Join us today as Thom and Dave talk about some of our favorite community events! Ron Wieczorek explains how electric vehicles are having an impact on home prices and will continue to down the road. The guys area also chatting about some of the things you can do around your home if you are preparing to put it on the market.


Segment 1

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, he is Thom Dallman, the co-owner, also an associate broker at Core Group Realty at EXP. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website. 208-933-7777, the phone number. You can call there as well, people are standing by to answer your calls today.

Thom Dallman: And you can ask us whatever question you want, we will hopefully have an answer for you. Nine out of 10 times we do.

Dave Burnett: Do you get calls from people wanting to know, from out of the area, going okay, does it really snow a lot in Boise? All kinds of calls wanting information.

Thom Dallman: And we're more than happy to answer them and if we don't have the answer, we more than likely can direct you to the right spot and find the answer for you.

Dave Burnett: The other thing I want to talk about real quickly is the website, which is CoreGroupRealty.com, you can always go there, find the latest listings that are there that Core Group has, your featured listings.

Thom Dallman: We have our featured listings there on the featured listing page, so you can see what our listings are. You can go to the home search site as well, which will take you to all the MLS listings, so you have all the current listings out there in the marketplace. It's updated every 15 minutes, so anything that's active, new, coming soon, or has a price change, whatever the case may be on it, it will show up on that site. The only thing that doesn't show up is anything that is under contract already or anything that is closed obviously. We can't share that information being a non-disclosure state so, but all the active stuff and like I said, updated every 15 minutes so typically you don't find a home on there that's already been sold and so forth.

Also, has a great link to our blog site where we post blogs every so often with great information about the marketplace, but more importantly, on the blog site is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz, these radio show segments are put on there, uploaded into there and transcribed, so you can read through it if you heard some information that you want, you want to go in there and try to find it, you can do a quick little rundown through there and see what information you need.

Dave Burnett: Perfect. As we head into spring here, Thom, what do you want to talk about as we tackle some of the issues of real estate here in the Treasure Valley?

Thom Dallman: I thought maybe we could talk a little bit about getting your home ready to sell. As I'm out there blowing leaves and raking leaves every day, I'm thinking about man, houses need to be prepped and ready to sell as this season's been changing.

Dave Burnett: It's been tough to get out there, but now things are getting nicer.

Thom Dallman: Starting to warm up, starting to dry up again, so like I said, getting out there raking leaves is one of the most important part, getting those dry leaves out of your flowerbeds, making your flowerbeds look nice. Curb appeal is 100% the first impression that people get and 100% will help fix their mind on how they feel about the property. If they pull up, and they see leaves, unkept flowerbeds, front door is dirty and cobwebby, the impression is that this house has not been maintained. It's not being cared for.

Dave Burnett: All drying up or big crab grass patches.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Mow that lawn, get some fertilizer and some weed killer on it. Get into the flowerbeds, pull the weeds, put some Preen down to make sure that no more grow up. Prune your bushes, make sure they are all trimmed up and stuff. Trees, if you have any trees that are scratching against the house, get those trimmed, so that they are not. Clean your gutters. I don't know how many times I can say this. There's nothing more unattractive than weeds actually growing up in someone's gutter and you're just like, when's the last time they've been up there.

Dave Burnett: That doesn't drain water all that well.

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: The other thing with curb appeal, you can go down to Home Depot and get a two cubic foot bag of mulch for two and half bucks and just a few bags of mulch really does make a difference.

Thom Dallman: Oh, it makes such a difference and change. And even going to the nurseries and picking up pre-potted plants or flowers and stuff adds a nice color, a nice touch. Typically inexpensive, depending on where you go to buy. The last couple of weeks I've been up to Costco, for $30, for this big, giant planter full of all these beautiful flowers and stuff like that and I bought eight of them to put around the house on our decks and stuff like that just to spruce up, give some color, give some greenery, stuff like that. The instant gratification of just having something like that in your house, it's amazing how that changes that curb appeal. Understanding that you have to water them when it's not raining. Luckily I've had enough rain today, I didn't have to get out there and ...

Dave Burnett: Dead plants, not a selling point.

Thom Dallman: Not a selling point. And just along those lines of curb appeal and stuff like that, the front door. We've talked about that in the past. Your front door is the first impression too. Throw a coat of paint on there, if it's a paint-able door or if it's an older door maybe it's time to just get it replaced and get a new door in there. That's one of those costs that will return ... things that will return on their investment. Putting a new door on there, making the front door more inviting.

