We have some great land listings to share with you. Whether you are looking for something in town or a little bit outside of town, we have it! Thom is also going to fill you in on some of our fantastic listing programs that we offer. Ron Wieczorek from Flagstar Bank joins in to talk about BoMaD! You’ll have to tune in to find out what that is.


Segment 1

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, also an associate broker, at CORE Group at eXp Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com, that's a website you can always go to 24/7, or you can call him at 208- 933-7777.

Thom, another great week as we go into this spring time of the year and go into it. The trees are all blossomed out.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, my allergies are already telling me that. My allergies have kicked in.

Dave Burnett: You know, I typically don't suffer a lot from allergies, but man, it seems like this year everything came in all at once.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, it seems really strong. It seems really strong this year, for sure.

Dave Burnett: It did, so. But it's a great time because you can stage your house to where it just looks great.

Thom Dallman: You can. It's also my favorite time of year.

Dave Burnett: It is.

Thom Dallman: Just saying.

Dave Burnett: Parade of Homes.

Thom Dallman: Parade of Homes started this weekend.

Dave Burnett: And perhaps that's why they do this time of year because everything is in bloom. Everything looks good. They can plant new trees, and it all looks good.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Yeah. If you're out and about, don't forget to check the Parade of Homes. It's happening right now as we speak. Their hours are, on the weekends, are noon to eight so you have plenty of time to get out there and check out some of the cool new houses out there. I can't wait to see it myself. We're going to get our little tour on here in the next week or two.

Dave Burnett: If you're looking for a map, do this. Stop by Core Group Realty Monday through Friday. You can stop on by on Emerald Street, just west of the mall and pick up one of the magazines.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, yeah. Please swing by if you want to grab a magazine and plot out where you want to go to see these houses. They are across the valley, are across the, sorry, Ada County so you know you've got quite a ways to go.

And you can also download an app. Apparently, they have an app on your phone, which is super convenient for those who are techie to be able to download the Parade of Homes app and get that going as well.

Dave Burnett: It is interesting. It's much different than it was 20 years ago where they would pick subdivisions, you'd have three or four homes in a subdivision. Boise and Ada County has spread out so much to where there is so much new construction going on. It could be in Kuna, it could be in Meridian, it could be in Eagle, it could be, it has spread out. So it is-

Thom Dallman: They do have-

Dave Burnett: ... a little more of a challenge to get to.

Thom Dallman: They do have it spread out so I highly recommend taking a couple of different days and checking out specific areas. So you're not trying to drive across town on one, getting it all in one day. So there are 39 homes on the list. So there's a lot to look at, for sure.

Dave Burnett: There truly is, and as we discussed with guests over the past couple of weeks, very innovative. It is one of their requirements. It can't be a floor plan they've used before, and there has to be something new and innovative in the home. So whether it's a kitchen gadget, an electronic gadget, a design within the bathroom or-

Thom Dallman: Usually you'll see something.

Dave Burnett: I'm still looking for those homes with the secret passageways which we have had on the show before.

Thom Dallman: Yep, Yep. I've seen those.

Dave Burnett: Perfect. Well, if somebody is looking for a home, of course, Core Group Realty at eXp can help take care of that.

Thom Dallman: Yep. Yeah, go to our website, CoreGroupRealty.com. We have all of the listings. There's a home search page there that you can go and look at all the listings out there that are available, all the active listings on the MLS.

We also have the featured page, so you can go see our featured listings, which are our listings that we have with our clients and stuff like that. So check it out, make sure you get in there. And we're more than happy. We always have agents standing by and ready to go to show property. So we can typically get you into a home within an hour if you give us a call.

Dave Burnett: Very good. One of the things we don't talk about very often, but before this show started we had a chance to talk about, and that is the lots, lots that are available out there. You have-

Thom Dallman: We have lots of lots.

Dave Burnett: Lots of lots.

Thom Dallman: Technically, we have six lots that are available. We have one up in Idaho City, we have one in Nampa, and we have a few over in Oreana.

Dave Burnett: Okay. Oreana, for those who don't know, where is that?

Thom Dallman: Good question. No, it's south, I believe, kind of down in that Marsing area and so forth.

Dave Burnett: So in some of the outer lying areas, some lots and-

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Yeah. We have a two acre parcel up in Idaho City listed at $48,000 so if you're looking for something to be able to do a little bit of a cabin or what-nots, it is zoned residential. It's kind of right there within the city limits so it does have access to city services and so forth, so it's really kind of a nice little lot, right, if you want to be right there in Idaho City. And then the Nampa one is, let me just pull it up real quick.

This is one of my agent's listings. He's got it listed at $125,000. It's a half an acre parcel right there at 4th Street. 28 4th Street is the address. So it's a great investment opportunity. It can be split into multiple lots. It's not too far from the freeway, so just one exit away from the Costco and the Karcher Mall area.

Dave Burnett: Oh, nice.

Thom Dallman: Definitely something worth worth checking out if you get a chance.

