've done tips on making sure that you're thinking about your pets, and when you're moving and how to move them, and some helpful tips there. You can definitely look in there.

Dave Burnett: One of the things I think... and maybe we'll have somebody from the Humane Society that could answer this question... I would think one of the biggest problems is not moving my dog, but once I've moved in and suddenly there's dogs on the other side of the fence, and having them be good neighbors.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah. Something to consider.

Dave Burnett: Because we had somebody move in right next to us here, about a year ago, and had some dogs that barked, barked, barked, barked, barked. I thought they'd never stop. They finally got that under control.

Thom Dallman: Here's a couple of interesting numbers that they found, too, in this study. 19% of Americans said they would consider moving for their pet, for situations like that where they're in a neighborhood where-

Dave Burnett: 19%?

Thom Dallman: ... it doesn't work for their pet, the neighborhood doesn't work for their pets, or some situation doesn't work for their pets. 19% have considered it-

Dave Burnett: Wow.

Thom Dallman: ... 12% have actually moved because of their pets, because they want to find a place perfect for their pets. The neighborhood no longer-

Dave Burnett: That's a pretty high number.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. I've never thought about, wow, how impactful that is for a pet, to not have a good living situation. I don't know the situations that these people went through, but 12% of the people in this study said that they moved specifically so that their pet could have a better life.

Dave Burnett: Well, see, I could see a number of things. I could see where if you had neighbor kids tormenting your dogs, or the other dogs not getting along with your dogs-

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: ... and it's a constant fight along the fence line...

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: ... a barking challenge. I could see where that could become issues.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah, for sure.

Dave Burnett: Yep.

Thom Dallman: Yep.

Dave Burnett: And very frustrating.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have my dogs being antagonized. I would probably do the same thing.

Dave Burnett: For some reason, my dog is probably the problem. He's a little Shih Tzu, which isn't really a dog, it's kind of a cross between a cat and a pig. But he thinks he's a big dog and rules the roost.

Thom Dallman: Oh my gosh. Our neighbors probably do wish we would move, because our dogs are a little bit of barkers. When we're not home, we can't leave the dog door open because they go out in the backyard and start barking at everybody in the neighborhood.

Dave Burnett: Some of it really does make sense, when you start thinking about a pet and what it means to a person. Some people have pets... they'll have a dog for protection, some people have it for companionship-

Thom Dallman: For comfort.

Dave Burnett: ... some people have it for their kids, to keep their kids occupied-

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: ... to teach them responsibility. There's a lot of different reasons for having a pet.

Thom Dallman: For sure, for sure. Yeah, and it's amazing how in love we've become with our animals. People truly do fall in love with their animals, and just how integrated they become with the family, even though it may start out with just a project for the kids, or to teach the kids responsibility, how quickly they become just a part of the family.

Dave Burnett: They really do, and it's something to keep in mind if you're thinking about moving, keep that pet in mind, make sure that your agent is well aware of the fact that you have this kind of dog.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, or if you just moved into a house and don't have any pets, don't forget the Idaho Humane Society, go visit them out at 4775 Dorman Street, out there behind the airport. They have a lot of animals that are in need of homes. You can become a foster parent for the dogs, too. They have a foster program where you can house a dog for a few months and help train them and stuff like that, if you have the time and availability for things like that. There's so many great programs out at the Humane Society, so please do visit them if you are even contemplating any kind of a pet.

Dave Burnett: One of the tips I do remember from a previous show, if you're buying a house, do not adopt a dog immediately-

Thom Dallman: No.

Dave Burnett: ... get yourself settled first.

Thom Dallman: Yes.

Dave Burnett: And then bring the dog or cat into the home, and do that. Don't try to do it all in the same week, because it's total chaos.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, exactly. And if you are moving with a pet, it's always good to kind of set up an area in your house for them to feel comfortable in, to get acclimated while you're doing the move so that they can kind of focus on that one room at first.

Dave Burnett: Well, I do want to encourage you, if you're thinking about a pet for your home, go to coregrouprealty.com and look up one of the blogs about pets, and how to get your pet acclimated, or what's the best kind of pet. I know we've had guests in from the Humane Society, and they've talked about what's a good dog and what's not a good dog.

Thom Dallman: Right?

Dave Burnett: Yeah, if you're going to out and get... I'm trying to think of the name of the kind of herding dog, they herd sheep. If you go get one of those, you better have a lot of energy and some yard.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yes, you should.

Dave Burnett: If you own a lazy dog like we have, then you can get that and he's just a big old lap dog. But check it out at coregrouprealty.com. And a pet truly does make a house into a home. It'll make all the difference in the world.

Thom, thank you so much, getting together today. And of course, we want to remind people the Parade of Homes is coming up soon, and your chance to check those out. And-

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: ... you'll have some of the magazines there at Core Group?

Thom Dallman: Yeah, we'll have them in our offices, so swing by, 8665 West Emerald Street. Check us out, check out the magazine.

Dave Burnett: And of course, you can always go to CoreGroupRealty.com to find out that address, or do this: call 208-933-7777, along with the folks at Flagstar Bank, bringing you the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. Find out why they say, "You get more with Core...”


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