Dave Burnett: Which always surprises me when you talk about that and when it always comes up at the head of the list as far as that curb appeal, is a front door.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett: It doesn't make sense because to me, when I pull up and look at a house, I look at the garage door.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: If that garage door is sagging and drooping and hanging and you know it's not going up right, that's to me ...

Thom Dallman: Or it has dings in it that looks like you've backed into it a couple of times.

Dave Burnett: Exactly. The kids have been playing basketball on it.

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: But to me, it's the garage door. Either garage or front door, very important.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. We walked up to a house, I showed some clients this last week, some houses to some clients, we walked up to one of the doors and it's an older door with a big swing open view port to see who's out there and stuff like that and they were just like, what's up with this front door? I don't like this big hole in the front door. You want to peep through the peep hole, you want to be able to do it privately so that the person outside doesn't see you open this big old ... this little window in your door to look out. It does make a difference, the front door and everything, it makes a huge difference for people. And it's surprising how many people are like, hmm, this front door is kind of old and outdated.

Dave Burnett: So I guess the rest of the house is too.

Thom Dallman: Yes, exactly.

Dave Burnett: That's the way it goes.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Minor repairs, we always tell people this is the time to do your minor repairs, get things like broken windows that might be called out anyways on an appraisal, fixed, replaced. If you have siding that's kind of buckling, this is a good time to do that, those minor repairs because they are going to get called out anyways on an inspection, and it just makes the house look better. Cleaning up the sides of the house, spray washing, whatever it takes. If you have a stucco house, you might want to get a contractor in to fill in some gaps on your stucco to make it look a little bit more appealing.

Dave Burnett: It's amazing when you start looking around your house and you look at ... my front driveway, I have stucco on pillars, and I was looking at the corners, they are a little worn.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: And I hadn't really even noticed that and then in the back yard I just noticed this after we talked to Stan here a little while back, I've got a couple of cracks in my siding.

Thom Dallman: Oh yeah.

Dave Burnett: So I've got to get that fixed.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: But really take a good look around your house as if you were buying it.

Thom Dallman: As if you were buying it and you were a first-time home buyer. Think about that. First-time home buyer and how they are so excited about their first home that they will find every single flaw in that house.

Dave Burnett: They will.

Thom Dallman: So you want to make sure that it is as flawless as possible. And that does mean decluttering on the interior. That means taking down personal pictures, personal items so that buyers can see themselves in the house, so that they can envision their own items in the house. That's one of the hardest things sometimes for sellers to think about is, well I don't want to have to take down my family photos, my photos of my kids. Those are precious photos to me and while they are precious to you, it makes it hard for a buyer to imagine their own stuff in there.

Dave Burnett: I guess that's that transition you have to make between it's a personal property and this is a business transaction.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Exactly.

Dave Burnett: Hard to do sometimes.

Thom Dallman: And that's what's great about hiring a professional to come through and help you with that. I walked through a listing appointment a couple of weeks ago where I was like, all these knick-knacks you have sitting on these plant shelves and all this stuff, you need to box all that stuff up before we list it. They were like, oh they're so cute and ... They are cute to you, but may not be cute to the next home buyer so, that big old hutch that you got from your grandmother, that you inherited, let's get it out of this room so that this room feels bigger.

Dave Burnett: A little bit of a side note, do you recommend when people are preparing the inside of the house that maybe they go rent a storage unit if they need to?

Thom Dallman: If they have the money and if they need to, yes. I would recommend doing the storage, those containers, they will come and drop containers off at your ... the pods ... at your house, fill them up and then they will take them away and store them for you. Great option, inexpensive to do that.

Dave Burnett: And then it's like Christmas when you move into your new house.

Thom Dallman: Right, exactly because then you've forgotten what you have. I have also recommended if you don't have the money for it, you don't have the excess money, if you have a larger garage, just go ahead and fill up one side of the bay. People do anticipate that you are going to have boxes of stuff because you are planning on moving so to me, personally, it is okay to fill, put your boxes into one of your bays in the garage.

Dave Burnett: Just keep it organized.

Thom Dallman: Just keep it organized, keep it clean. Still try to position it in a way that people can still get the feel for the garage being as large as it is.

Dave Burnett: Thom, if somebody wants information about the buying or selling a home, they want to contact the folks at Core Group, how do they do it?