Dave Burnett: One of the things that people need to keep in mind when it comes to lots. You really should have a professional agent help you with them because sometimes there's a lot, I know up in Valley County, they have to be of a certain size to even be eligible for a septic system. Otherwise, you might buy a lot and can't do a doggone thing with it except put a tent on it.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Yeah, I like to make sure people are doing their research because that is really super important. There are things like that where they don't allow septic systems on certain properties, especially if they're within city limits and stuff like that. So you really want to make sure that you're doing all the research, make sure that you know what the footprint is, what the setbacks are because you can't build past a setback in a lot of cities. On these lots, they have ordinances where you can't build anything within five feet of the edge of the property and stuff like that.

Dave Burnett: And that's where consultation-

Thom Dallman: You really want to do your due diligence.

Dave Burnett: That's where consultation with an agent really can make a difference to help walk you through this stuff.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: As I've said so many times, for most of us, it's something we don't do but once in a while. In fact, if you're buying a lot for a vacation home or something, you may have never done it before. But your agents have done it. They've been through it. They know the pitfalls, they know the bonuses, and they know which way to go.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Yeah. There's a lot to buying a lot. There's a lot to investigate and look into. Is it connected to city services? If not, how far away are the city services to be able to get to them because that can cost a pretty penny to get connected up to services if it's quite a distance away.

So you want to do that. You want to make sure that you're looking at the CC&Rs. If there's an existing HOA or CC&Rs for the property, there may be restrictions on what kind of home you can build, how big of a home and stuff like that. So you definitely have to do a lot of due diligence and to looking into that stuff.

Dave Burnett: I see the title of a blog. There's a lot to buying a lot.

Thom Dallman: A lot to buying a lot.

Dave Burnett: Here you go.

Thom Dallman: And there's certain HOAs that say, "If you buy this lot, with it you have to build a house on it within a year." There's things like that that you have to think about because there's some people like, "I'm going to just buy this lot, and I'm gonna hold on to it for five or six years and eventually build a retirement home or a second home on it or what-not as money comes available." But you might not be able to do that with specific lots. You want to make sure you're getting that due diligence done.

Dave Burnett: If you haven't done your own homework, you can rely on one of the agents at Core Group Realty to do your homework for you.

Thom Dallman: We will help assist in it.

Dave Burnett: He couldn't do that in school, but here you can get somebody to help you out and walk you through the whole program.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: You know, CoreGroupRealty.com, a very friendly, very usable website for people to go to and to find that information about buying a home or more information.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, we've got all kinds of information in there. Check out the blog site. The blog site's where you're going to find a majority of those resources. We do have the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, so all of these shows that we've been doing over the last x amount of years, I don't know how long it's-

Dave Burnett: 150 years. It's been a long time.

Thom Dallman: Sometimes it feels like that. They're all transcribed, and they're all put in there so you can read through them, you can listen to them, listen to each of the segments if you're looking for a specific thing. It's a great site to go to and just find out all kinds of information. We have our guarantees on there, which we'll talk about a little later in this show, but there's just, yeah, there's a lot in there.

Dave Burnett: You know, it's interesting. I guess two weekends ago, I was on a website, and I was looking at old shows, older shows that we'd done back when the recession was underway and people were doing whatever they could to sell a home at that time.

How different those days are than today where we've gone through inventory shortages, we've gone and ... There is a vast history there of programs in different times in the cycle of real estate, which it is a little bit cyclical.

Thom Dallman: It sure is.

Dave Burnett: So right now, the time to strike while the iron is hot, so we want to encourage you to do it. CoreGroupRealty.com, that is a website, or call 208-933-7777. CORE Group Realty, along with the folks at Flagstar Bank, sponsors of the program. We'll continue on the other side here as we continue on. Find out why they say, "You get more with CORE."

Segment 2

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, also the associate broker at Core Group @ eXp Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com. That is a website. (208) 933-7777. That is the phone number for you to call. Every week we get a chance to talk to Ron with Flagstar Bank, Equal Opportunity Lender, to talk about what's going on in the world of lending and today we've got a potpourri.

Ron Wieczorek: We do-

Thom Dallman: Ron's potpourri.

Dave Burnett: You're going to preview the homes and you smell the potpourri in the bathroom. It's Ron's potpourri.

Ron Wieczorek: I don't know if you want Ron's potpourri.

Thom Dallman: That's way, way, way ... We can't go down that road. Not on the radio.

Ron Wieczorek: Nobody said ...

Dave Burnett: But I do know this, you are an avid reader and collector of ... I won't say trivia knowledge because some of it is pretty doggone good.

Ron Wieczorek: It's interesting to me...

Dave Burnett: Stuff going on in the financial world, the real estate world, the lending world, and you've got a number of things you've collected.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, so, yeah, sometimes things in articles catch my eyes being interesting, and I'm going to lead off today with ... I've, on the show in the past, we've talked about tight inventory and we've talked about many reasons why there's tight inventory and in the past, I've blamed Baby Boomers a lot because they're healthier than they were in generations past and they've held onto their homes longer than people, retirees of that age in previous generations, and that's clogging up some of the ... because they're usually living in smaller homes that could be great entry-level home for this new first-time home buyer. So that's going on in the United States but ... I'm going to pick on them again. I'm going to pick on Baby Boomers again because they have a stranglehold on some of those homes but they're also clogging up some of the inventory because they're ditching their big homes and that's causing a housing dilemma in more areas of the South than it is here. As they're transitioning into more compact modern spaces for retirement, Baby Boomers are leaving behind large and outdated homes across the southern part of the country.

