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Jenn Pierce

I have lived in this amazing State for 28 years, grew up in the Magic Valley area and moved here to Boise in 2004 and I will never leave, I LOVE it!

 I recently had my first daughter and married my best friend. For fun we like to be outdoors, hiking, swimming, anything related to fitness, BBQ'ing, and doing the fun things Boise has to offer.

 I have a business degree and over 12 years of customer service, sales, and leadership experience I am bringing to Core Group. I am also very familiar with the area and consider this to be the ideal place to live and raise a family.

 Why did I choose real estate? I have purchased homes in my past and I had good experiences and not so great experiences. I know I wanted to be the priority and feel like this was as important to my agent as it was to me. My goal is to make you feel that way when finding your dream home. This IS one of the biggest purchases you will make and I want to make this a fun experience for you. I will work diligently to do so. By then end our journey I hope to have only impressed you.

 Why should you work with me? I take tremendous pride in my work. It’s my livelihood and it’s how I support my family and myself. I also like to keep a sense of humor about myself, which is why we will have fun in this process; even when/if it feels like the journey will never end.

 I would be honored to help you achieve your goals and look forward to working with you!


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