Thom Dallman: You can email us at info@coregrouprealty.com, you can go to CoreGroupRealty.com online and email us through there, do the little "contact us" section there, or you can just give us a call at 208-933-7777 and we'll have someone standing by to answer the phone and answer your questions.

Dave Burnett: Core Group Realty at EXP and of course CoreGroupRealty.com. One of the sponsors of the Idaho Real Estate Buzz along with the folks at Flag Star Bank. We'll continue on the other side. This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. Call today, 208-933-7777, find out why they say. "you get more with Core".

Segment 2

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner and also an associate broker of Core Group Realty at EXP. CoreGroupRealty.com is the website. (208) 933-7777 that is the phone number to call, and it's time once again Thom to go back to Ron's potpourri.

Thom Dallman: Yes, Ron's potpourri. Ron from Flagstar. We love to have you on here and hear all of your assortment of topics to chat about.

Ron Wieczorek: I love to be on here and talk about those topics.

Dave Burnett: You know, and I will say this with Flagstar and with Ron, if you're looking for a home loan, that's what he specializes in.

Thom Dallman: Yeah.

Dave Burnett: But he's also kind of a, can I say he's kind of a geek?

Thom Dallman: He's kind of a geek. He's an Info Geek.

Dave Burnett: He delves into these financial topics that to you or I would just kind of glaze right over, not even look at them, but digging the information out of some interesting things here.

Ron Wieczorek: Who would just glaze over all this gold?

Dave Burnett: I guess I would.

Thom Dallman: I wouldn't.

Ron Wieczorek: All right, I am a geek.

Dave Burnett: What do you got in Ron potpourri for us today?

Ron Wieczorek: Well, I'm just trying to tie a bow on some of the things I've talked about, and last couple of weeks I've been picking on California for their affordability and such a large market, and I mentioned they have 33% of the value in the United States just in their real estate market alone, which is mind boggling.

And we're starting to see, at the tail end of our conversation, I started talking about how the first time in months we saw a decline in home values in the United States, and a lot of that's coming out from California now because those prices got so high. So now we're starting to see some of that inventory pile up in those western states, or in California, some in Seattle, and a little bit in Salt Lake.

So those hot areas that were hot a few years ago and drove all those prices up, I've started seeing that slow down a little bit. In fact, San Jose saw the largest gain in inventory. We're talking about every property, the median price is $1.3 million.

Dave Burnett: Yeah, it's not $150,000.

Ron Wieczorek: So when I say over the beginning of 2019 in the first quarter they saw a 55% increase in inventory from the same time frame of 2018, it's not a sign that I should go there and buy in San Jose because good luck with that. And I mentioned on our last show that you had to make to even afford the median house was $238,000 in income.

Dave Burnett: And then you're probably in a bidding war to get it right.

Thom Dallman: Right.

Dave Burnett: Yeah.

Ron Wieczorek: So luckily we're seeing some of that loosen up in those areas. And there's other areas where it's not loosening up. And Thom can probably attest to, Boise still very desirable-

Thom Dallman: Very much so.

Ron Wieczorek: And what are you seeing out there as far as our inventory? Do you have any latest numbers? I hate to put you on the spot.

Thom Dallman: I don't. I don't have the latest numbers. They haven't been released yet from Boise regional, but the last numbers that came out said we're still under a month's supply on resale properties, properties that are, you know, that people live in and so forth. New construction obviously where it's at. I've got some set of clients right now that they really want a bigger house and upgrade and everything, and the only thing we can find for them is new construction. So we're looking at a lot of different options in the new construction world.

Ron Wieczorek: Absolutely. So that just solidifies what I was... You know, with the inventory and the prices in the nation stagnating a little and it was only down 0.1% so it's, we're not breaking the glass on the panic button just yet, but Boise is still growing at maybe not a rate it was the previous year because that's unsustainable. But at a rate that's still, if you are a homeowner already, you're liking what you see.

And with the rates decreasing and with the the values maybe not going up as much. We're starting to see some of those buyers-

Thom Dallman: A lot of slow down.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah, so. I just wanted to tie a bow onto that conversation and stop picking on California and start talking about, it's kind of related, but the first offer success rate. So we're starting to see that, you know, a year ago we saw a lot of... ,or maybe eight months ago we saw a lot of multi-bids and not saying-

Thom Dallman: Not, yeah, people having to put in, you know, not only multi-bids on a single house, but what you're referring to is more the multi-bids, like you have to go through six offers before you get one to take on a house.