And why's that ... Increasing inventory at first you're like, "Oh, they're leaving their homes. That's great, right?" You're, you've been begging for inventory, now you have the inventory but it's a product of, in the late 2000s, when it was easy to access credit, they were getting and building their late-in-life dream home. And they were pricier homes and now they're realizing that the smaller, easier to maintain modern homes are better suited for the lifestyle than maybe the bigger, high-maintenance homes. So it's not just the price and the size that are creating a problem. It's a lot of these homes are in rural areas because, "I've retired, I've earned this. I'm going to move out into the country a little bit. I'm going to build this big place that suits everything that I want right now but no longer need."

As we fast forward and the younger modern first-time home buyer doesn't have the money to pay for that. The homes are outdated because they're from when they bought them even fifteen years ago, and the first-time home buyers prefer to buy in areas that are in walk-able retail areas, so it doesn't kind of fit any of their check marks. So it's really presenting a problem in areas like Arizona was a big one, North Carolina, South Carolina, it's happening everywhere but those are kind of the spots that were the most popular for those kind of homes.

That's just starting to happen so what we're seeing is in the 2020s as we push on ... 2020s that we're going to see a lot more Baby Boomers doing the same thing because a lot of these houses were built for this exact reason so I think it's ... if it's not a huge issue yet, I think it's something that's on a lot of people's radar, a lot of our radars as being something that's going to be hard to get rid of these homes at these prices because they were custom-built for a specific person in mind.

Thom Dallman: Exactly, I can see that, and what I can see happening, I think, across the US is these flippers, these people who go in and flip houses and stuff like that, are going to start partnering up with construction people and they're going to start tearing those bigger homes down and putting in two homes instead of just the one. I think we'll see a lot of that happening. We can see it happen all the time right now, in Boise, whenever a big property, you know, acre or ... property within the Boise limits sells it usually ends up, especially if it's a really old house, getting torn down and put a couple homes put in and stuff, so ...

Ron Wieczorek: And just devil's advocate on that specific issue, if it's a rural area and it's a huge house, so this person selling the house wants it sold for a high price tag and me, home flippers coming in or construction-

Thom Dallman: They're not going to want to pay for it.

Ron Wieczorek: I'm not going to want to pay the high price for it, right? Yeah, so at what give is that person saying, I'll just hold out or maybe not?

Thom Dallman: Exactly, it's going to be an interesting dilemma to solve.

Dave Burnett: Isn't there a trend? Have you guys seen any kind of trend toward smaller homes just in general? Because I mean in the 1970s, a 1500 square foot home was very average, now it's upwards of 2000 to 2500 square feet's an average home. Are we trending back toward smaller more practical homes?

Ron Wieczorek: I see it across the board. What do you see?

Thom Dallman: Yeah, I would say yes. I think we're tending to see smaller homes. People don't want the maintenance of a big, bigger space and stuff like that and the bills that go along with it and stuff. But we're still continuing to see that open concept, like the open great rooms and stuff like that, in those smaller spaces so that you feel like you're in a bigger space. So, yes, I think we're going to get ... we'll see a trend for smaller homes. Look at tiny homes. In the next couple of weeks, we'll have someone in here that's actually doing the storage, a company that does storage unit at homes. Yeah, super excited about that ...

Dave Burnett: I was wondering about that. I saw a news article about that, on TV about that, an entire subdivision of container homes.

Thom Dallman: Yep, exactly. The container homes, so we'll be talking to them a little bit about the smaller homes so yeah, I 100% think that that's kind of the trending.

Dave Burnett: Oh, have I got questions for them-

Ron Wieczorek: I feel that that's more, a lot of the ... well, a lot of that probably as you get closer to downtown, and we talked about that walk-able retail areas that that's why it's ... The no maintenance part is big ... But to be in that epicenter, I think that that's what attracts a lot of the, that smaller homes, and then I think as you push out more to outer counties and it's cheaper to buy something in an outer county so you get more square footage but I think the desires there as well. Like I'd rather live further out and have my space and have more square footage to raise my family as opposed to maybe somebody that's wanting to just be in the mix of it, want to be able to walk to the market and do those activities that kind of spike their interest.

Dave Burnett: We're talking to Ron with Flagstar Bank. What is number two on your potpourri list?

Ron Wieczorek: Number two is ... So I was looking at the numbers from the previous year of the largest lenders in the United State because ... This is with our recent transfer over to Flagstar and Flagstar was number three on one of the lists for most production and it got me thinking on the numbers that where everyone ranked as far as total volume and I ... There was a number seven but I supplanted them with my own number seven after looking at some of these numbers.

