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Patrice Peterson

I’ve called Idaho home for close to 30 years and had the pleasure of being raised in the Treasure Valley since the age of 5. For me, it wasn’t until I started my own family that I truly saw the value and luster in our community. Today and forever forward, I’m a proud Boisean...ecstatic to raise my own family in such a phenomenal and diverse area.

Creativity and craftsmanship runs in my bloodline. I’m the daughter of a contractor and spent many of my adolescent days ‘helping’ my dad on construction sites. I’ve seen the building process from foundation to framing to finish work many times over. I’ve always loved remodels and have a high interest in home décor and design. As a creative thinker, I have a natural ability to see past smaller, more aesthetic obstacles in a property to the potential that a space can become for a new owner. My first home purchase was a new-build; the joy of going to the design studio and the ability to change blueprints to create a home that made sense to me and my family was a rewarding process.

I believe in loyalty both personally and professionally speaking. I’ve been in leadership positions most of my work life. I have 20 years of customer service and client care experience working with the public in the Boise area. A long history in restaurant/bar management as well as several years as an Event Coordinator has taught me a lot about work ethic. Organizing and planning events for 50 to 5,000 guests and guiding a full production staff takes a lot of brain power. Strict attention to detail, adhering to pertinent timelines and the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively has gotten me to where I am today. Keeping the interests of my client and their personal goals in mind has always been the driving force behind each successful event and business endeavor.

As a Realtor, it’s my goal to clearly understand what’s important to my clients and hear what their end goals are. Knowing what the driving forces are behind my clients choices helps me to guide, consult and advocate for those unique goals in the negotiation process while assisting in buying or selling their property.



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