Ron Wieczorek: Exactly, and now we're starting to see that even though the inventory's low, we're starting to see that those first offer bids are accepted at a greater or higher clip than they were before. Which , if you represent buyers, which you do often Thom, and if I represent them from the mortgage standpoint, it's relieving because then you know, it's a stressful process if you're having to put five, six, seven offers-

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah, the disappointment that the buyers go through when they get those offers rejected because another one came in higher, or a cash offer came in lower that they decided to take anyways, less hassle and stuff. So yeah.

Ron Wieczorek: And I'm not saying it's non-existent, as you know, probably at the entry level homes you're still seeing a lot of that. But for the most part, even with the low inventory, you're seeing that buyers are having success rates that are higher than they were before.

And I think that's a good sign, especially for our area that you had that buyer fatigue and you had discouraged buyers and you mentioned that, you know, you're on the front lines with them and you're watching them as they go through this emotional roller coaster and, you know, it can be deflating if you go through a couple of those. And it may be deflating enough where you're like, well, you know what, I'll just rent for another year.

Thom Dallman: Right?

Ron Wieczorek: And we don't want to see that.

Thom Dallman: I've heard that.

Ron Wieczorek: And we don't want to see that for a number of reasons because, you know, home ownership is the number one pathway to creating or building wealth. So when you have that kind of environment, you're really discouraging. It can be discouraging for homeowners to start building their empire. So I'm liking what I'm seeing that that's coming back a little bit in our area.

Next topic. We're turning the page.

Thom Dallman: Topic number three?

Ron Wieczorek: Topic number three. And this one was kind of weird to me because electric vehicles are now, we're starting to see those impact the marketplace-

Thom Dallman: So funny that you're bringing this up because that might be my next car. I'm looking at electric cars for my next vehicle, since my lease is up on my Ford.

Ron Wieczorek: When is it due?

Thom Dallman: The middle of July.

Ron Wieczorek: Anyone that sells electric cars out there, call Core Group Realty and Thom Dallman.

So the projected rise in sales of electric vehicles is already starting to have an impact on home prices. Believe it or not, on home prices. Especially the hybrid electric vehicles, which combine the fuel engines with the electric components are expected to grow to 30% of the global vehicle sales by 2025 ,and that's according to JP Morgan Research.

So that's a big number. And what my take on it is, it says 1.5% growth or homes sell for 1.5% more where they have these charging areas or these ports, and I'm not an expert on that. Go ahead Thom.

Thom Dallman: Oh, I was just going to say, do you think that that rise in homes is because people are needing homes that have the electricity capability in the garage to be able to plug their cars into? Or proximity since, you know, you have to keep those plugged in, and you know, certain electric cars can only go up to a 100 miles, you know, on a charge. So you have to be close to charging stations and stuff like that.

Ron Wieczorek: Both of your points is exactly what the article said. For both of those reasons. That's why there is that little bump in price. Now I will also argue that most of the people that are buying those cars now or buying those homes that have increased are wealthier anyway.

Dave Burnett: I was going to say that. Dealing with upper income.

Thom Dallman: Well I'm surprised as we're doing research into how affordable electric cars are. Like that's what my thought is always like, oh Tesla, you know, electric cars, Tesla, super expensive, but there's some really affordable options out there right now in electric cars.

Ron Wieczorek: There are affordable options, but you still have to have those areas and those chargers.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, exactly.

Ron Wieczorek: And like you said, maybe built into the garage.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, now that every single Walmart pretty much is putting them in.

Ron Wieczorek: I did see that.

Thom Dallman: We've got locations all across the US. Sorry, we digress.

Ron Wieczorek: Well, how. I think it's more of a luxury right now than it will be maybe in 2025 or whatever that number looks like. So I think that's what's driving that number up.

Dave Burnett: Yeah. You get 10 years down the road, people will start going, well, does the garage have a charging port in it? No one asks that now.

Ron Wieczorek: Yeah.

Thom Dallman: Not yet.

Dave Burnett: But years from now people will be asking.

Ron Wieczorek: Well, rewind the clock to 10 years ago, what we didn't ask 10 years ago. But now we expect, you know, in every home in every facet of our life that, you know, I didn't know what a USB port was.

Thom Dallman: Exactly. Now it's very common, especially in new construction to have the USB, like, built right into the plugs.

Ron Wieczorek: And vehicles. I mean, you look at your vehicle, my kids don't know what an ashtray is in a vehicle.