Who do you think was the unofficial seventh largest or biggest lender in the United States?

Dave Burnett: I have no- I don't even have a guess.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, I'm like ... I'm totally ...

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, it's a hard one. Seven?

Thom Dallman: Number seven.

Ron Wieczorek: It's number seven.

Dave Burnett: Not number six, not number eight, but number seven.

Ron Wieczorek: It's BoMaD.

Thom Dallman: BoMaD?

Ron Wieczorek: BoMaD. The Bank of Mom and Dad. So when you add up all of the-

Thom Dallman: Oh, seriously? Parents paying for their kids?

Ron Wieczorek: Parents paying for their kids, whether they're paying cash for it, whether they're helping with financing

Thom Dallman: Wow, I've seen that.

Ron Wieczorek: Oh yeah, it's very prevalent. It's almost expected, with a lot of the younger generation now they expect to get a gift from family members, so when you add up all those numbers now they weren't really seventh on this list, but when you add up all those numbers, they were seventh on the list.

Dave Burnett: Boy, will my kids be disappointed.

Thom Dallman: Right?

Ron Wieczorek: Well, maybe your neighbor's kids will get extra money to make up for your- , but it's family and friends have played a major role in the US housing market. It's supported 317 billion dollars worth of property last year so that's a major piece of the pie. For young adults it's becoming increasingly unattainable to get a house without help based off ... We talked about student loans, we've talked about other factors, the wages maybe out of college with your student loans can't, maybe can't get a loan and that's where Mom and Dad come into play a lot.

And what was really even more shocking to me- I wasn't shocked because I see it every day, gifts from parents and that helping out there but what parents, the great lengths some of the parents were going through when you look, when you peel back the numbers, what they did and what they tapped into to help their kids. It's not just a, "I've a million dollars sitting on the side, here's a chunk of it." 15% of them took out a loan.

Thom Dallman: Wow.

Ron Wieczorek: Their own personal loan to help.

Thom Dallman: For their kids.

Ron Wieczorek: For their kids to buy a home.

Thom Dallman: That's awesome.

Ron Wieczorek: This isn't for education, this isn't ... My wife could sell education to me but for me to take out a loan to buy their house has me ... I'd have to do some soul searching, but 15% took out a loan. 8% raided their 401(k).

Dave Burnett: That's what I was wondering. That's what I would have figured.

Thom Dallman: I would have figured, yeah. 401(k) or retirement funds.

Ron Wieczorek: Which is like taking out a loan. I mean, you might take a loan out or you may just strip ... depending on your age, what the taxes and penalties ...

Dave Burnett: It's your money but you're borrowing against it.

Ron Wieczorek: Right. So 8% raided 401(k)'s. 6% downsized their own home.

Thom Dallman: Wow.

Ron Wieczorek: To help their kids buy ... I don't know if it just was conveniently, "We're gonna downsize anyway."

Thom Dallman: "Why don't we give you some money?" Interesting.

Ron Wieczorek: Or "You really need a home and you know I was probably looking to do this anyway, so let's all do it at once," so 6% downsized their own home. 3%- and this is where ... strap on your seatbelts ... came out of retirement.

Thom Dallman: What?

Dave Burnett: To go back to work?

Thom Dallman: To go back to work.

Ron Wieczorek: To go back to work, to give their kids money to buy a home.

Dave Burnett: 6%?

Ron Wieczorek: 3%.

Dave Burnett: Boy, are my kids going to be really disappointed. It's not happening.

Ron Wieczorek: Well, you have to retire first.

Dave Burnett: I guess so. I'd just be tired so ... You know, that is amazing.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, 20% of the buyers in the US received a gift from a family member last year.

Thom Dallman: That's crazy.

Ron Wieczorek: And you know where it's higher? In the UK. The UK had 25% received a gift to buy their home from a friend or family member, so it's not a US ... it's not a ... We get picked on a lot as being consumers, and we are, and the American way is to spend, spend, spend, but apparently it's across the pond, as well.

Dave Burnett: Wow. That's amazing. Well, if you're looking to borrow money and not go to the Bank of Mom and Dad, Ron with Flagstar, how do they get hold of you?

Ron Wieczorek: I'm always on my cellphone. I have it right in my pocket. It's (208) 869-9154.

Dave Burnett: By the way, if you are going to the Bank of Mom and Dad, it does nothing to build your credit.

Thom Dallman: Correct.

Dave Burnett: It does nothing to build your credit.

Ron Wieczorek: It is nice to have.

Dave Burnett: Yeah, I guess so. Alright, very good, Ron. We'll check back with you again next week. Fascinating. More potpourri with Ron.

Thom Dallman: Right?

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by the folks at Flagstar Bank, Equal Opportunity Lender, and the folks at Core Group @ eXp Realty. Call them today: (208) 933-7777. Find out why they say, "You get more with Core."

Segment 3

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, associate broker at Core Group at EPX Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com the website. 208-933-7777 and I say that number a lot and that's because you can call and ask for more information and somebody'll be standing by to give you that information.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. We usually have a agent standing by to answer the phone. No pressure. You can just give us a call and we'll, you know, answer your questions for you. There's no obligation to work with us or anything.

Dave Burnett: Nope.

Thom Dallman: We're just here to help provide education in the industry. So...

Dave Burnett: Do you get many calls from out of the area? People calling up saying hey, could you tell us, you know, what's the weather like there in Boise?

Thom Dallman: On occasion. We'll have people who register on our site and ask those questions. More than just call in for them but we do have a lot of people that are relocating. Just actually went through and revamped our relocation packets for those people so that we can have a really nice relocation packet that we send out to people who are out of the area. That gives them, you know, a lot of the details about Boise and the mountains and just everything about the city. So...

Dave Burnett: Because it's interesting. If you leave the area, if you go into the South or, you know, you go to the East Coast, there's a lot of misconceptions about Idaho...

Thom Dallman: Yeah. There is.

Dave Burnett: ...and I don't want to be a proponent for everyone to move here...

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: ...but if somebody's moving, there's a lot of misconceptions about, you know, Boise. Man. You guys get a lot of snow there.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: It's like no.

Thom Dallman: Nope.

Dave Burnett: Not a lot of snow.

Thom Dallman: Not at all.

Dave Burnett: All those wildfires. You guys are running from fires all the time.

Thom Dallman: Nope. Not in Boise.

Dave Burnett: -here so a good information and service there. You know one of the things on the website, CoreGroupRealty.com, that you cover. In fact, you can go there and read about this or we'll tell you about it right now and that is some of the guarantees.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. We have a couple of guarantees. We believe wholeheartedly in making sure that people are having the best tools and best things available to them for, you know, their situations. So we've got a couple of guarantees that really kind of help assist and facilitate transactions and kind of give ease of mind to people as they kind of work through the process of either selling real estate or buying real estate and give them kind of that peace of mind that it's going to happen, that, you know, they're going to either get their home sold or, you know, get a home that they want to live in and love. So should we talk about them?

Dave Burnett: Let's run down some of these guarantees that you have.

Thom Dallman: Sure. Sure. The first one is our guaranteed sale of the house. So we have a 59-day guarantee program that specifically walks you through a process to get your home sold in 59 days. We do appraisal on the house. We all come to terms with a price, you know, a current value of the home that we [crosstalk 00:02:54]

Dave Burnett: Which by the way, I'll interject this. That is key.

Thom Dallman: Yes.

Dave Burnett: That you get your home priced properly. That is key.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Yeah. When you see a home sitting on the market for a couple of weeks, you know it's ... especially in this day and age, in this market right now.

Dave Burnett: There is something going on.

Thom Dallman: There is ... Yeah. There is something maybe not right with the pricing on that property or maybe it's, you know, the marketing on it's not sufficient or, you know, there could be other reasons not just pricing.

Dave Burnett: Or there's something wrong with the house.

Thom Dallman: Correct.

Dave Burnett: That's another possibility.

Thom Dallman: That could be. That could be. So yeah. We've created this 59-day guarantee to get your home sold. If we don't sell it in that 59 days, you don't have to pay a listing fee. We don't charge a commission on the listing side because we didn't fulfill our obligation.

So it's really that kind of peace of mind knowing that, you know, we're going to do everything possible to get that sold in the 59 days and that you're going to be cleared of it in 59 days. So.

Dave Burnett: So, is that when I sign with Core Group Realty, is that something extra I have to ask for or is that just go with the deal?

Thom Dallman: Nope. It's something extra that you do have to ask for.

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: It is a separate program in which we always go over at our listing presentation. Whenever we have a listing consultation with a potential seller, we usually offer this program. So as you can imagine in this marketplace, in this current market where there's just not, you know, things that are selling quickly...

Dave Burnett: It's-

Thom Dallman: It's not happening as much just because there's not that big of a demand. People feel pretty comfortable with getting their houses priced accurately and getting it on the market and selling it.

Dave Burnett: And let me say this. You do say the listing fee because if somebody, if another agent from another company sells it...

Thom Dallman: Correct.

Dave Burnett: ...their fee still applies.

Thom Dallman: You'll still have a commission to the buyer's agent.

Dave Burnett: Yeah. But from Core Group, you're...

Thom Dallman: But from Core Group, you're off the hook for our commission...

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: ...on it. So ... because we didn't fulfill our bargain, our part of the bargain. So...

Dave Burnett: I guess that's where it comes in as the co-owner of Core Group. But you're confident...

Thom Dallman: Yep.

Dave Burnett: ...that you're going to get listed at the right price, that you're going to market it properly and that basically, you're going to get the house sold.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Exactly.

Dave Burnett: I mean that's confidence.

Thom Dallman: That's confidence in making sure that, you know, if you know that you have a time crunch and you need to get out of the house within a specific amount of time, it's kind of that ease of mind, like I said, and guarantee that you'll get out.

Dave Burnett: So I will say this. If you're interested in talking to Thom or one of the agents about it, give them a call, 208-933-7777, and ask them about-

Thom Dallman: Sit down and have some coffee and chat about it. So...