Dave Burnett: Or a cigarette lighter.

Ron Wieczorek: So, I mean, all of that is changing and evolving and I think that part is for the better. I'm not always on the side of technology being an improvement. Maybe because I'm slow to learn when it comes to technology that I'm trying to push it back. I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa. One step at a time. I just learned how to do this. But it's just crazy what in 10 years that we'll be talking about that's the new norm.

And maybe not 10 years. It's grown at such a pace that, you know, what was 10 years before is now maybe a couple months because everything's moving at that pace. And then I have my, those... what kind of theories are they called when you... conspiracy theory.

Thom Dallman: Conspiracy theory? Uh-oh.

Ron Wieczorek: I think they're holding out on us. They roll out things at a measured pace. Like they might already be 10 years ahead in their head, but they're like-

Thom Dallman: They've already invented flying cars. They're just waiting for us to get used to electric cars before we start flying.

Ron Wieczorek: We got to make enough money here and then we roll this out and make enough money there.

Thom Dallman: Interesting concept.

Dave Burnett: Well Ron, if somebody wants to get hold of you and talk to you about a home loan, whether they're wanting to put a charging port in the garage or not, how do they get hold of you?

Ron Wieczorek: Are we already at that time?

Dave Burnett: We are already running at that time.

Ron Wieczorek: Oh Wow.

Dave Burnett: You get carried away with flying cars and rubber suits.

Ron Wieczorek: I guess so, we're in the Jetsons there.

Dave Burnett: Exactly.

Ron Wieczorek: My cell phone's always on me. It's (208) 869-9154.

Dave Burnett: And I will say this, if you're in the process of wanting to get a loan, pre-approve, pre-approve, pre-approved, both Thom and Ron will tell you that is just an essential thing to do before you go shopping for a home, and you can do that with the folks at Flagstar, equal opportunity lender.

One of the sponsors of this program, along with the folks at Core Group Realty at EXP. Give them a call today, (208) 933-7777 find out why they say you get more with Core.

Segment 3

Dave Burnett: This is the Idaho Real Estate Buzz. He is Thom Dallman, the co-owner also an Associate Broker at Core Group @ eXp Realty. CoreGroupRealty.com the website to go to. 208-933-7777. That is the phone number for you to call.

One of my personal philosophy and I think one of the reasons I get along so well with you, Thom, because you carry this into your business as well. We derive our livings out of this community.

Thom Dallman: Out of the community, yeah.

Dave Burnett: So, it's important for us to give back.

Thom Dallman: Oh, so important. Anybody who listens to this show regularly knows that we talk about this every so often. We love giving back to the community and contributing to it, participating in community events that bring everybody together and supporting those people around us. In the past we've done Rake Up Boise which is a big drive from Neighborhood Works on getting out there and helping elderly, disabled people and so forth and being able to rake up their leaves. The simple task of raking up leaves is hard for people, some people, so love that event and love to participate in that and giving back.

Paint the Town, another one of their big projects where they have these groups of people that get together and go paint houses for people who are less fortunate, elderly, can't get out and do their own house painting and stuff like that. It's a great way to give back to those individuals. We've donated money towards pain cans, supplies. We've donated time. We've actually had last couple of year a couple of houses that we as a team gone and painted together so super important to us to get back out there in the community.

Dave Burnett: I know the Humane Society is one.

Thom Dallman: Huge passion of ours.

Dave Burnett: We've talked a lot about it. A pet makes a house a home.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. A pet makes a house a home is our big drive for the Humane Society. We've been doing it for, I believe, three years now. Just putting that message out there. A pet makes a house a home. The Humane Society has hundreds of animals a year that they get, need homes for whether it's permanent homes for people who are looking to adopt. Whether it's foster homes just to help acclimate dogs or cats into a home and stuff like that. They've got different programs that you can participate. They need help. They need volunteers to help feed the dogs. Walk the animals and take care of the animals and stuff like that.

So, huge passion of ours especially for me as a dog person, animal person, I won't even say dog person because I love cats. I love all animals as long as they don't bite me or scratch me which I've been bit and I've been scratched by animals but I still love them.

Our last animal that we adopted was from the Humane Society. Our little seven-pound Chihuahua/terrier mix-

Dave Burnett: Scruffy.

Thom Dallman: ... Yes, Mr. Scruffy. He is quite the character and we just adore the dog and he's just such a warm part of our home when we come to him. We got him from the Humane Society. He was part of a litter that was brought up from California of 80 puppies that they had rescued and brought up and disseminated throughout the valley to people.