Dave Burnett: And that's a 59-day guarantee.

Thom Dallman: That's our 59-day guarantee sale.

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: Then we also have our Love It Or Leave It program.

Dave Burnett: Which is?

Thom Dallman: Which is one of my favorites because that's ease of mind for a home buyer. So if you're looking at a home and you're just kind of waffling on whether that's the right home or not, we have a guarantee that if you don't love your house within the first 12 months...

Dave Burnett: The one I'm buying?

Thom Dallman: ...Yes. The one you're buying. Let us know and we will work with you to get that house sold with a reduced commission so that you're not ... reduced commission on the listing side so that you're not out of pocket a whole lot of money and help you find a house to move into.

So it's that peace of mind knowing that if you move into this house and where we've used it more recently is people move into a house and then they find out their neighbor is just not someone that they want to, someone they don't want to live next to.

Dave Burnett: Yeah.

Thom Dallman: What we've also last year helped a family that just moved in and the HOA was just so restrictive with what they wanted to do with their house that it just didn't fit their lifestyle. So they wanted to sell it.

That one is a program that's more, that people have been using more just because, you know, it gives that, like I said, that peace of mind that...

Dave Burnett: Yeah.

Thom Dallman: ...If it's, if, you know, there's nothing worse than six months into a home and finding out like hey, this is not...

Dave Burnett: This is not what I expected.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. This is not what I expected. So just come back to us and we'll help you get it sold and then with the, you know, with the idea that we'll help you find the next house that, you know...

Dave Burnett: So if you get a heaping dose of buyer's remorse, Core Group will help you get it fixed.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett: That's called Love It Or Leave It.

Thom Dallman: The Love It Or Leave It program.

Dave Burnett: Alright. Another program? Any other program?

Thom Dallman: Those are our two programs.

Dave Burnett: Okay.

Thom Dallman: We don't really have any other home selling or listing programs.

Dave Burnett: How about if I sign on with Core...

Thom Dallman: We do ... Oh. Go ahead.

Dave Burnett: ...and I'm just not happy at all.

Thom Dallman: Oh. Yeah.

Dave Burnett: Am I obligated to the...

Thom Dallman: Absolutely not.

Dave Burnett: So I'm not.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Just reach out to me and I'll work with our broker to make sure you're contract gets canceled or, you know, if you're happy with Core Group themselves and just not the agent that you, you know, are working with, maybe we can get you in with a new agent.

We do have 13 agents on our team, 14 including myself, so, you know, maybe I'll even take over and help you find that house or get the house sold.

Dave Burnett: I guess what that is saying is that you Tom, that you are committed to make sure that the person, you know, listing their home, that they are happy.

Thom Dallman: Correct. Yeah. Yeah. Our mission and vision is to make sure that the client has an exceptional experience with Core Group, with, you know, the process, that we try to make it as easy as possible for them and as stress-free. Now we can't guarantee that because, you know, it is a pretty stressful...

Dave Burnett: It's a big financial commitment.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Exactly. It's a big financial commitment.

Dave Burnett: On both ends.

Thom Dallman: Even if you're selling it, you know, you want to make sure that you're getting top dollar. So there's a lot of stress that kind of goes into it especially for those people who are trying to coordinate a home sale to purchase their next house and having to make sure and coordinate that same day close so that they can be out of one house and into the next one and stuff. So...

Dave Burnett: I think that is probably the story I hear from more people who are buying and selling homes of...

Thom Dallman: Yes.

Dave Burnett: ...man. We had to be out of our home and we were waiting to get into our other home. You know we had all this furniture that was loaded in the...

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Yeah.

Dave Burnett: It can become an absolute nightmare.

Thom Dallman: It can. It can. So we can help guide you through that. We do have service providers that can help as well on the variety of sources throughout the whole process. Inspectors, movers, you know, things like that, people like that that will help. We can help facilitate making sure that you're not having to go like in the middle of working, in the middle of, you know, kids, in the middle of everything packing. That all of a sudden, now you have to call, you know, a moving company or you have to call, you know, and start, you know, researching window cleaners or whatever it is that you want done at the house. It's all right there.

Dave Burnett: And I guess again and I've said this before but I come back to it. When you've decided to buy or sell a home, consultation is important.

Thom Dallman: Correct.

Dave Burnett: To sit down before you make any decisions...

Thom Dallman: Interview.

Dave Burnett: ...just sit down with the folks at Core, with Tom or any one of the folks at Core, and say okay. We're thinking about selling our home. What can we expect? And it's just a consultation. No obligation. You can do it at Core Group Realty and they'll help take care of you because man.

Thom Dallman: Correct.

Dave Burnett: There's a lot of stress when it comes to moving, whether you're buying or selling, and the folks at Core can help you get that done.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Love It Or List It and the 59-Day Guarantee.

Thom Dallman: Yep. Yep.

Dave Burnett: If you missed any of that, you can check it out at CoreGroupRealty.com.

Thom Dallman: Yep.

Dave Burnett: All of the information right there.

Thom Dallman: It's all right there for you.

Dave Burnett: Core Group at EXP Realty, one of the sponsors of the program along with the folks at Flagstar Bank. Do this. Call today, 208-933-7777, to set up that free, no-obligation consultation. You could do that right there and you'll find out why. You always get more with Core.

Segment 4

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, he is Thom Dallman the co-owner, also an associate broker at Core Group at EXP Reality. Coregrouprealty.com, 208-933-7777. That is the phone number for you to call anytime to check out more information or of course, go to the website. It's available for you 24/7 to peruse and see what's out there.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, check it out and as we kind of mentioned check out our blog site and all these radio shows are on there as well.

Dave Burnett: And the other thing that's nice is not only the featured listings of Core Group’s listings but you have access to the MLS which is updated like on a real regular basis.

Thom Dallman: Every 15 minutes. And we've got the most accurate showings of homes that are available.

Dave Burnett: In a day and age when properties are coming and going like crazy-

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah, you need a device that's actually up-to-date as soon as possible.

Dave Burnett: It's kind of weird, I left my subdivision and drove out and I noticed, "There's a new house for sale. I hadn't noticed that before." And the next day I drove back in and there was a pending sign. "Whoa, okay."

Thom Dallman: Yeah, it happens.

Dave Burnett: One's going quickly, so ...might be listed though.

Thom Dallman: We had our house in Nampa, the wheelchair house that we put on the market and the same day we got an offer by the end of the day. We got our first offer, I should say.

Dave Burnett: And that house might be listed on Zillow for a week, and it's gone.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: It is gone.

Thom Dallman: We've seen that, we've gotten contacted a lot from people on the third-party vendors like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com that are like, "Hey, this house is showing as available," and we're like, "Sorry, it's actually pending. It's not anymore."

Dave Burnett: Well it was available, so, check it out. Coregroupreality.com.

One of the things we do on this program, we like to talk about what can help add value, what can be good for your home, what's a bad idea for your home, or if you're getting ready to make a decision, maybe it's not the best decision but maybe it is. We like to talk about that.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: And one of those things is a four letter word, pool.

Thom Dallman: Pool.

Dave Burnett: P-O-O-L.

Thom Dallman: That came up this week, someone asking me, kind of things they were thinking about doing to their home and what adds value and what doesn't. And they asked-

Dave Burnett: Because that's got to add a lot of value-

Thom Dallman: How much value does a swimming pool add?

Dave Burnett: Yup.

Thom Dallman: And it just does not, unfortunately, add that much value.

Dave Burnett: Let's talk about this first. If somebody, we're talking in-ground pools, now, not just one you get down at Walmart and put up in the backyard but an in-ground pool, do we have any estimates on what those cost?

Thom Dallman: Yeah. They just released some numbers here from ... gosh I'm totally drawing a blank on the ... Home Advisor, sorry, there was a room out earlier on Home Advisor that kind of did a survey and came to the conclusion that pools are roughly running around that $35,000 to $65,000 on average.

Dave Burnett: You could spend less, you could spend more.

Thom Dallman: You sure can. Spending less might get you some inadequate equipment. There's nothing worse than a pool that leaks.

Dave Burnett: Exactly.

Thom Dallman: We had some friends that had a house up in Hidden Springs, and every spring they would find that their pool had sprung a leak. And so they spent the first part of the summer trying to figure out what the heck-

Dave Burnett: "Where is all the water going?"

Thom Dallman: Yeah. Where's the water going and stuff like that. So that's one of the main things about swimming pools, if you're going to buy, or put in a pool in this area, make sure you winterize it. Make sure you winterize it really well and drain it when winter comes around because that can do a lot of damage if you don't.

They run about $35,000 to $65,000 depending on what you get. You can obviously go way, way up and get some pretty extravagant pools. One of my favorite shows to watch is the one that has the ... gosh. I'm having bad memory today, but it's the one with all the fancy pools where they build cliffs and tunnels and stuff like that and water slides into them.

Dave Burnett: The infinity pools and all of those different ones

Thom Dallman: Correct, correct. So the problem that we kind of run into a little bit with pools, not so much right now because we do have a lot of ... let's just say people who have lived in the South and are moving this direction, that do actually like pools and want pools and stuff like that and don't mind the maintenance on it. But there was a time when we didn't have the buyers for properties with pools. People didn't want to spend the money on the maintenance because it is costly. There's a monthly cost to running a pool, making sure your chemicals are balanced. There's a lot of work to go into it. And so people were just like, "You know what? We just don't want that responsibility, we don't want to have to take care of it," and stuff like that. So it really dissuaded a lot of buyers when it comes to property with pools.

Dave Burnett: So then a pool would be a decision you're making, would you say in your opinion, it's a home that you're planning on making an investment in and willing ... it's something you really want and you're going to stay there a while.