Dave Burnett: I know in the fall you always do the food collection for the Humane Society.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. We usually do a food drive every fall for them for their animal pantry. The pantry helps feed animals for once again, elderly, they participate on Meals on Wheels combined effort with Meals on Wheels to take food to pets for those people who either can't afford it or don't have the ability to get out and get it on their own. We do food drive for them.

We've always participated in See Spot Walk the last few years and once again we plan on doing it. We've already signed our paperwork to do that again this year to sponsor See Spot Walk, their big dog walk. It's a one-mile walk. People come down. Hundreds of people come down with all their dogs and they go walk over there by Ann Morrison Park and then they have a little ... usually all the booths set up and festivals and you can get all kinds of little trinkets and stuff for your animals and whatnot.

They also have a couple more events throughout the year. One's a Toast to Tales which is a 21 and over event that they do. It's more wine drinking stuff like that. Helps do their ... raise funds for their dog department and so forth.

And then they also have the Sip n' Purr which is an event that they do annually that we participate in. Yeah, they've got these three fundraisers that they focus on to help the animal shelter obviously raise money to get more animals out there into the community and get more people involved in stuff. So, just great options there for participating.

Dave Burnett: One of the events going on right now as a matter of fact-

Thom Dallman: Yeah, it'll be coming on on the 14th of June, 14th and 15th of June is the Boise Pride Fest. Huge community involvement for the LGBTQ community. We're sponsoring a booth there. So, we'll be hanging out there sponsoring the Boise Pride Fest.

They have great events going on all weekend. You can go to Boisepridefest.org. to find out information on what they've got going on. If you want to sponsor them they have several different ways to sponsor them from contributions to volunteering for help. I know that they need help with setup and take down of the event and stuff. They're always looking for volunteers not just financial donations and stuff like that. It's a great event to me.

Dave Burnett: It's a big event. It started as a very small event years ago.

Thom Dallman: Oh, yeah, 30 years ago. They're celebrating their 30-year anniversary this year.

Dave Burnett: Wow, 30 years.

Thom Dallman: 30 years.

Dave Burnett: That is amazing and now it's a big event for downtown.

Thom Dallman: It is, it is. It's a huge one. It's right in front of the capital building. All day ... sorry, evening Friday so it's, I believe, five to 10 on Friday and then in the morning they'll have the parade and everything end up in the park and then they'll have the rally and just different things happening on the main stage Saturday until 5:00 which then transitions into all kinds of evening events and stuff like that.

They're bringing in some big names to do songs and to MC some of the shows. It's just a great event. It's great community gathering. So many people come out every year to support the LGBT community which is huge in this area and growing.

Dave Burnett: Somewhere among all of this you guys buy and sell homes.

Thom Dallman: Yeah. And that's what we specialize in.

Dave Burnett: I was going to say. I was trying to think about all the different things. Humane Society. Somewhere among all of this your folks are committed to buying and selling homes.

Thom Dallman: Yes.

Dave Burnett: If somebody wants information about buying or selling a home, how do they get a hold of you there at Core Group?

Thom Dallman: Give us a call at the 208-933-7777 number. You can go online to CoreGroupRealty.com. There's a contact us section there for you to send us a quick question if you just have something that you need answered for. I love those questions because those questions lead me to topics to talk about on the radio, by the way.

And then on top of that you can also email us info@coregrouprealty.com as well and ask your questions and we'll get back to you as quick as possible.

Dave Burnett: If you were thinking about buying or selling a home right now or even not right now, if you're thinking about it for the future it's good to plan ahead. If you need to do it right now have an emergency you can work on that. You can ask Thom or any of the folks there about the guarantees that are offered through Core Group Realty. Especially if you're on the spot and you've been told by your boss you're moving and you're moving now, you got to get it sold, a special guarantee.

Thom Dallman: Yeah, we have our 59-day guarantee.

Dave Burnett: So, check that out as well. But, by all means as you go through the weekend, take some time to go to CoreGroupRealty.com and surf through the website find out information. Or, always you can call 208-933-7777. Core Group Realty, one of the folks that sponsors the Idaho Real Estate Buzz along with the folks at Flagstar Bank. Give them a call as well. Find out why they say, "You get more with Core."


Ron Wieczorek

Flagstar Bank

208 869-9154


Core Group at eXp Realty

208 639-7700



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