Thom Dallman: It's a longevity, yeah it's a longevity game, it's how long are you going to live in the property and get the enjoyment. And is it worth the $35,000 to be able to enjoy that for the next 10 years with you and your family. If you guys enjoy that and you really like to get out there and swim and get out in the pool all summer long, then by all means get it. The family time is priceless that you can get out of a pool, having a pool in your home and stuff. So that's where the value lies is in the usage of that pool and being able to use it when you guys want to have your family bonding time.

Dave Burnett: You can do what the Burnett's have done, we have friends who had a pool, they invite us over on a regular basis and we'll barbecue and they have a little fireplace thing and swing, and do that. And then I go home while they clean the pool.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: So that works out pretty good.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: But some people, they do want that. They do want something they want.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. And there's-

Dave Burnett: For an investment, not a good idea.

Thom Dallman: It's not typically one that adds a huge amount of value. You definitely don't get the value of what you put into it. It doesn't increase the value of your home and property. If you put a $35,000 pool in you can't just go ask for $35,000 more on your home and stuff. It will add a little bit of value, and that's why I say kind of that longevity thing, so that you get the use out of and then get that little bit of extra value.

Dave Burnett: I guess it goes along the lines of adding onto your house and making your house suddenly more valuable than all the other houses in the subdivision.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: If you're going to live in it, that's fine if you're going to enjoy it. But if you're planning on turning around and selling it, probably not good to outdo all the neighbors.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Unless, yeah, you might find that one buyer that wants to be the prestigious one in the neighborhood, but you definitely don't want to overdo your home.

Dave Burnett: Overbuild.

Thom Dallman: Overbuild your home compared to the rest of the market and stuff.

Dave Burnett: So pool, something that is a personal decision but not-

Thom Dallman: Personal decision, when you make that decision make sure you do your research on the responsibilities of a pool, the things that you have to think about, the monthly fees that go into maintaining that pool-

Dave Burnett: Because either-

Thom Dallman: Running the pumps-

Dave Burnett: Either you're taking care of it, or you're hiring somebody to take care of it.

Thom Dallman: Hiring somebody to do that, yup. Which you can do.

Dave Burnett: It becomes an eyesore, though.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Exactly. And there's, I mean, you definitely want to remember that there's a maintenance to it. There's cleaning the filters on a regular basis. There's making sure that the pool has enough water in it because if you get too low then the water won't go through the filters. The chemical balance is one of the biggest challenges is always getting out there, checking the chemical balance to make sure that you're staying in level so it doesn't start smelling or getting stuff growing in it-

Dave Burnett: Nobody likes a green pool.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. And I actually, when we would house-sit for our friends that have a pool, one of my favorite things that I find very relaxing, it's so weird, is skimming the pool. Is taking the big net and slowly just getting all the debris that falls into the pool.

Dave Burnett: Really. You like it, it's therapeutic.

Thom Dallman: It's like therapeutic to me to just sit there and just clean out a pool and run that skimmer through the water.

Dave Burnett: So you'll probably be getting phone calls here shortly.

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: "You want to come relax?"

Thom Dallman: "Will you come and relax by my pool?"

There is that job too that has to be done, especially with the winds that come through our valley that does blow a lot of debris and stuff into pools so there's kind of that constant maintenance of cleaning that water.

Dave Burnett: And we haven't even touched on the legalities.

Thom Dallman: Yes.

Dave Burnett: Responsibilities and legalities of fencing and keeping that thing safe.

Thom Dallman: Make sure there's a fence around it so the neighborhood kids can't sneak in and use it when you're not looking and hurt themselves. You want to check with your insurance company to find out how much your insurance company is going to raise your rates and stuff to do that.

Dave Burnett: That's a hit to be, right here.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

I remember as a kid one of our neighbors had a swim pool and they had all the rules posted up on their fences and they treated it almost like a business in a way. They didn't charge us to come into the pool, but by George if you went into their pool they let you know what the rules were and made sure you understood that if you got hurt, it's your own fault and you need to take care of it yourself or my parents need to take care of it, I guess, technically.

So yeah, there's a lot of legalities to the pool and the dangers of ...

Dave Burnett: Owning one.

Thom Dallman: Owning one.

Dave Burnett: Yeah. It is tough. It's a beautiful luxury, but it's a huge responsibility and it is a lot of work. But, if you decided that maybe it's a way you want to go, make sure that you're doing it for the right reasons. Don't do it as an investment, do it as an enjoyment.

Thom Dallman: Exactly.

Dave Burnett: You can find out more about pools of course, I think we've talked about this before you so you can check out-

... old podcasts or blogs that may be up there as well, but do your research and find out, and if you want to find out what is good for investments into your home as far as making a cash investment you can always get hold of the folks at Core Group at EXP Realty.

Thom Dallman: We can walk through that with you.

Dave Burnett: Be perfect. 208-933-7777. That is the phone number for you to call, or of course you can always go to coregrouprealty.com. And if you decide to put a pool in, you want to invite Thom and I over, we'll come over, I'll swim-

Thom Dallman: I'll skim and clean the pool for you.

Dave Burnett: It will be perfect. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz being brought to you by the folks at Flagstar Bank, and of course Core Group and EXP Realty. Find out why they say you get more with Core.

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